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  1. looking like 2nd quarter against the Skins
  2. Stud and all around nice guy
  3. We have recovered from the TB loss well. I am optimistic again.
  4. I am happy this morning
  5. Love the move in the context of this season. We all can probably agree our backup situation was tenuous at best. I feel loads better about it now. That makes it worth it. That said, I hope he never plays this year unless we are up by 30 with 3 minutes left.
  6. WOW. He is probably the best QB in the league (yes, he probably is now) , but when Brees was at that level he could not carry the Saints by himself. Neither can Aaron.
  7. When I first saw the schedule, I went thru it and considered which games were home and away, and my first reaction was their only loss would be @ MN. I am going to stick with that.
  8. This guy wasn't too bad his rookie year. Then the cocaine dude got a hold of him.........
  9. Punters matter...from time to time
  10. Morestead was the MVP of the 2009 NFCG. Go back and watch that game and tell me otherwise. Field position was crucial in that game,
  11. This reminds of when we drafted Jahri Evans...everyone was like, WTF? Bloomsberg whaaaa!!!!?????? OMG OMG OMG Payton's lost his mind!!!!!1111111 I think that if there is one position Payton has done very well with in the draft, it's OL. With only 1 or 2 exceptions (cough, Brown, cough)
  12. My brother has known Will since he was in diapers, his uncle is one of my brother's best friends. Really great pick, especially where we got him. Versatility is his greatest asset.
  13. I must be getting delusional...I see 15-1
  14. He took a lot of crap from a lot of the Saints fans after Katrina but boy did he ever come through afterward. Rest in peace Mr. Benson and thank you.