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  1. Definitely speak for me... Who Dat!
  2. Great start to the season
  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but since the Saints and raiders are in different conferences they only play every 8 years in a city. The match up is every 4, but they alternate home and away
  4. Underhill is the Brees of New Orleans sportswriters....amazing
  5. Edmunds signed to their practice squad. We could sign him but he'd have to stay on the active roster
  6. I'll set my preferences, and leave it to auto draft. No worries
  7. I joined. Tuesday is better for me
  8. As a veteran I don't think he goes on waiver
  9. Saint ATN Master at work
  10. First cut is Brandon Tate, per Toepe and Katzenstein