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  1. To be fair, Fran Tarkenton and Joe Montana also beat every team. There were only 28 teams in the league when they did though.
  2. This is a tough one. Ingram is vital to our offense. He's also at the age where Rb's historically begin to fall off the cliff. Walter Payton and Marcus Allen are the only exceptions I can think of who were still dominant into their mid 30's.
  3. seems to be a sudden heart attack. he appeared to be fine a few days before
  4. One of the LSU greats. HOF'er Art Donovan said Taylor was the reason he knew he had to retire. He told HC Weeb Eubank in 1960 " I can't catch him" .
  5. I know it's technically not a record, but Brees threw 99 tds in a 100 consecutive game stretch. Unless we go to pure flag football rules, that will never be approached.
  6. We had a similar conversation several years ago. Richard Sherman was at his peak and very vocal. His war of words with Michael Crabtree was getting a lot of media attention. Marques Colston had the nickname Quiet Storm. When the Saints and Seahawks met in the playoffs, Sherman never said a thing about Colston after the game. Colston just did his job and let his play talk. In fact, after MC's TD in the playoffs, Sherman helped him up and patted him on the back. Jackson called it quiet confidence. It's the best way to take a player out of his game. Sometimes the smartest thing a man can say is nothing at all.
  7. Honestly, I wish pro athletes would keep their mouth shut. Tom Jackson said there were only two players who intimidated him. They were Earl Campbell and Walter Payton. The reason was they said nothing after they ran you over.
  8. Tom Brady's main competition most of his career was Vinnie Testaverde and Chad Pennington. That's a road map to a Div title and home field advantage.
  9. Jacksonville cannot stop him
  10. Is their a better mentor than Bill Parcells? Sean called him about the onside kick in SB 44. Bill simply told him, you don't win a Sb without balls. I love Parcells. He's the quintessential New Jersey tough guy from the streets
  11. I'm glad we drafted Lattimore,but the better player in the long term will be Mahones Imho. What separates him from other athletic Qb's is he's deadly accurate when scrambling.
  12. We just witnessed the birth of the next great one.
  13. I said this last year when he made this run. He avoided the last tackler who was approaching from behind. I've only seen two Rb's in my 50 years of watching who did the same. They were Gayle Sayers and Barry Sanders. We have a special one my fellow Whodats There is no way he saw him. Call it spidey sense if you're into comics