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  1. This surprise me but it still stings. Will we promote from within or bring someone from outside. Will be interesting.
  2. Was this Brees last season? I don't know only Brees knows that. If Taysom Hill was hamded the keys to this offense he would not last a full season. Look at his college film,he plays with reckless abandon and he will be 31 next year his role on this team is defined. Teddy can be a very good qb for this team if given a chance. Regardless who is under center next season we have got to improve our guards. McCoy will improve but we have to upgrade our guards and find a future replacement for Armested. I don't know what will happen with free agency man,we got a lot of decisions to make this off season.
  3. This one aint on the reffs we got beat and out coached. Plain and simple and I'm not gonna go into what we should've done or who we should've picked up or whatever. We got beat. We have an over the hill qb,we got 1 elite wr, we gotta good te and that's it. Kamara is a shell of his former self I don't know what's going on with him. Defensively we are garbage. We played some damn good d till the bye and after that We were straight up garbage. We can't blame anyone for this one but us,we didn't show up.
  4. You damn right man. Man he would set the edge,his speed of the edge,his pursuit if someone broke containe. We lost A lot when he went down. He is not a bust like so many believe.
  5. If we win today I don't see us making it past the divisional round. I hope I'm wrong,hell i want to be wrong but we got one wr and nothing else. The defense hadn't been the same since the bye,I don't know,I just don't see it guys. We neglected bringing in another wr and the O-line is not as good as we think it is and we are struggling to stop anyone consistently. I don't know why we haven't used Murray more this season,its all adding up to nothing no good. I guess I'm venting frustration and I know we had a damn good season but it should've been much better.
  6. From Adam Shefter,i butchered his last name. I take what Jay Glazer says with a grain of salt. It all may be just smoke screens but after seeing MT get bottled up today,another viable option across from MT is needed. Will it be Antonino Brown I don't know but we need someone.
  7. They have developed a culture of losing. Evidently they are satisfied with losing, which is fine with me.
  8. It seems we are interested in signing him. From what I read,we were blown away by his workout. So,like it or not if we get rightninfo from the league office he will be a saint. He's a supreme talen. 3 or 4 games are all we need him for.
  9. I believe they called the league about his situation. I think something is about to go down he's not hanging around in New Orleans for nothing. I'm on board with the mercenary thing. Look this cat can ball. All We need him for is four games. We all can go round and round about all crap he's done and brings with him but we wind up right back to the situation at hand we need a number 2 wr opposite of MT. Brown gives you legit talent at that spot. Drew wil find whoever is open. I just be live that for 4 games the risk is worth it.
  10. Merry Christmas to all of you. If you guys are travailing be safe out there.
  11. He is constantly working on his craft. And the impressive thing about him is his head is screwed on straight. Has very humble.
  12. Man I thought this cat retired. Has anyone seen him play before he was cut and why he was cut and then does he still have it? I haven't seen him in a long time.
  13. We got punched in the mouth twice and shook it off and came and showed our championship metal. Very good road win.
  14. Still it's in the past to me. If he buys in and help us hoist the Lombardi Trophy all this will be water under the bridg.
  15. I really hope we bring him back next year. I know it will be hard but he has embraced this city so much. I would love to see him back but I know we can't keep them all.