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  1. How often do you refer to people and their ways as being ignorant? Honestly, were I younger man, I would ask you to meet in person and see if we could not come to terms OLD SCHOOL. You are without question, just looking to be a dick.  Dude, if your penis is small, deal with it. If you are having money problems, I am sorry. But, deal with it. If your wife is messing around or being a bitch, deal with it.  Whatever the reason for your asshat ways, leave me out of it. I don't know you, and by the way you act, have not the slightest desire to ever know you. But, whatever has your ass in a knot, unravel it. You are a bully. I have zero tolerance for that nonsense. Straighten up, dude. Life is too short to walk around with your ass on your shoulders.

    1. sfidc2


      I'm the bully? I call your post ignorant, and you respond with a litany of insults like above and I'm the bully? Wow, seems like you are the one with the anger issue. If you don't like my posts don't read them, I will do the same with yours. Have a nice day....