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  1. Peat deserves one for that pancake block.
  2. And this is the 2nd time they've lost this year with over 500 yards rushing? Everybody involved with that defense needs to go. I find it hard to believe they only scored 52 points with 789 rushing yards.
  3. Who's watching? Panthers got the ball first and drove for a touchdown. Pittsburgh got the ball. 1 play, 75 yards. Touchdown. Panthers got it back. Penalty on the kickoff. Next play, sCam is under pressure and throws a bad pick 6. 14-7 Steelers less than 5 minutes into the game. Go Steelers!
  4. That's one expensive cell phone. I wish I had $30,000 I could waste on something stupid.
  5. LT and Derrick Thomas on defense were a lot of fun. Both were crazy fast and opposing players just bounced off of them. The Dome Patrol was a lot of fun too.
  6. Bo Jackson was so damn fast on that game. It was fun to play as the Raiders just to run as Bo. Christian Okoye on the Chiefs was fun to run with too.
  7. Hahaha! Ironhead's son just ran over McCaffrey like Ironhead did to fools on Super Tecmo Super Bowl and then sacked sCam. I love it!
  8. This 50-burger is tasting good. Would you like some fries with that?
  9. And I'm hungry.
  10. Dang, I was hoping the Steelers would end the 3rd quarter with a 50-burger. Guess I'll have to wait until the 4th quarter.
  11. And now the Panthers fumble the kickoff
  12. Eric Reid ejected for a dirty hit. And the Steelers score again. 45-14. Go Steelers!
  13. Don't feel too bad LSU fans. You'll score plenty next week against my Hogs. I'm not sure, but you may have already scored.
  14. I wish him great success against the Falcons and Panthers. Outside of those two games, I don't care if they win or lose.
  15. Go Ravens! Go Bengals! And of course, GEAUX SAINTS!
  16. We have some serious work to do on our 2 minute drill defense.
  17. The Pelicans win the home opener 149-129. 2-0 now. I feel pretty good about the offense, but we're giving up way too many points.
  18. I didn't realize the game was on until the 2nd half. It was something like 88-66 in the 3rd when I turned it on. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope this is a sign of things to come. I am expecting a drop off since we lost Rondo. I hope I'm wrong. Opening night made me look wrong. I'm not so worried about losing Cousins because I think the team played better without him last year.
  19. Was that the Aaron Brooks backwards pass to an offensive lineman game? I know that game was against the Chargers. If it was, you could argue that the Saints beat the Saints that day.
  20. What games are you watching today? I'll probably just watch the red zone channel again. We have some good ones today. Steelers at Bengals should be a good one or at least violent. Bucs and Fail Birds is important for us. Redskins and Panthers too. Hope the Redskins put up a better fight than they did on Monday. We have the Rams and Broncos in the snow. That should be fun. And we end the day with Chiefs and Patriots.
  21. Bears and Dolphins is in overtime. Go Dolphins. I still haven't forgiven the Bears for Ditka or 2006.
  22. The Bucs almost pulled it off. That missed extra point probably kept that game from going to overtime.
  23. Redskins up 14-0 on Panthers early 2nd quarter. Josh Norman just intercepted sCam Newton. Fail Birds up 14-6 on the Bucs. TB scored first and missed the extra point. These defenses are terrible.
  24. The ESPN guys on First Take had a segment on "Is Brees Top 5 all time?" Stephen A said yes, but the other guy doubts top 10. And a lot of that is because he has no MVP awards and it doesn't look as good as it does when guys like Rodgers, Favre, Manning, Brady, etc. throw it, etc. Basically, it was just another segment for those buffoons to yell. What a great way to make money. Produce nothing. Wear a fancy suit. Argue BS on the radio and TV.
  25. I had forgotten about that. The graphic still showed 4th and 1. One of the refs signaled first down. The booth probably should have signaled for a review but didn't. I thought it was short, but I don't recall seeing a replay.