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  1. Here is a thought, if Aaron Rodgers was a better leader, he would have won more games and Super Bowls. Leaders don't backstab their head coach and they certainly don't say, "That is a stupid F%$king call" as the coach makes the call. Even if you don't like the play call, you realize that for it to have any chance, you need to support it and act like it is a great call so your teammates buy in as well. If the leader/QB doesn't buy in, no one does. I'm not saying that McCarthy wasn't wrong, especially if he wasn't as active during the week, but the QB/leader of the team must always support the head coach even when he doesn't agree with him; not talk negatively about him. To go even further, I will say he is a worse teammate than TO mainly because a QB is supposed to unite a team, not tear it apart by refusing to be on the same page as the head coach. Aaron Rodgers is as overrated as a QB as Jeff Fisher use to be as a head coach (everyone know realizes it, but didn't for years); and him likely being a first ballot Hall of Famer is a disgrace.
  2. I love the Jared Cook part they added to the end.
  3. Congress overseeing the NFL would almost certainly guarantee nothing would ever get better. Nothing ever gets better when the government gets involved.
  4. The telling part is that means even Sean McVay voted in favor of it. I'm thrilled the league make some sort of action to prevent it from happening again. You can't change what happened yesterday, but you can certainly learn from it and make corrective actions to try to prevent the same mistake from happening again.
  5. If Cook had had a QB like Brees his entire career, he would be considered one of the elite TEs in the league. This is the TE type I have been wanting us to sign for a few years now.
  6. I guess you can put me in the 1% because I really don't think the league is dumb enough to try to manipulate the results of the game. The relative little gain they would get would not be worth the risk if the public found out. It would be a horrible risk/reward result; millions to gain but billions to lose as that would literally kill the NFL. I really think it was more of a heavy gambler or group of gamblers that compromised their integrity. Obviously, I have no proof, but there is no way two uncompromised officials would stare right at that play and neither throws the flag for two penalties that the league had officials overzealous on all year. It isn't like there haven't been refs paid off before.
  7. So many coaches have spoken up and want some changes to the officiating that despite the reports, I fairly certain something will change before the start of next season. Personally, I'm still waiting for Gary Cavaletto and maybe Patrick Turner to get arrested for taking money to throw a game.
  8. RIP, Corky. He was great person to talk to and I was lucky enough to meet him for the Panther game get together back in 03 or 04. He had a way to make everyone feel welcome. My deepest condolences to you, Load and to your mom.
  9. Antonio Gates was 38 when he played this past season and Tony Gonzalez I think was 37 his final year, but they are both freaks of nature.
  10. I still don't believe it was the NFL , I think the refs were paid off. It is a Tim Donaghy situation only much larger than one individual ref and I think the league is turning a blind eye to it. I will say that I was shocked when I saw the flag thrown live before seeing the replay. I'm fairly certain I even mentioned it in chat before the replay was shown. That being said, you are correct that it was nowhere near as obvious, and I was not trying to imply it was and sorry if I gave that impression. I was just pointing out how a bad PI affected a large fan market team as well and it basically killed there season as well even though that was probably just a matter of time. Games can be thrown by refs making "innocent" mistakes much easier than making large mistakes such the non call against us. Again, the small missed calls throughout the last few seasons have had everyone upset, but most of us (or at least me) gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was just an honest human mistake. Seeing two refs being so close and looking right at that play and neither throws the flag, I'm not buying a human mistake. Had it just been a missed PI, I might buy it, but the helmet to helmet hit with the way the league has had the officials calling that, no way that is missed by two officials. Now that I believe there are at least two officials on the take, I doubt it is isolated to just them and all the other bad calls suddenly come into question. I still believe most of the refs are honest, and there are human errors of officials, but there are a few that are now making them all guilty by association. The easiest thing the league can do to counter referee integrity is to expand the replay system. Their opposition to it is baffling.
  11. Pittsburgh, although a relatively small market has a huge following and fan base so they would be considered a big market team got screwed by a phantom pass interference call against us. Even though it wasn't a playoff game, it was a huge play in the Steelers' season. It is doubtful if that call wasn't made that we win the game and that loss put the fork in the Steelers' season. Granted, I liked that we got the win from it, but that is another case that if reviewable, it would have been overturned. With limited replay, it is much easier for a crooked ref to manipulate the results of a game. Look at how horrendous the officiating has been the past couple years with the non-pass interference call in the championship game being the topper. The league must do something or the ratings will start to plumett very soon. I have always stated that if I thought games were rigged that I wouldn't watch and I'm really not certain how much I will watch this year.
  12. They need to come up with a solution to fix crooked refs. If not changes to replay, then what?
  13. There is no way we could be that lucky.
  14. This is going to sound wrong but he wasn't paying for sex, he was paying for her to go away afterwards. He is an extremely wealthy widower, which has to make him always wonder, do they like him or his money. At least this way he knows which it is and doesn't have any drama afterwards. At least up until today.
  15. Talented as anything but I wouldn't want him. Too self-centered. Any player that facebook lives a coach talking in the locker room seems like a great fit for any of our NFL South rivals.