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  1. The once every nine years is just the minimum.
  2. Yep, every 9 years of the 21st millennium.
  3. I don’t see Belichick intentionally blowing a Super Bowl, even if he did want to sabotage the future of the Patriots.
  4. I wish someone would give me money I have no business getting.
  5. It’s hard for me to criticize a rule change meant to protect players. I have been enjoying football as much as I always have lately. I am more pissed about the owners demanding that only certain types of patriotic displays be allowed by not allowing kneeling (or similar displays) during the anthem. Again, it is sad that symbols of freedom get more respect than actual freedom.
  6. My initial thoughts are that I am happy with the draft. Potentially a top tier rusher in round one and a talented receiver in round three that both hopefully can contribute this year. The two DBs and the RB look good for depth and ST for now. The first OL seems to be a reach and I am concerned with the arm length of the second one. But we will see how it all pans out.
  7. Well I have never had any concerns with being accused of sexual harassment. Why? Because I don’t act like a jackass at work (or anywhere else). Even if the courts don’t rule that this is illegal discrimination, this case has shed a light on the way NFL teams treat cheerleaders. I wonder if that alone will prompt changes in the current social environment.
  8. I could see her have a case if female employees (I.e. cheerleaders) are treated differently than male employees (I.e. players).
  9. Such is an awesome player and would love for him to be a Saint. I watched him when he played for the Lions and hated his dirty plays but I haven’t heard anything about that since he went to Miami.
  10. Don’t mistake apathy with the flag or anthem as disparaging America. The flag and anthem are just symbols. Nothing more. I am not into symbols.
  11. I agree that workplaces shouldn’t be politicized so the NFL should stop playing the national anthem before games.
  12. It always amazes me that people care more about a SYMBOL of freedom than freedom itself. The flag is nothing more than a piece of cloth that deserves no respect. People expressing their beliefs without violence and without disparaging others deserve respect.
  13. Athletes have to pay taxes? I am glad I don’t have to pay taxes. That must suck. Please cry me a river. So his net was only $20 million over 6 years. He does get that most of the fans won’t see $20 GROSS in a lifetime.