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  1. I need this clip in my life.......must.....find......
  2. Just looked quickly at tonight's game to see Cam score....then go show off in front of a tv monitor in the end zone with no crowd there. I've just never cared for showoffs. I've always struggled with anyone acting that way in any setting......I'm an old fuddy-duddy I guess....Didn't like it when Saints players do it either unless its with their teammates
  3. Should be a lot of volatility in the first few weeks since we had no preseason. Good shakeout in the NFC South for the Bayou Boys. Also enjoyed the Cowboys loss when I think every broadcast person picked them to win. And I strangely like the Rams new uniform
  4. Yup....lots went right all the way across. Nothing too flashy but I'm happy...and of course the national media only wants to report on Tom Brady.....
  5. I have to say I listened to his radio interview yesterday on WWL and I liked how he interviewed. Let's see if with better leadership and a few years of life and football experience he matures into a non-issue off the field. It's easy to sit back and judge anyone on a life we have not lived in surroundings we have not been brought up in. As a youngster environment is much more important than your substance as an individual because you haven't developed into your own person yet. As far as a QB for the Saints...we now have 4 on the roster. Do we keep him as #2 while using Taysom as a Swiss army knife each game? Or does Taysom become #2 on gameday with Jamies inactive? What of our late pick? Don't think he can make the PS without being picked up.
  7. It will be interesting to say the least. Brady will be in a different system for the first time. No matter if they adopt the Patriots offense or visa versa he and the team will at least have a transition to make. I'd imagine it will be a quick short pass offense much like he has moved to. Experience as a QB is huge, but there is only so much he can do on his own. It's all about getting pressure early. I'm happy for Bridgewater though I certainly wish it was elsewhere. I'm sure Cam will be gone one way or another next season as it would be a mess if he were to stay....
  8. I wish I had a way to watch the Pelican games... but since I don't have cable there doesn't seem to be an app that allows it for free. I'm really interested to see if the Pels can continue to play well in the second half of games that they've shown recently. The frustrating and wonderful thing about basketball is you really never know when the other team will go on a year in shame and turn it the Pels did last night.
  9. Yeah.... Still don't know why they rank defenses by total yards allowed instead of total points allowed... The only stat that really matters....... The Saints have absolutely killed it on SNF & MNF for many years now
  10. Amazing performance by Brees and the team. BTW how in hell do his stats not end up with a perfect QB rating for the game?!?!?!
  11. I thought the 49ers have a better conference record so we still need to best them to get to #1
  12. We've all had a quiet weekend with local teams having byes (shout out to Tulane for winning their 6th game), now looking forward it's hard to see the Saints losing more than two games. I say that not because I see two games we should lose, but this is the NFL and turnovers or a down emotional game can give you a loss to almost anyone. We played one of the top toughest schedules through week 8..... I'd be surprised if our last 8 schedule is not in at least the top 10 easiest. That SF game will likely determine #1 versus #2 seeding in the NFC.....
  13. Awesome game...... final score showed the dominance that wasn't shown in the first half. Hard to criticize anything at all...... Cardinals got a lot of pressure which I was not expecting.... Brees went down a number of times. Jordan is a beast and was just off for a few more sacks.. credit to K. Murray for eluding the rush many times. Will be a good two weeks rest for us and falcons coming out of it.......sweet.
  14. There's no place for it, but special teams punt return gets it too. Two blocked punts...... The tip and the safety
  15. Looks like we may have lost two DB's today? Hamstring and whatever Apple had? Dominant win....but the DB cost looks to be big