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  1. Landry is a good player, but a team would be a fool to trade two first round picks for him.
  2. Thanks for the hard work Drew. I deeply appreciate it
  3. Very good information. Thanks Drew. I made a similar post awhile back about Rb's. If you want a great one,you better be willing to spend a first rounder on one. Kamara and Terrlel Davis are exceptions. Emmitt Smith, 18,355 Walter Payton, 16,726 Barry Sanders, 15,269 Curtis Martin, 14,101 LaDainian Tomlinson, 13,684 Jerome Bettis, 13,662 Eric Dickerson, 13,259 Frank Gore, 13,065 Tony Dorsett, 12,739 Jim Brown, 12,312 Marshall Faulk, 12,279 Edgerrin James, 12,246 Marcus Allen, 12,243 Franco Harris, 12,120 Thurman Thomas, 12,074 Adrian Peterson, 11,747 These are the top 16 in rushing yards. The only ones not drafted in the first were Frank Gore,Curtis Martin,and Thurman Thomas. Gore and Thomas would have been first rounders if not for injury concerns coming out of college. I also owe Frank Gore an apology. I didn't believe he was a hall of famer during his time with the Niners. He's first ballot now. His updated total is 14,026. There is no way the HOF voters can deny those numbers. If he plays this year,he'll be 4th all time.
  4. Nonyt, I hate to be piling on here, but Dru is right. History says if you want a great player, you better draft him in the top half of round 1,
  5. Agreed, The writer is looking at pure stats.Coleman is a monster blocker in the running game. That cannot be discounted. He's a better blocker than Hines Ward imo. Go back and look at the long TD runs by Ingram and Kamara. You'll see a Db erased by Coleman.
  6. The NFL policy is a six game suspension for Domestic violence. I don't know if the drug charge would be concurrent or added time to the suspension. He failed a drug test at the combine. The arrest would be his 2nd strike. One more and it's a year.
  7. I remember this as a teen. Japanese gymnast Shun Fujimoto scores a 9.7 on the rings. He broke his knee in the floor exercise earlier and kept it a secret. The pain would leave a normal human bed bound and on crutches.
  8. X 2 We filled some needs wit Warford,Klein,and Okafor. The biggest reason for our turnaround was the drafting of Lattimore,Ramzck,Kamara,and Marcus Williams.
  9. Drews cap hit was 22 mil when the cap was 132 mil. 25 against a projected 190 isn't bad at all. Drew knows he can't command the price of a Matt Stafford. He'll be back next year. I have zero worries about him testting the market
  10. He would then be an UFA and the best Philly would get is a 3rd round compensatory pick. If he's on the Eagles roster at the end of the 2018 season, The final 4 years of his contract are voided.
  11. I won't hold the Raiders game against him. it was played at 30 degrees with occasional 50 mph gusts. That was extreme conditions for both Carr and Foles.
  12. I believe Brady has played his last Super Bowl. Incredible as his stats were,they could have been better. I watched the replay earlier and paid particular attention to the Pats offensive series. He made several under throws that cost his team dearly. I know it's a cliche' ,but Father time is undefeated. It wasn't the first time Brady looked like a 40 year old playing a young mans game either. That said, the Pats defense is sub par. It's a testament to Brady's greatness they got this far.
  13. No to Chad Johnson. Owens had the 2nd most catches and yards while Moss had the 2nd most Td's among Wr's. Those numbers were too hard to deny. I do believe it prevents a log jam so Wr's such as Steve Smith,Calvin Johnson,and Larry Fitzgerald won't be waiting long. It's also rare for the HOF voters to put two players at the same position in the same year.
  14. Haslem is the modern day version of John Meacom when he owned the Saints. Excellent post Brod.