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  1. I didn't care for the last PI call on Janoris Jenkins either. I know it's a penalty,but that throw was not catchable. Imo, that's a play where the official needs to keep the flag in his pocket
  2. We better learn how to cover a TE or this is going to be long season/ Malcom Jenkings needs to be coaching, not on the field. He was abused tonight . Should have kept Von Bell
  3. Didn't make it home until the 2 minute warning. I don't like what I see so far. We are getting no pressure on Carr
  4. The preseason games were 4 in name only. Starters typically played one series in the first one,and didn't play at all in the last one.
  5. A 2nd round pick for a one year rental. No Thanks.
  6. Sparky Anderson once said what helped him become a good manager was he spent a lot of time on the bench and was able to study the game. Lue was the same. He spent a lot of time on the bench on those Lakers teams led by Shaq and Kobe. I'd be fine with hiring Lue
  7. Gene Upshaw played nearly his entire career with a permanently broken thumb. He'd use the cast to poke the opposing DT in the throat It wouldn't work in today/s era though. The refs would call hands to the face on every snap
  8. This was the subject on WWL radio earlier. Cardiomyopathy is showing up in young people who have caught this virus. They'll live now,but they won't be so lucky later in life. If a conference forces players to play, I can see a lot of lawsuits in the future
  9. I believe this decision is coming above Gentry. If you don't play him early, Do we even have a lead? That said I agree with you. He just turned 20 years old. I feel the Pels are treating him like a 35 year old who needs limited minutes.
  10. You need to contact the states Attorney Generals office. I can only speak for Ms. We are a right to work state that gives employers most of the power. Things have changed since covid though. If an employer here fires a worker because they are sick with this disease,they face 7 years in prison. I haven't checked,but I imagine most states have passed similar executive orders
  11. You nailed it. I see this every single day at Keesler. These young airmen don't care. The brass issued orders and guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing. They do wear mask when eating in the dining halls,but once they leave,they remove them and congregate next to each other around the outdoor tables. The good thing is they are not allowed to leave the base. If they were, we'd be overrun.
  12. RIP Herman Cain. You need to be an example to us all. Please wear a mask
  13. The only major sport I can see doing this is the NBA. It's due to roster size and they can play in a bubble. Baseball made it three days before 14 members of the Marlins tested positive. I just don't see how the NFL can pull this off. I'm now worried about states trying to open schools. I believe they'll suffer the same fate as MLB.
  14. Covid is a member of the corona virus family, It's unrelated to the flu. Corona and the flu are related like a cat and a dog. This was the first mistake Trump made. Warm weather doesn't kill the common cold. It happens year round, That's jr high science. For our POTUS to say this is downright stupid.
  15. my 28 year old son in law has had it for one month.He still has no taste of sense or smell. I'm beginning to worry he's suffered permanent neurological damage.