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  1. Just goes to show you how much confidence matters. I give credit to the Saints for swallowing their mistake and luring him back on a nice, fat contract. But I give even more credit to Robinson because the way he was shown the door here was not good for him personally and he had every reason to want to play for anyone but us.
  2. Ok, so Elway didn't tell the whole truth, but it is still true that Kaep turned down the opportunity to join the Broncos at a reduced rate. Do I blame Kaep for turning down that opportunity? No. There's no way he could have known for certain he would not get another chance. He had $11.9 guaranteed and stuck with that. What I don't understand, and I'm not going to spend the time to dig, is why the 49ers didn't just offload him? Sure they'd have to pay $4.9 for a player they just traded away, but i the absence of doing that they had to pay $11.9. What am I missing here? They offload the guy to Denver, get some sort of compensation (maybe a conditional 7th round pick or something worthless) and save themselves $7 million for a player they were going to cut anyway.
  3. Maybe I'm the only one who missed this, but..... Elway was asked Thursday if Kaepernick was "a viable option." "You know what, and I said this a while ago: Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract. He didn't take it," Elway said. "As I said in my deposition ... he's had his chance to be here. He passed it." Elway met with Kaepernick twice in 2016 as the Broncos and San Francisco 49ers tried to work out a trade that would have sent Kaepernick to Denver. At the time, the Broncos wanted to trim Kaepernick's guaranteed salary from $11.9 million to $7 million, whether that would involve the 49ers paying the difference or Kaepernick simply taking the pay cut. After several rounds of discussion between the two teams, as well as a face-to-face meeting between Elway and Kaepernick at Elway's house, a deal was not completed. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24393172/john-elway-colin-kaepernick-had-chance-denver-broncos-passed
  4. Kind of interesting note since they have been playing him at WLB this entire time thus far. Coach is always talking about 'having a vision' for a player so it strikes me as odd they wouldn't sell that vision to him to ink him to a FA deal. Also shows Davis didn't care much, just wanted to be a Saint and close to his home. As Davis explained Wednesday, the Saints never told him of a specific vision when they signed him to a three-year, $24 million deal that ranks ninth among inside linebackers in terms of average annual value. "They just mentioned that they wanted me, and I wanted to play here," said Davis, who grew up nearby in Mississippi. "So, it was a match made in heaven." https://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2018/08/demario_davis_saints_position.html#incart_river_index
  5. Yeah, the best season of his 5 year career thus far was 2014 where he started 13 games and had 8 sacks. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/O/OkafAl00.htm As you can see, his number of games and production has been spotty at best for the rest of his time in the NFL. He should not be counted on as a starter at DE. Davenport is the future, but also the present. We need him to be healthy now rather than later.
  6. Ramsey said: "Matthew Stafford, I think he's straight. I don't think he the best quarterback out there. But he do what he gotta do." Stafford's teammate Golden Tate said ( via MLive.com): "He has his opinion," Tate said. "I don't know, when's the last time they played us?" 7⃣ Leonard Fournette‏Verified account @_fournette FollowFollow @_fournette More I wonder if @jalenramsey think I’m trash.... 8:38 AM - 15 Aug 2018
  7. I think I remember a corner a few years back having like a list at his locker of top wideouts he would face each week. He was crossing them off as he tried to 'blank' them each week and hold them to few catches and no TDs. I found that rather amusing, even if it is bulletin board material for the competition. Ramsey has traveled into that realm of complete loud mouth. All of what he said would be one thing on the field, but to be putting it out there in GQ magazine of all places, including opinions against some QBs he hasn't faced, is simply dumb. You add in that he's playing for known disciplinarians Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin and, as you said, he's just asking for a rift between himself and his own front office, possibly some teammates as well. I realize he doesn't care about that, but that type of stuff catches up to you sooner or later. Add in the fact that Marrone has never been a whiz as a HC, that Bortles is a significant weak link, and the Jags are closer to 8-8 than they are to last season's playoff run. They do have a division that is completely up for grabs, so certainly they have every opportunity to make another playoff run in 2018. Yet, a loud mouth of this magnitude is bound to say something stupid about his teammate(s) once they start losing some games.
  8. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints Let's start with one player whom colleague Mike Clay covered in his column on touchdown regression. Kamara's celebrated debut campaign saw the Offensive Rookie of the Year score 13 times from scrimmage on just 212 touches, a rate that's going to be virtually impossible to sustain. His overall efficiency, though, is going to be straight up impossible to keep up. The 23-year-old ran the ball 120 times for 728 yards, an average of more than 6.0 yards per carry. Think about all the great running backs you've seen over the course of your lifetime. In the modern NFL -- since the AFL-NFL merger -- just eight backs have pulled that off once during their careers. It's a list that includes O.J. Simpson, Barry Sanders, Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson. Not a single one of those players pulled it off again during their careers, let alone in the following season. Not one of them made it to 100 carries while averaging even 5 yards per carry. Kamara is an extremely talented runner, but there are a few Hall of Famers on this list, and even they couldn't keep it up. While he could see more volume, he won't be able to keep this pace. The third-round pick also caught 81 passes while averaging 10.2 yards per catch, which is remarkably high for a running back. The only back with a minimum of 60 catches last season to top that mark was Todd Gurley, who we'll get to in a minute. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, only 14 backs have topped those numbers since 2001. Again, it's a legitimate group of stars, which includes Le'Veon Bell, Brian Westbrook and Chris Johnson. None of those guys was able to top 10.0 yards per reception with that sort of workload again. If we go back through 1970, I can find five players who pulled it off twice during their careers, and only four who did it in consecutive seasons: Keith Byars, Marshall Faulk, Herschel Walker and the delightfully named Amp Lee. Repeating his feat wouldn't be unprecedented, but Kamara would be the first back to pull this off since the turn of the century. It's possible that Kamara could hit 1,554 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns again, but it's going to take a larger workload for him to get there. The Saints might very well hand him that workload given that Mark Ingram will be suspended for four games to start the season, but even if Kamara's fantasy numbers look the same, the Saints can't expect him to be as effective on a carry-by-carry and catch-by-catch basis. And when Kamara isn't, it will drag down the effectiveness of what was one of the league's deadliest offenses a year ago.
  9. https://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2018/08/david_onyemata_saints_starting.html
  10. In coach's post game presser he mentioned that the idea of putting Anzalone in the middle was an easy decision because Manti Te'o was out. With Anzalone having played weakside as a rookie and only getting to play in so many games prior to injury last season, it's surprising to me that was the first choice when putting someone in for Te'o. It's still early, but it seems at this point the coaches have chosen to play Davis at Will. Could be that they feel they can best utilize his talents at Will for covering TEs and RBs and blitzing at times. I don't think the team worries about Klein because they already know they can slide him over to MLB and that he can handle it. But if you're trying to get your best LBs on the field, is Te'o better than Anzalone? I don't know. Maybe as a two down player he is. https://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2018/08/watch_sean_paytons_press_confe.html
  11. Etienne, Certainly you have every reason to feel the way you do and change your participation how you see fit. But for the record, you're not the only one doing so. There are many people who probably check this site daily if not 10 times daily. Post counts are down, but that's for a lot of reasons including some of the ones you've mentioned. But people do care and enjoy each other's participation so don't let that idea be the reason you're less involved. Just my quick reaction.
  12. Brees is likely to retire after another one, two, maybe three seasons. After that, who knows what's going to happen with the team. No reason to fret about it now. This defense is making plays in TC like in '09. I don't know if I EVER recall Brees getting picked this many times in TC, not even '09.
  13. Our motto this year is "Prove 'em right". We need to go out and prove Kamara right.
  14. Ouch, Cris kind of drops a dime on this one.
  15. What you know about dat? Marcus know all about dat. Later, Marcus Williams intercepted Brees again. It was the third consecutive practice that the second-year safety has picked off the Pro Bowl quarterback. This time, he baited Brees into throwing into double coverage and made the easy play on the ball. The play spurred Brees to rip off his chin strap in obvious frustration.