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  1. Damn, I'm going to miss Aunt Jemima....
  2. One game at a time!!! Take care of business and do your jobs! And for God's sake, DON'T EAT THE CHEESE!!!
  3. Baldinger is a true student of the game and his analysis is honest and informative, small wonder he's popular with his video studies. You can tell he truly loves the game and enjoys when someone balls out.
  4. I'm trying to get into chat, it keeps saying "username in use"..What do i do to correct that?

    1. faceman


      log out and log back in with no password. 

  5. Frankly I'm feeling some trepidation about Drew coming back too early, but one thing I am certain about is that Drew would not go unless his doctors feel that he is able to maintain his high standards for playing. Drew knows his body and he maintains it rigorously and I trust Drew to do the right thing.
  6. We'll be there!!
  7. Apparently Ron Rivera is this generation's Bum Phillips-CMC is the new Earl Campbell..j/s....
  8. We broke the schnied!!!!!
  9. Can anyone hook me up with a streaming site for the game? I really want to be able to stay at home for this one (work night, get up at 3:30 a.m.) not in the mood to go to a bar. Would rather be in chat and visit there and discuss the game with rational people....
  10. Perhaps this isn't practical, given the crowd noise, but doesn't the defensive playcaller have the same ability to get calls from the sideline? If so, what's stopping him from changing the assignments like the QB? Let Goff get one read, but change the alignments/assignments at the snap. Defensive "Omaha" as it were....
  11. It appear that I'm the 1st to jump in so here goes- 13-3 In the Playoffs Super Bowl Champions In this team's history it has never been this deep on both sides of the ball and after last year's "No Call" debacle, I anticipate that this team is going to be angry and nasty. It wasn't a spectacular draft, it addressed needs without reaching too far. McCoy will be a solid anchor for the Offensive line for at least 10 years and the other picks were gravy with value.
  12. Perhaps this isn't an apt analogy but I'm going with it for now-QB's, like pitchers, are effective if they keep their pitch count low so they maintain their control and nuance. When you pass too much over a period of time, your arm gets tired and it's tougher to summon up the slider, as it were, when you need it. Early in the season, Brees arm was fresh, but towards the latter part of the season, his repertoire began to get limited due to a tired arm. There's no doubt he's in better shape than Brady, but they need to work his pitch count better to keep him fresh for the back end of the season.
  13. At this juncture, I'd say he's just a camp body; time will tell if he has value.
  14. Well worth watching! Payton is right about how much the game has evolved over the years-on the field and within the organization. There is so much more attention to details in all aspects of preparation year round. We hit the lottery getting Payton, period!
  15. Folks, as the season rapidly approaches, I decided to pin this thread so that we can work on getting together for this game. If anything, we need to celebrate the fact that the WDZ is 20 years old and this would be a great opportunity!