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  1. I know the Hill contract is terrible, but really didn't think about max salary room this year. Not that we're not attractive, but who we going after with that $?
  2. A lot of picks and value, but no stud to put with the "Core Four". And I thought this was a thin draft. Initial response is I'd rather have Myles Turner. In Griff I trust.
  3. The best outcome possible would be Ja and Zion. But outside of that, Garland and trade Ball? The Suns showed interest before the AD trade was announced and there's still value at #6. Prolly not, I think Gentry is excited to get the defense from Lonzo. Must see Thursday night tv. Being involved in the trades and confident in the front office is so.... unusual? Refreshing? Exciting.
  4. I agree that I don't see the Wizards dealing Beal. They have a bit of a roster mess and Beal is the lone bright spot. I do wonder if one of the Laker picks and the #4 (along with Solomon Hill) would get their attention. A lot of Capela rumors out there and the Rockets are in need of a shake up. Wouldn't be surprised if he's involved with whatever Griff pulls off with the #4. Exciting times to be a Pelicans fan. Reminds me of the time just before the Reggie draft. And Zion is a much bigger game changer than Reggie.
  5. If I'm the Wizards, I'm looking for more than that for Beal. Unless we take on Wall's contract, too. I think they traded for Lonzo to keep him and let him handle the ball. We're looking more at Markinnen for the #4 pick, or something like that. But if Griff can turn this deal into Beal, Ingram, Hart and a couple first rounders... Damn.
  6. I actually like Lonzo with Jrue. That's a defensive backcourt that can create turnovers and explosive plays for Zion. But if the big grab is Ingram and the first round picks, I'd rather have Kuzma than Lonzo at the back end of the swap. Ingram is a 21 year old with blood clots, but some real promise. The #4 this year is exactly where the elite talent falls off. Those future first rounders sound great but will end up being mildly protected and probably in the 20s. That's like 3rd or 4th round picks in the NFL. The potential for the Pels moving forward is great. The future is bright. But the NBA is a superstar league and I'm afraid we turned a top 5 league talent into a handful of guys that elevate the roster talent level, but no single stud. Maybe getting Zion means that was the best move for Griff and co. Hope the guys aren't done wheeling and dealing, but I don't know who we're targeting with the assets we now have. Beal ($$$)? Boogie return tour? Kind of a sad day. I think we did ok turning the AD saga into a positive moving forward. But we had him for six years and were never able to get out stuff together and truly contend. I wish AD luck. Just not the Lakers.
  7. Underwhelmed. Not happy we ended up dealing with Lakers, but I understand it. I DON'T understand not getting Kuzma and also ending up having to take Lonzo. Just feels like all the wrong pieces. I was really warming to the idea of RJ Barrett and reports out of Boston said Tatum was off limits. So Culver or a trade (unlikely, per current reporting). Either way, I'm glad this is finally coming to some resolution.
  8. Scuttle says AD still wants out. I think he'll regret that, not something I would've said before this year. AD and Zion playing together could be something special. But if you're AD... AD/KD/Kemba or Kyrie sounds better, right? And if you're Griffin, doesn't the haul for AD and drafting Zion offer the best possible reset? Three weeks and we'll know how all this goes down.
  9. Stupid excited to win the lottery. Griffin has to be beside himself. Couldn't let yourself think there was a chance to win, but here we are. I love AD. Outside of last year, he's been everything we could've asked. But he made a fatal mistake in regards to this marriage. Even if they can make it rosy now, the first bit of difficulty and this wound splits back open. Move on and get a great package. Zion, Jrue, contributor (Tatum?) and draft picks make a compelling future. I wish AD well. On to Zion!!!
  10. Not every owner and organization can look in the mirror and begin to take inventory, especially in the shadow of something like the AD trade request. Change from within will directly affect the on court product. If I'm AD, I suggest a change of heart. If I'm Griffin, I trade him no matter what to help change culture and have more pieces. Next Tuesday will be a huge day in the near term future for the Pelicans. I don't expect to win the draft lottery, the Knicks or Cavs walk away with Zion (if I had to bet), but draft position will set the AD return. No matter, for the first time in a long time... I'm excited.
  11. I fell asleep for about an hour and still had plenty of basketball to watch with my late night dagwood. Neither of these teams will best the Warriors, but both play gutsy ball. Really enjoyed watching this series. Portland really misses Nurkic. If the Warriors are without Durant next year, the Nuggets may be the best in the west.
  12. Ugh. Keeping Teddy was making losing Ingram more tolerable. I haven't been impressed by the on field results, but Payton and Co think he's all that and a bag of chips, including great in the locker room. Keeping Bridgewater would keep us relevant past Drew's retirement and not have us reeling to find a QB. I figured he was gone, then expected to return, now this.
  13. I can see a situation where the Knicks get Kyrie, Zion or Morant and another big free agent (KD?). Or, even weirder, Kyrie joins Lebron. Either way, Kyrie staying in Boston is no longer certain. Now the Celtics are lukewarm about financing the future for a year of AD, given they think he bolts with no Kyrie. Does that pull some pieces off the table? Or do they say Tatum is off limits bc he is now their future? I think the Boston offer will still be the best, but I'm not sure multiple 1sts, Tatum, Brown and cap relief will happen. I hope so. At some point Ainge is going to ask what he's bidding against. Laker desperation offer? Clippers and Knicks picks? IMHO, I'm disappointed if Pels don't have Zion or Tatum on the roster next year.
  14. Jump in to the NBA waters, around my house it's called "man-(soap)operas". Social media and star recognition drive the drama. Seems to me that AD has to be second guessing his move to Klutch. I'm sure they are selling him on long term, but by the time he gets to LA, LeBron will be 36. This reeks of an agent that felt smarter than the collective Pelicans organization. If this is handled quietly, the Pelicans end up looking like the NBA team in over their head. As is, I can't see the Pels trading with the Lakers for the foreseeable future. And the deal is nowhere near as enticing as Tatum/pick/cap relief or Zion or Morant. Pels in driver seat, all though I think the deal this summer with Celts won't be as sweet as reported. AD has disappointed. Hopefully the Pels continue to give LeBron the ego check.
  15. Ah, Magic Johnson now stating that he doesn't feel the Pels entered negotiations in "good faith". Wonder what kind of "faith" is another organization acting at best complicit with a player agent as they attempt to manipulate AD to LA?