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  1. Y’all forgetting that we beat Foles in Philly. Eagles are a paper tiger. We are NOT losing at home. What’s with all the worry warting? Quit listening to the talking heads. They keep acting like the Eagles are going to march in the dome and beat the number one seed. Ummmm, they were the number one seed last year with HF advantage. It ain’t happening.
  2. they had that in San Diego. My husband and I went there last December and it was 65 degrees, beautiful, and sunny every day. tons of homeless people.
  3. It has been divided since 2008. We went through a major recession, and our last President did an apology tour for eight years.
  4. As a nurse with bone spurs, I can tell you, they are quite painful. Essentially, they are plantar fasciitis which makes walking very painful and difficult. So, unless you’ve experienced them, I would not be so quick to judge that as a lame excuse, because it is not.
  5. I agree with you. I’m behind President Trump. What’s wrong with making us a great country?
  6. We won’t know anything until the season starts. I’m by no means an expert, but when the pundits grade us poorly, I seriously ignore them. There are so many variables to a team’s season. Did anyone think Aaron Rodgers was going to be hurt for most of last season? I seem to recall GB being ranked one of the number one teams before the season even started. Our season was a pleasant surprise, as I recall, no-one was really gushing over our draft ( remember Kamara was not as dynamic or impressive on film for the Vols)
  7. RIP Mr. Benson, you will be missed.
  8. Thanks David! Thought it was my IPad at first. Appreciate all you do!
  9. IKR? The Falcon fans say this crap too. It's like they ignore reality.
  10. I just don't see them being at home for their own SB. Imagine how unfair that advantage that would be for any other team. SB is played in a city that is a supposed neutral field. Also, the teams that have had bye weeks are sometimes rusty. I know they have a good D, but anything is possible, just sayin.
  11. I've been trolling the site too and am amazed by the delusion. The ugly comments about Katrina is beyond the pale. They continuously state that calls are favored by Katrina refs. Jealous asshats!
  12. Had heart attack....but WHO DAT!
  13. We won the division in spite of ourselves. Time to beat scam at home.
  14. Can you say rigged? I sure can .
  15. Heath was on NFLN on total acess and pointed out how unfair the officiating was in that game. He said, " I know I played for that team, so I sound like a homer, but for one team to get nine first downs on penalties, and the other team none, its just not right!" He also said that as a sports analyst its his duty to question this.