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  1. I love this win. I love how we responded. I think Armstead being back can really help the oline. The defense played good and can be great when the offense can run the ball. Certainly looked dire at first, but I'm feeling the mojo back after the Taysom block. Ingram, Rankins, Hill.
  2. Ah, 87. First year I can truly remember. My grandfather made me the promise that year that if they ever went to the Superbowl, we would go. He didn't make it to 09, died before the Brees-Payton era. But I went. I recently made the same promise to my 9 year old nephew who has freshly caught this Saints disease. I hope I get to honor this sooner rather than later. Just like many of you, to me... Saints is family.
  3. Bushrod was good, not dominate, but def good. Also saw Ola in a good bit and running game was still moving. Health of the oline will dictate our eventual outcome this season, so it's nice to see subs not be huge liabilities. Short rest probably had us on a somewhat vanilla game plan (that, and maybe Dallas defense playing well). As much as I love what Taysom does for the offense, he needs to start catching and completing passes. Cam gets a gameball, but Rankins has become a beast. Get healthy Davenport, you're missing the feast. Bring on the Cowgirls!
  4. Smith & Ingram, Latt & Anzalone, Morestead. Wow, what a stretch of wins. @Ravens, @Vikings, Rams, @Bengals, Eagles.
  5. Until 06, my in-laws had a very hard time understanding my devotion to a losing enterprise. They weren't used to making family plans that were dependent on game times. Lunch on Sunday? Nah, gotta go home and watch Deuce get 120 yards in a loss.
  6. Out of superlatives... Fantastic game by all. Apple finding his fit and Anzalone played well in the middle. Felt like this was the ribbon-cutting on Ingram's season; I look for him to utilize the great oline play the rest of the year. Lutz was Lutz. I didn't vote for him, but I guess that is because we just expect AK to perform on this level. Dude is unreal. The realization of Reggie Bush's potential. Comfortable using the "S" word now. This team is "special".
  7. Big time win. Anzalone and PJ showed up and played great. Lutz was Lutz. AK seems able to make a good run or catch exactly when needed. And MT was insane. We really missed Davenport today, but D stepped up against the current offensive "genius" media darling coach. Gotta think Payton enjoyed this one a little more than usual. Loved the Horn recall!!
  8. Looks like the NFL schedulers may finally get what they've been pushing on us for years; late season games against the Panties that mean something. And more terrible London football. And more MASH unit Thursday football. And... I digress. Come on, Baltymore!
  9. This next stretch of five games before Thanksgiving is really tough. I'd be happy with 3-2 before we beat the Falcons again. But would you be surprised if we went 4-1 or 5-0? Not with this group. This team has a chance to win every game they play. Bring on the Ravens!
  10. When it comes to refs... One of the many problems we seem to have early in the season is our inability to adjust to new and highlighted areas of enforcement, either before the new season or during the game. Buc WRs were obviously coached to get physical with our DBs, and our guys would get beat and look up at the ref. Some would've been legit calls, others were borderline, some were actually called in the 2nd qtr. Either way, we never seemed to adjust. Hate the newest form of QB pandering. I imagine the home office has these refs scared to use some common sense when players are pushed into QB legs or the Davenport call. The NFL would rather them make the call and be wrong than not make the call.
  11. The defense has been painful and is the number one reason for our suckitude today, but don't underestimate our inability to run the football on offense.
  12. Link says no longer "predraft". You guys got enough to draft?
  13. I love reading this optimistic thread from people that know their team. But I don't like this schedule. I see traps and good teams every where. Don't think the Giants are going to give us a tough time in New Jersey? What are the Ravens this year? We beat the Rams at home, but we still have the Eagles and Steelers at home. And the Vikings away. Tough schedule with no room for injuries. I've gotten goosebumps a few times this preseason, an admission I don't take lightly. The defense has me excited. Davenport and Cam with a possibly good backfield and strong LB corps? A bit thin at CB with the inevitable injuries. But my concern is stagnant offense if the running game can't get going against strong competition. Not sold on WR options beyond MT, but hoping TreQuan will prove me wrong. Overall, optimistic. I'll drink the kool-aid when we trounce the Falcons in the Sphincterdome. Until then, I'm 10-6 with a deep playoff run.
  14. Big fan of this move, not only because of Teddy but also the possibility of avoiding reaching for a Drew replacement. Lots to work out, but if you don't swing the deal you can't even try.
  15. He has looked exciting, especially at points last night. But I'd be more excited if he was a 24 year old potential future helmsman than a 28 yr old possible current backup. That said, if the unthinkable were to happen and we were looking at a large portion of the season without Drew, I'd prefer Hill to Savage. A healthy oline blocking for a mobile QB with AK out of the backfield? Defenses would adjust if he couldn't throw down field, but it could save a promising season. Let's hope that's a vision we don't see this season.