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  1. This board seems generally pro-Teddy as the heir apparent to Brees. Out of curiosity, anyone out there opposed to signing Teddy as QB of the future?
  2. Good news is we have elite special teams talent on the field with Morestead, Taysom and Hardee. Plus a bunch of guys who have given us depth in STs situations. You can definitely tell it's been a roster priority since the dark days of mid 2010s.
  3. When you literally stack up all the Saints players you have to cut just to enable this trade, it's just not worth considering for long. Not to mention the draft capital, and denying chances to our young drafted (and UDFA!) receivers who are starting to show something. One reason we have such a well-rounded roster now is that Loomis has dialled back on high profile veteran acquisition. Quiet pickups are the way to go.
  4. Jacksonville is going to be a real threat here. As soon as someone comes in with a multi year 18m + deal on the table, we're toast. Seems to me the Jags are most likely at this point. However, their cap space is horrible (2nd worst per overthecap). I guess they've been very active in free agency several years in a row. So they'll need to free up a lot with cuts and trades to get involved with Teddy.
  5. Salary cap hit notwithstanding, if they lose Gurley it won't be a major hit to the franchise. It sort of goes to show the value of the position. With that offensive line and the zone running scheme, they just need a couple of backs with good vision and I doubt they lose a tonne. Not the same drop off as losing an all Pro at the big ticket assignments like LT, WR1, RDE, etc. The heartbeat of that offense was the playcalling and quick release to wide open receivers.
  6. My favourite play in the Rams game was when Peters clearly tried to bait Cooper by grabbing his facemask and draw a retaliation call. Then they paused, had a chat and just flagged Peters on his own. Think that was the TD drive, can't remember though. I did notice a lot of gaping holes in their zones that were missed by Dak or dropped by receivers. Saints offense won't be forgiving.
  7. Brees, Thomas, Zach Line. Didn't exactly wind back the coaches' tape for my Line pick, but I did see him crushing souls on more than one occasion at the 2nd level. Seemed like our runs either went 2 yards or 10+, great Wrl/FB blocking when we got there. Apple, Lattimore and Davis. I would've liked a "whole of interior d-line" pick here too. Onyematta was great in relief and very active, Davison and Stallworth likewise. Taysom and Lewis. If we can cut out the ST penalties, Kamara and Lewis could get some big returns against the Rams. With a strong D and field position at home, can't lose.
  8. Bevell will not find a running game to his liking in Atlanta compared to the Lynch era in Seattle. Freeman showing signs of injuries catching up on him, and Coleman only excels in outside zone type runs. Their core strength is the receiving game, they'll have to hope Ridley keeps progressing. Horrible o line limits everything they do against the big teams.
  9. I know he's had a few negative plays in the last few weeks, but I'd love to see Arnold get 5 for 100 and a TD this week. Put him in the reckoning for looks in the post season and a platform for 2019.
  10. If anyone is having a bad day, I can recommend finding the fake punt play and watching the upback celebrate with a mic drop after falling at least 1.5 yards short. Then repeat a good few times until it has a similar effect to being surrounded by a room full of puppies.
  11. If we get another scrappy win against the Steelers (and say the offense is still not in sync), what do we do Week 17? Nothing to play for in that scenario W17. Then the divisional round would feel like a distant memory from when the offense last looked on point. Do we send out the starters in Week 17 for a half to stir some life into them? I'm expecting that Brees and the o line find their groove against the Steelers. Things will come more easily to the receivers if the run game goes high intensity in the Dome.
  12. Looks like Panthers are putting Cam Newton on ice for rest of the season, according to reports.
  13. Quite apart from the fact that they picked him up in the hours after he was arrested for a 3rd time this year, I find it even more grossly offensive listening to their thought process. He tried to defend it by saying that 5 people, all men, came to the unanimous view that it was fine. Does he have any idea how that would sound to domestic abuse survivors? Many of whom will be diehard Redskins fans (especially if they've spent enough time near the Hill)? Completely tone deaf from the start. Then there's this quote. I don't know if this is taken out of context, or I'm misreading it, but is downplaying domestic violence as a crime and the things Foster is alleged to have do e? I don't get it. And if so, it seems the Redskins have already made peace with the allegations against Foster. This is a disgraceful position for an NFL franchise to take. I hope at least in part I've misinterpreted his words. "We’ve got people who are in high, high, high, high places that have done far worse, and if you look at it realistically, they’re still up there. This is small potatoes [compared to] a lot of things out there. "
  14. It's practically a Madden curse when a team 'wins the draft'. They tend to be the flashier crowd pleasing picks. Nobody was giving the Saints much credit for picking a right tackle, especially with the Foster phone call narrative.
  15. Anyone see the play where McCaffrey broke free but got caught and tackled down? Maybe even by a safety, I didn't check though. How can he not have the breakaway speed to take that to the house? Really weird. He had a day and scored straight after, but just saying.