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  1. One of the very few times that I would agree about a Cowboys win being awesome.
  2. And once again the Falcons steal a loss from the mouth of victory.
  3. I voted the season won't get finished. I just don't see with how much close contact there is in the NFL and no bubble, that there is anyway there won't be issues. Baseball had issues with it spreading amongst an individual team but not spreading to teams they play. Hard to think that with more players on a team that there won't be a spread and that it won't be spread to the opposing team. My bet is that by week two or three there will be an issue, then week five or six will be another issue and then the season will be canceled. Hope not but that is my feeling. If I'm wrong and the season doesn't get canceled, I will go 11-5 and make it to the NFC Championship game.
  4. I like the pick, but not so sure about what we gave up to move up 14 spots. It seems Loomis normally gets a little better value on the trades. Saints receive: » 2020 third-round pick (No. 74; select Wisconsin LB Zack Baun) » 2020 seventh-round pick (No. 244) Browns receive: » 2020 third-round pick (No. 88) » 2021 third-round pick
  5. Want to try to give us some lottery numbers?
  6. Off the top of my head, it has been a while since we traded up and in hindsight the player wasn't worthy.
  7. I think if there is any thought in their minds that Hill could replace Brees once he retires then you absolutely have to have him as the backup this year.
  8. I doubt he ends up being anything more than a camp body but would rather they give someone like him a chance than a washed up veteran. Every blue moon you can find a player that is NFL worthy by doing that. He did spend sometime on the Cardinals roster in 2018 and played two games appearing on special teams only and spent the rest of the time on their practice squad. Maybe he is a late bloomer but I won't increase my hope for him because of his XFL success.
  9. I have to agree with you. I still don't see that player he was pre-injury. However, if he is just taking that long to get back to 100% and he turns into that player, it will be a great signing for the Panthers. That being said, I'm very doubtful he ever gets back to that point. Regardless he certainly improves the Panthers and you know he will at least try to dive for a fumble. It is possible Matt Ryan just turned into the worse starting QB in the NFC South though. lol
  10. It sucks but it would be hard for me to not renew just because you can't just skip a year and then get them again next year. The waiting list is still a long list that will take years for you to get back the tickets back especially if you have good seats. That is of course unless they have some bad seasons, but I don't think any of us want that to happen.
  11. Crazy money for an average to slightly above average lineman.
  12. Love this signing but wish they traded for him last season. I honestly believe that had they, they would have at least been in the Super Bowl and maybe won it. He had a monster game against us and no way San Fran wins that game without him. That game gives us the number one seed, but more importantly, he is a legit weapon opposite MT and we would have rolled through the playoffs and would have given KC a damn good fight that could have gone either way.
  13. No, I'm not trying to compare Jenkins to Byrd, but I am comparing the signings. Bryd sucked for us but there was nothing about his play in Buffalo that made any of us that I remember thinking it was a bad signing. The comparison I'm making is a younger Jenkins to Vonn Bell. I'm worried we will regret letting Bell walk they way we let Jenkins walk 6 years ago.
  14. This seems eerily similar to when we let a younger Malcolm Jenkins go in favor of a proven Jairus Byrd. Jenkins was a young and improving player but Byrd was the proven veteran. We all know Payton regretted that decision but it is too late to make up for the mistake now. You need to learn from mistakes, not try to correct them when it is too late. We are now giving up on another improving player in Vonn Bell to sign the know commodity in Jenkins. I just hope Jenkins performs better than Byrd.
  15. This and that is the biggest compliment I can give any Panther.