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  1. I would rather Cole Beasley or Humphries instead. They're team players that we could actually have a shot at getting.
  2. What about Nolan? Have you guys heard anything about him?
  3. We do need more depth at D-line and O-line. We need another backup safety and we need to replace Crawly and we need keep adding to LB core as well. We also need a TE continue adding to WR core. How we do all of that will be interesting.
  4. Man you know the league is gonna suspend him. Which in my eyes would be wrong cause he doesn't have a failed drug test that i know of. But this whole situation just sounds off to me tho cause it sounds like someone has it in for him. He needs to watch his six.
  5. I believe we retain him. Who better to be backup. I much rather Bridgewater at 2 than Taysom Hill.
  6. Well,its deserved. But i dont want ether of them to go cause i feel like we have unfinished business here.
  7. We'll this is why the team left for St. Louis. This market is huge but it's not a football market. It's to saturated with other sports.
  8. Damn that's his girl! Wow! Well,if Gurley did sleep with her then he's gone. I would be pissed too,but where ever he ends up he'll have a lot to prove in order to be accepted in the locker room.
  9. Went to a friends house and another friend came over and we watch the Saints win the super bowl again. Had a few beers and some Papa John's. Had a lotta fun reminiscing.
  10. Wow! That would explain a lot! But it's all speculation at this point. But if true,he'll be playing somewhere else. Just have to wait and see.
  11. I was thinking the same thing as to why they didn't put Gurley in the NFCCG. I guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens.
  12. I believe we would've made adjustments and came away with the win. But now we need to concentrate on next season and what we can do to improve even more to help us get to the dance and send Brees off a champion.
  13. I hear ya Face but that one play did not cost us the game. It was a series of events that took place that led up to the final outcome. To replace that whole staff because of that one play. Like said I don't think I like this move but I'll give it a wait and see.
  14. This is surprising. The unit was very good. Why would they make such a drastic change like this? Idk if i like this.
  15. It sure does taint the super bowl and it taints the rams victory. When I see Goodell on tv,I just wanna drop kick the living hell out of his ars.