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  1. Sorry, this isn't true. The ceiling is set by the tag number. There's no way the negotiation gets Landry 16 million per year and better. The Dolphins already have him, guaranteed, nothing he can do about it, for 16 million. A long term deal will be for less per year. The franchise tag is a one year stop gap that gives the player no long term security, but does give him a one time fat payout. The agent looks at the current players at the position that are in the same production / skill level category. They look at what the most recent contract was for, dollars per year and guaranteed dollars. Then they look at how much the salary cap has increased since that recent contract and try to negotiate for a bit higher dollar per year and a bit high guaranteed money because the salary cap has risen since that last contract.
  2. This has more to do with the lack of other receiving options and less pass attempts in 2017 than it does anything else. When Jimmy was going for 85+ catches you still had a Colston, Lance Moore, even Sproles and PT. We were throwing the ball for more attempts in general, so the total percentage of throws that went to Jimmy wasn't as high as this year to Thomas. It's a stat, when used for this purpose, that is a little deceiving. If you know what you're looking at however, it is a stat that says a couple things. One is that our running game with Ingram and Kamara was unmatched in the Brees era. That one is obvious. It's also a stat that should worry us a little if we can't bump up the receptions to another WR and to an actual reliable target at TE. Ginn was decent, even great considering he was a FA pick up, his age, his history with drops, his 'deep threat only' reputation, etc. But outside of that, we got so very little from other WRs and TEs. We MUST fix that to keep our passing attack on track. We can't expect that the running game will be able to duplicate what it did on the ground in 2017. All other teams know that was our bread and butter this season and, no matter how good Brees is, teams are going to stop that RB duo first and force Brees to beat them with MT and a cast of who?
  3. The new team doesn't have to eat the 16 million for 2018. He can work out a long term deal with a new team, then sign his franchise tender, immediately be traded and then sign the new long term contract with the new team. I'm not sure you're fully understanding how the franchise tag works. So far as what pick he's worth, he's obviously proven he's worth greater than a second round pick because he's outplayed that position he was drafted in by far. But you're right in the sense of, if I add up how much I have to pay the player PLUS the draft selection I'm giving up, it creates a different dynamic to the trade. Yet, if you think about a team with a young QB on a rookie contract, they don't have the massive money tied up in the QB yet. So a team like Chicago for instance, could trade a 2nd rounder to Miami, get a four year contract with Landry and instantly give their young QB a proven commodity at WR where their current WR corps is woeful to say the least. I agree with you that the cap space issue does put Miami in a predicament. He can force their hand by agreeing to the franchise tag, being unwilling to sign a long term deal with another team, and then they are left scrambling and unable to further upgrade their roster. But doing that would only be putting yourself playing another season for a bad football team. Yeah, you get the one year huge pay day, but NFL careers are short. He could get injured in 2018 and lose out on a lot more money. He could stay healthy and he's still wasted another seaon on a bad football team and he actually himself contributed to the team not being able to upgrade the roster. If he can get a long term deal on a team he wants, then Miami and Other team agree upon draft compensation, he's outta there before the ink dries.
  4. “My junior year wasn’t the best year and it didn’t sit well with me but guess what? I learned a lot of life lessons and blessed I went through what I went through! #GodsPlan,” Key wrote. Speaking with NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah, one anonymous NFL executive described Key as the most polarizing player in the class for LSU. “We had guys who had huge grades on him coming into the season and they plummeted during the season,” the executive told Jeremiah. “We’re still trying to sort him out.” Even ESPN’s Mel Kiper has said that he doesn’t see Key hearing his name called in the first round, calling him more of a second-round pick. Nonetheless, SEC Country’s mock draft has Key going with the No. 11 overall pick to the Miami Dolphins. Key is one of 10 Tigers invited to participate in the 2018 NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
  5. Good move. You never heard his name called which he means he did his job. Young guy, so keeping him together working with Lutz, and Morstead for that matter, is the smart thing to do.
  6. I can see why Jarvis feels underappreciated by Miami. I also think Miami has reasonable ground to stand on that Jarvis isn't a top 10 WR#1 in this league. Landry's total receptions could go down by going to another team while at the same time his total production escalates significantly. Not to mention the idea of going to a team with a bonafide QB and a better chance to win. I don't believe he's going to get some massive amount greater from another team than he would in Miami, but I think he'll be happier to get to pick his own place for a similar dollar figure. That's what I would do if I were him. If you're the Miami FO, you've got a lot to figure out on your team and losing a fixture at WR, not to mention a decent return guy is no doubt a setback. I can't speak for his attitude and whether his teammates like him. He was beloved at LSU and outworked everyone. But many guys change in the pros and losing impacts everyone. We shipped Brandin Cooks, but we got a good pick out of it. The Dolphins will tag Landry and see what they can do, possibly move him and get a pick. If not, they'll pay and have a one year rental.
  7. Agreed 100%, though the number will be north of 24 million and south of the new benchmark that will be Cousins' 30 million. Like always, there will be some cap manipulation to this. This will get done and due to the escalation of the voidable three years from the recent contract extension, it appears something really should get done before March 14th. Hallelujah Jesus!!! Finally the Saints have a hard deadline to work against that isn't all the way toward the beginning of the next season. Two great reads on this issue with some good cap number discussion if you like to nerd out on that. http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/269322/why-saints-drew-brees-have-hard-deadline-for-new-contract-and-whats-next https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/agents-take-has-drew-brees-thrown-his-last-pass-in-a-saints-uniform/
  8. On a side note, it's amazing to me that a new player can come to town and we're flooded with information about how funny the guys is, his magic tricks, guys flipping out laughing in the locker room over his antics. Yet, we don't get any information about his father killing his mother when he was an adolescent? Perhaps he wanted it that way and, if so, I can fully understand.
  9. He was only a Saint for a short minute, but he'll get a movie about his life. I was unaware of his terrible tragedy. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/former-eagles-snapper-dorenbos-to-get-movie-treatment/ar-BBJlytC?li=BBnba9I
  10. Long, but worth the read on their friendship and how they have master-minded the game of football. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/01/18/bill-belichick-nick-saban-friendship-relationship-patriots-alabama-browns
  11. She should be ashamed of herself in my opinion and chastised. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/winter-olympics/the-very-bad-american-skier-who-used-a-loophole-to-sneak-into-the-olympics/ar-BBJkNRc?li=BBnba9I&ocid=mailsignout#image=BBJkNRc_1|3
  12. Yeah Brod, I've seen both guys pegged to us. The WR position is weak this year. There could be as few as 2 wideouts selected in the 1st round and Ridley seems the only consensus. Some might say that our FO likely doesn't want to use another 1st rounder on a WR after the shift in philosophy post-Brandin Cooks trade. But I could just as easily say that the Saints FO will want to strongly 'trust their board' after the home runs we hit last draft. It's also obvious to everyone that we need another superior WR target due to the massive hole left after Cooks' yards/receptions went to NE and Willie Snead simply fell off the planet. Ginn is very long in the tooth and Brees' deep arm strength, and even deep accuracy, isn't there to maxmize Ginn's strengths on an every game basis. Coleman is what he is, it won't change this late in his career. I'd say it's totally within the realm of possibility we take Sutton or Kirk if either of them fall to 27.
  13. One thing to remember is that we're one of a few teams who aren't in the 'very needy' position. So long as we're going with Brees, we're like New England with Brady and the Giants with Eli. We're certainly in the QB sweepstakes, but are very far back in the pecking order to be able to realistically attain one othese guys. So let's look at the teams and numbers. Cleveland, Denver, Jets, Arizona, and Buffalo all have QB in the "must" department. I think Miami, the Giants and Jacksonville all want to address the position. I think we're willing to be more significant players in the Draft than we would be for the Free Agents. I think New England has a need similar to us, but is far less willing to be a shifter and move up for one in the Draft. I'm not going to count Minnesota either because even if they make a play for a guy like Cousins, I think that means they let a guy like Keenum walk. So from a numbers perspective, that one washes out. So we've got 8 teams with a need and only Jacksonville picks later than us. At the top of the FAs is obviously Cousins. It gets a little tricky with guys like Bradford (injury) or A.J. McCarron (not nearly enough starting experience to be counted on as 'the guy'). So if a team invests in Bradford, McCarron, even Keenum or Foles, said team could still double up with a draft pick to go along with that FA. An item that makes it difficult for us to move up is teams with much greater fire power than us, specifically Buffalo already having two picks in the 1st round this year. Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield all seem locks to get drafted in the top 20. Just looking at the low hanging fruit, you've got 5 teams with desperate need and 5 QBs that appear to be "the guy" such a team would be investing in. We can't catch any of those 5 teams in the draft unless we possibly jumped in front of the Cardinals, but that means their hopefuls would be gone. So unless we highly evaluated a guy they didn't like, hard to imagine us getting over on them. What I've written so far might be a little scattered, but this is an inexact science and we don't know how high teams will evaluate certain QB options. When I look at it though, it appears Cleveland, Denver, Jets, Arizona and Buffalo all have the ammunition to land their guy. As well as the Giants if they are ready to grab the future after Eli. The rest are probably going to have to settle, get a FA who will compete for the starting job, or look into the second tier of QBs in the draft. The next tier of guys we could consider are Luke Falk, Mason Rudolph, Kyle Lauletta, Lamar Jackson. I don't know fellas. At first glance, it seems like there's a ton of QB power to become available this offseason. Upon further inspection, no one is going to count on Bradford to be 'the guy' unless they have to and other teams in much better position for the top 4 draft QBs. I think it's very unlikely we're moving up high this year above other teams unless a guy slips that we still really like. That potentially could happen if Mayfield slips out of the top 15, if Allen is considered to need too much work, etc. Foles entering the fray could be an interesting wild card. Even for our Saints. Think about that. Good friends with Brees, both went to the same high school, unbelievable offense to get into with young talent at major league positions, won't have to sit behind Brees for too long. He just now turned 29.
  14. If you're a receiver and want to get noticed, not a bad way to do so. No GM worth his salt would let something like wearing a beanie deter him from picking a bonafide prospect. Even though he was WR2 on Okie State, he's got size and stats. Funny enough, Lance Zierlein called Brandon Coleman his NFL Comparison. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/marcell-ateman?id=2559939
  15. It cannot go overlooked and must be noted how great this unit was despite a massive amount of injuries, adversity and guys shuffling in and out of positions. I know we can all give the collective groan when it comes to sports writers, but it drives me nuts when a team goes through so many injuries and the talking heads don't even recognize it. The job this OLine did was outstanding. But the team in general, especially defensive starters / major contributors, was hit very hard. During real time, in game, I remember Collinsworth noting it, saying something along the lines of, "Man, if they have any more guys go down they might not be able to get 11 on the field." But after that, I hardly heard a peep during pregame analysis or post season recognition, etc. Every team has to fight through injuries, but no team can sustain an unlimited number. You think about just two guys, what having a fully healthy Delvin Breaux and Nick Fairley could have meant to this defense. Right before the playoffs there was an article that showed the number of guys on IR and how our Saints were doubling teams like Atlanta, etc. I'm not saying it has to be plastered all over the tv and play the woe is me game, but there's no way that isn't pregame analysis worthy. Especially when many of them were starters / major contributors. We were very banged up in comparison to our opponents and somehow it's like that didn't exist in the analysis. Ok, rant off.