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  1. I went Ingram, Kamara and O-line; Jordan and Rankins; Lutz. This set of guys were the architects of a great road win and the reason it wasn't close at the end. Cousins and Thielen, you can have your pretty looking stats and junk time yards, but I'll take these guys instead.
  2. Favourable cap numbers for next couple of years. Much more affordable terms than the elite guys who might be available. And it's not like we have all our eggs in one basket with Eli. If he busts, it's not a disaster. He comes with upside at a reasonable price. Question: can a team who traded for a player still exercise the 5th year option on their rookie contract? I assume so.
  3. With the exception of the Dallas Cowboys coaching job.
  4. While I was heavily against the Mack trade, now that they're on that trajectory it only makes sense to trade away Cooper for a number 1 (and likely to be a nice mid to high round pick). Strict value terms, Cooper may have been mid round R1 value for about a season or two, but the further into his rookie contract he got, as well as the drops and the commitment issues, he can't be more than R2 value at best. Cowboys overpaid, Raiders got a good deal on a guy who'll be a FA before the raiders are remotely relevant. Flip side, Raiders are completely tanking and you're absolutely right Dru. Weird programme for Gruden to go with coming out of a long hiatus just to deliver a rebuild. Raiders have a horrible drafting record to boot.
  5. Brees would have gotten a higher grade from me, and the national media, if on the play he converted a 3rd down to Thomas when under heavy pressure, he'd have thrown with his left hand. Rolling eyes emoticon.
  6. It was ugly in an oddly pretty sense.
  7. Went Brees, o line and Bushrod. Davis and Rankins. Taysom. Gritty win. Felt like we had the game in our grasp, weird that we let them off the hook only to see the PAT go wide right. If you take away our garbage 2-minute defense, we win that game easily. On the flip side, it seems to be when Flacco comes alive. Shouldn't give them so much cushion and bust coverages in the most crucial times.
  8. If he wasn't going to be a Saint, best that he went to the AFC at least.
  9. Also, Peyton Manning had some awful division opponents throughout his career. There wasn't a viable winning qb for many years at Houston, Jacksonville or Tennessee, and that's just the start of it. Up and down defenses all of them, poorly coached with high turnover and loss of players to free agency, no pull factor. He dealt with Haynesworth at his peak for a couple of years, that was tough I guess. Wouldn't begrudge Manning or Brady any of their accomplishments, but to cross compare regular season records is ridiculous. How about Peyton's playoff record, given all that 14-2 talent he had at the Colts?
  10. Not to detract from what's been a terrible couple of weeks for offense and defense at different points. But I will say the Tampa O and the Cleveland D are significantly better than advertised preseason. Nobody knows how long Fitzmagic will carry on, but he's just downed the champs and best D in the NFL. The Browns D has looked stout against 2 premier offenses. It doesn't forgive some of the missed assignments, poor game management, bad communications onfield, leaving points on the field, minimal running game, etc. Lots of this can be fixed by better focus and midseason grind. We have talent on both sides, witness Thomas and Kamara in the passing game or Marcus Williams interception at the end. At least we wont be the only ones this season suffering at the hands of the 2 perennial basement teams, the Bucs and Browns. I do agree offense is a worry moving onto Falcons. Especially if a D can make the Saints one dimensional and keep them off schedule on down and distance. As has been the case in week 2.
  11. How's his accuracy though on the run? It's bad enough when his feet are planted in the pocket. They need to hope the rollout is deceptive enough to give him his own space to set himself and eyes downfield. If he's being spied and forced to release in the run, it will be inaccurate with his tech ique a lot of the time.
  12. Case in point on our secondary depth: Devante Harris made the 53 man roster for the Bucs. This is a guy who did not survive an earlier round of cuts which kept Jamerson and Moore in the building.
  13. There are going to be some really brutal cuts coming up - especially on defense. If we go with 4 DTs, I can imagine them cutting Lawrence, despite him looking amazing in preseason. Then there's Hardee as CB/STs (might be more palatable to cut him if Hill goes back to STs), PJ Williams trying pretty hard to stay on the team. On the positive side, you can see the improvement in depth such as the D-line. It goes 2-deep across the whole line with talented players to rotate in and out.
  14. "He doesn't care what the pundits and reporters and do nothing politicians think. " That is literally all he cares about.
  15. Etienne, I can't speak either as a veteran or even as an American, but I can give you a perspective from how the anthem protests are viewed here in the UK. I'm 100pc with you on this. Everyone I've spoken to here in the UK sees this for what it is: an attempt by the White House and the alt right to co-opt veterans and patriotism and distract from the social injustices that are the genuine root cause of the anthem protests. It's classic political spin, or actually flat out lying in many instances. The NFL made a grave error cow-towing to the President and has simultaneously disrespected its talent -the players - and its fan base. The disciplinary process is already unravelling. Not a single player means any disrespect to vets, the flag, or patriotism as a whole, in all of this. And nor does anyone who rejects the President's obvious spin. The fact that the Cardinals GM can go on conservative talk radio to talk politics and in the same breath tell players that they can't turn the sport into politics tells you everything you need to know about the irony of the protests. I am hesitant to bring politics onto our own board, since we're hear to have a lively discussion about the Saints, but at the same time, it's important to know how people react. It disappoints me that the NFL has chosen to act in the way it has, but I hope the Saints organisation recognises the players' true motivations.
  16. I heard somewhere that the Panthers' rushing stats last season were heavily padded by Newton's rushing feats. They ranked near the top in total rush yards but near the bottom in several categories for just the tail backs. They're already an inefficient group at running the ball in key moments, and having lost Norwell and not retooled the line, that offense is in deep trouble. Nobody will respect the run apart from Cam and maybe McCaffrey to the outside.
  17. Loads of Andrus Peat out in space as well. 2nd and even 3rd level defenders had a torrid time last year against the Saints run game.
  18. Problem is there's zero time for a back to gain the trust of Brees AND Payton. Securing the football, making efficient gains, blitz pickup, hands in the passing game. Maybe they give Scott some early down running plays to spell Kamara.
  19. Though they'll claim loads goes into post draft analysis, the teams who come out with the most picks in the highest places get the best grades. Best grades this year go to: Most picks: the Browns (even though this FO didn't earn them) Highest picks: the Browns (ditto) Trendy team that traded away all their picks for vets (but are allotted these guys in their grades, ignoring salary cap issues): the Rams. Will anyone include AK in our grades? Nope. Trendy team that moves up and down in the draft with lots of draft Day trades. Even if it doesn't really make sense, or hang together in one big plan: the Packers. It's pretty much decided who the trendy teams are in February, they just fit the grades to the narrative.
  20. You're absolutely right, except that everyone knew we got a steal with Lattimore from minute one. Ramczyk was not a fan/media pick to be excited about, not Marcus Williams (although Williams pick was loved by some of the analysts, iirc). It's a phoney war post draft when no one has anything to say apart from grade drafts and where voluntary OTAs are a blessed relief. Also, I was thinking about this. As regards the Leonard pick, I heard some people shreaking that they had graded him outside the draft. Maybe so, but how on earth does an analyst have enough time in the day to spend pouring over the tape of a probable UDFA, much less consider scheme fit, possible position changes, ceiling and floor? I know lots will have thrown on Florida State tape this year but a deep look at Leonard? Really? Maybe they did. I for one am delighted we're not going to be filling the vacuum with what on earth the Saints plan to do at Right End.
  21. I'm interested to know what you guys think the Saints will do to acquire a genuine successor to Brees within (I hope) the next 2 years. We are victims of our own success, since by consensus the Saints are now genuine contenders for the Super Bowl and have built a great roster to surround Brees. So, unless something weird happens, no high picks anytime soon. A few questions from me. Where do we get the guy from? Trade up this year, trade up next year? What's the ammunition? Luck out on an obscure mid rounder? Free agency - do we pick up the Cousins/Garappolo equivalent when Brees hangs it up? Grab a guy from the CFL ?? I don't have the answers to any of this, and I guess nor does the front office. My dream is an under-appreciated Brees V2. High accuracy, high IQ, leader, maybe small school. And we only give up a 6th to get him!
  22. Jordan Rankins Onyemata Davenport Anzalone Davis Lattimore Williams Bell Crawley Robinson
  23. I think the guard love is a couple of things. Firstly, interior line was a strength of the draft, top end and depth. Tackle again weak. QBs with either a very quick release or good escapability will be favoured by a lot of teams, with a worrying trend of college tackles unable to block in a pro style offense. Didn't we hear that teams are jealous of the Saints' historic strength at guard in the last decade? Clean interior pocket is highly desirable in the modern passing game. Warning signs are there for any teams taking a statue esque quarterback while needing to rebuild their line.
  24. Bottom of the 1st for one of the high graded TEs wouldn't be that bad at all, if the player is a BPA type pick. Same goes for assignments like Center or a kicker (that last one - only if you're the Bucs!). Especially if the FO feels like the deeper class of TEs is too one dimensional. Let's face it, with Pick 27 we'll be extremely fortunate to get a great player at a premium position.
  25. Uuugh don't do this to us! Haha!