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  1. Thank you nolaspe, There is a good chance you will see me again, thanks again for your hospitality, I really enjoy it here.
  2. I agree nolaspe, the heart you showed in this game was unreal, hats off to the saints.
  3. dtgsaintsfan, we have to live with Favre throwing that interception against the Saints and the Peterson fumble at the goal line, Sports is what brings us together good memory or bad memory, that's why I love Sports and hope we have a good memory come Sunday, either way we will remember it.
  4. Swede Saint, your half right Skal is the translation from Danish, Norwegian and Swedish with skaal the translation from Faroese and Icelandic which mean cheers or a toast, SKOL is the American Translation, A school has nothing to do with how we translate the term. SKOL VIKINGS! Its very popular and I actually know this and defined well. You can look it up if you want too. I'm pretty sure I am right.
  5. your right, it was a steal and smith loss site of the ball, actually Gagne and Knoblauch performed an emmy performance for a ground ball and a double play to confuse him even more. It was one play that the Braves blundered to give us the win.
  6. This could be True, Griffin was on the injury Report, less than 100 percent Griffin would benefit Brees in the Passing Game, Zim is a master in disguise but it would def hurt us. without Pead I would think the push in the middle would be tough on Brees, I expect more play action and roll outs to the right to try to minimize the pressure, I would think Zim would blitz more on that side to minimize that. A chess game for sure.
  7. I think the same way for our team, If we beat the Saints, I hope the Falcons win to keep us playing at home all the way to the Super Bowl.
  8. Coleman would be a loss but not a key loss, Newman might miss the game for us which be a bigger loss, would miss his leadership,
  9. Herb, I think you meant Game six of the 1991 World Series is when Kirby Pucket hit the game winning Home Run, Game Seven was a classic when Jack Morris pitched a 10 inning shut out with Gene Larkin hitting the game winner to bring in Dan Gladden. one of the Best World Series of All time.
  10. Patrick that was a low blow but deserved hopefully I can post the same thing on Saints fans come Monday. Fair Game right?
  11. Saint ATN, We didn't lose to Miami as our three loses were to Pittsburg, Detroit and Carolina. With Detroit our only Home loss. I'm still surprised you lost to Tampa but we lost to Detroit so everyone has their off days. I disagree with your statement that Keenum will have to outplay Brees to win. Keenum may outplay Brees not because Keenum is better than Brees, Brees is a HOF QB but Because how good our Defense is.
  12. Nolaspe, I think it would be very unwise to run a screen play against us as that hasn't worked well, I am more worried about your misdirection and trick plays as my team will have to be disciplined to stay at home as Brees can burn you very easily when a defense makes a mistake. BTW JD and Tequila has been my drink of choice, I tend to stay away from Vodka. the SKOL chant will be in your nightmares for awhile I do believe.
  13. Drew - I love your take, your right we have given up more points but 19 points is the most we have given up at home to your beloved Saints. I apologize for not clarifying that. Losing cook was a big hit as you all know with the injuries you suffered as well. Cook really hurts as we use a two back system just like you do, not as talented as yours but gets the job done. Unlike Carolina we really don't load up to stop the run on anyone as our front 7 is probably the best in the NFL. Maybe I'm being a little confident but I'm not worried about your running game as much as Brees. I think if we put pressure on Brees will make it very difficult for your team to win.
  14. Good evening thanks for the warm welcome lots of things to reply too.
  15. We have the best Defense in the NFL playing in our Home. Who here thinks the Saints will defy all odds, score more than they did in week 1 which is the most we gave up all year and hold the Offense to score less then what we have given up. Your best hope is to limit the Vikings offense to score less than 21 points, can your defense make that happen?