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  1. I agree about Robertson. He's not the fastest but he plays with an energy that is infectious and hard to match. Just go back and watch the 4th preseason game from this year. He look like he was having a blast out there, with nothing really to gain.
  2. Yes, the offense was spectacular really. And imagine when Ingram comes back. This offense has the potential to get into a 2011 death star style mode at times, I believe.
  3. LMAO, that number 11 in the background gets me every time. He's face is like 'WTF is this cat doing?!!?"
  4. I am all up in the Kool-Aid on this team. I believe our first team can beat anyone in the league. And I also think this team is the deepest we have ever seen. That should allow them to weather those inevitable injuries with little drop off in production. Going through the schedule, we could be easily be sitting at 5-0 headed into week 7 coming off the bye. After that, there's not a game that is not winnable, although I am sure we aren't going 16-0. So, let just say they drop three in that next stretch heading to the playoffs. So, my prediction is 13-3 with a first round playoff bye, hopefully home field advantage. If home field happens, I predict a SB appearance. If we wind up playing the NFC Championship on the road, it's a toss up.
  5. We just wrapped up Goliath on Amazon. It has two seasons currently. Highly recommended.Billy Bob Thornton plays a semi-retired lawyer that gets dragged back into the business by a weird case. Mindhunter on Netflix was great as well. It is a docu-drama about the founding times of the FBI's Behavioral Crimes Unit, when they started interviewing serial killers and applying things learned there to solve other cases. Oh, and Stranger Things on Netflix if you haven't caught that one.
  6. Etienne, nothing but respect from this side. I share a lot of similar feelings on the NFL in general. I am at the point where I only watch anything that involves the Saints. I could tell you nothing about any random AFC team. But, I can tell you how badly Tottenham just screwed the pooch on the summer transfer window.
  7. Well, I was being snarkily supportive in that the more pain the Falcons can have, the better. Whether or not it's the right or wrong thing to do, eh... Way more important to me that the Falcons have the distractions, and the unavailability of Julio.
  8. I, for one, support Julio fully in this endeavor. Keep holding out for every dollar!
  9. My wife and I either use Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts when one of us is out of town. FB may be the easiest, since damn near everyone already has an account.
  10. I have a S9 as well, and it's crazy how good of pics this thing takes. Here is one I took a few weeks ago in the Texas Hill Country. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MkuHNyFwepb92RTs7
  11. There's a rumor that Fleener still had not passed concussion protocol. I believe he was cut with a "failed physical" designation as well, lending credence to that notion. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000931791/article/roundup-saints-release-tight-end-coby-fleener Tight end Coby Fleener's time in New Orleans has come to a close. The Saints released Fleener on Monday with a failed physical designation. The team classified Fleener as a post-June 1 cut, which will save them $3 million in salary cap space.
  12. Sean Payton having an '03 level Deuce on his team is one of the fantasies I have late at night when no one is around....
  13. This last one was my fav. Watch Jrue at the end just point at laugh at that dude. Freaking hilarious!
  14. That's awesome, brod! With the exception of my youngest, my kids are all in their 20's now and are off living their lives. Treasure these times while they are here!
  15. Man, that was fantastic. Thanks for digging this one up!