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  1. Yes it is. Dear Mrs Gayle, please do what it takes to keep Jeff Ireland
  2. If I had to choose between Kalil Mack and Aaron Donald, it wouldn't be an easy choice. They are the Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White of this generation
  3. We still need to win out. I don't see the Rams losing another game.
  4. http://whodatzone.com/chat/
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/73bhgd/how_does_the_nfl_determine_how_much_to_fine_a/ I know it's reddit, but it's a % of the players yearly salary
  6. The latest forecast shows Thunderstorms all day long. We might be playing in a quagmire. Imo, Ingram and Kamara should be a huge advantage in those conditions
  7. Bobby Hebert said the same on WWL last night. Rod Marinelli is a great defensive coordinator and called a great game plan. The problem for the Bucs is they don't have the horses to do the same. Armstead was also out and we average 10 more points a game when he plays. We had to give Bushrod a lot of help. Armstead can take on any defensive player without help. Aaron Donald was 0-0-0 on his stat line when he lined up against him
  8. Cell phones are banned for coaches and players only. I haven't found any article that says the rule applies to stadium employees.
  9. No, it's not illegal to have a cell on the sidelines. sean Payton isn't going to tell brees " Kamara Screen off RT". he says it in a language the Cowboys don't understand. This individual is capable of stealing signs like I would be on the Cowboys lines.
  10. Rodgers has looked average the last few weeks. He's been throwing worm burners that fall way short of their target. He's now officially on the hot seat.
  11. 26-10 Ravens now. Ryan is getting pounded 7 minutes left and the Falcons have 97 yds of offense
  12. Rams over Lions 16-13. Beginning of the 4th. I thought this would be a blowout
  13. Falcons/ Ravens here. Beasley returns a Lamaar Jackson fumble for a TD Falcons lead 10-7 I believe the Ravens will eventually wear this defense down in the 2nd half. They are light in the seat up front,and having trouble stopping the run.
  14. Dallas had the ball for over 22 minutes in the first half. They were dominating every stat. A FG would have said " You're dominating us, but you only lead by a single TD". It would have put some doubt in their confidence.
  15. How would he know our terminology? I still feel the biggest mistake was not taking the FG when we were down 10-0