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  1. This reminds of when we drafted Jahri Evans...everyone was like, WTF? Bloomsberg whaaaa!!!!?????? OMG OMG OMG Payton's lost his mind!!!!!1111111 I think that if there is one position Payton has done very well with in the draft, it's OL. With only 1 or 2 exceptions (cough, Brown, cough)
  2. My brother has known Will since he was in diapers, his uncle is one of my brother's best friends. Really great pick, especially where we got him. Versatility is his greatest asset.
  3. I must be getting delusional...I see 15-1
  4. He took a lot of crap from a lot of the Saints fans after Katrina but boy did he ever come through afterward. Rest in peace Mr. Benson and thank you.
  5. this will be like 09 Philly 31 NE 17
  6. I agree with everyone else in support of Marcus. The meme says it all.
  7. I am still recovering. This one will take awhile to get over, but I'll get over it.
  8. Ahhhh, the memories........
  9. For me it is deeper than the Hail Mary's 3 weeks apart in '78. 62-7 (I was there), Hebert, Morten, Deion, Horn, just to name a few more reasons........
  10. When I read the headline, the first thing I thought was "they hired Rally Monkey"
  11. Prescott keeps making dumb throws. The Eagles look beatable to me..........
  12. greatest opening for any movie ever (except maybe the Godfather)
  13. i am starting to like the "greasing the treads" attitude............
  14. 1. Brees.....showed once again why he will be a 1st ballot HoFer 2. Teo....without that run stuff on 3 and 1, we don't win 3. Deez Lutz......4 FGs? no other choice really