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  1. Talented as anything but I wouldn't want him. Too self-centered. Any player that facebook lives a coach talking in the locker room seems like a great fit for any of our NFL South rivals.
  2. The thing that worries me is I have read that the league doesn't feel it was fixed which means they won't be investigating it. I don't know how two officials (Gary Cavaletto and Patrick Turner) are as close to that play looking directly at it and neither throw the flag if they are honest refs. My hope is that the league is just saying they don't feel it is fixed, but internally there is an investigation going on. In reality the league can't really say publicly that they are investigating their officials without worry of a slander lawsuit if they don't find evidence. I think this goes past the league and the FBI should be involved.
  3. The Arizona uniform is too Oregon Duckish for me. Edit: And Salt Lake City is too Pantherish....
  4. Retirement is a possibility, but I hope not either.
  5. No, he is not a free agent, he is on the third year of the three year deal he signed before the 2017 season.
  6. The one article I read (might have been one Lee posted but not certain) stated it was because the teams came together so quickly that the offensive lines didn't have much time to work together and picking up blitzes was going to be difficult with so little prep time. I'm not certain that will be a long term rule for them. Makes sense from that point of view.
  7. I didn't vote yet because I'm not certain. I missed the games yesterday and watching the Memphis game delayed. I'm leaning towards Memphis because I have always liked Singletary and Memphis has turned into one of my favorite cities since I went there for work about a year and a half ago. The music scene on Beale St is incredible.
  8. That I will go along with, but I think a pass catching TE is way larger need and the bigger difference between Brees and Brady the last few years. With a legit playmaking TE, I think Tre'Quan Smith is capable of alleviating the reliance on MT. Use him and MT in two receiver sets and move MT into the slot when using 3 WR sets and utilize Ginn and Tre'Quan on the outside. What we are missing is a good TE option, not a WR capable of playing the slot.
  9. This is would be a red flag for me. It isn't like he has only had one job, he worked with him with us, Washington and the Rams I believe. As already mentioned, this should be fun to watch from afar, glad I'm not a Jets fan.
  10. I refuse to watch the Manipulated but I know Edelman's skill set and I know Michael Thomas' skillset and have seen what he has done. My eyeball tells me he is more than capable and his stats back it up. https://clutchpoints.com/saints-news-michael-thomas-led-the-nfl-in-this-intriguing-stat-in-2018/
  11. Brees just has the best possession receiver in the league in Michael Thomas.
  12. Not certain on that name but I renamed Super Bowl LIII to the Manipulated Bowl.
  13. Had a trip planned to New Orleans about a month ago, spent the day walking the city. Ate dinner in a dive bar and watched Super Bowl 44 replay, Super Bowl 53 was on but I didn't watch it. Went back to hotel and then went to Boycott Bowl a little, enjoyed the band that was on, but then next band wasn't my style so I headed to Fritzel's on Bourbon St and listened to some good Jazz music. Last time I didn't watch a Super Bowl, I was 6 or 7.
  14. You are a talented person with words/messages.
  15. As SS said, that is a great deed by a great person!