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  1. Ah, Magic Johnson now stating that he doesn't feel the Pels entered negotiations in "good faith". Wonder what kind of "faith" is another organization acting at best complicit with a player agent as they attempt to manipulate AD to LA?
  2. Really interesting transcript on The Athletic right now (subscription required) of Joe Vitt meeting with lawyers during faux bountygate. After reading, no idea how these guys are in the same building, let alone same meeting rooms. One thing that stood out was that Vitt said Grilliams lied about EVERYTHING. Point being, how could the NFL pick and choose what to believe when he lied about EVERYTHING.
  3. Now that any lawsuits have been voided, this is now a non-issue to the NFL. If anything, Goodouche probably feels the non-call added intrigue and public interest to a Superbowl in a non-destination location between a team everybody is sick of winning and another team with no home fanbase. Any and all publicity welcome during Superbowl week. And now we're just bitter fans that won't get over a bad non-call. I would love the idea of an investigation, especially by the FBI, but there is too much money to protect. Goodouche somehow manages an acute level of condescension in that letter. As if swatting an annoying, buzzing fly. A fly with no sting. And the way he plays us because he knows we have no sting is the ultimate insult. Acknowledge not only the heinous non-call, but also the anguish of a city and region. And the economic impact that non-call had. And the damage done to the legacies. Say you're sorry, Goodouche. Say you're sorry and it will never happen again.
  4. I, for one, appreciated Robey-Coleman's candor. I don't think the NFL's lawyers appreciated it. I did not appreciate the general response from the Rams. I don't really know how I wanted them to react, but I can only imagine how Brees would've responded. Something like "...we respect the Rams and hate winning on a ref call like that, but we're ready and feel worthy to represent the NFC...". Instead it was a "bang-bang play" and chest pounding and mock choppa. Tough spot they shouldn't have been in. Anyways, so glad to hear from a Patriots fan. Congratulations, all (eh, most) of us were pulling for you. Nobody can deny the brilliance of Belichick. What a game we were robbed of.
  5. I love telling the Lakers to go screw themselves and make plans with some other team's franchise player. Really seems an un-Demps like move, so comforting to hear more are in on this decision. Starting to think Tatum, Memphis 1st rounder, cap relief and LeBron/Lakers disappointment is a decent return for losing AD.
  6. We decided to make it an entire day. Weather was great to have a fire going in the fire pit in the backyard and set up the projector to show the entire 09 playoff run. Family came from out of town, including one escaping Patriot fans (oddly no Rams fans) in Atlanta. Cousin came from Mandeville and brought appropriate sausage and seafood for big pot gumbo and even brought a couple of Paul's Pastry finest. Local friends came and went. Family crashed and made the house an absolute wreck, just now getting completely cleaned up. But it was a great time. Besides, two weeks ago I informed my employer I was going to need a couple days off after I watched the Saints win the Superbowl. Just didn't know it was going to be 44 and not 53.
  7. Strong offer, but unless you think Lonzo will blossom into JKidd Jr, you still don't have the dude it takes to win in the West. How valuable are those first rounders? They def won't be lottery. The Boston first rounders look weaker by the day but is the talent return better with Tatum and Brown? That with Jrue and some cap help (pleeeease don't get cute and resign Mirotic) is intriguing. No way the Knicks get that first pick. Cleveland has that in the stars. Knicks go all in on Durant and Kyrie but end up with THarris and Boogie. I'm not sure I trust Demps to handle this, but I'm begging... Dell, don't screw this up.
  8. We had the 09 playoff run on all day... Cardinal beat down, Viking nail-biter and the Miami masterpiece. Even watched the Who. Added bonus, didn't have to watch this crap game. Or crap halftime show. One thing I learned from rewatching; we really missed having a Devery or a Shockey this year. Devery had a great stretch of postseason games. Today is the first day in two weeks that I feel good about next year.
  9. Soooooo... Count me as still angry, still bitter. And probably more so because it hasn't been acknowledged. Not that it could change anything. I guess Goodell could mention how sorry he is to the Saints organization and it's fans as he hands (hopefully) the Patriots the Lombardi. Given the latest legal wrangling that shows the league is arguing an imperfect game, I'm guessing we will get some sort of begrudgingly delivered "apology" from Goodouche tomorrow. He won't take questions on it and it will be slick and legal eagled. It's all we'll get. No draft picks. No consolation prizes. No pats on the back. I almost hope he says nothing to perpetuate the conspiracy. I don't believe the actual no-call was a conspiracy. But I do believe the way they called the game was suspect. I believe they went into the game with an orchestrated plan, possibly even league dictated, to keep the flags in their pockets. I wonder if somebody, somehow gave the Rams heads-up to game plan for that eventuality. Whatever really happened, I would probably be closer to moving on from this had the NFL recognized the folly and APOLOGIZED ALL READY.
  10. One thing that was apparent starting last season was the resilience of this team. I admired that they were in every game, even games they didn't really show up for. They would stick with it, figure it out and press on. Part of fandom is rooting for something you have no control over. But the players have direct control. After the no-call, I was immediately gutted. I can not imagine the emotions pumping through the players. They still had the chance to win, but I just can't hold it against them. Good teams overcome bad calls. This wasn't a bad call. It was soul larceny. I need some time away. I'm conflicted because I want to be part of the noise being thrown at the league. But I'm going to step away for a while in the hopes I can still feel the butterflies I have always felt each late summer when the band gets back together. I hope this team comes back. And I hope everybody here comes back. We certainly don't need to lose more insight from posters I've revered for years. But if you can't make it back for whatever reason, I can't hold it against you.
  11. Twenty-four hours after Minnesota, I was calculating how many days until redemption. Twenty-four hours post whatever-the-hell-we're-calling-yesterday, I know there is no redemption to be had. I don't want to let it go because it will just fade into the sports news cycle like the NFL wants. But just moving on doesn't do the team, the players, the coaches and the fan base proper justice. I'm scared that the worst screwing in sports history will decimate the spirit of this team. And if I'm honest, I would completely understand.
  12. An apology and a rule change won't return what's rightfully ours. And more aptly, what's rightfully Drew's. And Cam's. And Coach Payton's. And... Also consider me unimpressed on how the Rams organization has reacted. Great season and great team, could use a touch more tact and class. I can't imagine this current torture subsiding, but it will. I just wonder how how much desire I'll have to pick up the pieces.
  13. For some reason Robey-Coleman admitting fault only makes it worse. But I agree, I'd love to see the ref get thrown under the bus by the NFL and forced to answer some questions. Can't think of any way for NFL to remedy this, so I imagine they won't try.
  14. I wish I had your commitment, Richard. I'm disgusted. Hurt. And I feel a bit used by the NFL. But not by the Saints. I'll be back next year. This year, however... Illegitimate Superbowl.
  15. Watson was good for at least one fantastic, clutch 20 yard catch each game. We'll miss that. These injuries make the logical side of my brain nervous. But the emotional side... Come on all ready, Sunday.