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  1. Well at this age the decline is coming. Whether it is this year or not is anyone’s guess. There is a reason the Saints wanted to keep Bridgewater. Hopefully Brees can have a really strong season and end it with a SB win. Then he can decide at that time if he wants to leave on his own terms.
  2. The stats look good. But I haven’t seen the game yet.
  3. Give me $7 million and I would be set for life.
  4. I assume that is a basketball player. I did hear someone say once that most of the best potential tight ends play in the NBA.
  5. But speeding cameras are not recording people getting undressed.
  6. I think the issue is the right to privacy for the other patrons that didn’t break the law. In these cases all the tape is thrown out as the court’s recourse to over zealous law enforcement.
  7. I have the same feeling.
  8. Agreed. No bad guys here. Just business.
  9. I disagree about Kraft. A rich successful man can always find women wanting to sleep with them. Even a POS like Trump has women wanting to sleep with him.
  10. Went to their website and was immediately turned off by the pandering to the “we need to prove our patriotism” crowd. Why in hell do people need to mix sports and displays of patriotism.
  11. Maybe the NFL wil kearn a thing or two.
  12. I will check this out at some point. The players are making around $80k a year. That’s not too bad. Not NFL money but pretty good compared to the overall population.
  13. During the first half my kids were watching to see the commercials. I was in the other room reading. I watched the halftime show and then stayed in the room for the second half. I was doing other things and had the game on in the background. So I saw some of the game.
  14. I am not giving up on football. My interest in the Super Bowl is very low and I probably will skip the game but I will be back after that.
  15. Falcon just became my favorite Avenger.