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  1. I'm hoping this is the case. The guy definitely has talent, but as mentioned before had mental lapses. Sometimes that comes from trying to hard and not just reacting which can be corrected with some mentoring. Here is to hoping the second time around has a better ending.
  2. 13-3 and Super Bowl champs. As I have said in the past, why not be optimistic? Of course the pessimist in me says I wonder in what disastrous manner this season ends in.
  3. Yeah, I think the immediate boo without processing it is understandable, I just hope those that did boo regretted it the next day when they did have time to process it.
  4. I wasn't trying to compare or say they were equal, but they both cause me to raise questions about the integrity of the refs. The NFC Championship game was so over the top fraudulent, but that doesn't mean that there were not other cases. The call going against the Steelers did put a fork in their season though because they play flipped the game and led to the comeback. Again, not saying it is anywhere near as bad, but it was certainly suspicious keeping in mind must got crooks don't make things look obvious so just because it wasn't over the top doesn't mean it shouldn't be investigated.
  5. This has been my feeling since the play happened. I have said it a bunch of times that I don't think the NFL had any conspiracy or pressure on the refs, but I do not for a second believe the refs were not compromised. No way two officials look directly at that play and don't throw a flag with how the officials were throwing flags for PI all season. Two big calls last season that should cause the FBI to investigate refs was that one and the Saints/Steelers game with the horrible call that went in favor of us against Kamara.
  6. As fans we always think we need that top WR but as you pointed out, history does not prove that to be true.
  7. Man, that sounds like a lot of fun but not certain if I can swing a trip in the fall with a bunch of other things going on but I will see if I can make it work. Had a blast with you and everyone years ago at the first WDZ game I went to which I think was 2003 and also the unofficial get together we had for the reopening of the dome in 2006.
  8. In addition to his on field accomplishments that you mentioned, his off field work before he even played a game for the Saints almost makes him worthy for the Saints hall of Fame.
  9. The "experts" anointed Ben Simmons as the next Magic which he could become, but still a far way off. His ball handling, vision and passing skills for a 6'10" is unreal and like Zion he is too big for guards and too quick for big men, however until he stops being afraid to take a jump shot he will never get better than he is right now. It just drives me nuts how the "experts" always claim this person is the next.... It happens in all sports but seems to be way more often for NBA prospects. I think the better term for these young guys is this guy has the potential to be a once in a generation talent, as too many once in a generation talents have failed to become that.
  10. The only 22 image that will pop in my mind is the one with the pumping right hand and index finger pointing upwards once knew he sealed the game.
  11. I think you are correct. The current process for slating rookie contracts takes it out of the agents hands and I think it is much better for the young player to be in camp on time not only for their development but also for their health and conditioning. The players union should focus on guaranteed contracts or allowing players to void contracts as easily as teams can.
  12. I don't follow basketball near as much as football or baseball, but it seems more so than any other sports the "experts" claim this every couple of years. The end of the day these guys do have great potential, but predicting how a 19 (18 before one and done) year old kid will develop and handle the NBA pressure is damn near impossible.
  13. As fjw70 responded, I was worried about the invasion of privacy of the innocent. People go to get a message and disrobe in what they think is a private room. I don't have a problem with video in general and think it is a great tool, but videos in bathrooms and changing rooms should never be allowed.
  14. If there was no human trafficking and no underage people involved, I find the video surveillance in a massage parlor where innocent people disrobe and being recorded and watched by investigators way more disturbing than the prostitution. At least the prostitution involves two consenting adults. Someone being video tapped while disrobing is not consenting and it is a sad testimony to how some of those involved with law enforcement think nothing of our right to privacy.