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  1. The old saying-"There's a fine line between genius and insanity" is apropos to describe Rodgers. I've always sensed that he was a strange ranger and this article only reinforces my opinion.
  2. I do believe we are coming up to the 20th anniversary of this site. I would hazard a guess that we are one of the oldest Saints sites on the web.
  3. I don't know about y'all, but I think after Payton leaves the Saints the NFL owners should consider making him the successor to Goodell I think he would do a great job cleaning up the NFL and restore the integrity that is so lacking with Goodell.
  4. Look at it this way, he's capable of playing either guard or center and it does give us an additional crosstrained lineman, we seem to favor players that are versatile, it's not going to hurt us in the least.
  5. Now the big question is, how much "shakedown money" did he garner? I'd imagine he got enough to "compensate" for his lack of talent. Besides, he managed to get a good chunk of coin from Nike for his being such a "Social Justice Warrior", that he really doesn't need to play anymore. I highly doubt he will donate his "earnings" to some noble cause, after all, he needs to maintain his lifestyle now.
  6. "Power corrupts-absolute power corrupts absolutely"...Goodell is a prime representation of that.
  7. Annnnnd the Patriots dominion over the AFC continues.....
  8. I would imagine the army of NFL lawyers is looking at every possible angle of this whole imbroglio to somehow minimize, as much as possible, the damage they have inflicted upon themselves. I'm curious as to what the team owners are going to do, as much as they soft pedal their responses you know damned well they would be livid had this happened to them-fines be damned! Goodell is their personal tool getting paid 40M a year and he has failed them and called into question, writ large, the integrity of the sport that they, the owners have a substantial investment. The financial domino effect affects not only the owners, but the entire structure of the sport, ie; the salary cap(among other things). Were I one of the owners I would be getting with other owners and finding a strategy to fire and replace Goodell-he is responsible and should be held accountable.
  9. I believe you, it doesn't surprise me in the least, it's now out in the open-obey the narrative or your life is forfeit. It's permeating every aspect of our lives and people don't see it, we are sliding down the slippery slope at breakneck speed. I spoke of this in the PIT years ago, it is now coming to pass.
  10. Folks, I have been a die hard fan of the Saint's since I was 11 years old, and as much as it pains me to say this, I will never watch them again. Today's game ended it for me. I will not support the NFL in any way, shape or fashion. I will not buy one damned thing that has the NFL logo on it and I will not support their reaping money via the TV ratings. The NFL is dead to me.
  11. What does Baldinger say? He's who I want to hear from.
  12. On special teams, you should have added Taysom Hill, his punt fake sparked the team in a huge way.
  13. I'm anticipating a close game on the line of a 27-24 score. We must have our "A" game in all phases-period. They are the defending world champions and their schedule, despite their division, was almost as brutal as ours. Foles is a champion and plays like one, we need to attack him and get him uncomfortable from the get-go, otherwise he will be a major headache. I hope our offense attacks #29 early and often to break his spirit because he ain't that good. They will have to compensate for his weakness which should open up opportunities for our receivers. Ginn alone should be able to wear him out and open up lanes for the TE or a back swinging out in the backfield.Pounding the rock is essential to keep their secondary honest, patience is key in this regard and I feel that it will be rewarded. For all that is holy, keep someone on ERTZ at all times, TEs have burned our ass too many times this year. Keep to fundamentals- stay in your lanes, set the ends and stay at home, too many times we have gotten roasted by failure to contain the backside on runs and passes.
  14. I just want to wish every one in the WDZ family a Merry Christmas (or whatever appropriate holiday you observe)!! Peace and blessings to all of you as we head into a New Year!
  15. What announcing crew are we going to have for tomorrow night's game?
  16. We have no choice now, we not only have to win out, but we have now become every opponent's Super Bowl. Every team from here on out is going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, to beat us and salvage a semblance of respectability for their season.
  17. Living here in Shreveport/Bossier this game is the equivalent to the Super Bowl and over the years it the ratio of Cowboy vs. Saints fans has become almost 50/50(back in the lean years it was more like 90/10). As a result, the smack talk has gotten louder and nastier for bragging rights in town. I'm clearly in the minority at work, I'm the only Saints fan vs. 8 Cowboy fans. The diddly-poo I'm hearing makes me want to say something, but I'm not saying a damned word. I just want to be able to walk in to work Friday and say "Who Dat"! and watch them mumble...and cry...and whine....Our D must be ready to neutralize Dak, Ezekiel and Amari all game long and our O line must keep Drew clean all game long as well. We have too damned many weapons for them to beat us and I'm hoping for an utter rout to the tune of 48-13.
  18. The chances of her getting hired are nil,but given her background and her knowledge of the sport and of the Browns, it would be a good opportunity to get insight from "outside the envelope" and perhaps get a different view of the franchise in general. She's a highly intelligent woman and would make a good consultant for the team should that opportunity arise.
  19. Fan since '69, I can attest to the fact that, back in the day, a 9-7 season was cause for celebration. The Dome Patrol days were a giddy time for us when teams actually feared playing us because the defense was so physical. For now, during the Brees/Payton Era, we are enjoying the game because of our offense is so damned good-we have raised the bar on offensive play as far as I'm concerned.
  20. Quite frankly I hope we step on the gas and run over them repeatedly until they are a grease spot.
  21. Given this unfortunate turn of events, who's available and how much cap space do we have left?
  22. I've said it before, the League is run by lawyers and they are "protecting the shield" by covering their asses on player safety. Most likely nary a one of those lawyers have ever played football in their lives and just don't have a clue as to the dynamics and physics of tackling. Get some of them padded up and let them get a taste of reality, maybe then they will understand that a 300 pound DT can't stop instantly (inertial dampeners don't exist-yet).
  23. I think getting Bridgewater was far better than getting Taylor, it might cost us a bit more, but we now have a true bona fide backup that we will not have to 'dumb down' the playbook for. He's a baller and a leader and that will make a difference for the guys in the trenches.
  24. Thanks Phil! I know Dave E will appreciate this as well!