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  1. First professional football game in St Louis since the Rams left and the locals have come to support their new team! They got to see this too...
  2. If you click on the link then there's a bit more context where he's saying he'd love to play with Brees again by the end of the interview. I think he's just being honest personally. He wants a deal that will allow him to look after his family which I believe he deserves. Fingers crossed a deal gets done with the Saints as I'd hate to see him play for someone else after all the Saints have done for him.
  3. Here's all the rule changes, the kick off is the first one covered in the video. I didn't notice the 3 second delay though. I thought the kicking team was moving the moment the returner touched the ball, so they obviously changed it. I've got to work the next few Saturday evenings which sucks but I'll definitely be tuning in again on the Sunday evenings. There's plenty of highlights about too which is good.
  4. There's a Joe Horn Jr playing for New York! Cool. And there's a Tampa Bay QB that just threw an interception on their first drive. Oh well, Tampa gonna Tampa.
  5. OK, looks like they messed up on the stadium size today lol Meadowlands it is. Still a nice crowd though.
  6. The XFL TV deal is way better. It's being shown on major channels worldwide similar to what we watch the NFL on, so I'm watching it on Swedish TV - I just checked online and it's being shown in the UK and other countries in Europe too. Canada has it, Australia has it. The AAF was pretty much North America only which meant if you weren't in that territory you had to find a dodgy stream - then they had that app which was about 2 minutes behind the dodgy stream and over heated my phone! A really bad experience which was easy to give up on. Then the start times make a huge difference. XFL 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Swedish time, AAF 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. Swedish time. I go to bed at 2 a.m. so I never watched the second game - and because it was on a dodgy stream, I could never record it either. You make a great point about stadium size. The spectator numbers are probably pretty similar, but the impression is given that there's more people there. And there's actually an atmosphere because of that. The standard of football is way better too so those spectators will be coming back and probably increasing. First game was great fun, this game on now has also been great. I'll definitely be watching again tomorrow for the simple reason there's not the hoops the AAF made me jump through, so all I have to do is switch on my TV. It's easy for me to see why the AAF went bust and the XFL looks to be on a winner just for the above reasons.
  7. Found it online. That's a good 5 yards of separation right there. No wonder Brees & Bridgewater keep going to the well. Can't Guard Mike
  8. The route he ran to break the record yesterday was impossible. That Titans DB didn't stand a chance.
  9. I'll go with exactly what I predicted last year - 12-4, HFA and a Superbowl - whilst continuing to be scared of the officials who have proven that they can take away a year of hard work in the blink of an eye. Here's to a corruption free season being a happy one! WhoDat!
  10. Nice!
  11. I liked this tweet..
  12. Goodell is too much of a coward. He will continue to hide and evade.
  13. They knew it was coming 100 percent but couldn't stop it anyway.
  14. Neither team could protect their quarterback, neither team could eat clock. The best O-line in football can sleep easy.
  15. 12-4, HFA and a Superbowl in the Clown's house. There will be injuries, we know this and the Saints have some great depth this year which will be the difference. You can't put a price on your back-ups being almost as good as your starters and this is going to be a really tough 53 to get on to. I wanted to also go 14-2 like Face, but that roughing the passer call in game 2 has me scared of the officials, so 12-4 it is.
  16. I always remember Shawne Merriman's tweet; 'Thrown out the club, no ID' whenever I see this. It's so perfect!
  17. Yes. And in the case of the second Diggs-Crawley flag, the 15 yards should go the other way against the offense - with an unsportsmanlike on Diggs - he does it again, he's ejected from the game. Heck I'd make the down count too! That looked like it had been coached in and I'm surprised a lot more hasn't been made of it, at least from DB's of other teams, as there's no other word for it - it's cheating. Maybe with Coach P now on the Rules Committee there'll be a change a coming.... someone should send him a message.
  18. He's had such a good season too. I hope a lot of love comes his way this off season.
  19. Excellent post BNG4Life. In the classic set of scales balancing act battle between head and heart, you've eloquently explained the head side of my feelings. My heart so wants to win this game but my head can't stop telling me that this will be a game too far for our team and all your reasoning makes so much sense. Unfortunately. And tstange... I'm not sure where you got that propaganda from but it gave me a good laugh. I'm not going to look it up either - I was born here and I have degrees in English and History (specialising in Viking History), so I don't have to look it up. Good luck Sunday whatever happens but please don't talk such obvious nonsense to me. If you wanna do some good, next time you say "skol" please pronounce it SKORRRL and then say it as if you were the singer of a death metal band! It might just bring you that luck.
  20. SKÅL (pronounced "skorl") not SKOL (which is a derivative of the word "school" in our language). School Vikings! Well I hope we do! School Vodka.. just add teenagers for lots of puking no doubt! Ha! Real Vikings - educating pretend Vikings since the beginning of time and hoping we send you to your Valhalla on Sunday. Geaux Saints!
  21. Nice one! Congratulations ATN!!
  22. Only one winner in the NFC South. The definition of a good day.
  23. Knowing just how well AK was playing in this game - that's a missed touchdown right there.
  24. From NFL.com.... 2. Alvin Kamara is the real deal. The rookie running back has seen a well-documented bump in touches since the departure of Adrian Peterson, but his performance Sunday was arguably the best of his career. Filling the envisioned satellite back role perfectly, Kamara became New Orleans' best option in both the running and passing game, rushing five times for 87 yards and a touchdown, and catching six passes for 101 yards and another score. Think about that: 188 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns on just 11 touches. Rarely does a player make such an impact in so few opportunities, and it's even more uncommon to see a rookie doing it. Each time he caught the ball, whether in the flats or running down the seam, it was must-watch action. He slipped multiple defenders on many of his runs and even hurdled another. New Orleans didn't leave with a win, but the kid should be proud of his effort -- and the rest of the league should be on notice from here on out. ++ Shocking we didn't use him more as the Rams just didn't have an answer to him. What a player Alvin Kamara is though. An absolute joy to watch - a lot of this video is ridiculous! (in a good way)
  25. The Skins played winning football for 55 minutes but messed up the last 5 and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. My worry is now that they've given our forthcoming opponents the blueprint on how to beat us. Only time will tell on that one.