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  1. QB is the one position that you can not win without. Even in the years when an average QB won the Super Bowl, they had good years with the lone exception I can think of was Peyton Manning's Super Bowl with Denver. Seeing how many of the recent high pick QBs have not been good enough, giving up picks for a player with a known superior ability could be looked at as a safer, more conservative move than the risk of hoping you can get one in the draft or other means. Other positions tend to be easier to obtain through other means. Basically, if it were my team to build and I didn't have a great QB, I would do almost anything I could to get the QB, especailly a young one like Watson, and then I could build the rest of the team around him. Even if it takes a few years because great QBs are typically on a team for more than enough years to recover from the lost picks.
  2. I agree with you thinking. Typically speaking, anyone that is drafted in the later rounds and has a long career, is making it due to technique over skill because if they had a superior skillset they normally would have been drafted earlier. I will leave work ethic out of it because in my opinion, a superior work ethic is required by any player to make it in the NFL. However, the technique over skillset is not the lone character of a great coach, they also need to have that ability to want to mentor someone which as you pointed out, was something he consistently did. It does have all the signs of pointing to him becoming an excellent coach.
  3. Hard to defend the team in this case. Twice they have been disciplined by the league and their response, as shown by their actions, is basically saying screw you to the league, we will do what we want and how we want to do it. I can't stand Goodell but I will be hard pressed to complain if he shoves it to the Saints for this.
  4. Am I foolish to hold out hope that he comes back for one more year?
  5. First off, I would love to see Brees play one more season especially considering how bad his last game was if this is it. However, if he does retire, I would be like a pig in sh!! if the Saints were able to get Watson.
  6. He certainly deserves it, but I'm losing faith that it will happen. I still wear my Mills throwback for almost every game. Starting to get beat up but don't thinkt hey still make them. Maybe if he gets elected they will release them again.
  7. Nice job, Joe!
  8. Merry Christmas all.
  9. Why is Taysom Hill on the hands team? Granted he recovered the kick but he is far from someone who secures the football
  10. Just looked up the rules, only option was the 5 yard penalty. I copied and pasted it below from https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2020-nfl-rulebook/ but the subheading labels didn't copy so it maybe best to click the link and scroll down to see it. If I'm interpreting this properly, if an elligble receiver touches it illegally due to going out of bounds, then the defense can opt for a loss of down from previous spot, however that isn't an option if it was just caught be an ineligible receiver. ARTICLE 7. LEGAL TOUCHING A forward pass (legal or illegal) thrown from behind the line may be touched by any eligible player. A pass in flight may be tipped, batted, or deflected in any direction by any eligible player at any time, including such a pass in the end zone. ARTICLE 8. ILLEGAL TOUCHING OF A FORWARD PASS It is a foul for illegal touching if a forward pass (legal or illegal) thrown from behind the line of scrimmage: is first touched intentionally or is caught by an originally ineligible offensive player; or Penalty: Loss of five yards at the previous spot. first touches or is caught by an eligible receiver who has gone out of bounds, either of his own volition or by being legally forced out of bounds, and has re-established himself inbounds. Penalty: Loss of down at the previous spot. Notes: If a forward pass (legal or illegal) is caught by an ineligible offensive player, the ball remains alive. The bat of a pass in flight by any player does not end a pass, nor does it change the impetus if the bat sends it in touch. If a player touches the ball after having been out of bounds, but prior to re-establishing himself inbounds with both feet or any part of his body other than his hands, the pass is incomplete, and there is no penalty for illegal touching.
  11. I would like to think the sticks have a level on them and that was a camera angle making it look like it was a slanted lean however I'm losing faith in the officiating of NFL games. I'm still not believing the league is trying to influence games, but they certainly are not holding officials accountable for mistakes. I still think the largest issue is they refuse to make officials full time positions which means the talent pool is limited to people who either don't need full time employment/benefits, or who have a position that allows them to take a lot of time off during the football season and an employer who doesn't care if they don't treat their full time job as their work priority. How many people do you know that can fit that bill? As far as the illegal touch play, you would think that making the pass incomplete would be an option, but I doubt it is. Despite my rant on officials, one thing I will say is their knowledge of the rulebook is nothing short of astonishing. They screw up calls due to not recognizing or seeing it, but it is extremely rare for them to make a mistake due to not knowing the rules. Yes, occasionally it happens, but it is extremely rare so it probably wasn't an option according to the rule book.
  12. This time they allow 20 points in 4th quarter to blow a 26-10 lead. Lovin' it!
  13. One of the very few times that I would agree about a Cowboys win being awesome.
  14. And once again the Falcons steal a loss from the mouth of victory.
  15. I voted the season won't get finished. I just don't see with how much close contact there is in the NFL and no bubble, that there is anyway there won't be issues. Baseball had issues with it spreading amongst an individual team but not spreading to teams they play. Hard to think that with more players on a team that there won't be a spread and that it won't be spread to the opposing team. My bet is that by week two or three there will be an issue, then week five or six will be another issue and then the season will be canceled. Hope not but that is my feeling. If I'm wrong and the season doesn't get canceled, I will go 11-5 and make it to the NFC Championship game.