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  1. 3 L's-lawyers, lawsuits, litigation...protect the shield and rake in the dough.
  2. Welcome to the NFFL....National Flag Football League. Soccer-no helmets Rugby-no helmets Australian Rules Football-no helmets Being manly in this country is fast becoming illegal, how long will it be before we have to line up to get our nuts clipped?
  3. For all we know he might have changed from a "name brand" to a generic for whatever it was. most generics are virtually identical to the "name brand" except for, depending on the drug, certain binders and buffers. Given the extreme nit picky natrue of the NFL, they probably pulled a "gotcha" on some obscure ingredient.
  4. Given the NFL's track record with the Saints, this incident shouldn't be surprising. Even if it is found that he in fact was exempted, they will go through gyrations to make an example of him. There will be somewhere in the chain of "proper procedure" a technical detail the "Shield" will use like a sledgehammer to make this suspension stick. The NFLPA will cave and hang Ingram out to dry. Bank on it.
  5. I'm really interested in what PED he tested positive for.....then I'll know who to pissed (pardon the pun) at.
  6. Given what I have learned about what metrics the Saints use for evaluating players, I'm inclined to think we will have a very solid core of players to make a serious run for the Lombardi this year. Draft picks don't necessarily have to be sexy, solid picks make the team and contribute to making a strong team better. The cost benefit alone makes for opportunities to present themselves down the line.
  7. Now that we have two quality outside rushers, I'm of the belief that the interior D linemen will be feasting more this year as a result. The opposing O line can only double team so many players on a given play. Linebacker stunts will also be more prevalent and effective as well. We should now be able to aggressively disrupt the QB on a regular basis and keep him from getting into a rhythm and comfort zone. With our secondary such as it is, the QB is going to have to act fast and should result in more turnovers.
  8. My, my, how sordid!! Dan Snyder better be looking for a buyer for the team now, in order to "Protect the Shield", the NFL is going to be forced to make an example of them.
  9. It's apparent that they are recruiting intelligent, well grounded, students of the game, and solid athletes. In military parlance, they are assembling a "Band of Brothers" that will willingly fight for their team mates for a common goal. You can tell from the last couple of years that you don't hear "Me", you hear "We". With the exception of Willie Snead's ritual suicide in the DUI debacle, the team has been out of the negative limelight for a good while. Snead diddly-poo his messkit and it's a good reason for his departure. Jeff Ireland has been doing outstanding work in his research and scouting duties and it shows in the demeanor of the team in general.
  10. By no means am I as educated as some of you are on draft picks, but I am certain that the pundits will rate it a B- or C+ overall. Frankly I don't see it that way. Based on Jeff Ireland's track record prior to this draft and the vast improvement on researching players, I believe they accomplished what they set out to do. Given our position in the draft at 27 this year was based on our successful drafts of the last two years, we had to pull the trigger to get a key component for the defense, otherwise we would be getting excoriated for not addressing the one need we have been clamoring for for years-a bookend to complement Cameron Jordan. Let's face it, 3 years ago we were Swiss cheese-we had holes everywhere, we don't now. As the FO alluded to prior to the draft, they were looking for quality depth and I believe they have accomplished that-we are younger, deeper, and with a few notable exceptions, cheaper. The reality this year was that the QB position this year was paltry at best and questionable in terms of value to the Saints. We would have had to give up too much for potentially too little.We all know, of course, following Drew is not going to be easy regardless of whom we get and the comparisons will be there-fairly or unfairly-to the successor. Think it's tough now, think about what happens if we win the Lombardi this year. This team is much more balanced on both sides of the ball now and we can be a force for several year-Geaux Saints!
  11. Hopefully Willie eats his portion of "Humble Pie" and redeems himself. He screwed the pooch with Payton and he's going to have to suck it up and regain the trust of the team-he screwed up royally.
  12. I'd be willing to say I'm in the minority here, but given our draft position, would it be so bad to trade down a few spots to perhaps get a 2nd rounder or another 3rd rounder to fill out the roster? I'm just curious as to how y'all think about that possibility.
  13. This year's Darwin Award winner from the NFL.....
  14. Correct me if I am wrong,but I am thinking that the stipulations are in place to prevent incidences that could be construed as "sexual harassment". That term is bandied about for just about anything these days to where you even have to be careful saying hello to a fellow employee at work for fear of contributing to a "hostile workplace environment". Of course litigation and "sensitivity/diversity training" is the cure all for virtually everything as long as you comply with the "accepted" protocols. In this case, it is preventative-not discriminatory. Frankly, I think it's all overblown to push an gender neutral society.
  15. Happy Birthday mon frere!!!