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  1. https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/01/16/texans-chaos-deshaun-watson-unhappy-how-jack-easterby-kept-his-job?__twitter_impression=true
  2. People in Houston are so mad at the team. It looks like they're really ticked off their star qb. Watson is a great qb who isn't a diva. If the rumors are true that he wants to be traded, I would love him in black and gold. I don't know if we have enough ammo to get him, but we can always dream.
  3. Awesome. I remember that game
  4. That is a tough loss. He really played with speed and elevated our defense. Next man up
  5. And no state income tax
  6. It's a college rule. Cam will be starting Friday. Did y'all hear that his wife gave birth to a daughter after the game?
  7. That's a damn good question
  8. I was also hoping for wentz. He's regressed so much in a couple years. But DA should have the d ready
  9. Here's the article https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/30/fears-emerge-of-potential-wildcat-strike-on-tuesday-night
  10. I'm not a league apologist or even defending the league, I agree they screwed up. But I read that they pushed it to Wednesday since the players would potentially strike over playing Tuesday without practice or being assured the outbreak was contained. If they made this claim and had a strike it may have undone the agreement and derailed the whole season. If I find the article that explains it I'll post it here
  11. Here is Florio kind of explaining it..
  12. I went o-line and Murray on offense I gave the entire d a game ball And morestead on st. Very weird game, I feel for Broncos but it's the hand dealt and 2020 is learning to deal with that. But a win is a win and our o-line had backups on the left side and defense dominated. Time for falcon hate again. WHO DAT!
  13. I agree. TB didn't have a great season last year either. Some very poor throws and that has continued this year
  14. In the nfl if a team forfeits the score is officially 2-0