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  1. This was their response to the Cowboys being down 28-3 during tonight's game.
  2. Kamara and Sanders on offense. Lattimore for that tackle and hendrickson for beasting Lutz for game winner, morestead for having a full day at the office and calliway for giving a nice spark on returns Let's get that rest and get on a nice winning streak
  3. Though it he is going to miss 3-4 weeks there may be a thought to keep him on the roster so other teams need to gameplan for him. SP loves finding those small advantages
  4. Great deal. He's been a tremendous signing on and off the field
  5. Who dat! Very weird game, definitely rusty. I went Cook on O J Jenkins, hendrickson and Jordan on D And Lutz and Harris on ST
  6. I voted 12-4 and sb win, if the season gets finished. This stuff is so unpredictable, I just wish everyone would wear a mask and we can get through it
  7. My brother sent me the clip of Brees and we both thought how tone deaf. But I think Brees is smart enough to say the right things and bring the team back together. That looks like it's already happening today. While I agree the whole COVID scare provides context to sports for many, I still think it's a welcome distraction. Just like the first game in the Dome after Katrina or GWB throwing out that first pitch. Yes we have major major problems in our society and culture, but sports offers a lot. Yes it's obscene how much money athletes get paid compared to teachers who can barely feed their families. But many athletes do a lot of good with their money and provide opportunities for underprivileged that they wouldn't have otherwise. All in all I'm hopeful that Brees can learn from this and see others perspective and the team can rally around him. He's done a lot of good for our city, and those f Brees chants weren't so widespread. Whether or not there will be a normal season because of COVID is another story..
  8. I get the move, but what's the cap hit
  9. I love Cam Jordan
  10. This interview shows some maturity
  11. That's my quarterback!!! He's a real Mensch.