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  1. This and that is the biggest compliment I can give any Panther.
  2. I still don't think the NFL is involved in rigging games because the little bit they would gain would be too small in comparison to what they have to lose. However, I have no doubt there was an integrity issue with the two refs looking at that play. My "conspiracy theory" is the league was worried how much they would have to lose if they found out there was an issue with the refs so they made a conscientious decision to make it seem like a human mistake and let it get swept under. Doing something like this just reiterates to everyone that they "believe" it was a human mistake which they hope makes people forget about it sooner. Biggest disgrace of the NFL since burying Ray Lewis' involvement in a murder.
  3. I love watching Watson play. I know Mahomes and Jackson are getting all the hype right now, but of all the young QBs in the league, he is the one that I think is the best.
  4. Very true, he is too competitive to retire now especially after proving he still is playing at an elite level.
  5. I'm in denial and refuse to accept/believe that.
  6. True, but he was "bottled up" and the result was the offense put up 42 points. There is no doubt that a proper attitude AB would make this team better, but the offense is far from needing anything.
  7. I question Fox's sources on that report, why would a team tell a player not to bring any representatives with them?
  8. These three sum it all up. Well, in reality, Slidell Saint summed it up best.
  9. Sorry but a quick vent/rant. Willie Roaf, Morten Andersen, Rickey Jackson, Drew Brees all left off. I can understand not all of them making it, but not one of them making it, really? Someone please explain to me how Peyton Manning is better than Drew Brees, also along those same lines, remind me which top 100 player Drew Brees had to throw to for the majority of his career. Brett Farve on this list over Brees is a joke as well.
  10. Have a Merry Christmas, all!
  11. Cool, my son was living in Mills RIver and worked in Arden. They are pretty far away from Charlotte so certainly not avid Panther fan area. Enjoy your time out there.
  12. Agreed, I liked him but his last season with us really saw his production drop and you tend to remember what you did for me lately. Toi Cook and Brett Maxie were the CBs I pretty certain for Mora. Atkins was a safety and trying to remember the other safety and nickle corner.
  13. One of the best areas of the country that I have been in. My son did a co-op in Western North Carolina for almost 6 months, I was so jealous. It is God's country there and if you like craft beer, Ashville is the place to be. What town are you in?
  14. For years this organization couldn't draft a DB to save their life but as you pointed out, the last few have been very good. Kenny Vaccaro was decent but never lived up to draft position, Harper was a good 2nd round pick, Jenkins was good but didn't really blossom until he left (the wake-up call he needed), Porter had a few good years (and two of the biggest plays in team playoff history), but other than those, how far back do you have to go previous to the Lattimore pick, Gene Atkins, perhaps?
  15. I agree with everyone that it is humorous and nothing to get upset over. It would be hypocritical of us to get offended by that after all the ripping we do with 28-3. If you can't take a dig, you shouldn't give them.