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  1. I believe you're absolutely right. I heard the Saints play the Rams for opening game....I hope the Saints give them the ass whippin of a lifetime!
  2. I hope they can keep them. They are going to be key to getting through tough defenses when passing is too risky, and for 1st down conversions. As for Brees, he looks like he's playing as good or better than he ever has. I think the Saints are gonna come back fired up and win it all. I think Peyton will put together a plan and I think the Saints will come out swinging hard this coming season.
  3. Do you know if Kamara and Ingram are staying? Kamara is a beast. When he gets going he's hard to stop.
  4. Hi Thernasty, I don't know...I'm not sure if you saw the selfie videos of Robey-Coleman (wolves & sheep video and one other one) that he posted bragging. That's what I was pissed about. It's one thing if it's an accident, but it's totally different if someone sabotages a play like that. Yes, it was the ref's call that was wrong, but when a cheat play is done intentionally, that reflects bad on the ethics of the whole team. Thank you for the congrats btw.
  5. Thank you. Tom Brady really had a bad night that night, but thankfully the NE defense had Ram chops for dinner. As much as I'm pulling for my team, I hope you guys win it later this year because the Saints truly deserve it. Will the Saints have the same roster this coming season?
  6. Saint ATN, The Saints have an amazing team and should the roster stay the same, they will undoubtedly be in the next super bowl. The only thing I saw that could've been improved on by the saints is pass rush. Jared Goff and the Lambs can't play under pressure because he is too inexperienced. As far as Robey-Coleman, he is a cheating sack of diddly-poo and Karma will bite him in the ass.
  7. Suh looked like Duh...LOL and Donald looked like he wish he had taken more steroids before the game!!
  8. Anyways, keep your heads up and keep playing like you do and use it to fuel the next season. Y'all will bring home a trophy.
  9. I said the exact same thing about brees. I do pull for you guys every time my Pats aren't playing because you have a good team and don't have to cheat like the Rams. The Robey-Coleman video of him bragging pissed a lot of NE fans off and people across the country off too. The general sentiment was that if he would do it to ya'll, what would stop him from doing it to other teams as well?
  10. Thank you. I meant every word of it. The Saints are a great team and I know you guys will be back in the SB in no time. I have to admit, I wanted the Patriots to completely blow out the Rams to embarrass them for you guys, but Brady was having an off night. But it was nice watching the Pats D throw the steroid looking Rams D around like rag dolls.
  11. I am a Patriots fan, but I have the utmost respect for the Saints. The Saints were cheated and it would've been a much better game if the Saints were in it. I know it may not be much consolation, but hopefully Saints fans appreciated watching the Rams defensive/offensive line get manhandled by the Patriots (watch the one handed throw down of Rams defender). Drew Brees and Tom Brady are the two best QB's in the NFL and the two best teams. As much as I was pissed about the no-call that happened, I was equally disgusted by the ahole Robey-Coleman from the Rams bragging about basically cheating and getting away with it. I hope the Saints get the chance to get the Lombardi trophy you guys deserve, and hopefully some of you got some satisfaction out of knowing the Rams got Rammed! You guys have a great team and hopefully you guys will have a great season this coming year!