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  1. Damn these onions Unbelievable and well deserved
  2. I think there are 50 voters, same ones that vote for mvp
  3. In terms of the screen game, I think ingram is better than kamara. I'd rank them PT Ingram Kamara/Reggie
  4. https://www.nola.com/opinions/2019/01/to-drew-brees-from-new-orleans-on-your-40th-birthday.htmly
  5. I'm glad we're in the dome
  6. We used to be the poorly coached team that this wouldn't work against...now we have an offensive genius
  7. The Eagles left their 2 starting DTs in stop that exact play. EVERYONE knew it would be a fake
  8. It's a good discussion, but I will add I think PT & Ingram are the top 2 at screens we've had
  9. That holding penalty on Unger was absolutely ridiculous. The refs blew that one, but they guy has been huge for us. As has been discussed many times here, the Saints "won" the Jimmy g trade with Unger. I don't know if this was mentioned during the broadcast, but he hasn't been penalized since the middle of the 16 season. Anyway I will paste below an excerpt from our favorite columnist peter King with his thoughts on Max Unger: "The Saints, meanwhile, are probably not the explosive offensive team the Rams saw in early November. A good part of that is an inconsistent offensive line. Left guard Andrus Peat was awful Sunday, and center Max Unger was shaky, and now, with shoo-in Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donaldand fellow tackle Ndamukong Suh on tape to disrupt the defensive middle for the Rams, it could be a long day for Brees avoiding traffic"
  10. It's something that does need discussing... I have been enjoying the athletic for the past year and am thrilled they added Holder. Deuce windhams analysis is also very enjoyable
  11. There was also a couple great articles by Larry Holder on theathletic from his sit down with her
  12. What about PT? where would you rank him?
  13. That's awesome news!! O-line at full strength