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  1. That is insane. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/WAR_career.shtml I think Babe Ruth's record is safe though
  2. I'm following a collusion topic on a FB group I belong too. teams are now using analytics and advanced metrics. Players want long term fully guaranteed deals,but the numbers say they are bad business decisions. He's a career .279 hitter and his War stat is 1.9
  3. because he's stupid and greedy. He turned down a 10 year 300 million fully guaranteed extension to stay with the Nationals
  4. The last 2 SB's have suffered declining ratings. You can bet the owners have taken notice
  5. basically if we sign a FA for more money than bridgewater makes via FA, we get no compensatory picks
  6. Like them or not, Jones and Kraft have a lot of influence. Benson did too when he was alive. Jones and Kraft were once strong supporters of Goodell,but those relationships got strained after deflate gate and the Ezekiel Elliot suspension. You can bet the farm, benson didn't like the way he handled bountygate either.
  7. Jim/Brod What's your views on interem GM Danny Ferry?
  8. I wouldn't want Silver. LeBron James is the defacto commissioner
  9. Westoff is 71 years old and probably retires anyway. He was coaxed out of retirement last year. Before 2017, his last coaching job was 2012 with the Jets.
  10. I've heard a 4th rounder
  11. Joe Flacco has been traded to Denver. one less suitor now
  12. #5 ain't happening. Murray has publicly stated football is his only concern now. He'll go top 15. We don't have the ammo to trade up to that spot.
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/02/11/super-bowl-devin-jason-mccourty-brian-hoyer-patriots-rams I know many of us boycotted the SB, but the true MVP of the SB was probably Pats backup Qb Brian Hoyer. It's a great read if anyone has time. Hoyer played for the Rams when McVay coached the TE's. He recognized the language from OTA camps in 2016. He may have cracked the Rams offense going into the future. Goff has trouble with the 0 Blitz schemes. “Having played in that offense, they don’t have an answer for all-out pressure,” Hoyer says. “Their answer is for the quarterback to make a play.”
  14. Ainge ain't to be effed with on and off the court
  15. he's not playing the slot like Edelman. Watch the SB when you get a chance. Brees needs a receiver like he had with Lance Moore.