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  1. Looks like they did get the 1st on 3rd down and it was an error on the graphic.
  2. Everyone needs some play time.
  3. Agreed. Trump is a disgusting POS. He has a achieved one thing. I ever thought I could dislike a president more than I disliked Bill Clinton.
  4. The country was already great before Trump came along.
  5. You guys are right about the lack of civility in the country. This is one reason I cannot stand DJT. He didn’t start the lack of civility but he has cranked it up a few notches, and the worst part is there is a significant part of his base that loves his lack of civility. To regain civility in our politics we need to stop rewarding politicians that fail to show civility.
  6. Flag fetish . . . LOL I am from the U.S. and served in the military and I have never understood the reverence for the flag, pledge, or anthem. That’s not what I fought for. I fought for freedom and a country with compassion for the less fortunate. A country willing to take those from other countries that faced oppression, famine, and other horrible stuff, and make those people part of us. A country that would give those people an opportunity. A country that didn’t care if those people were white, black, brown, or whatever.
  7. The once every nine years is just the minimum.
  8. Yep, every 9 years of the 21st millennium.
  9. I don’t see Belichick intentionally blowing a Super Bowl, even if he did want to sabotage the future of the Patriots.
  10. I wish someone would give me money I have no business getting.
  11. It’s hard for me to criticize a rule change meant to protect players. I have been enjoying football as much as I always have lately. I am more pissed about the owners demanding that only certain types of patriotic displays be allowed by not allowing kneeling (or similar displays) during the anthem. Again, it is sad that symbols of freedom get more respect than actual freedom.
  12. My initial thoughts are that I am happy with the draft. Potentially a top tier rusher in round one and a talented receiver in round three that both hopefully can contribute this year. The two DBs and the RB look good for depth and ST for now. The first OL seems to be a reach and I am concerned with the arm length of the second one. But we will see how it all pans out.
  13. Well I have never had any concerns with being accused of sexual harassment. Why? Because I don’t act like a jackass at work (or anywhere else). Even if the courts don’t rule that this is illegal discrimination, this case has shed a light on the way NFL teams treat cheerleaders. I wonder if that alone will prompt changes in the current social environment.