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  1. My brother sent me the clip of Brees and we both thought how tone deaf. But I think Brees is smart enough to say the right things and bring the team back together. That looks like it's already happening today. While I agree the whole COVID scare provides context to sports for many, I still think it's a welcome distraction. Just like the first game in the Dome after Katrina or GWB throwing out that first pitch. Yes we have major major problems in our society and culture, but sports offers a lot. Yes it's obscene how much money athletes get paid compared to teachers who can barely feed their families. But many athletes do a lot of good with their money and provide opportunities for underprivileged that they wouldn't have otherwise. All in all I'm hopeful that Brees can learn from this and see others perspective and the team can rally around him. He's done a lot of good for our city, and those f Brees chants weren't so widespread. Whether or not there will be a normal season because of COVID is another story..
  2. I get the move, but what's the cap hit
  3. I love Cam Jordan
  4. This interview shows some maturity
  5. That's my quarterback!!! He's a real Mensch.
  6. I went and looked it up. Otc has a great breakdown how it works. Looks like we are in line for 3 picks (I forgot about aj klein before) https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  7. We lost bell, apple, Bridgewater And only signed emmanuel Sanders (jenkins doesn't count since he was cut) That should get us at least a comp pick
  8. And I will add to this excellent post that being able to throw 50 yards down field only makes you jamarcus russell. Knowing how to read a defense, manipulate a defense with eyes and body, throw exactly where you want the ball and throw your receivers open makes you Drew Brees and he still has it.
  9. I actually think he'll sign a 2 year deal
  10. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/taysom-hill-22021/ You are right. But Taysom is a restricted FA
  11. I believe teddy and drew are free agents after this season. I think taysom is under team control for another year. Eventually we will need to address it