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  1. Great way to go into the bye... 4-1 and we can rest
  2. The Saints are in complete control of their season. What was an abysmal defensive performance in week 1, has been parlayed into a 3 game winning streak. Just handle business at home
  3. I believe we tried to trade back into the first round to get him, IIRC. Reid struck first
  4. Reach out to this dude about the TB patches...

    1. BlackNGold4Life


      ordered two.. Thanks!

  5. I'd like to pick up a couple
  6. lol relax, nobody's trying to minimize what Colston did for the team. Towards the end of his career he got caught fumbling quite a bit when trying to extend the play and i'm merely saying Thomas needs to stop trying do too much. Who mentioned anything about complaining or toughness, in regard to Colston? *sigh* perhaps you ran with that. There's plenty to be worked on on both sides of the ball.
  7. This is bullsh*t. Sit out the rest of the game then make an announcement at the beginning of the week. Walking out halfway through a game means you quit on your squad. This is an attempt to save face.
  8. Today's game was pathetic... Yeah; I got you Drew "These are the wins that test you". *sigh* You guys were picked by some to win at all, others to make the big game, NOBODY saw this much of a relapse coming. We're playing like a football team that's on year one of the "rebuilding" phase, still trying to feel each other out. How does Lattimore got slower; both in speed and reaction time? This was a defense that was supposed to be "just a few pieces away". We're playing like a defense under a first year coordinator, trying to grasp basic scheme and assignments. This defense was one play away from the NFCCG last year, the "Boonk Gang", remember? But wait, "that was last year" *cough cough* the SAME GUYS as last year look like they have regressed. Offensively, we had a game (early) where the defense was appearing to do their business and the offense couldn't sync. Michael Thomas - You're all world, but your catching a case of the Colston's now and i don't like it. Not every play needs to go to the house, live to play another down. Two fumbles in two weeks because you're stretching it out, stop it. Brees - Looked like a QB that maybe already starting to believe he has to do it all. Left quite a few points on the field today on inaccuracies. The offense can't be humming every week, NOT with the defense we have. The offense is going to sputter, ala today. Where this team misses Ingram the most right now (outside of short yardage situations) is in pass blocking. Kamara can't be RB (both blocking and handling), WR, with that many touches and be expected to lay a stick on blitzing defenders. Not as a game grinds on. We're going into Atlanta next week, defense.... yikes
  9. I read an article last night where Lattimore struggled in training camp. Guess some chalked it up to having to guard Michael Thomas & Alvin Kamara. I don’t recall hearing that during camp, but coupled with his most recent performance, I wonder what’s going on?
  10. If the Browns move the ball like the Bucs, take down the flag
  11. Where I have to disagree is that as a professional; especially if you’re going to excell in this league and separate yourself from the “pack”, you get burned once or twice in a game & you adjust QUICKLY. Especially in man coverage. We’re not talking about an overconfident rookie Deangelo Hall being welcomed to the league by Randy Moss, we’re talking about CBs (especially Lattimore) whom were going up against WRs that they’ve seen before, handled before. Yet they looked like they couldn’t keep up... Just in speed alone. How many snaps did our starting D get in preseason? That I do not know. I watched a segment where a great point was made about how “boring” the Falcons/Eagles game was. The guy said “Those of you who complain about preseason and not wanting your starters to play, this is what you get when they don’t. It takes time under live fire to get in sync. Sometimes that takes several weeks.” This is the 5th straight year the Saints have started 0-1 (the last 4 seasons have been 0-2) and with the exception of last year, multiple 7-9 seasons with a QB like Brees is abysmal. At the end of the day, it’s one game. Next week will be the true test. But for now, I’m concerned.
  12. Cleveland always plays the Saints tough and their defense (like the Bears) seems to know how to frustrate Brees; with direct pressure up the middle. Drew Brees cannot be expected to put up 30+ a game, it's just NOT going to happen. We play some exceptional defenses (Rams, Panthers, Vikings, etc) this year and he'll soon get frustrated into poor decisions, if he's constantly asked to overcome two score deficits. I foolishly came into this season believing we had a good coverage defense, what the HELL happened?! Are these Jason David/Usama Young CBs all of a sudden now? I'm especially pissed at Marshon Lattimore; kid you got flat out embarrassed today, this should sting. You want to be a top 5 CB in this league, you don't get abused like that in man coverage. Too slow, almost played like he was hurt. There was some poor play calling defensively without question, but these men lost the one on one battles all day. Not scheme or read, just flat outplayed at the basic levels of their position. Speed, reaction time, punched right in the mouth. Cleveland's going to come into New Orleans with physical WRs and a mobile QB, two things that sunk the ship today. Oh yeah, there's that whole Greg Williams thing too.....
  13. Perhaps the Saints D started to believe their own hype; Lattimore, love you, but who the HELL are you today? Certainly not the same CB who won Rookie of the Year. Zero pass rush, horrendous coverage (Williams, Bell, EVERYONE), and penalties. we're back to the days where the offense has to score on every possession. What a step back, so disappointing.
  14. Our defense is absolutely pathetic. I'll give credit to Fitzpatrick on making some good throws, but zero pass rush and sluggish in coverage. Such a disappointment
  15. The only good thing about the Raiders coming to Vegas is that every four years or so, i don't have to drive far to see the Saints ;-0 Moving Mack was Idiocy. But this is the same guy whom was high on Paxton Lynch at one point. I love me some Gruden, but he became a personality of overhype in my opinion. This isn't the same game as it was then. I was a Bay Area resident when the Bucs beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl. He beat the team that he had just left and was lining up in Bucs practice pre super bowl; as a CB showing the defense EXACTLY what Gannon was going to do, including audibles. This was in addition to an exceptional Bucs D.