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  1. We all know how good he is because we see it with our eys, but every time you read numbers like what is in this article, it is mind-boggling. I'm certain the only reason he can be targeted that high of a percentage of the time he is in the slot is because of the improved running game. Teams may know they are going to throw to him, but they need to respect the run as well. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/fantasy-football-see-michael-thomas-in-the-slot-target-michael-thomas-in-the-slot
  2. Thanks for posting the video, but next time do you think you could warn us to stop watching after the first segment or else you will end up seeing a Bobby Hebert interception? LOL RIP, Dwight Clark, hated the jersey he wore but always respected the player he was.
  3. You would think that if the player's union had the players best interest at heart that they would be making the same recommendations to the players as well.
  4. If his head is in the game, he is one of the top WRs in the league. Problem is, not often is his head screwed on properly. I do believe that winning cures all and he could be a huge addition and be that big target that we have wanted for Brees since Graham left.
  5. I get that the "experts" at the time thought the Saints were trading up for Jackson, However, to still bash them for trading up and not taking Jackson is completely ludicrous. With the advantage of hindsight since the Saints didn't pick him, we can all agree it would have been completely stupid to trade up to 14 for a guy who went 32 overall. Talk about what would have been an epic mistake, but none of these talking heads want to admit that. Just proves why they work for a media company as opposed to an NFL franchise.
  6. Take this and add the cheerleader bringing up the claims against the Saints, and this is starting to look like a serious issue for the NFL. Personally, I think cheerleaders for professional sports are stupid, but the manner it appears that the teams treat these people is horrible! I also doubt it is isolated to the two teams the issues have been brought up against, but it is more of a league wide disrespect for the women who are cheerleaders.
  7. I don't get the negativity that some feel with the drafting strategy. There is a reason fans are fans and not working for NFL teams. The draft is a gamble, and sometimes making moves to improve your odds of a gamble paying off is much better. Those of you complaining about moving up for Davenport, were you happy about moving up for Kamara last year? The chances of them hitting on the picks the way they did last year isn't likely, but I will certainly give them the benefit of the doubt because they earned my respect after last year.
  8. I liked Bryce Petty coming out of college but thought he was a project and still think the Jets did nothing to help him. I would love to see them try to get him and develop him. The other part to consider is they might think they can get a couple more years out of Brees and might as well try to win now when you have the known commodity. Any pick is a risk but QB is a higher risk. The thought could be we will try to go all in until Brees retires and then we might have a bad year or two and hope to find a QB with one of those picks. Hard to complain about not getting a QB in the draft this year because with what we had to gave up for Davenport, just imagine how much more would we had to have give up to get to one of the higher picks?
  9. I'm a little late to the conversation about the interior line starting to hold a higher value than years past. I heard an interesting take on that because of how successful QBs who step up in the pocket are, that teams are putting a heavier emphasis on the interior line to make it easier for a QB to step up. It makes since especially to explain 2 centers being taken in the middle of the first round. I don't remember that ever happening before.
  10. I forgot about Switzer, he is probably right there with DItka. Without Buddy Ryan, DItka never would have won that Super Bowl. As far as Bears fan's adoring him, goes to prove what I think of the intelligence level of their fan base.
  11. God, I can't stand him. Worse coach to have won a super bowl by an immeasurable distance.
  12. Not only did we avoid a pick that would have turned into a disaster, we wouldn't have had Ryan Ramczyk. Our defense did just fine without Foster, and granted they would have been even better with Foster, however the offensive line would have been screwed without Ramczyk. No way we win the division if the draft didn't fall the way it did.
  13. Additionally, what is to say if the Bills took Lattimore, that the Chiefs don't offer us the chance to move back to 27 and we ended up with the package the Bills got. We possibly could have had Tre White an extra third and another first this year. That possible could have allowed us to trade for Kamara without giving up a 2nd this year and also with 2 first round picks, that makes trading up for Mayfield a more legit possibility. We shall see how the QB situation unfolds down the road, but I don't feel the Bills trading down was nearly as lucky for us as the other picks that happened in the draft.