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  1. A very good read. Always seemed something was wrong and AR was not quite what he should be. Good on the mngr, “don’t be the problem.”
  2. Pereira, brilliant. Eison, not so much
  3. Me too
  4. Thomas, Jordan, Onyemata, T Hill
  5. Excellent read. Thanks!
  6. Agreed. None! Did we suddenly slip back to an earlier DC?
  7. PUOSU: gowing into the 4th, can I change my prediction? This has sucked so far
  8. I love this time of year... the Saints are undefeated and going to the super bowl! 12-4
  9. Nope, we missed each other. We were there from 00-03. My last tour was at MARFORRES in NO 03-05. Crappy job, but I loved being back on the Coast and close to home. Gushikawa festival was the first we went to and was always a great time.
  10. USAFSAINT, lived at Courtney, worked at Hanson then Courtney. Obviously, spent a lot of time at Kadena for shopping, sports, etc. over 20 yrs, Oki was BY FAR our favorite duty station.
  11. I don’t disagree with anything you said. I don’t block threads, I have read every one on this board in its entirety, and I certainly am not trying to stifle anyone’s speech. I apologize if my comments came across as a “knee jerk.” They were not. It bothers me immensely that this board, which I came to love back in 200? while in Okinawa, has devolved into the same polarized rhetoric that you hear every day and night from your news source of choice. Civil disagreement and discourse is no longer tolerated today. The opposing side is not only wrong, but often painted as idiotic if not immoral. Both sides are guilty of this. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am disappointed that it has permeated this far.
  12. Maybe we need the pit back as an area for I’ll informed and ignorant people to vent their spleen.