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  1. I wish him well. Years ago I had a dui and i know first hand how it can affect you mentally. You feel like everything around you is just spiraling out of control. You feel like everyone is looking at you in disgust. The worst part is the shame you feel for letting your family and friends down and knowing that it was all brought on by nobody but your self. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him last season. To let someone like Drew down. I been through the hell that comes from getting a dui,i dont wish that on anybody but you have to learn from it and move on with your life. Snead needs to do the samething and learn from this. He's been given a second chance with a new team he needs to take the bull by the horns and roll with it.
  2. Man Deuce in this offense we would be a dynasty. I do see a little of Deuce in Kamara but I don't know if he could be the main back taking all the snaps like Deuce did. I don't know if he would hold up but people had the same question about Deuce before he took over when we shipped Williams to Miami.
  3. Sam Mills,when he came to us it wasn't straight out of college he came from the USFL. His skills were already honed by the time we got him. PT on the other hand went undrafted and we picked him up and the rest as they say is history. As for the league I know earlier I said Rod Smith but you also can't leave out James Harrison. A lot of people didn't like his attitude but that cat worked his butt to the bone and then some to get where he is today.
  4. Yeah ya right. I always believed that Warner would've had a longer career if it wouldn't been for Marta and yes Warner should be a 2 time Superbowl champion.
  5. Forgot about Dave Wilson. Man that brings me back. Wow! Looking back,we drafted horribly back then. Yes we would hit on a guy here and there but man not like now,we hit on damn near the whole draft class. Look at how we rebuilt our team in the last few years and how many we hit on. Especially since Ireland came on board.
  6. Austin Carr has intrigued me since coming here. I'd like to see what he's got this year.
  7. In Spurriers mind he actually thought his offense would work. He had to have people filling his mind full of that nonsense as well. He also drafted guys who played for him and brought in guys in free agency that all played for him in Florida. But man,that experiment burnt up in flames real quick. He wasn't prepared at all to be an NFL coach. All of those Florida players didn't have long careers at all. That cat was so full of himself man and still is.
  8. When you see an organization like the Browns in shambles,it really makes you appreciate what we have here in New Orleans. Our team is strong and headed in the right direction.
  9. Ditka didnt adapt to the times he thought it was still 1985. Samething will happen to John Gruden if he doesn't adapt.
  10. We'll be alright. We found Snead we'll find another one. From what I hear Meredith hasn't had any set backs and should be ready to go by minicamp. Anxious to see what he's got,just hope the injury didn't sap all his speed.
  11. Some guys can be moved all over and be effective and thrive. Pleat's not one to be moved around the line and I'm glad the coaches saw this early and kept him at left guard. He's settled in his position and now you starting to see a mean streak we've never seen.
  12. No way we match this. If we didn't bring in Meredith then I could see us matching it but yeah you can't have that much money tied up with 2 WRs with question marks.
  13. Deuce was was a one of a kind. I just wish he could've played longer,injuries sadly shortened a great career. I still remember that Herculean performance against the Eagles in 2006. Good times man good times.
  14. Yeah with the way free agency played out for us we don't need to reach on players. We have needs but not pressing needs. All we need to do is let the draft fall to us and go bpa or if our board is blown up by then just trade down.
  15. All 5 together,healthy all season. Championship!!