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  1. True, but the chances of hitting on picks like that again is slim to none. They might hit on each pick, but drafting the offensive and defensive plays of the year along with 3 high quality starters and 2 very good depth players isn't going to happen. However, if the Saints do trade up for Mayfield (or someone else), the same people who made the decision on those picks last year will make the decision to trade up. I can honestly say that what ever decision they make this year, I will be good with it. It will take my fun away from talking about alternate picks they could have made, but so be it.
  2. I think teams need to be worrisome of his height and not sure why you say the notion should be played out? You can judge talent by watching game film but it is almost impossible to determine how well someone will be able to overcome their size limitations especially a QB. The lines consist of much larger players than college, even if they face some larger defensive linemen, they do not face an entire line of them so there is no game footage to use to determine that. Brees and Wilson prove it can be done, but many others have fallen short. Wilson scrambles to get good passing lanes and Brees just has a knack for finding them, but even he has some issues with balls being knocked down or not seeing defenders. Mayfield measured at 6" 3/8" which in my book is 6' not 6"1" as he is listed. Regardless, there was only one other QB taken in the last 10 years that measured 6'1" or below in the first round (Johnny Manziel) and there is a reason for that. Teams make draft decisions based on risk vs rewards and height is something that will increase the risk because there is not a proven way to determine if someone can overcome their height limitations. My opinion (and hope) is that his height will keep him out of the top 10 so it won't cost too much to get into a spot in order to draft him. Nothing would be worse than trading the farm for someone who can not overcome his physical limitations at the next level.
  3. RIP to the man that turned a joke of a franchise into a Super Bowl Champion team.
  4. That is a great point, having a QB on a rookie contract might be a pretty good way to get back in front of the cap situation. Also, not having a 1st round one year could maybe help as well, even though that is probably wishful thinking since even a first rounder is cheaper than most free agents.
  5. Yeah, I don't get it; it has to be the injury. I don't think anyone can doubt his contributions once on the field, however the problem is he can't stay on the field. The old say holds true, your best ability needs to be your availability.
  6. I don't think you sign Taylor and say that you are set at QB. He is a good stop gap but I am a huge believer that if you need a QB and there is a QB worthy of the pick, that the QB trumps any other position. If I were them, I would take Mayfield #1 and Chubb #4, thinking the Giants take Darnold and Colts take Barkley.
  7. If it doesn't get done, it is as much on Brees as it is Loomis.
  8. I just thought a blunt was another name for a joint. And I do see the lines when I don't play the video. I was playing the video before and didn't see it then.
  9. Mentioned it on facebook, but will say it here as well. My deepest sympathy to you.
  10. That is a whole lot of speculation. I'm no expert on blunts but typically I see them wrapped in white paper, that looks more like a mini cigar to me. I see a credit card in her hand which, yes could be used to cut a line, but am I missing a line of blow? The audio sounds like it is dubbed over and why is it so short. Seems like someone is trying to edit something down to make it seem worse than it is.
  11. True to a point, but IF he doesn't sign, the 18 million cap hits the Saints regardless and they still need to sign a QB. Unless they have a rookie start or a subpar QB, they will still pay that type of money for the QB position. Does it really matter if that second 20+ million goes to Brees or some other QB? It is still going to the position which is the crazy part.
  12. Don't know who you quoted that from, but based solely upon that paragraph, the person doesn't understand the QB position very well. First off, the biggest concerns with height is being able to see the field clearly especially considering the larger size of the linemen in the NFL and being able to have good trajectory so the passes don't get knocked down. Not one of the drills mention would give any indication of either of those abilities so why use those to compare him to Brees and WIlson who are two totally different style QBs. Second, unless they are a pure running QB, 40 times are pointless for a QB; vertical jump although good for those who catch a ball and perhaps shows leg strength for a powerful bust for linemen but very little if anything for a QB; broad jump is another good indication of powerful legs and lower body strength, again not a good indicator of critical functions for a QB; 3-cone I think is the only one that really applies to a QB because of the need to move in the pocket, I think I can live with someone between Brees and WIlson's pocket agility although the 3-cone is not a true indication of that ability. Third, the writer is trying to make a connection of drill results of Mayfield and Brees to draft placement, which doesn't happen. Player personal use the drills to confirm or dispute what they think they see on film not determine how good the player is. I also don't think a year spent as a backup is the difference between being a good QB or out of the league. The coaching staff they play under could, but not a year as backup or not. That just changes the timeline for them IMO.
  13. Wow, Cleveland is trading away a bunch of picks. I guess they know their picks rarely pan out
  14. I just hope he doesn't try to outplay his ability to make up for it. He needs to work hard but come game time he needs to just do his thing and not try to make up for the play. Trying to hard will get you burned.