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  1. We need a laughing option for our like quotes.
  2. Rally Monkey gets the overall gameball; past that, Thomas, Jordan and Hill. I know we can do multiples but I don't really believe in that so even though I didn't give them a vote, Ingram and Rankins get an honorable mention. That TD by Ingram proved the 6.5 quarters of bad football was just a fluke.
  3. Seems to me that a coach who has been there for so long should have been given to the end of the season.
  4. I'm watching Falcons/Ravens as well. Is Lamar a fumbling machine or is today's game just a fluke? That last fumble, the ball just popped out, fortunately the Ravens recovered it.
  5. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't feel there is a whole lot of difference on being the 1 or 2 seed if the Rams are the other team in the mix. I think the Chargers and Rams are the least home field advantage. Yes, the dome crowd would certainly help the Saints against the Rams, but I don't feel playing in LA favors either team.
  6. I completely agree with the thought of going for the td when down 10-0 was a huge mistake. As you mentioned, the first points need to get on the board as soon as possible. There was no reason to go for the td in that situation, even if they get it they are still down. I think that Payton's rivalry with Jerry Jones caused him to try to force the Saint's strengths as opposed to playing against the Cowboy's strengths.
  7. Maybe someone that knows law more than me could say if this is accurate or not but I think if the corporation has a policy in place and makes an exception to that policy, wouldn't that open up the hotel corporation to a lawsuit? However, if an employee violates a policy and sells it off, the individual is the guilty party and as long as the corporation wasn't negligent in their policy, the corporation can not be held liable. I'm starting to wonder if the league has some inside dealings with TMZ that helps TMZ get the video from employees of these companies, which would allow the facts to come out, but not set the league or another corporation up for a liability lawsuit. Just weird that TMZ is always the one to get the info, why doesn't a bigger media company with deeper pockets get it such as ESPN?
  8. So how long until we hear the Redskins put in a claim for Kareem Hunt?
  9. I;m going to say it is a fake pic. As already mentioned, why would a Cowboy staff member be on the visitor sideline. I don't think I have ever seen that and why would all the Saints staff be ok with it?
  10. There could be legality reasons why they don't release the player earlier. I don't know but with how crazy some of the lawsuits are, the league and teams could be fearful of a slander lawsuit if they are the ones to announce an issue such as this. Additionally, I could see the league and team finding out just a few days before the release. Unless someone told the league, how would they find out?
  11. 2 wins and one Carolina loss and we could have the division clinched in two weeks.
  12. I remember hearing about the us vs them video but didn't know of the other things done. Pretty funny and I guess nothing came of the complaint or if it did, it wasn't announced?