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  1. Watching the overtime GB -Colts game. Winning Colts FG try imminent. BG fumble in OT in their own territory... huge mistake.
  2. Have only been able to watch the second appears Taysom did a great job of being a QB first. Obviously many run plays called but he definitely did a good job of not giving up on a pass play too soon. Shame about the long TD being called back. The course I think Matt Ryan might be the least mobile and most sacked QB in the NFL in the past 5 years or so.....
  3. Yeah running the first play has always been used to name that person the starter. But I've always thought that is a needless designation. Number of plays played out of the total number is all that matters. Obviously with the QB position you almost never expected more than 1 person to play the whole game, but with the wildcat being somewhat common you do see some snaps by other players, whether a QB, RB, WR... . I've no idea that to expect today. I just hope for some consistency and identity on offense. I'm a bit concerned this doesn't happen. A few mistakes early and we go 3 and out without Brees I am more concerned. We have a habit of spotting the opposing team points early and without Brees' experience I am less than optimistic we overcome that.
  4. Maybe the right wording is get the least out of him? What I mean is play within the position. Throw it away when it needs to instead of trying to extend the plays and get into trouble. Passion and talent get you far but it comes with the miscues and misreads. Manage the game. Bridgewater did a great job of that last year.
  5. I just hope the offense can find an identity quickly with someone else behind center. I'm concerned the opposing teams play with less respect/fear without Brees there and take more chances that someone without as quick a read will have trouble with.
  6. Ribs are interesting bones.....often you'll hear it's better to break a bone than fracture because it heals better but I don't know if it applies to ribs. Every single breath you take moves the rib must be painful. Unless you get pressure or hit there beyond the initial discomfort you'd think it would be fine for an average person.... but he plays football. Every throw contorts the rib cage. Not sure you heal as quickly unless he totally takes off of throwing for a while. But what do I know....I'm not an orthopedist and I've never fractured ribs or had a punctured lung...what the hell am I taking about... .
  7. Bills-Cardinals game had a crazy ending. Two touchdowns in the last 34 seconds.... The first an amazing diving catch (you really don't see this anymore-showing my age I remember Danny Abramowicz used to do it more often...). Winning TD a bit of a hail Mary thru 3 defenders for the win.
  8. Jameson can't look off the DBs. On the pass over the middle that was almost picked his head never moved. Brees would have looked left and right before the middle throw. I know it's not exactly fair to compare but SF has gotten all their confidence in the second half from their lack of fear of our offense. Ok I feel better now. 17 pt lead. SFs mistakes are taking care of it.
  9. Looks like without Brees in there the SF defense for brave. We look totally out of it without Brees. Hope that changes.
  10. Ha! I am exactly the same. Old enough to know I have absolutely no control over the outcome and smart enough to know that I don't know diddly-poo about coaching or playing I manage my fan stress the exact same way. Complete block after a loss, complete attention after a win.
  11. Obviously he is being used as needed because he is a superior athlete with unusual skills. If given a chance to be an every down QB....we don't know. Unless the front office and Brees have already committed to his retirement date, a 2 year deal for Taysom doesn't tell me much. Who knows what we will see in a year or two....
  12. Or LSU this year.....from the other side......
  13. Two things stuck out to me.......on the Trautman touchdown.....It was the third look. At least Brees looked left, right, then middle. TE might have been the primary and the first two were deliberate lookoffs.....I don't know. But to do so that fast then deliver absolutely the perfect ball...just over the linebacker in front and between two defenders. We truly have become spoiled. I will take an aging, smart QB over a young stud talent until I don't have a choice anymore...... The second is Taysom Hill.! That long run ending in the dback hurdle showed it. And that play exemplifies why we all love him. He's a college mentality player in the NFL. He always has a huge diddly-poo eating grin (where the hell did that phrase become a good thing?) On his face after a play. He loves playing football. Maybe not the smartest way to play, but fun to watch and root for....
  14. I'd be curious to see the Saints Sunday night record all time. We've played well in my memory for whole Brees era.