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  1. There's a rumor that Fleener still had not passed concussion protocol. I believe he was cut with a "failed physical" designation as well, lending credence to that notion. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000931791/article/roundup-saints-release-tight-end-coby-fleener Tight end Coby Fleener's time in New Orleans has come to a close. The Saints released Fleener on Monday with a failed physical designation. The team classified Fleener as a post-June 1 cut, which will save them $3 million in salary cap space.
  2. Sean Payton having an '03 level Deuce on his team is one of the fantasies I have late at night when no one is around....
  3. This last one was my fav. Watch Jrue at the end just point at laugh at that dude. Freaking hilarious!
  4. That's awesome, brod! With the exception of my youngest, my kids are all in their 20's now and are off living their lives. Treasure these times while they are here!
  5. Man, that was fantastic. Thanks for digging this one up!
  6. Wow, condolences to the Benson family.
  7. Holy diddly-poo it feels good to be able to say that and not immediately die laughing!
  8. Holy crap, I keep getting something in my eye...
  9. That is complete BS. The IOC needs to take a hard line stance on the "switching countries" thing. If you do not have citizenship, you cannot compete for a country. Period. International soccer does this the right way. If a person has dual citizenship (say America and Germany), they can play for either team. But, as soon as that person makes any international appearance for one, they are the LOCKED to that country and cannot in the future decide to go play for the other.
  10. This guy got an Auburn tattoo and then decided to go to Alabama? Wow. Talk about a box of rocks...
  11. And let's not forget how wrong a lot of us were, myself included, that time around. I was certain that Matt Leinart was the future of our franchise. Thank everything anyone considers holy that I wasn't running things!
  12. And this might be the most important thing we got this year. RogerGoodell Sean is SO MUCH MORE FUN than Grandpa Sean.
  13. F!! everyone one of those asshats. This kid BALLED this year! If we had gotten the production from Jarius Byrd that we got from Williams this season we would have been happy with Byrd's ridiculous contract.
  14. I made the trip last night. After the game I realized this was the perfect time, since I didn't have to work today. My daughter, son, and I hopped in the car around 9:15 and got there to the airport right around 11:15, only to find out that the plane was delayed. We made a quick trip to the store for some snacks and a sixer of beverages. We quickly got back to spot and just hung out with everyone until the procession started. We were standing right before those signs you see in that pic, probably almost level with the car when the picture was taken. Everyone there was in pretty good spirits. We were all hurting, sure, but the overwhelming feeling was love for this team. And love for Marcus Williams. I think that it really helped pick me up today. That feeling of togetherness helped not close, but maybe dull, the pain of yesterday's loss. We got back to the house about 4 am. I wouldn't change it for anything. It's something the three of us will remember for ever. We have to make those memories while we can. Those two kids are both in the 20s now, with my son headed to Air Force basic training at the end of this month. They are off to live their own lives, so who knows how many more opportunities to do that sort of thing we will have?