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  1. Given this unfortunate turn of events, who's available and how much cap space do we have left?
  2. I've said it before, the League is run by lawyers and they are "protecting the shield" by covering their asses on player safety. Most likely nary a one of those lawyers have ever played football in their lives and just don't have a clue as to the dynamics and physics of tackling. Get some of them padded up and let them get a taste of reality, maybe then they will understand that a 300 pound DT can't stop instantly (inertial dampeners don't exist-yet).
  3. I think getting Bridgewater was far better than getting Taylor, it might cost us a bit more, but we now have a true bona fide backup that we will not have to 'dumb down' the playbook for. He's a baller and a leader and that will make a difference for the guys in the trenches.
  4. Thanks Phil! I know Dave E will appreciate this as well!
  5. The reason I wanted Coach Sardisco to be posted is that he and Ernie were best of friends, many a time Coach would pull out old film from his days with the Patriots and regale us with stories of him and Ernie running the roads, as it were.
  6. Phil, Do me a favor and post Tony Sardisco. He was my coach at Jesuit, man was a character and from what has been said about him, he was one hell of a football player. I think you would be surprised.
  7. Yeah he had a horrid game last week, but even with that I'd take him over Savage. Hill's mobility and actual ability to read progressions sells me. To me, Savage is a disaster waiting to happen at any moment ala Matt Schaub. Hill's versatility alone outweighs anything that Savage feebly offers.
  8. I have been on this site in its many incarnations since the second day it was started, Dave E was working at Thrifty Liquor across the street from my house and knew I was a fan and I joined-19 years ago! It has been a home for me ever since, I've met and e-met so many great people as a result of this site that I am certain that my life has been enriched greatly and my knowledge and perspective on a lot of things has broadened as a result. One of my regrets regarding this site is all of the lost history of our early years and seeing the evolution of our family here. The Katrina thread was a piece of history that chronicled one of the largest natural disasters that directly and indirectly affected each and every one of us. There are many other threads in other Forums that would be interesting to read now in retrospect, but through it all the one thing that was readily apparent-our Passion! Passion for the game and passion for our beliefs and the ability to express that passion in our house. Etienne, our relationship alone is an example of how we have both benefited from this site,we started off as polar opposites,not so much now as we have learned and evolved our worldview and through it all we respected each other.You have done yeoman's work working this site and doing your other passions, it stands to reason you get worn out, but the results of your work here and in the world are greatly appreciated and deeply respected.
  9. One of the biggest changes, aside from the talent, was the change in the chemistry of the team. The culture that evolved from that alone was enormous-let's face it, for 3 years we were in the doldrums- flashes, but lack of consistency , lack of confidence, lack of urgency kept us in a circular funk. Sean Payton finally recognized that some paradigm changes had to be made in order to effect the changes that desperately needed to be addressed-primarily in the coaching staff from which the winning culture is ingrained into the players. The hiring of Jeff Ireland prior to the coaching changes was the seed that has produced solid players with high intelligence throughout his drafts that have become the nucleus of our young team. The coaches were gifted with talent in and of themselves to teach and ingrain the newer players in utilizing the their talents and offer them the opportunity to succeed and grow themselves into better players and put them into a position to succeed-on both sides of the ball. We are now blessed with 3 solid drafts of young, hungry, talented students of the game and building depth the likes that this team has never had on so many levels. I sincerely believe that this team from the management on down is as solid as it's ever been and has a concrete mission to accomplish their goal-win the Lombardi for TB!
  10. I really don't think it'll be much of a stretch to see Brees as a QB coach or asst. OC when he retires from playing.The man is a veritable encyclopaedia of knowledge of many years of being a true student of the game. I'd be willing to bet he'll understudy with Carmichael for a few years then he'll be ready to fly solo. His knowledge of defenses alone is formidable, I'd hazard a guess he'd be a good evaluator of talent on that side of the field. That having been said, as an analyst on TV, he would blow some folks doors in and run though them. I've always respected Gruden and Dilfer for their fair and knowledgeable insight, But I think Brees would outshine them immediately.
  11. Just my 2 cents worth on this, this is just an example of how the Patriots are a business to Kraft. Garappolo was the heir apparent in Belichick's eyes, but Kraft had no intention of tying up money for 2 QB's. You'll never see the Patriots straining with the cap due to the fact that they get so many draft picks and they trade folks before their rookie contract is up. Besides, the Patriots have had the luxury of being in one of the most consistently bad divisions in the NFL. I truly believe Brady has benefited from this with the seedings for the playoffs which have led to his allegedly GOAT stats. When Belichik retires or leaves, they will implode in a spectacular fashion.
  12. He must have thought it was a crab leg special and decided to grab some......
  13. For some reason, Ditka's emphasis was on the "Grabowski" type of player-blue collar guys. His tenure as HC for the saints only cemented the fact that he didn't have a clue when it came to talent. The truth is Buddy Ryan was the heart and soul of the Bears, Ditka was the Barry Switzer.
  14. 3 L's-lawyers, lawsuits, litigation...protect the shield and rake in the dough.
  15. Welcome to the NFFL....National Flag Football League. Soccer-no helmets Rugby-no helmets Australian Rules Football-no helmets Being manly in this country is fast becoming illegal, how long will it be before we have to line up to get our nuts clipped?
  16. For all we know he might have changed from a "name brand" to a generic for whatever it was. most generics are virtually identical to the "name brand" except for, depending on the drug, certain binders and buffers. Given the extreme nit picky natrue of the NFL, they probably pulled a "gotcha" on some obscure ingredient.
  17. Given the NFL's track record with the Saints, this incident shouldn't be surprising. Even if it is found that he in fact was exempted, they will go through gyrations to make an example of him. There will be somewhere in the chain of "proper procedure" a technical detail the "Shield" will use like a sledgehammer to make this suspension stick. The NFLPA will cave and hang Ingram out to dry. Bank on it.
  18. I'm really interested in what PED he tested positive for.....then I'll know who to pissed (pardon the pun) at.
  19. Given what I have learned about what metrics the Saints use for evaluating players, I'm inclined to think we will have a very solid core of players to make a serious run for the Lombardi this year. Draft picks don't necessarily have to be sexy, solid picks make the team and contribute to making a strong team better. The cost benefit alone makes for opportunities to present themselves down the line.
  20. Now that we have two quality outside rushers, I'm of the belief that the interior D linemen will be feasting more this year as a result. The opposing O line can only double team so many players on a given play. Linebacker stunts will also be more prevalent and effective as well. We should now be able to aggressively disrupt the QB on a regular basis and keep him from getting into a rhythm and comfort zone. With our secondary such as it is, the QB is going to have to act fast and should result in more turnovers.
  21. My, my, how sordid!! Dan Snyder better be looking for a buyer for the team now, in order to "Protect the Shield", the NFL is going to be forced to make an example of them.
  22. It's apparent that they are recruiting intelligent, well grounded, students of the game, and solid athletes. In military parlance, they are assembling a "Band of Brothers" that will willingly fight for their team mates for a common goal. You can tell from the last couple of years that you don't hear "Me", you hear "We". With the exception of Willie Snead's ritual suicide in the DUI debacle, the team has been out of the negative limelight for a good while. Snead diddly-poo his messkit and it's a good reason for his departure. Jeff Ireland has been doing outstanding work in his research and scouting duties and it shows in the demeanor of the team in general.
  23. By no means am I as educated as some of you are on draft picks, but I am certain that the pundits will rate it a B- or C+ overall. Frankly I don't see it that way. Based on Jeff Ireland's track record prior to this draft and the vast improvement on researching players, I believe they accomplished what they set out to do. Given our position in the draft at 27 this year was based on our successful drafts of the last two years, we had to pull the trigger to get a key component for the defense, otherwise we would be getting excoriated for not addressing the one need we have been clamoring for for years-a bookend to complement Cameron Jordan. Let's face it, 3 years ago we were Swiss cheese-we had holes everywhere, we don't now. As the FO alluded to prior to the draft, they were looking for quality depth and I believe they have accomplished that-we are younger, deeper, and with a few notable exceptions, cheaper. The reality this year was that the QB position this year was paltry at best and questionable in terms of value to the Saints. We would have had to give up too much for potentially too little.We all know, of course, following Drew is not going to be easy regardless of whom we get and the comparisons will be there-fairly or unfairly-to the successor. Think it's tough now, think about what happens if we win the Lombardi this year. This team is much more balanced on both sides of the ball now and we can be a force for several year-Geaux Saints!
  24. Hopefully Willie eats his portion of "Humble Pie" and redeems himself. He screwed the pooch with Payton and he's going to have to suck it up and regain the trust of the team-he screwed up royally.