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  1. Ahhh yeah man,this never gets old and to tell you the truth it never will.
  2. He was becoming a force last year,just hope this injury doesn't slow him down. It was a no brainer to pickup his 5th year option. Now just concentrate on healing big guy.
  3. I thought I heard it's now down to 2 rams fans now. Would love nothing more than to get the W in their house.
  4. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing him back but I think he's going elsewhere. He won't get a mega deal but I think he'll try to get the most he can for one more year. He may go back to New England to finish his career where it started.
  5. I was happy for him that he was healthy enough to be apart of that one. If they haven't fixed it by now they probably won't,I wouldn't.
  6. We did get his replacement who is an upgrade but I did like Davison he was a home grown talent but your can't fault a guy for going after the money but just wish it wasn't the falcons,any team but that one
  7. Like the old saying goes-if you're not happy without the money your won't be happy with it. Money doesn't make the man it's his character that defines him. We all turn a blind eye to what a certain player does when the team has success but when the team starts losing its brought to the forefront. I'm curious to see how Green Bays next coach handles all this.
  8. It would be nice to resign him but I can't blame him going after a pay day but just wish it wasn't the failcons. Plus it hurts when homegrown talent leaves. If we have room to bring him back good but if not I wish him well.
  9. I forgot about the dui. Well it was still a solid signing.
  10. I like Apple a lot. Can't wait to see how much better he gets this year.
  11. I am so jacked about this signing! We haven't had a TE like him since Shockey. Cook plays with the same intensity as Shockey did. This is huge for our offense.
  12. That was sweet. I'm ready for some football now! I need to tackle somebody!
  13. Any news on Quinn? He came in for a visit yesterday and haven't heard anything since.
  14. Thank God,now let's go after Quinn. See if we can get deal Don with Miami.
  15. He got nothing to clear,he has nothing between the ears. Dude is dumb as a box of rocks. Glad he's not our problem.