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  1. He's a good player, but he's not $300 million good. What an arrogant RogerGoodell.
  2. I haven't voted yet, but I'll probably go with Memphis due to proximity.
  3. True. They don't want us to witness Goodouche directing the replay official to rule against the Saints or rule in favor of the big market team.
  4. I watched the Orlando vs. Atlanta game. It was interesting. Far more entertaining than the so called super bowl was. I like the idea of a replay official. I don't think I'll get into it like I do the NFL, but it was decent football.
  5. I didn't realize this was starting today. I might check it out. Or I might keep watching reruns of The Sopranos that I recorded a few weeks ago.
  6. I've been calling the not so super bowl the Illegitimate Bowl.
  7. Bourbon Street Bull diddly-poo
  8. I went to a super bowl party, but I played games on my phone for at least half of the game. I just wasn't very interested.
  9. NFL Network is confused. They are airing Super Bowl Classics, and playing last night's game. Only a Patriot fan would call that a classic.
  10. The half time show was terrible. Of course, I hate maroon 5, so I was already biased. Maroon 5 simply sucks, and I have no idea who the other people were. And as bad as it was, the Rams were even worse. Serves them right. By the way, how do you create a poll? I'm sure I have just missed the option.
  11. I would have started a poll, but couldn't figure out how and in a hurry this morning. Which was worse last night? The Rams - or - The halftime show
  12. I would have joined in chat, but I watched at a friend's house. I'm not sure I would have watched at all if I had stayed home, which would have broken a long streak. I watched every super bowl since 21 - Giants vs. Broncos. What a crappy game. Perhaps the worst super bowl ever. Definitely the worst one I remember. The NFL got the game it deserved. I think Saints vs. Patriots would have been a great game. And I think the Saints would have won.
  13. Somebody needs to re-write that old MC Hammer song, Too Legit to Quit, with Illegitimate replacing Too Legit to Quit.
  14. I will be watching Super Bowl LIIIE, or the Illegitimate Bowl, or the Asterisk Bowl, whatever you want to call. I get together with friends every year to watch on a huge projector screen. But I will not enjoy it. I will be rooting for the Saints, so I will be sorely disappointed. There is a part of me that hopes the Shams lose the game on a bad call, even though the bad call was not their fault, but because it will make Roger the Clown look worse. And if the Shams win, I really do hope another terrible call enables just to make it even more illegitimate and to keep the conspiracy talk alive. Basically, I want it to be a major press nightmare for the commissioner. I want it to be a black eye for the league. Yes, I'm bitter.
  15. I was thinking the same thing when I read that. Ha.
  16. I've been watching a lot of soccer the last few years. Mostly the EPL and Bundesliga since those are on NBC sports and Fox Sports and I get those channels. I'll usually fast forward through the games and stop to see the goals and any time everybody argues with the refs. Sometimes I'll watch with the volume down low and read a book though. I still find it difficult to watch a full game - far too many lulls in the action for me. Especially the teams that will sit on the ball and pass and pass and pass and pass and pass and pass and pass... I find that boring. But I admire the immense skill required to do some of the things they can do with the ball.
  17. I said something along the same lines in the hard to be a good sport thread. I hope the leaders on this team set out to steam roll the league next year like the Patriots did after Spygate, except finish it with a victory. Up 30 with 5 minutes to go? Hell yeah, go for it. Give the refs 0 chance to screw us. Great minds think alike. Ha.
  18. I hope the leaders of this team use this steaming pile of bull diddly-poo as motivation to steam roll the league next year like the Patriots did after Spygate...except end with a great big W in the final game. I want to see this team come out with a vengeance next season. Embarrass opponents. Break their spirits. Yes, I'm still pissed. And I want the team to be that way next season.
  19. What?!? The picture of Gurley swapping jerseys with the ref really happened? I thought that was photo shopped by some angry Saints fan.
  20. Very disappointing, but not surprising. He has too much talent to stay with a team that wallows around .500 with a front office that does little to improve the talent around him.
  21. I like that shirt. Any idea what's on the front? I would also like to get a Saints t-shirt with "The TRUE 2018 NFC Champion" on it. But I have a funny feeling that will be available on nflshop.com around the same time we see that flag we've been waiting for.
  22. Bravo! I don't know who this guy is, but I like this quote. "This wasn't pass interference. It was 5 to 10 for assault!"
  23. Just saw the Cam Jordan is wearing a shirt with "BLOW WHISTLES, NOT CALLS" at the Pro Bowl. I wonder how long until Goodell fines him.
  24. Interesting that the 4 refs involved on the calls are all from southern California. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25863631/concern-nfl-4-officials-nfc-championship-game-live-southern-california That's just not smart by the league.
  25. Good grief, could usatoday.com have a few more freaking ads?