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  1. Deuce can go national if he chooses. You can tell he has more football knowledge in his thumb than we have in our whole body. He easily explains why a play works or doesn't work whether it us or the opponent.
  2. at least he suffered the injury after signing an NFL contract. Leonard Fournette took a ton of heat for not playing in the bowl game his final year. I can't blame any highly touted prospect doing the same. The Jaylon Smith injury changed everything, and probably for the good.
  3. Deuce said this on WWL last night. Harris is a good CB, but it got to the point you expect a penalty when the ball was thrown his way. Two illegal contact penalties that gave the Jags a first down was the final straw for Payton and Allen
  4. The Eagles should thank us. Brees showed them how to attack that Vikings defense. They followed our game plan and blew them out of the water the following week. He was right. It was a miracle that cost us to lose.
  5. Imo, it's ironic Owens pulled this stunt the same year Jerry Kramer who played his last game 50 years ago got in. If anyone had the right to complain it was Kramer. He was voted by writers as the starting guard on the NFL's first 50 years anniversary team. Imo again, he should have been enshrined 5 years after he retired.
  6. This is as real as it gets. Shannon Sharpe nails it.
  7. no, but funny you should mention Bruce, The same reporter said Bruce was the last Buckeye coach no one ever questioned his off the field integrity.
  8. It's all over the Feinbaum show now. Paul had a Ohio st. beat reporter as one of his guests today. The reporter said he interviewed the professors in the OSU legal dept. He said all of them didn't see how Meyer keeps his job. The integrity of the university has to come first.
  9. WWL was on it again tonight. According to reports, Meyer knew about this for 6 years before reporting it in 2015
  10. If Meyer did report the incident in 2015,Smith is now the one in hot water. I'm not a Meyer fan,but he's a football coach,and not in a position to launch an investigation.
  11. WWL ran a conversation between Bush and Deuce last night. I'll see if I can find it. One story that was funny was when Reggie scored on a 88 yd reception against the Bears in the 2006 NFCCG. He outran Urlacher and flipped into the endzone. Deuce said he wasn't pleased at the time. He said hey Rook, why you wanna poke the bear like that? You realize he's going to take it out on me next time I run off tackle
  12. T-OSU is one of those schools bigger than their coach. If they choose to dismiss Meyer, they'll have qualified applicants lined up around the block.
  13. Heath Evans used to roast him on NFLN. Evans said I don't care how much sleep you get or how many vitamins you take. If you're on the field 40 minutes a game, you'll pay the price at then end of the season. Evans was right
  14. Bill Parcells says this is the most important stat
  15. Cam turned 29 on 5-11-2018. 29 is the historical age Rb's hit the wall. It's up to his arm from now on. Can he do it?
  16. Ireland's strength has always been evaluating defensive prospects. That's something the prior scouting dept. could never do. While GM at Miami,his offensive choices were hit and miss,and he was never a cap genius like Loomis. If he does leave, he'll need someone like a Payton who can judge offensive talent,and another who can work the cap. I personally think he's in his best situation here. I just hope Gayle will pay him enough to keep him in the same position.
  17. I won't lie. I was pissed. We had the 2nd pick in the draft and I wanted Matt Linehart.
  18. We haven't had a TE to stretch the defense since Graham. Drew loves his TE's. He started his HOF career throwing to another HOF TE Antonio Gates. I remember a Mike Detillier article after we lost to Chicago in the 2006 NFCCG. He quoted Sean Payton as saying " We just don't have the TE's to beat two deep safety coverage. We need that now, especially at Drews age. Brady has that with Gronk
  19. The Rams do have to be careful. I should have added a team with crazy cap space like Cleveland could make the deal. The Rams have 1-2 more years on Goff's rookie deal. If they resign him before the 5th year option ( most teams do with Qb's) they'll have 3 players taking up a ton of cap space. NFL ratings have been down the last two seasons. There's no guarantee the cap will continue to rise. https://www.si.com/tech-media/2018/01/04/nfl-tv-ratings-decline-ten-percent-colin-kaepernick-thursday-night-football
  20. The cap is 23.9 for Qb's. No team will pay him that.
  21. I wonder if the Rams plan on using the Franchise tag. They really hold all the cards. If he sits,he's not credited with a year played. If he plays they can tag him for 13.9 Mil next year. That would be far less than the 20+ he'd be asking for
  22. The Aaron Donald situation is baffling to me. They extend Gurley before he reaches his RFA year,and didn't for Donald. I'd be fuming too. He's the best defensive player in the NFL right now Imo.
  23. I read another article that said He still has 35 mil remaining,but none of the last three years are guaranteed. If he gets hurt,Atlanta can cut bait and only be on the hook for cap implications. Seems like Julio signed a bad contract. He needs to turn some of that 35 mil into an upfront signing bonus. I believe they'll get that worked out.