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  1. Doesn't look like any records will be set now. Low 14 high 18 and rising temps through the night.
  2. No, it.s not the Saints vs Rams. The game between KC and NE has the potential to be the coldest game in NFL history.My weather APP says a low of -5 and a high of 12. it's going to depend on how the artic blast settles in. It maybe -20 at kickoff.
  3. Do you remember those pre season and September games in Tulane stadium? I've had a few conversations with former Falcon Wr. Ken Burrow on a FB group I belong too. He said the turf got so hot, they'd stand on the bench to avoid it. That said, I feel the same way as Gunslinger. I do enjoy the reprieve from the heat during our southern winter, There is a cutoff point though.
  4. Take some advice from the late Gene Upshaw. He played with a broken thumb most of his career. He used it to poke opposing D-linemen in the throat to slow down the pass rush. You have a weapon Peat. Use it wisely
  5. interesting tidbit about that chargers team. They played the week before in 80 degree weather in Miami. The bengals opened the doors to the stadium when the chargers had the ball and closed them when they had the ball. The Giants did the same when the played home games in the 80's.
  6. Wind chill wise yes. The ambient air temp was -14 in The NFLCG between Dallas and Green Bay in the Ice Bowl. This game can beat that if everything falls into place. We'll see
  7. The next play after the Brown hit Reggie went for a 30 yd run
  8. The defense really wasn't good. They were 21st overall and 28th against the run. The turn around was due to the offense with Mayfield and new HC Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens was the 0C last year.
  9. The rams are a better match up for us if we beat Philly. I know everyone want's revenge, but Dallas is 5th against the run. The rams are 23rd.
  10. I would not be shocked if Dallas wins this game. The Rams offense hasn't been the same without Cooper Kupp. He was Goff's security blanket.Todd Gurleys knee injury may be worse than what's reported. The Dallas defense is real. They have speed wit Smith and Vanderesh at Lb'er. Outside runs and screens usually don't work well against them.
  11. He did last year. He is technically the champ. I hope and pray I'm wrong,but I see a close game here. Philly is the defending champ and been on this stage before. We have too, but Brees,Bushrod,and Morestead are the only ones remaining from 09
  12. He also hired Todd Bowles as his DC. The Bucs defense should be much better next year.
  13. I'm confident, but concerned. The Eagles 0-line has been dominant since they became healthy. I said this in another thread. They've faced Aaron donald,JJ Watt and Kalil Mack in their last 5 games and gave up 0 sacks to either. Foles was only hit 3 times during this stretch. That's not a fluke. They are that good.That said, Trubisky missed some wide open receivers last week that Drew won't miss. The eagles are weak at corner. If we give him time he should pick them apart.
  14. I heard this on the Rome show yesterday. In their last 5 games, they've faced Aaron Donald,JJ Watt,and Kalil Mack. They held all 3 to 0 sacks,and allowed only 3 Qb hits during that stretch. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see a 4-6 sack day coming. I believe this game comes down to our coverage and how Brees fares against those weak Eagle Cb's.
  15. Beat me too it. A wise investment for the future.
  16. Clemson has 3 #1 picks on their D-line and Bamas secondary is young. Most likely a repeat next year sadly.
  17. Khalil Mack played the invisible man today. He should have taken over the game. Maybe the Raiders made the right call
  18. I bet against Foles last year. I'm not making the same mistake this year. We have our work cut out for us, and the defense must step up. That was a very good Bears team the Eagles just beat on the road
  19. That was one of the worst calls I've ever seen at the end of the first half. That was a clear catch/fumble and no clear recovery. Should have been Bears ball on the 5 yd line.
  20. Yep, Quinn has one more year,and it's not looking good. Matt Ryan will have to learn another offensive system.
  21. yes, the Packers have our first rounder
  22. It's why you shouldn't put too much stock into strength of schedule. Ie, The Falcons will basically play the same schedule as we do. The only difference is we'll play the Cowboys and Bears while they play the Eagles and Vikings.
  23. I never take any of these talk shows seriously. I remember driving to the dome for the Dallas game in 2009. Marcellus Wiley from ESPN was a guest on WWL. He was asked by Kenny Trahan who he thought would win. Wiley said Dallas. Trahan reminded him he had picked the Saints on TV earlier. Wiley said the producers don't want three guys sitting around and agreeing with each other. Bayless plays the contrarian role and he plays it well. He's actually a Vanderbilt grad with several prestigious awards for sports journalism. His investigative reporting led to the downfall of Steve Garvey. Garvey was considered the perfect male every father wanted their daughter to marry when he played for the Dodgers. His reporting also led to the eventual downfall of the SMU football program and the southwest conference.
  24. Thank you John Harbaugh