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  1. Just to clarify my comment on Peat above. In terms of this next season, we're best rolling with Peat at starting guard. When the offense is really firing, Peat is great and thrives next to Armstead. He does provide good cover at LT, which nobody else on the roster can do at the moment. He does sometimes struggle during spells at guard, especially in pass pro and the inside run game. He's not very consistent. The reason I think the Saints should consider a trade is we have to pay him big money one year from now and I don't think the organisation is sold on his next contract. Other teams will be high on him at a position of scarcity across the NFL. If we could address LT cover somehow, a Peat trade could make sense for a high value player in return.
  2. Can we please trade Peat for Xavier Rhodes?
  3. I think the pick trade makes sense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Saints get in front of the Andrus Peat situation and get themselves a guy capable of starting at center, and flexibility to play across the line. You get Easton as a high end 1st reserve capable of competing and inheriting from Peat. Secondly, we knew rounds 2 to 4 were the strength of this draft class. Plenty of potential starters with comparative talent to the players picked in the mid to late 1st round. Not only that, Saints' needs mapped quite well to the depth of those rookie positions like o line, safety and WR. There could be a very nice safety or WR staring at us when we pick, or even move up again. And the standard will be higher (and the floor wont be as low) than when we went for Rick Leonard.
  4. Good to see players like Robertson aren't being poached in annoying ways, as in years past. The spirit in the locker room and the chance to compete for a SB is keeping players in the building. Plus, other teams will know it's going to take more to prise these guys away (e.g. Teddy).
  5. Small sample size but Murray looked very dangerous against us in Minn this past season. I thought he was underused that day and on the season as a whole. He was close to taking over the game until things went in Saints favour.
  6. Not knowing the facts of the case I'm going to make some assumptions, but I expect well founded ones. 1) He went to this place several times, possibly on a regular basis. He will therefore be familiar with it, be on recognition terms with the women, and get a sense for the emotions, the money transactions, the bosses. 2) In a human trafficking case, the women are unsurprisingly foreign. They are trafficked into the country with great promises and then enslaved. I'm willing tobet that Kraft's prostitutes were foreigners. There's a very real chance that any foreign prostitute is a victim of trafficking. Sad though it is to say. Kraft was either ignorant or chose not to exercise caution that he should otherwise have taken. It's like snorting cocaine in the knowledge that, to arrive here, is a long line of death, misery and exploitation. Only in this case, you're directly exploiting a woman in the room.
  7. This board seems generally pro-Teddy as the heir apparent to Brees. Out of curiosity, anyone out there opposed to signing Teddy as QB of the future?
  8. Good news is we have elite special teams talent on the field with Morestead, Taysom and Hardee. Plus a bunch of guys who have given us depth in STs situations. You can definitely tell it's been a roster priority since the dark days of mid 2010s.
  9. When you literally stack up all the Saints players you have to cut just to enable this trade, it's just not worth considering for long. Not to mention the draft capital, and denying chances to our young drafted (and UDFA!) receivers who are starting to show something. One reason we have such a well-rounded roster now is that Loomis has dialled back on high profile veteran acquisition. Quiet pickups are the way to go.
  10. Jacksonville is going to be a real threat here. As soon as someone comes in with a multi year 18m + deal on the table, we're toast. Seems to me the Jags are most likely at this point. However, their cap space is horrible (2nd worst per overthecap). I guess they've been very active in free agency several years in a row. So they'll need to free up a lot with cuts and trades to get involved with Teddy.
  11. Salary cap hit notwithstanding, if they lose Gurley it won't be a major hit to the franchise. It sort of goes to show the value of the position. With that offensive line and the zone running scheme, they just need a couple of backs with good vision and I doubt they lose a tonne. Not the same drop off as losing an all Pro at the big ticket assignments like LT, WR1, RDE, etc. The heartbeat of that offense was the playcalling and quick release to wide open receivers.
  12. My favourite play in the Rams game was when Peters clearly tried to bait Cooper by grabbing his facemask and draw a retaliation call. Then they paused, had a chat and just flagged Peters on his own. Think that was the TD drive, can't remember though. I did notice a lot of gaping holes in their zones that were missed by Dak or dropped by receivers. Saints offense won't be forgiving.
  13. Brees, Thomas, Zach Line. Didn't exactly wind back the coaches' tape for my Line pick, but I did see him crushing souls on more than one occasion at the 2nd level. Seemed like our runs either went 2 yards or 10+, great Wrl/FB blocking when we got there. Apple, Lattimore and Davis. I would've liked a "whole of interior d-line" pick here too. Onyematta was great in relief and very active, Davison and Stallworth likewise. Taysom and Lewis. If we can cut out the ST penalties, Kamara and Lewis could get some big returns against the Rams. With a strong D and field position at home, can't lose.
  14. Bevell will not find a running game to his liking in Atlanta compared to the Lynch era in Seattle. Freeman showing signs of injuries catching up on him, and Coleman only excels in outside zone type runs. Their core strength is the receiving game, they'll have to hope Ridley keeps progressing. Horrible o line limits everything they do against the big teams.