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  1. I fully believe that with an elite TE on the roster we would have been 15-1 last season and pout up record points. Imagine teams having to decide whether to double team MT, AK, or the TE.
  2. We now face the very real possibility as fans that we only have 1-2 more seasons of this era of Saints football before the bottom falls out of the tub and crushes us all. Since 2006 I believe we have won one out of the three super bowls that we should have (2009, 2011, 2018). I do not expect Sean Payton to stay here once Brees hangs up the cleats. If Brees wants to keep playing once his contract expires and we don’t re-sign him, I also expect that Payton will leave with him and they end up in the same place *cough* (Dallas, Jerry will spend the money) and that would take 5 years off my life. My point is that I believe this is it. This upcoming season is the last charge of this era and probably ends the 13 year run. I believe the organization goes all in this year. I think we get a surprise or two during the draft, with FA, and with trades. I’ve been here since 2006. It’s been a crazy ride and I’m glad that I’m still here, on this site in 2019 with all of you as this era comes to a close.
  3. This is going to be a money and opportunity now vs less money and bigger opportunity later for Teddy. Of course if you believe the media hype, Sean Payton potentially going to Dallas in 2020 is also playing a role in this. Im going to make a crazy prediction; I don’t think either Teddy or Taysom will be the next starting QB of the Saints after Brees. I believe the next starting QB for the Saints after Brees goes will be Eli Manning, whose contract with the giants expires 2020.
  4. From what I’ve read and AK’s twitter post and Ingram’s reply this is what I think happened: Saints make an offer. Ingram sita on the offense as his agent wants to test the waters and think they can get more money from the Saints. Ravens make an offer that is arguably better than the Saints offer. Saints don’t hear from Ingram’s agent. Saints pull the trigger on the next best available running back before he’s gone. Ingram then immediately signs with Ravens knowing a better deal isn’t coming from anywhere else. AK posts “Could have just waited a day” Ingram replies “Simple.” Nobody seems happy about it. Ingram’s agent thought that he could play a little hardball with Loomis and the FO. Thought he could sit on the Raven’s offer and the Saints offer for 24-48hrs before talking to the Saints again and that would make them sweat and match the ravens deal, and who knows, other offers could come in. Loomis and the Saints felt that Ingram’s agent should have contacted them and communicated immediately after Baltimore’s offer. Once a certain amount of time past Loomis and the Saints felt that if they were going to hear from Ingram’s agent they would have and the only other decent RB available wasn’t going to stay available for very long. So they pulled the trigger on a replacement. Ingram feels that the Saints could have waited another day to hear from his agent and try to work out a deal. The Saints feel that they were not going to sit around and potentially lose Ingram and lose the next best available RB while his agent took his sweet time. Nobody is happy and the whole debacle could have been averted with better communication. One thing we’ve seen from Loomis over the years is that you don’t play hardball with him. If you try to play Loomis, if you try to string him along, he’s gonna go elsewhere. We’ve seen it time and again. It’s a standard he set and follows religiously. He is of the school that if you let an agent do that to you and make you sweat once you’re inviting everyone else to do it to you in the future. Loomis has a franchise to look after as a whole for years to come. Based on the tone, if the Saints would have waited another day they could have and would have re-signed Ingram working something out. It’s clear he wanted to stay in NOLA and work something out. His agent took a strategy and rolled the dice in such a way that backfired though. Loomis didn’t take the bait and moved on. Now Ingram is a Raven and I don’t think he or the rest of the lockeroom is happy about it. This is the business side of football. As a player you’re putting your future in the hands of your agent. As a GM you’re making decisions for the franchise as a whole for years to come. Sometimes it works out for everyone, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes everyone is happy, sometimes everyone gets pizzed. This is something that should not have happened but bad negations between Ingram’s agent and Loomis led to it. Ingram probably said “I wanna stay a Saint but get me the best deal you can from them.” Ingram’s agent tried to do that. Took a strategy that didn’t go over very well with the Saints and then had to make the call saying; ”I’m sorry Mark, it didn’t work out.” The only way Ingram comes back now is if the Saints and the Ravens trade the deals they just made and the Ravens have no incentive to do that. The Saints would have to give them something more and the Saints aren’t going to do that. The only minuscule chance is if Ingram throws a fit in Baltimore over it or the Saints locker room does but Ingram’s not that kinda guy and Loomis won’t put up with it. Ingram has had very bad luck with agents recently. First with the suspension debacle and now this. I feel for him. Yes, Loomis is a hard-butt but he always has been and that’s not going to change. Farewell Ingram. The Who Dat Nation will always love you.
  5. The reason a guy like him goes to a place like that is pretty simple. It’s the safest option and he can stay anonymous. Think about it: a professional escort is going to know who he is, by using that kind of higher end service he opens himself up to blackmail, extortion, or it getting out. By going where he went, none of those foreign women would recognize him and the people at the establishment would never suspect someone like him would be there. Everyone would just assume he was some dirty old retiree in florida. As crazy as it sounds, a place like that is where someone like him has the least amount of risk. Not defending his actions at all and I hope he gets what he deserves, just saying why he went there.
  6. He’s always been a good worker with great skills on the field. I’m all for this if the FO can pull the trigger.
  7. It’s scary that we now live in a world where suspicion based upon a random tip is enough to get a warrant. No investigation, no surveillance, just “hey I heard there’s drugs in there.” I’m sure the NFL will drop the hammer on us like they always do. But if he didn’t fail a drug test does “we found such a small amount of pot at a property this guy owns we issued a citation/fine” really warrant a suspension? My guess is the NFL will test him immediately and his pass or fail will determine the punishment.
  8. Those of you who have known me on here since 2006 know I’m not trying to start diddly-poo. If I get banned on here for this or if people don’t want to believe this, so be it, but I’m going to tell the truth. I’ve been on here for 13 years and those of you who know that, know me and know I wouldn’t say this without reason. the honest truth is that politics has now bled over into football. It’s sad but true. About A week ago the entire west coast embraced the Rams. They immediately began several petitions to remove the head ref from this game. Not only did they do this, which made national media (google it) but they also sent threats to both him and his immediate family. Regardless of what your political viewpoint is, no matter what your politics are you all saw the most blatant PI incident of your life go uncalled with said ref right in front it. He knew what it was, he decided consciously not to call it out of fear and to be honest, I don’t blame him. I’ve worked in politics for over a decade. Said head ref whether you believe it or not asked to be removed/replaced from the game internally. This went as far as DC because of the threats he was receiving to his person and his family. I know this because I sit in front of the resolute desk on a weekly basis. I heard the complaint mentioned as a matter of off-hand comment from people you probably wouldn’t believe if I told you. We lost this game because of politics and threats that the NFL decided to ignore. I do not blame the ref. If you could see some of the threats he received and reported through proper channels most of you would have done the same thing. I made a post on here awhile ago addressing SaintATN saying don’t mix politics and football. I was wrong. Politics have bled over into football. We lost this game because the head ref was manipulated by west coast political activists threatening both he and his family and the NFL decided not to do anything about it. I’m sure this won’t make the news, I’m sure many of you won’t belive me about this, but it’s the truth and I watched it unfold first hand and I was afraid this was going to happen if it was a close game. I’m telling you the truth if you like it or not. We lost this game because politics bled over into football and the NFL let it happen. i love you all, I respect you all no matter what your beliefs, but if you take the time to dig into this you will find out what happened. A head ref was threatened, his family was threatened because west coast political activists who don’t even watch football employed their tactics. Said ref asked to be removed/replaced for this game because of it. The NFL ignored his request and he made decisions under this influence. This will come out in the wash in the coming months whether you belive me or not. I’m just telling you the truth because I love and respect every single member of this board. I’m out for awhile. I never thought politics would bleed over into football. I was 100% wrong. I’m not saying one side or another is right. I’m saying that the political climate of our country as a whole is now effecting professional sports in a bad way. again im out for a hot minute. Maybe I’ll be back in a few months, I don’t know. The thing I’ve feared the most has happened. Politics and professional sports are now intertwined because of fear of action and repercussion by the league office. I’ll leave for a while with a strong WHO DAT and I love and respect each and every one of you.
  9. More concerned about Rankins going down and stopping the run. I have every confidence that Drew will find people to throw the ball to. As long as we have the Thomas/Ginn/Kamara combination healthy teams will not be able to double team Mike Thomas the whole game. We left 14 points on the field last week with rare bad passes from Brees. If he hits those like he usually does that game wouldn’t have even been close. I doubt he’s gonna do that two weeks in a row.
  10. Great read, the Rams “think” they’ve experienced the noise in the dome that hurt them last time, they have no idea what playoff dome noise is, let alone NFC championship dome noise.
  11. This game was a reminder of how much one single play can determine the outcome. For us that was the first play of the game. It was a well designed play call, Ginn had two steps on the defender with no safety over the top. Had Brees not underthrown that ball Ginn would have taken it to the house and we’d have had a TD on the first play of the game, the dome would have exploded. That would have been a 7 point swing and at worst the game would have been 27-7 Saints, which is a beat down, if not more. Brees looked flat coming out, my one gripe with the play calling was that we saw very little Ingram in the run game and Payton seemed obsessed with going for kill shots instead of getting first downs throughout the 1st quarter and into the 2nd quarter of the game. That said this was an eagles team that bounced back to championship form and they gave us everything they had. What really impressed me was that Sean Payton actually let go of his kill-shot mindset and switched to taking what they were giving us to fight back an get the win. Usually once Payton decides we are living and dying by the sword he’s not giving up on it. This game showed how much he has matured as a HC without losing that edge to make bold calls.
  12. This team both won and lost a playoff game last year. They know what both feel like. They will be ready.
  13. In ‘11 we lost on one bad play on the road. Last year we lost on one bad play on the road. We are in our house, we didn’t go 13-3 and become the #1 seed in the NFC by sucking. Some of y’all are acting like we are 9-7 fighting for a wild card spot. We win this game by at least 10 points. Brees and Payton don’t choke at home in the playoffs.
  14. This is our year, our super bowl, and our team wants it more than they do. We are at home in our city. We’re gonna kick their ass. In 09 we lost our last three in a row at full strength without resting anyone. This team is better than the 09 team and has had a tougher schedule. Yet somehow there is more fear in our fan base right now than then. Believe. Who Dat.
  15. Ain’t scared of the Eagles. At home. With a healthy O-line, and a healthy Ted Ginn back teams can’t just double team Mike T and pressure anymore. Our defense has improved since the last time we played them. Last game we rotated so many people in and out it was not a reflection of this team. The only damn thing I’m afraid of is Drew Brees deciding to go out on top and retire if we win the Super Bowl.