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  1. Am I the only person on earth who has never watched a single episode of GOT or seinfeld?
  2. https://www.thebirdwrites.com/2019/5/19/18630929/nba-draft-2019-pelicans-zion-williamson-trade-anthony-davis-grizzlies-ja-morant-knicks-lakers Could the Pels wind up with Williamson and Ja Morant?
  3. Many scouts consider him the best prospect coming into the draft since Lebron James.
  4. I was listening to WWL last night. I can't remember the guest,but he was a former agent and now A sports anchor at a local station. He believes the Pels will trade AD to the Knicks for the #3 overall this year, their 2 #1's next year and 2 players. The Knicks will do it because they want AD,Kyrie Irving,and Kevin Durant to be there big 3
  5. We have the luxury of being deep at most positions. I believe our UDFA's best hope is to make the practice squad,and get picked up by another team when injuries start piling up
  6. PSL are ripoffs. I hate the Falcons,but if the Saints did the same with a new stadium, I'd expect the same.
  7. Easton has a team friendly contract. He'll be staying. I think Peat is gone next year. Easton will fill the Kalementi role we missed badly last year.
  8. We have to keep in mind this drat includes 1st round Marcus Davenport,and 4th round Eli Apple. Our haul has been great so far.
  9. I say keep peat this year. The only weakness this team lacked last year was depth on the O-line. You can never have enough linemen on both sides of the ball.
  10. I'm not sure the passion will ever return. We had a magical season that ended with a referees decision. I got over losses like Big Ben,the Rams in 83,the Niners in 2011,and the Vikings in 2017. Those were painful,but players decided those outcomes. I can't get over this Rams loss. We were robbed. If it makes anyone feel better,I belong to several classic NFL groups on FB. Phil is active on them as well. Those groups contain retired players and fans from every team. It's a great place to talk about history. Most feel like we do. We were screwed and starting to question the games integrity. The NFL has a vested interest in the L.A. market and will do everything in their power to keep them relevant.
  11. no, throw the ball low and outside and he will strike out . I'm a Braves fan as well,but great hitters never chase that pitch Murphy always did
  12. https://www.mlive.com/news/flint/2019/03/nfls-demario-davis-josh-norman-visit-flint-deliver-u-haul-truck-filled-with-water.html
  13. Totally irresponsible. It's not like he doesn't have the money. You can pay these fines online now unless you want to contest it in court.
  14. If I were an NFL owner, I would not want my players to participate in anything that comes with a high injury risk. Many NFL contracts prohibit activities such as snow skiing,sky diving,hang gliding etc.
  15. McVay knew he got away with one. If the rules weren't changed, he could have been the next one screwed. If he had voted against it, he would have admitted the wrong team went to the SB.
  16. it was discussed on WWl last night. The extension by Brees comes due in 2020. Hard decisions coming.
  17. yes https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/17/nick-easton-plans-to-make-a-decision-by-monday/ The finalists are the Vikings, the Saints, and a supposed mystery team. As Tomasson notes, the Saints have a heightened urgency to lure Easton, given that he can play center and that their starting center, Max Unger, recently retired.
  18. ugh, huge loss if true
  19. I can't see Sean going to Dallas. Jones wants a yes man to be his HC. Payton isn't that.
  20. Looks like he's going to meet with Miami now. Rumor is the Dolphins wanted Tyrod Taylor ,but he chose to sign with the Chargers
  21. Awesome, we now have a reliable kicker for the next 5 years.
  22. I worked with a young man that grew up and played HS football with Bridgewater. His name was Mike. Mike told me Bridgewater was talking about getting his family out of the ghetto in elementary school. His maturity started long before his injury. If his football career doesn't pan out, He has a degree in sports administration to fall back on.
  23. I did last night, but didn't post it. Seth Dunlap on WWl last night said Ingram's agent was looking for a 7 mil per year contract. There was no way we could match this with core players like Kamara,Lattimore,and Williams coming up in the near future. Once again, it's the side of the business I do not like.
  24. end thread/
  25. I agree with you. It still raises questions though. Tim Donaghy is proof, it only takes one rogue official to determine the outcome of games in a pro sport.