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  1. Well, that answers that... lol
  2. This article bothered me, a bit. Understandably, Dez was chosen with a gameplay in mind, a purpose. Brandon Marshall was passed up for Dez, then signed after Dez's unfortunate injury. We scouted Dez, did our research. Marshall was an "emergency", but where is he? Waiting for postseason, when Ginn could potentially be back and practice, ready to return? Truth be told, i feel like we've heard more updates on Ginn (rehabbing nicely, able to return from IR but hasn't practiced) then we have on Marshall. Is this secrecy, by design? Is he just not getting it? We're not hearing much... The New Orleans Saints have a history of signing over-the-hill free agents under Sean Payton’s management: Olin Kreutz, Champ Bailey, James Laurinaitis, Adrian Peterson, and now, Brandon Marshall. Marshall hasn’t played a down for New Orleans, or even dressed out for a game. It’s time for fans to move on. Unlike Dez Bryant, who was cut down by injury, the Saints did not have a plan to use Marshall when they signed him. That’s a poor comparison for other reasons – Bryant just turned 30 in November, while Marshall will be 35 in March – but it also serves to illustrate why fans should not have had high expectations for Marshall from the jump. Saints head coach Sean Payton explained at the time of signingthat Marshall just had a good workout and showed some traits they thought they could use: “He moved around well. (He’s) smart, he is experienced. He is someone, again, that has been in a number of systems and overall had a good workout. He has good length and size. He’s another big target. We’ll see how it goes here this week and what our plans are.” But just like the Seattle Seahawks found out when they signed Marshall, he doesn’t offer as much as they expected. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll noted that Marshall made a bigger impact in practice with his experienced eye and advice than in games – and he didn’t play special teams: “He did such good stuff, helped guys on both sides of the football with all of his experience and all that. . . . We needed a little bit more help across the board with [special] teams and some stuff that would help us in general.” Marshall himself has joked that he’s the best scout team receiver in the league. At this point it looks like that’s just his role for the Saints. The good news is that, unlike Peterson, Bailey, Laurinatis, Kreutz, or any of the other past-their-prime stars to go through New Orleans, Marshall’s contract was for the veteran’s minimum. This isn’t a move that will haunt the Saints for years to come. It could also be too soon to shut the door on his chances of getting on the field. There’s certainly a chance that Marshall strings together a couple of good practices, builds some trust with the coaches, and plays valuable reps for the Saints later on down the line. But if he hasn’t played yet, he’s probably not likely to suddenly start.
  3. If the Eagles can just win next Sunday Night and we handle business in Carolina... We'd have a mulligan game. Just win New Orleans
  4. Ballgame!!!!!!!! (For Now)... We have the 1 Seed
  5. 4th Down.. C'mon Chicago!
  6. Come on Chicago... Up 9 2:30 left
  7. This game infuriated me early. Hill turned this whole football game around. It was after that punt block, that this team came alive. I'm worried about our offense (that Cowboys game shook us) and hope we get Marshall on the field soon @ WR. Teams are keying in on Thomas and despite some hot flashes, no other WR is stepping up consistently. Hope MT's ankle injury doesn't linger. He'll be paramount in the postseason. Way to hit your enemy in the Face, Ingram! He wouldn't be denied on that TD, and we needed it. This was a gritty game; outdoors, with sloppy footing. We came alive when we needed it. And, oh yeah... Panthers lost too. Come on Chicago, help us out tonight.
  8. Ol' Chase Daniel has learned a thing or two from Drew ;-) The Giants tried; with all of their might, to p*ss that game away. What a finish. I figured Detroit beating the Rams was a longshot, glad we have some breathing room in seeding. Just handle business next week, New Orleas
  9. In the NFL; you get some calls, you lose some calls. I'm not one to blame officiating for a loss. This Saints offense fell victim to a culprit they hadn't seen/allowed in quite some time... Offensive pressure that rattled Brees. For the second straight week a defense contained Michael Thomas. The problem against Dallas, nobody else could step up. Last week we saw TD passes to multiple undrafted players, this week nobody could get open. Undoubtedly, this is why the Saints tried so hard to bring in another WR. Bryant, Marshall, someone who could take the pressure off of Thomas; make defenses "pay" for the double team. Tre'quan was non-existent, pretty much everyone was non-existent tonight. We needed somebody to step up on offense (ala Giants game) in light of Brees struggles, but it didn't happen tonight. Run game, nil. Kamara couldn't do it, Ingram couldn't do it, we were stifled. Personally, i thought we played a little to spread for my liking, against a defense that is so fast on the perimeter. I thought we should have attacked the middle more, but it's done and over with. I don't care about the national media saying we're the best, i don't care about the records, and if they truly feel Brees "lost the mvp" tonight (which i disagree with) then so be it. This team owes Tampa some payback. Tonight was the game i had been "expecting", all year. It didn't come outdoors in Baltimore, New York, or Cinci like i thought it would. It didn't come against the rematch with an Atlanta team that took us to OT the first time we played. Honestly, we got to a point where i started to believe we wouldn't have this type of game. Alas, we did. We all want that coveted #1 seed and to play the postseason in the dome. That's beyond our control now. Fix what happened tonight, or the rest of the league will take note.
  10. Brandon Marshall should be on a short leash, with the way this offense has been playing ;-)
  11. Rankins has arrived.... Eat young man, eat. Cam Jordan is a beast It's nice to see the supporting cast take the load off of Thomas' shoulders, in the passing game
  12. Every single week this football team amazes me. Honestly, this team (not taking ANYTHING away from our 2009 boys) looks like the best New Orleans Saints Football team that i have ever seen. Wait, these are the Saints? Undefeated on the road? Finding ways to win? Not going full "saints" & sh*tting a game away (thought it in the Rams game for a minute). This football team is handling NFL opponents the way that Alabama is handling college football opponents (even Bama haters have to admit), they just look like a team on a whole other level. This team is special. Savor this my fellow whodats, we were the AINTS for a long, long time. We now have a team that is on pace to break levels of offensive scoring and efficiency the likes the NFL hasn't seen in decades. Listen, the year we sh*t the bed in San Francisco in the divisional round hurt, still stings. That team was great. Last year, in Minnesota... With two rookies of the year on the squad, that offense... THAT loss.... That team was great. This team has "IT" y'all, i'm telling you... And i'm the resident pessimist. My game balls: Defense - Cam Jordan... The man is a pure beast and disruptive pass rusher that we haven't seen in years. His pursuit, speed, and tackle on that run for a loss was amazing. I love the guy. Although our secondary (31st against the pass) gets a well deserved, honorable mention. Offense - UCF, stand up! Tre'quan Smith earned the h*ll out of a game ball. Rumble, young man... Rumble. Temple gets an honorable mention, nice hands.
  13. This was a good ol' fashioned a*s whooping... Was great to see the defense (as a UNIT) perform today. Sacks and INTs to go around. Glad to see Apple get his first
  14. Unf*ckingbelievable... wow
  15. Despite the fact that he used to hand us our collective ass*s annually, Steve Young is one of the few who's viewpoint I respect. I saw this. I said it in another thread, there's something brewing in the bayou. This team right now, can beat ANYBODY. As a Saints fan however, you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop... The letdown. I'm allergic to "kool aid", however this team sure has instilled a great deal of confidence in me. All Dez has to do is be productive; not be all world. ANYTHING to ease the pressure off Thomas. He's a big; physical body to boot, he'll go get the football.