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  1. Put him in the same situation again,he makes the play game over
  2. Josh Rosen is his name
  3. I agree,whoever drafts him will have to commit to a certain style of offense. He's excites you with his legs but he will let you down with his arm. Fig Newton reads defenses better than him,if Jackson's first read isn't there he's running. But somebody will take him.. can't remember his name that cat from UCLA is one that I like. He has the smarts,a big arm,with a little work his accuracy will improve but I don't think He'll be there for us.
  4. Some has us taking Mayfield but some has us taking Jackson from Louisville. What you guys think of him. If the choice was between him or Mayfield,I take Mayfield. What you guys think
  5. DREWS heir damn
  6. Man damn spellcheck. I meant Draws heir
  7. Yeah it would take trade like what goofball Mike made to get him. I would love for once that we just sat back and let the draft come to us instead of moving up and giving away future picks. If we do go through the draft to get Dress heir,I have no doubt we'll find our guy. Since Ireland has been here we've been drafting a hell of a lot better. But now tell me,is there another qb in this class jumps out at you.
  8. I just don't like him. It has nothing to do with physical ability or his stature. I have to give it to him he went to two different schools as a walk on and wound up as the starting QB. That says a lot about his physical ability and his stature he's tough. But he has a lot of growing up to do,his maturity level is the same as Winstons. Every young man that gets drafted by the NFL is immature and are forced to grow up quick. I went back and did some research on him and thanks for the link it gave more insight on him. New Orleans is not the place for him. He'll get lost in Bourbon Street. Our locker room is very good but very young we went through a lot to fix that. We don't have enough veterans in the locker room to keep him reeled in. Just like Arizona was the perfect place for the honey badger,he needs to be in a place with the least distractions. If I'm wrong well I won't mind eating crow. That's just my take on him.
  9. Just like Foster last year,everyone wanted him but I didn't it was just something about him that didn't sit well with me. Same thing with Mayfield, now I'm not saying he has bust written all over him but he's not the high character type that we've been drafting.
  10. As long as the front office realizes that they can't find another Brees he's a one of kind. We may find a QB with some of the same traits like Green Bay did in Aaron Rodgers. If it's through the draft or free agency that we find our new QB we don't really know. I think it will be through the draft. Will it be this year we draft a QB no one knows but I think we draft one this year but I hope we don't trade the farm to move up to get him. As to which one,I haven't researched the QB class yet but I don't care for Mayfield he reminds me to much of Manzel. As long as we draft one that has some of Brees traits and our drafts under Ireland has been exceptional,I believe we will find the right one that is coachable and able to pickup the offense and when called upon execute and lead the team. It won't be easy replacing a future HOF QB but it has been done before and we will eventually have to,we just need to start the grooming process now.
  11. Some people just don't care what they do to themselves and others around them. People like this don't realize that the things they do affects their families and friends,in this case his team as well. Just a waist man,a waist of talent and a waist of space.
  12. He resurrected his career here then have it end all of a sudden,I can't even imagine how he must've felt. But I wish him nothing but the best. He will always be a Saint in my eyes.
  13. Yeah there's more to this story that they're not saying. What's going on with this team tho,how can you concentrate on football with all this drama going on.
  14. I certainly didn't think he was going to be this great. I thought it was a waisted pick,I was dead wrong and I'm glad I was wrong. Whatever sponsors or partnerships he gets it's well deserved he's earned it. Football just ended but man I can't wait till next season it's going to be epic.
  15. Brees contract never was a problem,the bad drafting and missing in free agency along with giving bad contracts to those guys and all the dead money is what had us in a huge hole but we're just about out of it.