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  1. I wanted Kamara to sit last week but that didn't happen and he tweaked his knee to go along with the high ankle sprain. My boy Face is dead on correct,just hope it's not serious and he's back out there doing his thing sooner rather than later. I remember Pat Swilling going down with a high ankle sprain,he was out for 3 or 4 games but was never 100% the rest of that season. I had one back in the day. I played TE and man it hurt like a mother. I was able to play the rest of the season but I wasn't the same. I hope he's not out for too long.
  2. Reid calls qb sneek with the golden goose. You know your o-line been struggling and You gonna make that call and also coming into this game Mahomes was dealing with ankle issues so he's not 100%. You can get hurt on any play things happen so fast but why not hand off to your running back. I'm sorry but this is on Reid.
  3. Now any player that doesn't like the situation he's in he's gonna pitch a fit demand to be traded. It ain't right I don't like that crap. People can say whatever to justify it but it ain't right. I don't want players like that don't care how much talent.
  4. We need to roll with Murray and rest Kamara we gonna need him down the stretch. I knew this would happen. He's not a bell cow type of back,he can't take that much of abuse. I just don't know why we never got Murray going yet. The guy is a beast that's not being utilized.
  5. Tellin ya this cat can ball. As the game slows down for him he's only going to get better. I can see him eventually the best center in the league.
  6. I gotta question weather his mind is on football or not. It seems to me his mind is some where else.
  7. They've made losing an art form,that's very hard to do.
  8. My question is why did the NFL wait so damn long issuing the suspension. This sucks
  9. Ehhh we handled him pretty well the last time played him. Hes very good but peopl underestimate Ram. Ram would've handled Hicksjust fine.
  10. As long as we fans watch games on tv,put our buts in the stands and buy merchandise their bottom line will never be affected so change will never take place. Affecting their bottom line is how we will get their attention. We are sheep led to the slaughter house cause we won't stop watching on tv or put our butts in the stands or buy merchandise
  11. It's gotten so out of hand that I don't know what can be done to clean it up. It's down right sickening,I just don't know how you real this back in.
  12. Still makes me cringe when i see it tho.
  13. It's amazing how the D is improving in all phases. The offense will continue to open up as Teddy continues to settle down. Every game he's getting better. As good as our O-line is,when the game slows down for McCoy watch out. This cat can ball man.