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  1. When I was younger I used to tell people I'd be happy going 2-14 if we beat the falcons twice..I knew we weren't making the playoffs anyway
  2. I saw a report he might be back against Dallas
  3. I normally don't like when players are injured, much better when you "beat the best", but I'm glad BurF!!t will be out. He's a dirty player and I don't want to see anyone get hurt because of him.. But they do have a lot of injuries.
  4. I am on twitter and avidly follow most Saints reporters. Underhill, holder, triplette, mackel, katzenstein, Johnson, and I still follow toepe..I guess I'll add him
  5. The corner has his back to brees, he can sneak in to the end zone and hill has a wide open receiver for an easy td
  6. That pass play on the first drive was a result of all the read option that hill has run..the Vikings were cheating in since he had never thrown it and suddenly 45 yards to Michael Thomas...boom The threat of what he brings keeps the defense off balance
  7. I agree he's the weak link, but I'm curious if some of that was due to apple not fully knowing the system. It seemed like lattimore and apple were playing sides.And pj was staying in the slot, in the past lattimore has moved inside to follow top wrs Just curious
  8. Ingram davenport lutz Great road win- 2 tough road wins in a row, now let's show the nfl that we can run with and beat the Rams.. Who dat!
  9. You can also go to the reddit nfl stream site and they have links to streams