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  1. Yep, it is really hard to duplicate that kind of success.
  2. Still missing that defense.
  3. Not surprising considering the tough loss yesterday that makes the #1 see unlikely. But not impossible. I think we just need Seattle and Saints to win out and the Packers yo lose to the Vikes. It could happen. A very disappointing loss, especially considering Drew’s window is closing very quickly.
  4. Yep this game could have gone either way. There were some questionable calls but the defense was owned. Going forward it will be tough to get a #1 or #2 seed. Things are very tight this year.
  5. I will say this, I have never seen so many hands to the face penalties in my life.
  6. I want Taysom on the field but not at QB. That’s Brees’s job. He can be the TE/WR/H-Back. We need help at the receiver position.
  7. The NFC playoff picture is getting clearer. Looks like it will be the following teams. Saints 49ers Seahawks Packers Vikings Cowboys/Eagles Lets see how seeding shakes out.
  8. The 49ers has a slight leg up on the the Saints right now but they have a touch road the rest of the season. Ravens, Saints, and Seahawks all on the road.
  9. Or to be more precise, the way the defense played when Teddy was playing. We need that back. The defense did come up big with sacks and takeaways late in this game but they didn’t seem to be able to stop them moving the ball.
  10. Whatever they need to do to get through the day.
  11. 8 sacks and a +3 turnover margin (+4 if you include the deflected punt. This should have been a blowout. I hope they regroup and get things tightened up before San Fran comes to town. With that said I am thrilled for the Saints to be 10-2, division champs, and in the hunt for HFA.
  12. Well he definitely wasn’t diving for the ball. Neither was Michael Thomas. Both looked like they were just trying to let the ball bounce to them.
  13. Agreed. Dumb penalty but no one wants to run him out of town.
  14. Sorry Cam, yes the ENTIRE blame is on Myles for what HE did. No excuse what so ever.
  15. I would say a MINIMUM of a full season suspension.