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  1. OK,I’m done. I hesitated to reply in the first place and I should have just not replied at all. I usually pride myself on the use of dialectic, but it doesn’t seem to work in many cases here. Love the Saints discussions here, hate the other. Back to passive listening mode.
  2. The owners of a business have a right to have it exactly their own way each and every time. If someone feels so strongly about an issue that they wish to risk their employment, then they shouldn’t jump when the door hits them in the ass.
  3. Best: Patriots, just because there are so many bandwagoners Worst: Browns, do they even really have a logo?
  4. Sorry ATN, but I completely disagree. In a place of employment,the employer sets the rules. We can’t have political or religious statements/displays in our offices or cubicles. We can’t wear clothing at work that expresses those sentiments. We can’t post anything on social media that links our personal views to our place of employment. I’m ok with all of that. The business is just that and the employer has every right to stop behavior that may be damaging due to an employee’s opinion for or against any issue. The NFL is no different. If a player wants to make a stand on an issue, any issue, they are free to do it on their own time. Not during work hours and never in the uniform that represents the business.
  5. Un-f’in-believable!! He had one physical mistake in a very tough situation. The dickweeds writing that crap could NEVER come within reach of the talent he has already displayed.
  6. Excellent!!!! Get it done, Loomis, so this worry bead is taken from my fingers.
  7. Wow!! Having had broken ribs, and NOT having to play pro football with them, I can only imagine the pain. Yesterday would have been really bad, but the next few days will completely SUCK!!! Man. Tough dude.
  8. Neither. I have been in the Brees camp forever. I have never seen anything that would make me doubt his abilities until recently. I want him to stay here and retire as a Saint. Like you, life AB scares me. Still, he looked just off at the start of today’s game, and plain bad on the deep throws in multiple games. That will be a point of contention in contract negotiations this year and I have no idea how that will turn out. For the first time, I could see Loomis possibly making a “business decision “ that would have been previously unthinkable to me.
  9. Honestly, I hope you’re right, but some of the throws were atypical of Drew, and that concerns me.
  10. For the first time, I’m not too sure about the future of Brees in NO. The last few games were...odd. Can’t deal with it now, but this will be vigorously debated over the next 6 months.
  11. This. But, damn, one fundamental tackle... to me it’s like the, what was it, river city relay only to miss the PAT.
  12. We’ve got to stop the penalties, even if they are calling bs. The roughing call was quite possibly the most ticky-tack I have ever seen.
  13. Ummmm... Anyone want to caption the pic? I don’t think I can keep it decent if I try.