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  1. We also had an athletic O-line . Nicks,Evans,and Stinchcomb could get down the field and throw key blocks. The Cam is not steady,but pay attention to Evans and Nicks. Both throw key blocks on this TD pass.
  2. A hall of Famer is a hall of famer. it doesn't matter which ballot you're selected on. Imo, Chris Carter was a first ballot HOF'er,but got passed over several years due to a logjam at the position. The hall cannot vote in more than 5 modern era players in a single year. Not everyone can be a first ballot selection. Case in point Willie Roaf. He was elected on the second ballot. Walter Jones and Orlando Pace were 1st ballot. Roaf was a better player than both. Great post Dru- It sums up my opinion perfectly
  3. sorry, it was the best video quality available. The other was an old beta tape recorded by a camcorder from someones TV set Lol
  4. I remember the catch game like yesterday. The catch was a fingertip tackle by Eric Wright away from being an afterthought. It really is a game of inches. If it happens in todays era, a horse collar flag is thrown and the Cowboys are in FG range.
  5. I'm afraid the Warriors have too much firepower for the Cavs to overcome. The Cavs may win one or even two at home. They had a chance to steal one on the road in game 1 but blew it. I don't see them getting another chance again. This GS team reminds me a lot of the Showtime Lakers of the 80's. You'll be watching a close game,take a bathroom break,come back and they'll have a double digit lead.
  6. I can forgive a player for making a physical error. Nobody is perfect .Receivers drop perfect passes. Baseballs roll between the legs of Gold glovers. NBA players miss layups etc.etc. Mental errors are the real killers. I've watched sports for 50 years. The only plays I can think of at the moment that belong in the same category as Smith are : Chris Webber calling a timeout in the NCAA finals when Michigan didn't have one. The 2nd was Lonnie Smith's base running in game 7 of the 91 WS. He fell for a Chuck Knoblok fake instead of watching the 3rd base coach. His blunder probably cost the Braves a championship. The above said, I believe Smith's mental error was worse. Webber and Smith knew what the score was.
  7. I'm going 5 as well. LeBron is too good to be swept.
  8. This is why I'm not in favor of building an offense that relies on hitting over 40% on 3 point shots. Imo, it's the NFL equivalent of the all out passing attack while ignoring the run. When it clicks, it's a thing of beauty. When it doesn't we have games like these. Boston couldn't hit the 3 against Cleveland either. What were they 2-21?. I'm a fan of a 99% slam dunk. I'll always believe games are won and lost in the paint if the officiating is fair. I grew up on the NBA in the mid 70's to late 80's. The Showtime Lakers and the Blue Collar Celtics could hit a 3 when needed, but it wasn't their base offense. Between the both, they won 8 titles in a 9 year span. They won with crisp passing to the open or mismatched man inside. Give me 70% 2 point shots over 40% 3 point shots 7 days a week. During the course of a entire game, inside scoring will beat outside scoring a majority of the time.
  9. I feel the opposite. I fully understand why some root against LeBron. I look at his career in a historical sense. He has now appeared in 8 straight finals. Bill Russell leads with 10. The difference is Russell had several other HOF'ers on those Celtic teams to help him along the way. LeBron has brought teams to the finals that would have been in the lottery if he wasn't on the team. Jordan probably would have went to 8 straight if he hadn't taken a 2 year baseball sabbatical in 94-95. Like Russell,he had more help than LeBron. Pippin,Rodman,and Horace Grant were forces up front. Paxton and Kerr could hit the 3 point shot if needed.
  10. I've always thought the Rams have the perfect logo. Imo, the absolute worst is Denver and that applies to the whole uniform.
  11. I looked up the host cities after my original post. I knew about the N.O,L.A,and Miami rotations. The only city to host a SB during the first 15 was Houston other than those 3. They hosted SB 8. SB 16 held in Detroit was the one that actually broke up the three city rotation. I read an article many years ago in SI. I can't remember if it was Art or Dan Rooney who proposed the SB to be held every year in New Orleans.
  12. I like it as well. Potential host cities spent a lot of money putting together a proposal only to be told no. I also wish the league would stop considering northern cities as potential hosts. I read an article earlier that stated Pittsburgh bid on the 2023 game. If they keep tempting fate, sooner or later they are going to get burned.
  13. The same. 59 years later and it's still considered by some as the greatest play in NCAA history. The 1959 Ole Ms.team was probably the best team Johnny Vaught had during his long coaching career. They set defensive records that will never be broken. They finished 10-1 and only allowed 21 points all season. 6 of those on Cannon's return.
  14. Awesome story Brod. I first heard of this disease when I was a teenager in the 1970's. It was 100% fatal and patients were given a few months to live after diagnosis. I am happy to see modern medicine now allows those diagnosed to have a normal life expectancy. I do have to add one thing. It wasn't covered in the link. Do not give small children or anyone for that matter, Aspirin until they are tested for this disease. It's on the warning label of every bottle if you read the fine print.
  15. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/the-differences-between-brand-name-and-generic-medications The only difference is inactive ingredients. The active ingredient must be the same. Generics typically become available when the original manufacturer's patent expires. The generic can be an exact duplicate.
  16. Congrats to the both of you Brod.
  17. This subject is like politics. A middle ground has to be found. Hollis Thomas was suspended for using an Inhalor. He suffered from Asthma. When you have an Ashtma attack, filing paperwork is the last thing on your mind.
  18. https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/Active Players/2016NFL_PES_Policy_ProhibitedSubstancesList.pdf The NFL could ban vitamin C if they wanted too. We could take up all of David's bandwith debating what should not be illegal. The final decision always lays on the player. They make the final decision what they put in their body. If they do not have 100% clearance with the paperwork to back it up, they should use the old cliche' "it's better safe that sorry"
  19. This correlates to around the same time Ingram fired his original agent. I know a person is responsible for what goes in his body. It could be sudafed for a cold where his former agent said don't worry. Too many players have too much faith in their agent. Imo an agent should only be used for contract negotitiations, not medical or financial advice
  20. Sudafed is used in the illegal production of methamphetamine. Both would show the same result on a drug test.Both contain the same active ingredient. I can see why it would be banned without proper procedure. The one that baffles me is Rogaine which is used to treat male pattern baldness. http://www.espn.com/espn/magazine/archives/news/story?page=magazine-20090921-article31
  21. When Brees gets sacked because Ingrams replacement missed a block, you'll realize how important pass blocking from the Rb is in this offense. I'm not defending Ingram. He's stupid for failing this test. The problem is no one on our roster can easily replace his production.
  22. I have to be honest. I'm not very optimistic. GS is the better team and getting the calls ( another debate ). I believe if DeMarcus Cousins were available, the Warriors would get pushed to the limit. Our biggest match up problem is 6'4 Jrue Holiday trying to guard 7 footer Kevin Durant. Holiday is doing a Yeomans job,but he's giving up too many inches. If Cousins were playing, we could drop him inside on defense and Have AD guard Durant. Durant wouldn't be shooting over Davis like he did Holliday game 4 .
  23. I was listening to the radio broadcast. This was a CBS crew I believe. They even said the fouls are out of whack. GS has shot 80+ Free throws in the series. The Pels have shot 32. The Warriors are a jump shooting team.Those types typically don't get a lot of fouls called against against their opponent. The Pels play in the paint and drive to the basket. They should get more foul shots than GS. I know the Warriors are a better team,and agree with SS. They don't need extra help.
  24. Daniel Lasco was our ST ace. He's rehabilitating from a serious knee injury. I believe we went into this draft looking for his replacement. I know this sounds brutal,but you better have a player on your squad who can make a sure tackle on punts and kick off coverage.