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  1. What a whore.
  2. I can hear it now if this comes to pass...."the NFL gave that to the Saints to make up for the screwjob last year...". In the same ridiculous vein of "Katrina refs".
  3. They are the biggest favorite. Rams -7 is next
  4. Early line Saints -9 Money line Saints -400 O/U 51
  5. That is a daunting road schedule, only one non division from this year with a losing record. The timing of those games could be critical, especially Chicago. If the playoffs go as I expect, who would we be playing at home on kickoff Thursday? I think it might be Dallas.
  6. Brees is just short of 4k yards.We gotta get him to 4k.
  7. I saw an inordinate amount of cheap shots by Panthers defenders that were not called. This is a league-wide trend in the last few weeks, and goes a long way to explaining how all these potent offenses are getting shut down. The refs are not calling personal fouls, defensive holding and pass interference as much, and are allowing receivers to get mauled by DBs. It's not just the Saints offense that is getting "stymied". That said, we sorely miss Armstead. We average significantly more points and rushing yards per game when he is healthy.
  8. I've been following that website for over a month. Got it bookmarked.
  9. I was told the Saints practiced throwing to Will in goal line tackle eligible situations. Sean obviously didn't think the right opportunity presented itself. They certainly didn't plan on him playing guard due to injury.
  10. I heard more details but can't say what as it might be too revealing.
  11. I have an inside source telling me that Will Clapp will be playing tonight, and it won't just be FG unit stuff.
  12. Colts looking good right now, 20-0 near end of 3rd