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  1. And I will add to this excellent post that being able to throw 50 yards down field only makes you jamarcus russell. Knowing how to read a defense, manipulate a defense with eyes and body, throw exactly where you want the ball and throw your receivers open makes you Drew Brees and he still has it.
  2. I actually think he'll sign a 2 year deal
  3. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/taysom-hill-22021/ You are right. But Taysom is a restricted FA
  4. I believe teddy and drew are free agents after this season. I think taysom is under team control for another year. Eventually we will need to address it
  5. I would say at this point, Brees's arm is infinitely better than Manning's was at that point. I believe we ride Brees, his mastery of the offense more than compensates for any diminished arm strength issues. Plus rotating Taysom in makes them respect the deep throw
  6. https://www.nola.com/entertainment_life/eat-drink/article_c69b64c2-229f-11ea-adf4-3f4f48af7e18.amp.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitternoladotcom&utm_campaign=snd&__twitter_impression=true
  7. That's crazy how many starters missed games, makes 11-3 even more impressive
  8. One thing to note and many nfl gms and coaches say the same, is that they don't know assignments and therefore the grades could be incorrect. I do like their grades, but don't take it at 100%. And like sfidc2 notes, Marcus Williams play doesn't seem pro bowl caliber. He has made some big plays and interceptions, but he needs to learn how to tackle. And this is one reason I think deion sanders is overrated as a cb. He couldn't tackle either. In my mind that greatly diminishes his ranking. He was flashy, loud-mouthed and made a lot of picks and some people rate him as best cb of all time. I don't think he is, because a good secondary player needs to tackle well
  9. And morestead. One of the best punters all time and I think he may have only had 1 touch back this season. I know this might not be popular, last night notwithstanding, Brees is not in the top 3 nfc qbs statistically this season. Not his fault because he missed five games, but I don't know if it warrants the selection. But we usually get screwed in these things, no mvp, etc. So I'm glad he made it. Another feather in his cap.
  10. Part of the equation is average yards per pass. He needed to average I think over 12.5 to get a perfect rating
  11. I also love snow games. I watched the gb-chi game, the bears came so close to helping us out. But gb doesn't scare me and I see them losing next week to minn. If sea wins the west, we are #1 seed. (Assuming we win out). However if it's a 3 way tie between us, sea and gb- we drop to the 3rd seed.
  12. That's a great idea. Those lbers were awesome. I remember watching the pro bowl and seeing all four saints helmets. RIP johnson and mills
  13. A very frustrating game that we should've won. If we had not been down 2 starting lbers, I think we would've won. Oh Well couda shouda wouda.