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  1. Man I'm gonna hate to see him go. He did an awesome job covering the team but I'm happy for him but at the same time it stings a little.
  2. Well I just hope he's healthy. The 2 years he started he didn't make a whole season. The main thing I like about him is that he's young,let our coaches coach him up you never know he might lock down the center position.
  3. Glad to have him back. All he wants is a chance to be the starting QB when Drew hangs it up and it looks like we will give his chance. I believe we sign him to a longer contract next year.
  4. Man we all seen what he accomplished with Carr just think what he'd do with Drew. I would hope we sign him.
  5. Still don't know why the Raiders let him go,he had bouts with injuries but to me the production warranted being retained. But I'm glad he's with us Ryan Niece will coach him up. Very good signing.
  6. He definitely fills a need. I think he'll fit in our rotation. He didn't set the world on fire rushing the passer but he seems to be solid against the run and he's 25 so maybe he continues to develop. All in all its a solid pickup.
  7. Outside of Carr he hasn't had the best of QBs feeding him the ball. Drew can make him look better than he actually is. But he's just a bandaid we need to find a long term solution for the position,hopefully we address it in the draft.
  8. Well said ATN. It's almost like Mighty Casey's last at bat but I want this season to end with a championship to send Brees off right. If we resign Bridgewater I believe Payton stays to see what he can get out of him. I just hope that Brees retires after this season cause I couldn't bear watching him in another uniform.
  9. Hell yeah! He's becoming a darn consistent good kicker. Thank you John Harbaugh.
  10. Yeah man I quickly put my foot in my mouth. I was disappointed that Ingram is going to the Ravans,I really thought he was going to resign and what made it worse was 20 minutes after I got the news on Ingram I got layed off. I should've gave it time before I said anything about the Murray signing but it is what it is. I think Murray is going to be good with us,he'll be on a stable organization with a chance to win a SB and be on the same team as Drew fricken Brees. What better situation could he be in right. Plus like David said he falls forward thats 2 yards.
  11. I think i spoke to soon about signing Murray. The more I read about how much he'll be missed by his team mates and by the city itself really says a lot about him as person outside of football. He's had an up and down career production wise but a lot of that was the many OC changes and head coaches as well. So ima give a wait and see. I want to see if his running style fits our unblocking scheme.
  12. You hate to lose home grown talent like him. This hurts as much when we let Jenkins go to Philly. But at the end of the day,if you put me in that same position and I have to choose between a 4 million contract or a 8 million I will go with the latter. I wish him well. He's gonna improve that locker room,he will be missed not just by the team but the city as well.
  13. Looks like they gonna the team to beat in that division. I'm happy for they're fans that things are turning around for that team. Now Odell is a talented wr but he's a head case as well so can they handle that side of him.
  14. You can not judge his performance against the Panthers playing behind a rag tag line he was playing behind. Will he be elite idk but I think we give him a chance I believe he'll be a very good qb.
  15. Yeah I had him mixed up with someone else but his best years was with the Texans. But it just seems like we're losing more than gaining anything with this signing. I'm just not excited about this signing.
  16. Never really liked Murray,even though he is a tough down hill runner but he needs to show he can stay healthy.
  17. Glad we resigned him. Our ST are better with him and quality of play is the same if not better when he comes in for someone.
  18. I'm not doubting MT skills at all. The guys a beast and I love his attitude and work ethic. And he's earned a huge monster contract and so has AK but it's the affordability factor. Will we be able to sign both of them when it's time and this is on offense on D will we be able to keep the Mash,Rankins,Williams and the list goes on there's no way in hell we will be able sign all these guys.
  19. I tell ya what,these contracts are really getting out of hand. They got out of hand a long time ago but man have you seen these crazy contracts. I don't know if we will be able to sign MT and AK when the time comes. I mean where will it end? Even tho the cap has risen,can any team field a competitive roster with 2 or even 3 100 million dollar players? It may just be me cause I'm old school when it comes to that.
  20. I think this year is Drews last year. With bringing Teddy back you have him and Hill battle it out for the starting gig and let the best one win.
  21. I like Robertson too. Just like Kelemente last year,he will leave to start. I hope not but if he does i wish him the best.
  22. I like him a lot. He's been solid since he's been with us.
  23. But what does Amendola have left. Would he be able to last the season. One more concussion he'll have to retire
  24. If not Suh then who should we target in free agency? I think we will pickup someone at DT then go BPA.
  25. Cut him and let him go to the CFL. See how he likes that