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  1. Yep, and I don’t find them very entertaining.
  2. i think there needs to an official in the booth watching the broadcast feed with the authority to overrule the fficials on the field. Too many times a call made or missed is an obvious mistake on the video feed.
  3. I think those decision usually came out on the Tuesday after all the games for the week are complete.
  4. No it is not. 10-2 and in the second seed. The offense stunk, but they have been good enough long enough that I have no concerns about this being the new norm. They will continue to light it up. Defense played very well. That was a huge positive from last night. Things are still very good.
  5. No justification is necessary. It’s football. If they want to forfeit then the Saints would stop playing.
  6. Yep, I don’t think that the Saints need fear either team.
  7. I too did not get into football until my late teen years so I didn’t start following the Saints until 87 or 88. There have been some bad season since then but I missed decades of really bad football.
  8. I will be rooting hard for the chiefs tomorrow night.
  9. Yep, those post week one prediction were dire. 😁
  10. Agreed, a non-issue. If anything he will pay a fine and move on. No jail or NFL suspension.
  11. Yep, shoulder injury.
  12. Love this move. Another great piece to the 2018 Super Bowl puzzle.
  13. I think I may have an old flip phone around here somewhere.
  14. Agreed. I love MT but hated the stunt. Hopefully that stuff is out of his system now.