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  1. Loads of Andrus Peat out in space as well. 2nd and even 3rd level defenders had a torrid time last year against the Saints run game.
  2. Problem is there's zero time for a back to gain the trust of Brees AND Payton. Securing the football, making efficient gains, blitz pickup, hands in the passing game. Maybe they give Scott some early down running plays to spell Kamara.
  3. Though they'll claim loads goes into post draft analysis, the teams who come out with the most picks in the highest places get the best grades. Best grades this year go to: Most picks: the Browns (even though this FO didn't earn them) Highest picks: the Browns (ditto) Trendy team that traded away all their picks for vets (but are allotted these guys in their grades, ignoring salary cap issues): the Rams. Will anyone include AK in our grades? Nope. Trendy team that moves up and down in the draft with lots of draft Day trades. Even if it doesn't really make sense, or hang together in one big plan: the Packers. It's pretty much decided who the trendy teams are in February, they just fit the grades to the narrative.
  4. You're absolutely right, except that everyone knew we got a steal with Lattimore from minute one. Ramczyk was not a fan/media pick to be excited about, not Marcus Williams (although Williams pick was loved by some of the analysts, iirc). It's a phoney war post draft when no one has anything to say apart from grade drafts and where voluntary OTAs are a blessed relief. Also, I was thinking about this. As regards the Leonard pick, I heard some people shreaking that they had graded him outside the draft. Maybe so, but how on earth does an analyst have enough time in the day to spend pouring over the tape of a probable UDFA, much less consider scheme fit, possible position changes, ceiling and floor? I know lots will have thrown on Florida State tape this year but a deep look at Leonard? Really? Maybe they did. I for one am delighted we're not going to be filling the vacuum with what on earth the Saints plan to do at Right End.
  5. Jordan Rankins Onyemata Davenport Anzalone Davis Lattimore Williams Bell Crawley Robinson
  6. I think the guard love is a couple of things. Firstly, interior line was a strength of the draft, top end and depth. Tackle again weak. QBs with either a very quick release or good escapability will be favoured by a lot of teams, with a worrying trend of college tackles unable to block in a pro style offense. Didn't we hear that teams are jealous of the Saints' historic strength at guard in the last decade? Clean interior pocket is highly desirable in the modern passing game. Warning signs are there for any teams taking a statue esque quarterback while needing to rebuild their line.
  7. Bottom of the 1st for one of the high graded TEs wouldn't be that bad at all, if the player is a BPA type pick. Same goes for assignments like Center or a kicker (that last one - only if you're the Bucs!). Especially if the FO feels like the deeper class of TEs is too one dimensional. Let's face it, with Pick 27 we'll be extremely fortunate to get a great player at a premium position.
  8. Uuugh don't do this to us! Haha!
  9. This story has made it to the 5th most popular on BBC in the UK, of any news topic.
  10. Although I was hopeful for saints' pursuit of Suh in free agency (and ultimately glad we didn't decide to over reach), I wonder what the true motives are in the Rams FO for their free agency and trade splurge. Is there a directive from their ownership to acquire star power and elevate themselves early on as the biggest attraction in LA, at least in terms of NFL? Would the coaching staff be so aggressive in stable conditions? They're looking scary, for sure, but it doesn't feel like the usual way of doing things in the NFL.
  11. Almost seems unfair to the NFC interior lineman union if Suh gets paired up with Donald. I feel like there's a good reason this has pretty much never happened in the NFL. Donald is into his 5th year option, becoming a FA next year. Can the Rams sink that much money into their DTs by 2019? Things in their favour include rookie contracts for Goff, Gurley, Kupp. And their trade of Robert Quinn. I feel like they'd be storing up problems for themselves if they sign Suh, but nobody wants to see them do it!
  12. Asked a friend of mine who's a Jets fan and he said he loved Davis, intelligent, dependable, not flashy but didn't make big mistakes. Likely released because Bowles prefers hybrid ILBs in his scheme. If he can organise as well as Klein and be a bigger difference maker in the run game, we could have a very nice starting ILB in this guy. He also played tons of nickel last year, which surprises me given he's not known for that.
  13. Trading a ransom away to draft Josh Rosen is my worst nightmare for this draft (of all things that are within the realms of logic). There will be a leadership vacuum to fill as well as a skill vacuum once Brees hangs them up. We have started accumulating good leaders in the young roster, but the QB will be the one to gel it all together, leading them into battle. Rosen isn't that, for me.
  14. I sometimes feel Suh is type cast by the media in the same light as Haynesworth. The primary driver being the massive contracts. It sounds like some locker rooms he's been a part of haven't been the best and his non-vocal personality has been pointed out. There may be a correlation between badly run teams with huge cap space and big free agent acquisitions, and poor locker room atmosphere. I've not studied his tape but I think the media who say he takes lots of plays off are being unfair. He's graded extremely highly throughout his career, including Miami. I do worry he's lazily painted in the same light as Haynesworth (who managed to get signed by the Patriots, by the way). For the right length of contract, I'd be interested. I wouldn't want his contract escalating at the age of 33/34 plus. But I'm not sure how this could be achieved.
  15. Any idea how much we'd get from cutting Fleener at the optimum time (I heard 6 million relief a while back if it's done in June or something), getting Fairley money back, and any legit shots at restructuring current players?