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  1. Well,you can definitely say that we not leaving no stone unturned.
  2. If it's a motivational issue with Suh,then I seriously doubt the Bucs will get anything out of him. He was with the Rams 1 season and he was very inconsistant during the regular season,he did come on in the post season but it wasnt enough for tne Rams to take a chance on bring him back. McCoy was cut because he voiced his displeasure of the new defensive scheme and was labeled a trouble maker by Ariens. McCoy fits our scheme very well and would have a definite impact,I hope we are able to get him. I know he's not what he once was but he still has some potential left and like I said before,he has one hell of an axe to grind. Let him come here and grind the living crap out of it.
  3. Snyder has just decimated that franchise. It doesn't matter if they overhaul the front office or new coach or GM. Bottom line Snyder has to go in order for the Skines to turn things around. You can clean house all you want but the problem will still be there. Yeah it's his team and he has the right to run it as he sees fit but at some point enough is enough. I'm so glad we don't have that problem.
  4. He still has some gas left. I would love to see us get him. Bringing him in would not only boost our DT rotation but give us a solid starter alongside Brown. Suh is a rotational player at this point in his career and McCoy is hand down the better of the two and McCoy can still start. Yes he's not what he once was but now he's got an axe to grind. I would love for him to setup shop here and grind living crap out of that axe against the Bucs. Our D-line would be scary good. Make it happen Loomis.
  5. Fastest I've ever heard of a team signing their entire draft class in one day. I know we didn't have a full class but still is impressive. Don't know what will change or stay the same with the CBA just around the corner but i like the way the rookie scale is setup. I'd like to see that left alone.
  6. Yeah I agree,it was more media hype around that situation. All we did was take a look see and the media went nuts and made more of the situation than what it was.
  7. After seeing Ingram smash through defenders for so many years,I got used to seeing 22 on offense for so long man,its gonna take a while to get used to seeing 22 on defense.
  8. Sometimes when you amass that much wealth you get a holier than thou attitude,you think you can do anything you want with no consequences. It's like I said,its a messed up situation.
  9. I know they said no human trafficking just prostitution. I hope they got it right and it's just prostitution. This is just a messed up situation. His family has to be embarrassed as hell,I know I would be.
  10. They look good,I think they will have an immediate impact on special teams.
  11. I think he can make the special teams. I can see him blocking some kicks and punts.
  12. I like this cat. I hope he makes it.
  13. We have to keep up with every one else if we wan another Superbowl plane and simple.
  14. If there were any other qb that could maximize his abilities it would be Brady. It makes sense to go back and finish were it all began. I wish him well till he goes against us then all bets are off.
  15. Butler and Humphrey are some big receivers. Just some more targets for the goat to hit.
  16. I do believe we bring in another D-lineman to add depth to the DT rotation. There's still some intriguing names out there.
  17. Yeah they have to pump in crowd noise to reach the levels the we creat naturally. And by the way they blew a 28รท3 lead.
  18. I like Apple I think he takes his game to the next level this season. It was a good move to not to pickup his 5th year option,let him ball out this year then figure it out next year.
  19. He was given every chance to try and own up to what he's done and turn things around but that never happened and it looks like things have gotten worse. Like I said before your do crap like this your get no sympathy from me.
  20. Damn man! A lot of teams are jealous of our UDFAs. A 6 foot 235 pound rb and a 6 foot 10 de,this is impressive.
  21. Absent really produced. If we bring in another D-lineman it needs to be Ansah,at least when he's healthy your know what your gonna get.
  22. Chauncey Gardner forget his other name but this cat can ball. I think the only reason he fell this far is teams say he's undersized. This dude is gonna push for playing time but he's gonna be killer on special teams. We are having a very good draft so far.
  23. He screwed up his life and career. I don't feel sorry for him ether. Your do crap like this you get no sympathy from me.
  24. Erik McCoy has the same athleticism as Armstead but this cat plays Center. I see him as our center to start the season and I think he's gonna be a good one.
  25. Ahhh yeah man,this never gets old and to tell you the truth it never will.