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  1. Our 2011 team was vastly better than the 2009 one. Just saying. If we lose this one I can't say I'd be enormously surprised. We've been playing like crap since the Failclowns game while the eagles have hit their stride pretty much at the same time. Who was honestly thinking they'd beat the bears? Cos I most assuredly wasn't. And yes, kicker and blahblah but the bears defense is eons better than ours, let's not kid ourselves here.
  2. It's a catch 22 thing. If the eagles lose I'd rather have them than the cows but if they win, I'd rather have the cows than them. This eagles team isn't the same as the one we humiliated so thoroughly, if they actually win against such a great chicago team I'm pretty certain they could kick us out of the playoffs just as easily, especially seeing how ****** we've been playing in recent games. The cows will be able to kick us out too if we don't show up. I know that the last time we were coming off three very underwhelming losses and wiped the floor with the cards but whichever team we get is better than those cardinals I think, and which players do we have left from 2009? This is an entirely different team and I have no idea how it'll react and play. I hope they won't lose either way, getting beaten in the dome by the cows as a #1 seed would be even worse than that loss against the 49ers in 2011.
  3. Pity, he would have made such a great couple with Burfict
  4. I don't think we'd ever do it but I seriously hope we're not in any way, shape or form even remotely considering this criminal for our team. Took the whiners far longer than it should have to release him, but even they got it in the end.
  5. I think they'll give us a tough time as usual but I seriously hope we can utterly demolish them. Shutting them out would be a godsend. Even with a short week, it's still a good point for us as they've lost 2 in a row and don't look nearly as hot as they did in their 3-game winning streak (wins against tampa, new york and washington, two of the worst teams in the league and the second most disfunctional one after the raiders). Please please obliterate them out of existence.
  6. It shouldn't have been Payton's job to defend the 4th quarter TD pass.
  7. I reserved one game ball for Kirkwood. Honestly, signign dez bryant was good just because we had to call up Kirkwood from the practice squad and considering that he's played literally just two games, I'm liking a lot of what I'm seeing. Practice squad or not, our offense isn't easy and as an undrafted wr coming out of temple, well, I'm certain he had to bust his arse off. The way he moves and runs really remind me of Colston (which is in some ways not a great thing as Marques wasn't exactly all that fast), and while he had a play or two that he should have done a better job with, he displayed quite a bit of intelligence and grit during the game. If Smith develops as a decent #2 wr (his game yesterday was absolutely outstanding) I could easily see Kirkwood becoming a good #3 or #4, possibly letting Smith work in the slot. Way too early to tell but I'm liking the early signs, I'll say that much. I really liked what I saw from Anzalone on D and Arnold on O too. The second in particular had that great catch that caught me by surprise. Same goes for pj Williams, another of those penalties but apart from that he did a tremendous job all day along. I thought we could have troubles with both Cincy and Philly and while we clearly didn't, I sure hope we aren't resting on our laurels with the failclowns coming up. No matter how good we've been throughout the years, they always plays us extremely hard. Our best previous team so far as I'm concerned was the 2011 one and while we blew them up on one game, we won the one in Atlanta by 3 points in OT. We CAN'T get caught sleeping on this one.
  8. I don't think the steelers lost anything, to be honest. Yes, they'll lose Bell in free agency but what do they care, at this point? They have Conner who is having a season even better than the best Bell had to offer and he's A ) dirt cheap for 2 more years with another 2 franchise years possibly looming. Even with those he's 40+ millions cheaper than Bell would have been in the same period B ) the literal opposite of Bell from a personality standpoint. Conner is mostly a low-maintenance, no-nonsense player, the exact opposite of Bell who is a consummate diva. If anything, the steelers should be incredibly happy to have Bell go away because him and Brown were causing both so many problems they'd probably either sour the entire locker room or not be worth the money paid anyway. Besides which, fans weren't particularly enthralled with Bell because of how much he held out last year while they absolutely adore Conner because of all his past history (and his whole life is really the stuff movie scripts are made of, if you think about it). I'm not faulting Bell for doing what he does, to be honest. The steelers in particular guarantee only the first year of a vet's contract, which for a running back doesn't sound like something amazing. And as we all saw with Bryant, you get a freak injury in your first practice and then what? Bell would have lost ALL the possible money he's bound to make next season and beyond. He's 26, his only big time contract will be the next one because he's been a workhorse for so many years that he probably won't age that well past the 30 mark, realistically speaking. Bell definitely did hurt himself by not accepting that contract (contract that, I'll underline it, was less than his supposed market value) and sitting out this season but if that's his choice, well, I hope it turns out well for him. It certainly won't keep me awake at night. Still, I saw so many fans being absolutely rabid towards Bell that it was painful to watch. I understand being pissed because a player isn't performing for us, that's a perfectly legitimate feeling, but these guys are putting their physical and most importantly mental health on the line. They're the only one risking something and most of them aren't paid a whole lot when compared to people who aren't risking anything (coaches or god forbid, gms and owners). For running backs in particular, I can't fault a single one of them for trying to pull every trick in the book to get a bigger payday. I don't know that I'd do the same but I can understand their point of view. I mean, look at Earl Thomas, held out this past summer because he only had a year left on his contract, seahawks didn't budge and now he suffered a horrible injury and will be inevitably paid a lot less in the coming seasons, if he even plays again. Teams can be disloyal to players all the time by cutting them with few repercussions because of how little a contract is generally guaranteed, I don't hold any grudges against players treating it like a business and not any of that "extended family" bs that they love to shower on us.
  9. Completely disagree, personally. He was part of the raiders, it's Gruden we're talking about here, he's made stupid decisions since day one. I'll also add that he has more sacks this season (in limited snaps) than all but THREE players on our team (one of which out for weeks with an injury). Considering that we score 40 points with regularity and that our defense is regularly a tragic sieve, I still would rather have added pass rushing first than a wr. Not that it matters as he wanted to play for the failcons anyway and apparently we weren't even interested. It's not like this team is perfect in free-agent signings but we'll see how this all plays out, hopefully bryant won't be as invisible as meredith.
  10. I'd rather we'd signed Irvin, especially with Davenport out for a considerable time. Bryant could be a good signing but it depends on so many factors. I also can't like the idea of him influencing Thomas in any way, shape or form, especially considering the latest shenanigan.
  11. Honestly didn't think we'd get this one at all, rams looked as close to unstoppable as any team this season. Absolutely amazing win, even with our D falling asleep in the 2nd half (O too but they both woke up at the right time thankfully). Our remaining schedule is brutal to say the least but even if we drop 2-3 more games, that'd still make for a great season and an excellent position for the playoffs. Bring it on!
  12. All hinges on the draft picks now. If he gets perennial pro-bowlers or all-pros with them, then it'll be seen as a genius move. If not, it'll be seen as the second coming of Chip Kelly, just in Las Vegas rather than Philly. Personally, I wouldn't bet a dime on Gruden acing the draft picks but I've been wrong plenty of times before, we'll see how this pans out.
  13. With the history that this franchise has, I don't care one iota about any misfortune or tough break any other team gets against us, to be honest. Do we really want to number all the game-tying or winning extra points/chip kicks we missed? Tucker had never missed before, it's just as well that he did against us, no complaints here. I don't really think it's an ugly win either. We were playing on the road against the best defensive team by miles in the nfl, down 10 points at the half against a team that hadn't allowed a 2nd half TD in the previous 6 games. It was a damn gritty win, to me at least.
  14. That really sucks. Man, these news are always really tough to digest. Hope he and the family will be ok, in time.
  15. To no one's surprise, personally I wouldn't extend him at all. Not only is he coming off a suspension and in line for an even longer one if he messes up again, but his whole whining and drama of this past offseason wasn't particularly endearing either. He's old, cut the cord now and get a cheap replacement in one of the mid rounds or sign a cheaper one in free agency. Kamara is not replaceable but what Ingram does isn't nearly as unique (and if our defense sucked less we would have won all our games played without him, too). Extending a 29 year old running back, unless he's the second coming of Barry Sanders, is just a bad business decision, so far as I'm concerned.
  16. It's like the first year with a new defensive coordinator we play lights out (except for Spagnuolo but that was quite a bit his fault) and the year afterwards there's a huge dip in performance. Everyone here remembers when we signed Byrd and pretty much the whole of saints fandom decreed us to be superbowl bound as he was pretty much the pissing piece? Two games isn't really enough, after the first 2 games last year I thought we'd be lucky to win 2 in the entire season and we all know how that ended. Still, playing like this will get us blown out badly in Atlanta, I do hope that we start playing decently but if that happens I wouldn't be particularly surprised. This game was really lost by the browns than won by us and it's the browns. And I thought we used two first round picks to make out pass rushing significantly better but I suppose the jury is still out on that.
  17. If we can't turn it around against the browns then we'll be having a very long season indeed.
  18. I'm not particularly surprised, to be honest. I didn't expect the bucs of all teams to score almost 50 on us, no, but I saw this game as about 60-40 in our favour. This is a sean payton team at the end of the day, the defense has to have at least a few games a year where it looks absolutely atrocious. We'll see how it will go next week against the browns but this offseason (between trading away more picks for a reserve qb and cutting more than half our draft class before the regular season started) wasn't exactly brilliant to begin with. Hopefully the players realise that they're not unbeatable and payton stops making stupid decisions. I really don't want to be the first team to lose to the worst team of all time, to be frank. The team has to wake up though. Yesterday's performance reminded me of all those nice 7-9 and 8-8 years when the offense would score a lot and the defense would get scored on even more. I'd rather not go back to that.
  19. We could have simply signed him to a contract as a free agent but no, we do love wasting draft picks. Sorry, unless Bridgewater somehow has a 6 year long contract and Brees retires tomorrow, we, as usual, gave away far too much for far too little value (hi Davenport). Not a fan in the slightest.
  20. I realised just now we're the second opponents of the Browns. Man, I hope it won't be us losing first against the worst team the NFL has ever seen honestly, it'd be pretty atrocious (wouldn't be the first time we lay an egg against them either (I think everyone remembers the 2010 season). That being said, personally I can't see us winning the NFC but I certainly wouldn't complain if that were the case.
  21. I agree with that honestly. So-called sports journalists clearly had an axe to grind with Owens, it's clear as day. Moss was worse than Owens in every possible way, because he not only was disruptive and a locker room cancer at times, he also decided that when he didn't feel like playing, he wouldn't, jogging routes rather than running them. A lot of things can be said of Owens (and I don't even like the guy, self-centered narcissism is not exactly my thing) but he always gave everything he had for whichever team he was playing for. Was he perfect? No. Was he disruptive? Most probably yes. But he didn't probably kill someone like Ray Lewis, he didn't probably sexually assault multiple women and stab a teammate with scissors like that human scum of Michael Irvin. Somehow the so-called experts decided, only with Owens, that the stats on the field weren't enough to decide whether someone was worthy of being in the hall of fame, oh no, voters have a conscience too now apparently. Ridiculous. I'd love to know how many hall of famers with off-the-field arrests for literally any reason were inducted without blinking once. Something else that is incredibly ludicrous, somehow something as vague as being "disruptive" (not that any of these voters would know literally anything about what actually happened in the various locker rooms) is considered worse than being an actual criminal. I'm all for Owens snubbing the idiots who rejected him 2 years in a row to be frank. We're talking about arguably the second best receiver of all time here, not about some crummy running back who barely cracks the top 10 in career yards. 2nd of all time in yards, ahead of Moss, and just 3 tds fewer than Moss and unlike him, Owens didn't play with arguably the best qb of all time. If I were him I'd probably feel incredibly insulted. I don't know if this is the best way to flip the bird to everyone who sleighted him but Owens was not always exactly a subtle or very cerebral guy to begin with.
  22. I think this season will be telling, one way or the other. We surprised a lot of people last year who weren't ready for our kind of football. If we go into the season without changing much from last year I could see us very well dropping to the usual 8-8. Otherwise I think we could go past the wild card round or even further. This season will be make or break especially with the coaching (if, obviously, we get lucky with injuries). I doubt the failcons will be as bad as last year's and the whiners won't be as bad either. We'll see what happens.
  23. Either they're afraid he'll pull a complete Haynesworth or...I don't even know. He's had better performances for the team than both gurley and cooks (who's never even played for them)combined, giving money to literally everyone else but him makes them really look bad. Maybe they will want to do a cousins-style play, tagging him year by year for the first two years of free agency. By the time he could have a shot at true free agency he'll be 30 and considering how much he's been used, he'll probably not demand anywhere near as much money as he could in a year. While I can't truthfully say I feel for him considering that he's already earned more than I will in my lifetime, this still sucks for him. He can hold out but he'd lose quite a bit of money in the process too, it really seems like the rams have shafted him egregiously well.
  24. He won't always be able to pay off people like he did with his girlfriend. Next we'll hear about him he'll probably spend a few choice years in jail honestly. So glad it's not our headache.
  25. I'm laughing quite a bit at this and in all honesty, I don't have a problem with that. The supposedly competent voters somehow refused his entry what, 2 years in a row, to one of the best receivers of all time and for what reasons exactly? Uuhhh he was a cancer blahblahblah, didn't see any of this fuss when they inducted a guy who'd stabbed a teammate with a pair of scissors or multiple guys with women abuse on their rap sheets. It's pathetic honestly. I don't know if TO won't go to Canton because he has money problems, because he doesn't like the place or as a final eff you to the incompetent group of voters but I can't fault him at all and I didn't ever think much of him in the first place either.