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  1. Gave the game away with turnovers. Can't win that way often in the NFL.
  2. Man...what is happening in Pittsburgh?!?!?! What a dream/nightmare!
  3. I have family from Euclid just outside Cleveland..they must be partying! Feel good for them...their history of losing rivals the Saints early years
  4. Played well enough to win... Had more than our share of calls go our way. It's a win...not terribly excited to play Tampa again.... I'd rather a team we don't have often as it's more interesting. Not concerned about playing them a third time....that saying about it being hard to beat a team 3 times in the same year isn't true.... In fact if you are in to stats, they win about 2/3rds of the time the third game.
  5. Bears losing composure since the ejection.... Need a TD here, not 3 pts.
  6. Weird feeling game thus far....we need to score some points to make them press.......not let them hang too long where one or two plays can turn the game... I'm not a big fan of verbal bating...I know there is still a lot of jawing in contact sports but I guess I'm just not the type so I don't care much for it..
  7. Sort of dominating but only up one score...not feeling uber-confident at the moment....
  8. Missing opportunities...
  9. Looking good. Obviously we are trying to open the field with the passes first. Worried Taysom may be out of the game since he was already concussed last week and now in the tent. We all know concussions don't disappear completely in a week
  10. As far as a future opponent, who do we want to win this second game? Assuming we may play the winner at some point if we win?
  11. Buffalo got jobbed on that fumble that was rulled to not be a fumble. Luckily the Colts 'River' ran dry......
  12. Routing for Washington tonight. I'm not sure why they have to say the 'Washington Football Team' in it's intirety....we all know what we are talking about when we say Washington. It almost makes it sound like they are making fun of the fact they are changing their name.
  13. Great post Boris! I agree with all....but just as evaluating a game seems rather clear cut between players and coaches before it's played, it only takes one game to be out. I do hope we get everyone back to play. If we execute and limit mistakes that we are in control of, I feel good about the first game...
  14. I'm sure he'd play if he tests negative. Asymptomatic just means no symptoms. If he tests positive he's out.
  15. 5 interceptions by 5 different players..... That can't have happened many times in the history of the NFL. So if we play Saturday do we have all our normal active RBs out? I am assuming we play Sat because....NFL.