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  1. No team wants the pels come playoff time. This youth is going to run teams out of the gym
  2. Vinkovich was the ref and didn't make the no call. The real blames lies on the side judge. He over ruled the back judge who was about to throw a flag
  3. SB 44 was the most watched SB at the time despite New orleans and Indianapolis being two of the NFL's smallest markets. I have my problems with the NFL,but unlike the NBA,and MLB, they don't need major markets to garner ratings
  4. Sean Mcvay became a HC at age 30. teams are now starting to take chances with young unproven offensive minded coaches. Kliff Kingsbury is another. Brady's system blows McVay out of the water in my opinion. Mcvay's offense is designed around Goff rolling outside the pocket. Opponents are now showing one defensive scheme and audibling out once the headset cuts off. I might be wrong,but I believe brady is the next great offensive mind in the NFL.
  5. According to Mike Detillier, he won't be an OC very long. If the Panthers have success offensively next season, he's going to be a HC in 2021. LSU receivers were running routes you see in the NFL. They also had a Qb. who could throw it exactly where the ball needed to be placed. College has never seen an offense like this before Peyton Manning wasn't asked to go through the progressions like Burrow was this year when he played at Tenn.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28485392/lsu-joe-brady-become-panthers-offensive-coordinator I'm posting it here because it concerns our Saints. Carolina is about to become dangerous offensively. I was speaking with Brod last night. He told me he's hearing rumors the New Panthers owner is willing to trade the farm in order to draft Burrow
  7. Gayle Sayers is still the youngest player at the time of his induction. He was 34 when he was enshrined. I believe Gronkowski ties him,and Kuechly may set the new mark at 33. He was that good.
  8. Lakers do not want to see this young and improving team come playoff time. LeBron isn't getting younger and AD is starting to have back trouble.
  9. Derrick Henry is a bad bad boy. I hope Sean Payton is watching. A power run game can still win in this league. Mahommes can't hurt you watching from the sideline
  10. So, you;re asking for guards to take on a a DT and and a blitzing safety? Those only exist in comic books. How about a Rb who can pass block? We missed Ingram here
  11. I'm locked in at LSU -8
  12. This is going to be a fun game. Burrow will be the #1 overall pick in 2020. Clemson Qb Trevor Lawrence will probably be the #1 overall pick in 2021.I believe this game is coming down to which defense can force a turnover. If you are a gambling man, bet the over
  13. This one will hurt. I'd rather Nolan be DC than Allen
  14. I was worried before the game. I felt some fans were judging Cousins by his week 16 performance against GB. Cook and the backup Rb were inactive that game. There are not many Qb's who can overcome that and he struggled. The defense intercepted Rodgers 3 times and forced two fumbles. I believe if cook were healthy they would have beat the Pack by double digits. Cook is that good. The defense is great and well coached. I would not be shocked if they beat SF next week.
  15. I knew we were in trouble when Davenport went to IR. Thankfully, the Vikes gave us a quick knife.