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  1. Brian Baldinger was a guest on WWL. yesterday. He said the same thing.
  2. Agreed 100%. If one has watched closely, you can see the decline in arm strength in both Brees and Brady. Both attack underneath with intelligence and accuracy now. Ted Ginn has outran several deep passes the last two seasons. The first pass in the Eagles playoff game was underthrown and picked off. 5 years ago, Brees hits Ginn in stride and it's an easy Td.
  3. Some observations. He threw a Brees like accurate pass that Thomas should have caught for a Td. Most of his passes were the high % dump off variety and I only remember one pass where we attacked downfield. He went through his progressions well. He had a tendency to hold the ball too long at times. That said, He was playing behind backups and players who won't make the final 53 on the O-line after the first two drives. The only starter on the O-line who had significant time was C. Eric Mccoy. McCoy played very well. He opened several holes in the running game and stoned blitzing Lb'ers on a few plays. He's going to be our anchor for the next decade
  4. Congrats mon frere
  5. didn't score Td's .We had decent Rb's in Mayes and Hilliard,but never had the Wr. who could stretch the field.
  6. hmmn, no he wasn't. He was basically a OT running routes
  7. Eric Martin could be timed with a sundial. He was a possession receiver and not a deep threat. Dalton Hilliard was a tough inside runner,but he wasn't going to break off a 75 yd td run. Hoby Brenner was not a blue chipper. We went from George Rogers in 81 until Deuce in 01 without a offensive player an opposing defense had to fear
  8. Carl Smith was no genius,but he takes too much blame for our failures during the Mora era. Name one blue chip offensive player we had during his time here. I'll wait because the answer is none.
  9. I like it, but I believe we don't make this deal if Brees wasn't 40. Brees is at that stage of his career he needs to be surrounded by the best talent. If you overpay so be it. The contract Bonk posted is actually team friendly. If brees does retire,and Thomas's numbers don't justify the contract, it wouldn't put the team in cap hell
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Ivory Ivory had a long list of injuries dating back to his college days at Wash. St.
  11. Reminds me of former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. He said we he evaluated players,he went back as far as HS and looked at their injury history. Emmitt Smith for example never missed a game do to injury in HS and college. Some players are just more genetically gifted than others when it comes to injury. Greg Romeus is another I can think of. He was arguably the best DE in college before he got injured. We took a chance and it never panned out
  12. Why must you bring back an old memory . I remember exactly where I was during the final 3 seconds of that game. I was at a friends house watching the game with his father. After the original inbounds play was called a no play. My friends father said the refs want the Soviets to win this game. After the 2nd one was overturned, all three of us knew what was coming next. The refs were going to let the Soviets complete an inbounds pass and let them take the game winning shot. The Soviets were smart, they threw a length of the court pass,and we couldn't guard it because a foul would have been called if we did. The rest is history. 2 timeouts allowed to the Soviets with none remaining. I wouldn't have accepted the Silver medal either.
  13. They are all gone now Professor Longhair- 1980 Earl King - 2003 Dr. John and Art Neville- 2019
  14. Don't pay attention to rivals message boards,especially those in the same division. I've said this before,but I belong to several FB groups that discuss NFL history. A vast majority of the members are older fans like me who've watched the game 50+ years. A vast majority of those believe we got screwed without lube. A Steelers fan the same age as me posted the no call was the first time he started questioning the leagues integrity. There are many fans of other teams just like him. The fact it was the Rams adds another element. The league desperately wanted a team back in L.A.for years,and they want them to be successful.