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  1. This has been happening to me since the season ended. I get an error when opening certain threads
  2. I noticed this while seeing some clips of the Astros home season opener. Some fan got a 3-28 flag positioned right behind that glass wall. https://twitter.com/HansFornof/status/981218415389102081?s=19 https://twitter.com/HansFornof/status/981218415389102081?s=19
  3. Peter King tweeted that not only did SP write it himself, he was involved in the editing.
  4. I love New Orleans!!
  5. nola.com has some idiots writing articles too. And I don't mean Holder or katzenstein 😂
  6. Sad indeed, besides for his post Katrina flirtations with San Antonio he was always an advocate for the city and state..
  7. Who dat! Great deal for both sides.
  8. Prayers for you man, Thats really rough. G-d should give you comfort.
  9. No thanks. That ship has sailed..I loved what he brought to the red zone, but we need a te who can block.
  10. Yup, his broadcasts were the best. He could paint a vision of the play in the mind of his listeners. No other play by play radio man I've heard comes anywhere close to him. He will be missed
  11. Plus I saw a report that it will be politicized. ,(I'm not trying to get political since this isn't the PIT, so I'll stick to facts as I saw them) He will require players to stand for anthem. When asked about kapernick, tebow and manziel responded they will have high quality human beings, so tebow would be welcome. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.si.com/nfl/2018/01/25/xfl-vince-mcmahon-announcement-football-league
  12. I think 8 No 2nd Miami's 5th for Anthony Arizona's 6th for Peterson
  13. Had me worried..glad site is back up and of course, thanks David.
  14. Nonyt, Thanks for posting. I usually can't stand him and his ridiculous takes, but he is taking sense. Makes a very interesting point about ted ginn jr