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  1. Yes, you can certainly speak for me!
  2. All it takes is one other team to like him and the thought of drafting him in the 7th round instead of the 4th doesn't happen. The same comments were made in 2006 when the Saints drafted Jahri Evans, he was from a small college and could have been drafted later then the 4th round, there is no way to prove if that would be a valid statement or not. Most of these analyst that make those statements have never worked a draft and none of them are working the current draft so you never know i some other team was targeting him. Remember these same analyst saying he would have been aroung a few more rounds were the same ones saying that the trade up in the first should have been for Lamar Jackson who didn't go until after our original pick. No doubt in hindsight it was a mistake, but the drafts are made up of successes intermixed within a lot more failures. There is no way we were going to have a repeat of the 2017 draft.
  3. In case you missed this mentioned in St Lee's Fantasy Football Auction thread, Bonckers set up a Yahoo league for the site. We could use a few more teams. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1456587/invitation?key=b1364c478f78f7d6&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=fd7f13eb81e18a19
  4. I'm good with that but it stills shows as an offline draft. Will it be switched to live or is it going to be offline?
  5. I know Gruden won a Super Bowl, but I always felt he was an over-rated coach. 5 of his 11 years as head coach he was .500 or below. I know that means he has 6 as a winning record, but two are 9-7 and even though technically winning, my opinion is 9-7 typically won't qualify you for the playoffs so that is a negative season. He only had 4 seasons of 10 wins or more. Far from an exceptional head coach in my opinion.
  6. Even if he recognized the play, the way he changed direction on a dime is impressive.
  7. I'm comfortable with Yahoo, but good with any.
  8. That is an amazing car. I love almost all Vettes, certain years I didn't like but overall a great car. My personal favorite is the 63 split window. However, I don't put Vettes into the muscle car category, you need 4 seats for that.
  9. I feel the same way, there is certainly a role for him on this team, I'm just not convinced future starting QB is one of them. I'm curious of his pass catching skills and wonder if he could play out of the backfield as well?
  10. Yeah, Zorn was a decent QB but no where near the HOF level of the guys you mentioned. Too bad the Saints didn't give up a 8th round pick to Houston to trade for him. Except for a couple years with Chandler, he never had any above average WRs (at least that I remember).
  11. The Browns team of this year is a completely different team than last year. I honestly think they will be a 7 or 8 win team, not great but a hell of an improvement from last year.
  12. His numbers aren't that impressive by today's standard but when he retired he was the all time leader in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. There were a boatload of receivers I liked as a kid but went with Largent since he covered my entire childhood. I was 5 when he started his NFL career and he retired the year I graduated high school. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sb8YrGRGlE He probably would have made a damn good safety as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSOPrwb-mQc
  13. Loved the Rogers video, not just because I was a big fan of his as a kid, but it was Harry Kalas commentating.
  14. That has been my favorite muscle car for as long as I have known what a muscle car is.