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  1. We also have Chancey Gardner Johnson on a rookie contract. He's a much better coverage safety than Bell
  2. Yes, he had a few bad attempted 3's last night. Some were contested and others with 20 or more seconds on the shot clock. No need to rush those in a close game. That said,he is improving and starting to show why he was the 2nd overall pick in his class. He has great court vision and his passes to Zion in the post makes Drew brees tip his cap.
  3. Yes they are bigger in the NFL https://www.ozy.com/the-huddle/when-football-players-go-pro-their-balls-get-bigger/90091/ It's probably not a big deal,but Burrow will have to get used to throwing an NFL football. Fwiw, Burrows hands are the same size as Jared Goff,and only slightly smaller than Tom Brady's.
  4. The Lakers game will be huge. I believe we'll win the 8th seed if we beat them. The defense still worries me. We are giving up way to many open looks for 3 pointers. Fortunately the Warriors weren't hitting them regularly
  5. I went to the Falcons forum. According to many of their fans,he's been a huge liability against the run the past two seasons. I say no thanks.
  6. Kittle was called for OPI/ It wasn't nearly as bad as Rudolph in our Vikings game. Once again no consistency,but it was the right call. Kittle fully extended his arm to gain separation. Rudolph extended his AND pushed off. I now believe we'll have to blow out every opponent in the playoffs if we are going to win another SB. We aren't getting the calls and I smell a rat.
  7. Welcome to the HOF Andy Reid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. no PW needed
  9. 65 toss power trap. It can pop wide open boys- Hank Stram, First Super bowl I remember and been a fan ever since Mr. official- How can 6 of you guys miss a play like that?
  10. My brain says Niners due to a better defense, but KC has a future hof Qb and Niners have a game manager at Qb. I'm going Chiefs 31 SF 24
  11. I see a lot of blame placed on the O-line. The Saints O-line was ranked among the leagues best. Who we missed imo was Mark Ingram. Ingram is a very good pass blocking rb. Murray isn't. The Falcons and Vikes stacked their line over the guards exploiting Kamara and Murrays weakness in that area.
  12. Jrue flat out embarrassed Kevin Love
  13. I posted the following on my Fb feed. This is why you tell your family that you love them everyday. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  14. I was frustrated as well,but I believe the decision to pull Zion came from above Gentry. Jaxon Hayes should have been guarding Aldridge all night. Aldridge did his damage against Favors. Hayes length and jumping ability didn't allow him those easy jump shots. That is coaching,and we saw last night why Greg Popovich is a HOF'er.
  15. I think the Chiefs should win. The Niners have no one who can cover Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill. That said Andy Reid is a charter member of the Les Miles school of clock management. he has games where he makes Sean Payton look like Jim Mora.