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  1. Drew has said many times he doesn't want to play for another team.
  2. So sorry to hear this. Offering prayers for the family. ???
  3. Happy New Year!!
  4. Thanks....we ended up losing electricity but my parents had it, so we went to their house. Whodat!
  5. Having trouble with my direct tv because of the weather....:(....any place online that I can watch? Thanks!
  6. they are having a rough time..... Update: lung doctor wanted to try and see if Dad can breathe on his own, so they backed off of the sedation. He woke up and was somewhat responsive but still fighting the tube too much. His lungs are working but not as good as the Dr would like so they put him back to sleep and we will keep waiting to see if more fluid can drain off. There is improvement from the last time they took him off sedation which is great news! He also is holding steady with no fever, normal blood pressure and normal blood sugar. Thank you for praying, keep em coming as we are not out of the woods yet Yesterday at 2:58pm ยท Family update: I'm not sure why God thinks we are so strong but I get need to pack more on. Dad is the same as earlier, mom is being held another night and will control some heart issues she is having with medication until dad is out of the woods. She will eventually need surgery but her dr is also dad's dr and can monitor her when he is overseeing dad. Jimmy is sick and has been banned from the hospital until he's better so Ashley is taking care of him..I'm at the walk in clinic with Rachael bc she is also sick..thank goodness aunt Stephanie is here to help with mom and Rachael and uncle Jeff is in town and taking shifts with me at dads side. Please, whoever put this curse on us..make it stop!!! Keep the prayers coming.. Yesterday at 7:04pm Update: Dad is pretty much the same..stable but still sedated and intubated. They've decided to wait till tomorrow to try to take him off of sedation again. Yesterday was pretty rough on him when he woke up. Mom is getting another 2 pints of blood and they will keep her overnight again..Jimmy and Rachael are both stuck at home sick but taking meds to get them better..Jeff is on the way to stay with Dad so I can go home and get some sleep 12 hours ago Update: Dad is pretty much the same as earlier, stable and sleeping. Tomorrow they will try to take him off sedation again. It really depends on how his lungs react to breathing on their is feeling 100% better and will hopefully be released tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I have caught whatever is going around and am now sick and can't go stay with Dad..making a dr appt tomorrow morning and hopefully nipping this thing in the bud. Thankfully, my uncle Mitch is on his way into town to help out as well. Times like these truly make you appreciate your family. As hard as things are right now, my heart is so full from all of the love we are receiving..thank you to everyone and let's hope that whenever I post tomorrow, it will be great and fantastic news. Now it's NyQuil time for me.. 1 hour ago They really need some prayers and good vibes sent their way.
  7. this is from his daughter this morning......He's still the same as last night. He's on a ventilator and they are slowly weaning him from the heart pump to see if his heart can pump better than 20% on its own. They did an echo and they didn't find any tears or ruptures so the dr thinks it is arythmias that caused him to code and the fact that his heart is so weak. They are keeping him sedated because he keeps fighting the tube. I'll update when there is more (and hopefully better) news. Thank you all one hour ago from his daughter.....They've decided not to wean him off the heart pump till tomorrow or Friday. For now they are keeping him sedated and intubated because what he really needs right now is rest.
  8. Wow....I am just seeing's been a busy week. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. She had a heart attack last Thursday morning....they found no blockage which surprised the Dr. He thinks it may be takotsubo cardiomyopathy ( broken heart syndrome). She is doing much better but she is still weak and short of breath. But she may go home tomorrow. Thank you all again....Atn, sending you a hug!!!
  9. Hi.....I'm Monica and I am from Mamou, LA. I am 56 and I am a retired teacher.... I was born a Saints I was always picked on and laughed at for being a Saints fan....but I never gave up and I was there with my Dad when we won the Superbowl. I was one of the 1st women on the WDZ and I so was so happy to find this site. It was so good to find people who understood exactly how I felt about our Saints. Over the years, I have met many of you and I am so happy that I did. I don't post as much as I used to, but I am still here reading.
  10. Praying for y'all!
  11. I was at that parade....never saw him...
  12. Are you seeing about this?? Just wondering.
  13. Just seeing this now. That is awesome. Had the pleasure of meeting him for one the "zone" games.
  14. How many pounds would you want? Want to wait until the price is reasonable?