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  1. Agree here too. They both do a good job, though deuce windhan isn't really a beat reporter. But I like triplette a tad more than Holder
  2. My thoughts exactly
  3. I read that we get 6.9 mil in space, but the prorated portion of his signing bonus is dead money
  4. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41057670-4
  5. Tough to lose a guy like Ingram, but as others have noted, the business side is part of the equation. Remember, the teams that are able to make sound business decisions are more successful. (Looking at you, NE)
  6. While I didn't think Bridgewater would end up in Denver, it does take a starter off the board. I think this diminishes our chances of resigning him.
  7. Did he fail a drug test? Would possession alone put him in the program?
  8. I am not sure that we will lose him. I don't see that many new guaranteed starting jobs out there: AZ- Josh Rosen- 1st rd pick last year- too much invested to not start Atl- Matty Melt- no comment Balt- Lamar Jacson- also 1st rd pick last year showed potential- he'll start Buf- Josh Allen- same as Josh Rosen Car- Scam- sucks for them, good for us, but Teddy wont be signing there to start Chic- Trubisky- Also a recent 1st rnd pick showed potential Cinc- Dalton- So this one is interesting and might be a landing spot. It depends on how Dalton is recovering from his injury and if their new coach is sold on him. I wouldnt be surprised to see them go after Teddy Clev- Baker Mayfield- He'll be their starter Dallas- Dak- I think Jerry likes him too much to look elsewhere Den- Another interesting possibility. Does Elway bail on Keenum after 1year.. I doubt they end up chasing Teddy Det- Stafford- established vet not going anywhere GB- Rodger- established vet not going anywhere Hou- Watson- Young qb with a lot of potential that the team is very high on- Ind- Luck- established vet, not going anywhere Jack- bortles- They are more than likely in the qb market, they do draft 7 and may choose to sign a vet like bridgewater or more likely flacco and draft a qb to be mentored by vet--another possible destination KC- Mahomes- he'll be starting here for many years LA (I want to write SD) Chargers- Rivers- established vet, I can't see them bringing in another veteran to start LA lams- Goff- They need him to start Miami- Tannehill- Are they keeping Tannehill. I could see them going after Teddy Minn- Cousins- too much tied up in cousins to not start him and bridgewater wouldnt return to Minny NE- Brady- no need to explain NYG- Manning- this is a weird one, I think they would do well to sign Bridgewater and get rid of Manning, but I dont think they will. This is still Eli's team NYJ- Darnold- played well as rookie, he'll be their starter Oak?/SF?/SD?/LV?- Carr- i don't think they can afford to cut him and he and Gruden seemed to make peace Phi- Wentz- this will be Wentz's team Pitt- Rothlisberger- same as Philly SF- Garrapolo- he should be back by training camp sea- wilson- established vet TB- crab legs-- It was reported they will let him start next year and the new coach will work with him Ten-Mariota- I think they plan on having him start if healthy, but it seems that is a question mark. Would they go after Bridgewater and would he want to compete with and possibly back up mariota. I would think if he wants to be a backup- we have the best situation wash- Josh Johnson/Colt Mccoy/buttfumble man/ alex smith- I would have to think that Alex Smith wont be playing next year but who knows. These guys need a qb and I could see them going after him So in summary, I could see Cin, Den, Jax, Mia, Ten, and Wash.. I think Cincinnati makes the most sense for him, but they may not even be in the new qb market. Some of those teams may be planning on drafting qbs and there are other starting caliber qbs available like flacco, fitzpatrick, nick foles will likely need a home, tyrod taylor, Hopefully we can keep him, if coach thinks he can eventually take over for Brees.
  9. Ok. Ouch
  10. I'm not getting any of this
  11. This is great that it's still being discussed. Rams were garbage tonight, didn't deserve to be there. But if we realize how awesome New Orleans is...We were trending on Twitter during the super bowl. That's crazy! Mmqb is tweeting about tomorrow's T-P a few hours after a super bowl we weren't in..
  12. Good news, he's had our defense playing winning football
  13. https://wwl.radio.com/articles/zach-strief-roger-goodell-lied-never-talked-saints-players