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  1. My wife is from Taiwan. Their population is 24 million. Texas and California are the only states with a greater population. Nationwide,they have only had 7 deaths due to this virus. Why did they do so well and why is it out of control here? There are a few reasons. They had the SARS scare back in 03 and put in place programs to deal with pandemics. When they shut down, they truly shutdown. Unlike the USA, fast food and retail workers are not considered essential. The only essential employees there are police,medical personnel,and military. Citizens didn't starve either. Police and military were used to deliver food to those who were ordered to stay home. They shutdown air travel to mainland China in November when the reports first started coming out of Wuhan. We didn't do the same until 6 weeks later. There is also a nationwide mandatory mask law. If you get caught in public without one, you face a heavy fine and possible jail time for a 2nd offense. Science says masks work. You can find a few rogues that will tell you otherwise,but they are wrong. I was listening to a Tulane epidemiologist on the radio Monday. He said if two people are wearing a mask,and one of them is infected, The chance of the uninfected person catching the virus is nearly 0%. Please wear a mask!!. It's not that hard.
  2. Update on son in law. Feeling better, but still has no sense of taste or smell. This virus ain't joking around.
  3. Update- My son in law is feeling much better. He is expected to recover fully. He told me the first three days were rough. His quote was I felt like Bruce Lee worked me over with a pair of nunchucks. My old ass wants no part of that. Please everyone who reads this, please wear a mask in public. Your constitutional rights are not violated in a pandemic if your local or state government mandates their use. If we had been doing it since the first case was reported here,we'd be talking about training camp now instead of some states debating going back to phase 1
  4. My daughter who doesn't have a political bone on her body registered to vote today,and it will be against trump. This idiot ordered testing to be lowered because he didn't like the numbers. I know this is dangerous ground, but we elected a psychopath as President. I didn't like him in the 80's and I sure as hell don;t like him now.
  5. July is is only 3 days away and when NFL teams start training camp. I just don't see a season happening.
  6. I won't stop:) This is a catastrophic failure from the top on down. I'm not a fan of government overreach, but this administration has left the decision up to individual states. This is one issue where big brother needs to step in. A month ago, my FB feed was overwhelmed with people laughing at states with democratic governors . My oh my,have the tables turned. This should have never been political. It's a medical crisis damnit
  7. I hope they are right and I am wrong. I really do. A vaccine imo is the only way we'll ever return to true normalcy
  8. Well, My son in law tested positive, so it's now hit home with me. He said he's running a slight fever with body aches,nothing bad right now. He's 28 with no underlying health issues,so he should be fine. I'm worried about my daughter though. She's type 2 diabetic and works the covid unit at a local hospital,and the Ms. coast is exploding with new cases now.
  9. Like Atn said I wish we knew the answer. There are conflicting stories out there. We do know this from history. In order for herd immunity to work, at least 60% of the population would need to have anti-bodies. We are nowhere close to that. We are less than 10%. This video explains the dangers much better than I can.
  10. I do not see a vaccine happening. The flu mutates once per year while corona viruses can mutate up to 8 times a year, A vaccine developed now is not going to be effective against a strain 8 generations later. Recent research has shown that antibodies from those that have recovered are not permanent either. Welcome to the new normal. Sports may not be a part of our future for a long time
  11. happens to me as well
  12. If the NFL plays this season it will be in empty stadiums. This covid crisis is far from over. My daughter is a RN at a hospital here on the Ms. Coast. Their ICU beds are running low. She told me please don't have a heart attack or be involved in a car accident. You might be SOL
  13. Mike D. reported this on WWL. The Falcons in our regular season loss,and the Vikings in the playoff game went right at him. He was the weak link on the O-line
  14. Payton loves the screen pass. You need athletic linemen who can run downfield for it to be effective
  15. Warford showed up at camp last year 30 lbs overweight. He's been in Payton's doghouse since