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  1. Humphrey looked really good. I want to see Butler next week and see first hand people been talking about
  2. That deep pass to Grayson was a thing of beauty. The pass MT dropped I thought it was a bad throw at first until they showed the replay,it was dead on,that should've been a rd. I think Teddy played very well and I think he'll get better from here on out.
  3. I think he'll be alright. The little bit I know about him,he seems to be pretty solid at what he does.
  4. Congratulations! I wish the both of you a very happy,long and prosperous marriage.
  5. Yeah I feel for the guy. That young and have heart problems. I wish him well with this.
  6. He's nip and tuck with Antonio Brown as the best WR in the league,to say he out played his rookie contract is an understatement. A WR like him can shine on any team with any QB. It wasn't just smart football but he deserved this big pay day,I like his work ethic,he works hard at his craft. I think he's gonna be great for a good while.
  7. Chris Ivory is another one. He was good but the way he ran the ball led to a lot of injuries. He just threw himself into the line one too many times.
  8. Dude is just a stud of an athlete. If he keeps a level head and don't allow all this hype go to his head,he has the potential to be a great one.
  9. From the little I've heard and read about this situation,he deserves a retrial.
  10. Man I was hoping for a return to form but there's still something going on in his knee. Its unfortunate but I wish him well.
  11. They're still passed about the 28-3 debacle. Maybe next time he'll keep his helmet on.
  12. If we sign Reddick and Thomas this would be a major coup. I don't know if he can run between the tackles or run the football period cause Detroit has a nonexistent running game for whatever the reason but this cat I think could switch to wr and thrive in our offense. But i don't know what he'll be asking or how much cap space we'll have after we sign Thomas. Its nice to dream but in reality we can't have everybody.
  13. Dang man I forgot about that. Talk about adding salt to the wound.
  14. Good depth signing. A lot of people are saying that we should bring in Daniels but if we do that would mean Rankins injury is worse than we thought. I think our interior d-line play will be better this year. I like our depth as well and I like this signing,its not a splashy move but it's a solid pickup for depth.
  15. The best they could do is give up a 28-3 lead in the Superbowl.