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  1. Atlanta is a mess, That defense would have trouble stopping LSU
  2. If it is a high ankle sprain, I wouldn't count on it. They are much worse than a low ankle sprain. Pat Swilling said it was the worst injury he suffered during his playing days. He said it took him 8 weeks to be 100% again. I remember the above interview after Rickey Williams suffered one in the final preseason game in his rookie season. Rickey played through it,but wasn't able to make those subtle cuts until midway through the season. Kamara's game relies heavily on his cutting ability. Let's hope it's not as bad as Williams was.
  3. Like the Rams, they have serious O-line issues. The chiefs have a bad defense,but still got 10 sacks. Barring a disaster, I think you can pencil in the Pats representing the AFC in the SB this year
  4. You're getting your wish. He hung around a year too long. He's getting pushed around and it won't be improving
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/n/nfl-insider-why-jalen-ramsey-is-not-worth-what-rams-traded-home-and-home/vp-AAIS1UU Baldinger thinks the Jags got the better of the trade. I also saw one of his tweets earlier where he was questioning if Ramsey was a shutdown corner.
  6. The next CBA will be in 2021. The players want the franchise tag removed. The owners want a 18 game season. Imo, I see both happening. I also see Ramsey signing with the higest bidder. There is no way for the Rams to make him the highest paid Cb while carrying Goff's,Donald's,Gurley's and Cook's salaries. They also have to resign Cooper Kupp who is a better Wr. than cooks imo again.
  7. First round picks come with a 5th year option. The Rams will miss those picks.Davenport is also not making 13 mil a year like Ramsey. The Rams now have the highest paid Qb.Rb,DT and the 5th highest paid Wr. We've had bad cap years,but Loomis never had to deal with 4 players at the top of the league salary wise. The Rams are in trouble if they don't win now. I believe the Ramsey signing is nothing more than a 1.5 year rental. The Rams problem isn't defense. It's the O-line. The Niners went through them with ease.
  8. That's Reggie White stuff there by cam in the last one.
  9. DeMario Davis is a man we can only hope to be. He was called for a hit on a defenseless receiver yesterday. It was a questionable call. Davis immediately knelt and started praying.The ref walked towards him with the intent of telling him to leave the field. Another official intervened and told the ref to leave him alone. It was obvious Davis wasn't gloating. he was there praying for his opponents health. Mike Nolan knows how to use Klein. His only responsibility is to aid in the run defense,not cover Wr's or Te's on a crossing pattern. If a Rb makes it past our front 4, Davis and Klein are waiting with baited breath . I love it
  10. To quote the late Hank Stram. "Opponents leave their running game at the hotel when the play the Saints" I never thought I'd see another saints defense comparable to the dome patrol, but we are getting there. Fournette is a load, but he went 2 yards backwards when he hit Malcom Brown head on. This run defense is filthy and nasty
  11. read the tweets back. This is classic. One example Breesus Christ isn’t due back for another few weeks. That’s when the rapture will happen for the NFL. 9:27 AM · Oct 13, 2019·Twitter for iPhone 26 Retweets
  12. Get in here peeps
  13. It was reported he was walking across the locker room without limping after practice. Like Bonk, I believe he was resting the ankle
  14. Baldy got his caught in a helmet when he played OG for the Eagles. He decided against surgery in order to keep playing and not miss any games.
  15. I also believe the Ryan Neisen and Mike Nolan hires were critical too.