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  1. If Mark has an Eagles playoff game like Deuce did... well, he won't be buying his own drinks in and around Nola.
  2. Only thing worse than playing on Thursday is a London game. I hope the players call the league out on player safety during the next contract negotiations and get the trend of more Thursday night games reversed. Doubtful.
  3. Dayum. Better avoid the dreaded slow start.
  4. Hmmm, JGordon and JLandry would make an interesting WR meeting room. But throw in a ridiculously high average yearly salary and they might be able to tempt a QB to Cleveland.
  5. Greg Monroe would've been great. Money/championship chances trump minutes.
  6. A little confused on this trade. I like the trade, but the indications are bit headscratching. The main hurdle holding this one up was the guarantee of Mirotic's option for next year. The Pels didn't want to tie up the money (eventually agreed to guarantee to get trade done) so they don't go over the luxury tax if able to resign Boogie. So their thought was to give up a draft pick for Mirotic rental to replace Boogie down the stretch. Trust me, I'm sick of waiting for this team to put everything together. And I imagine AD is growing restless. But when Cousins went down... Just seems if you're giving up picks, make it for a wingman on a decent contract for the future. Anybody think that AD/Jrue/Mirotic gets past Houston or Spurs this year? Let's say we get past round one and lose valiantly in the second round against a superior team. We sign Boogie to a max in the offseason and now have to move Mirotic in a salary dump. We ain't getting a first rounder back of equal value. I like the move, just confused about what it means moving forward. A one year insurance policy if Boogie goes elsewhere?
  7. Congrats to Marsh and Kamara. As exciting as it was to watch Kamara this year, I count the emergence of Latt as the single largest reason this team had the success it had. That's no knock on Kamara... more a nod to how good Lattimore played. Dont know if I can remember a year (2006?) that we have had so many rookies and young players develop and produce like this past season. Kudos to coaching and scouting.
  8. Eagles 24, Pats 20. Eagles handled the Vikings pass rush well and their defense is good enough to slow Brady and pressure him a bit. Don't trust Foles to repeat the Vikings game, but think he is good enough to avoid turnovers. Eagles need to slow Gronk and DLewis, but I think they can and still get pressure. Is that a healthy Ellerbe playing MLB? More than anything I hope for an entertaining game.
  9. Bortles was good. Needed to be better for Jax to win. Certainly feels that was the difference.
  10. Gilmore earning that contract.
  11. Bortles is baffling. The few games I've seen, he can look mediocre to a liability. Then flashes of excellent QB play. I'd hate to be in the position to need him signed long term.
  12. Been a while since I've seen Brady this uncomfortable in the pocket. Jags surprise if that doesn't change.
  13. Pats 27 Jax 24. Pats play the 6yard pass game until able to break a couple. Jags figure it out late but too big a hole for their offense to dig out of. If the Jags can actually run the ball early in the game, this could be a good one. Vikes 31 Eagles 23. Watched the Eagles offense struggle with long stretches of ineffectiveness, especially without Wentz. Without turnovers, the Vikings win and go home to face the Pats. A week ago, I would've predicted an Eagles win against MN, but then the Vikings went to school to learn true grit and guts. And their teachers will be back next year to finish the lesson.
  14. It will be interesting to see if the NFL actually address this. Us of the more hardcore fanatic variety find the PI calls ruining our enjoyment of games, Saints games or not. Goodouche et al aren't too concerned about us going anywhere, so the controversy and points scored have meant interest from casual fans and leverage when negotiating television contracts. Be it CTE, flag-kneeling or whichever reason, there seems to be an erosion to the casual fan base. Does the NFL return to catering to the true fanbase and fix this obvious problem? Or stay the course and court the fickle, casual support? I think the 15 yard rule would make everybody happy. I doubt it changes, given the recent history of Goodouche.
  15. This thread is easily the most catharsis I've had in 24 hours. It doesn't seal the gash but it certainly reminds that we will heal.