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  1. I don't believe Haslett asked Deuce to gain weight. Deuce never worked hard in the offseason. He often showed up at camp overweight. I believe it was Rap who posted a pic of Deuce the first day of TC in 2004. He looked like a slob with a beer gut. It definitely wasn't a chiseled 240.
  2. Jalapeno's are the secret to a great crab,shrimp, or crawfish boil. heat and flavor in one shot. Trust me on this . I've seen this simple ingredient win several blue ribbons
  3. Mike Martz was the same way. Like Spurrier his playcalling lacked a "hot route". That's a quick dump off to keep the Qb from getting hammered. Spurriers and Martz's system needed 10+ yards to develop. That's why Kurt Warner suffered a lot of comcussions in his career. If Martz hands the ball off to Marshall Faulk 25+ times,they beat the Patriots by 2 Td's or more in Brady's first SB.
  4. I wouldn't say he's the worst. He was actually ok between 82-86. 1987 was the beginning of his downfall. He told the team to cut back on the endorsements and start concentrating on football again. Dan Hampton said he turned on a tv in the locker room after that speech. The first thing he saw was Ditka's new Chunky soup commercial. My vote for the worst would be Barry Switzer. He won with Jimmy Johnson's talent. He was a college coach who didn't belong in the NFL. His strength was recruiting,not X's and O's.
  5. Key just had his 4th visit today. You don't have that many visits if Payton isn't interested. Detillier made a good point tonight. Pass rushers aren't extinct,but they are an endangered species. He said it's easier to find a great Qb than it is a pass rusher currently. Key was on every teams top 5 after his sophomore season. The talent is there. I imagine Payton wants to know if he's rededicated himself or a lost cause.
  6. I'd Go with Warren Moon or Willie Brown
  7. Congrats Alex
  8. I say smoke,but he's also correct. History says some of these Qb's will be busts and set their team back 2 + years.
  9. Win or lose Portland was going to be the first round opponent. Somehow it came down to Portlands last game. If they won ( they did) they became the 3 and the Pels 6. Had Portlant lost,they would have been 4 and the Pels 5. We would have played them with either seeding.
  10. 20. Doug Pederson (2000) Stats: 117-for-210, 1,047 yards, 2 TDs, 8 INTs Rating: 56.6 W-L: 1-7 Turned out to be a pretty good coach.
  11. Detillier said 3rd round on WWL tonight
  12. He covers like deion and tackles like Blount
  13. Julio had his moments due to experience. Lattimore won't be a rookie next year. He'll shut down our #1 enemy. He'll fell into our lap at #11. We should be thankful daily