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  1. Jordan has a right to his opinion, but I disagree with Cam. Yes, Rudolph was grabbing his by the back of his helmet. But this was after Garrett slammed him to the ground unnecessarily. And yes, it looks like Rudolph spiked Garrett in the balls when Garrett was pulling him up by his facemask. Suspensions have been announced. Garrett suspended indefinitely for at least the rest of this season. Ogunjobi got a one suspension for the cheap shot in the back on Rudolph after his helmet was ripped off. Pouncey got 3 games. I'm sorry, but indefinitely with rest of this year as a minimum is not good enough for what Garrett did. He could have killed or severely injured Rudolph if the helmet hit him differently. Payton got a full year for allegedly having bounties which I have yet to see any evidence of. At this point, I guess I should be happy that one of our guys didn't do something stupid like this. I have no issue with Ogunjobi getting one game for his cheap shot. I guess I have no issue with Pouncey getting 3 games. He did throw several punches and kicked Garrett several times, and doing that should not be condoned. That said, if somebody did the same to Brees, I would hope every one of our guys would be fighting for him. This was a dirty game, and not just because of this. One Cleveland safety was ejected for a helmet to helmet hit. They also got flagged for another one on Rudolph. And they also gave JuJu Smith Shuster a concussion on another helmet to helmet hit, although I don't think that one was dirty. I'm beginning to think Cleveland is a dirty team.
  2. Pelicans win 132-127. Based on the score, it sounds like the offense must have been on fire and the defense played like normal. I didn't see any of it, but nice to get a win.
  3. The guys on NFL Network are saying he should be suspended the rest of the season. I think they are being too soft. I think he should be suspended for a full season. He could have killed Rudolph if the helmet had hit Rudolph just right on the swing. I'm sure Pouncey will be suspended too for throwing punches and kicking, but I don't think he should be. If somebody did what Garrett did to Brees, I would hope the other 52 players on the roster would be going after that guy.
  4. Dang. Another loss. I hope the team will be better once Zion can play, but it's looking like another season in the lottery.
  5. The Hornets only scored 110 against the Pelicans? They must not be very good. I thought everybody scored 120 on this team. My excitement going into the season has already faded. The team has just not played well at all. I'm happy they got this win, but they are so frustrating to watch when I get to see them.
  6. The offensive line was awful today. Atlanta had 7 sacks coming in to the game. We gave up 6 sacks. Ginn had 2 crucial drops, which look even worse when you see the sideline catch that MT made and the catch Smith made when he was drilled - both drops should have been much easier than either of those 2 catches. The defensive line did not get any pressure without blitzing. I swear there was a flag every time the defense made a 3rd down play. I've never seen that many hands to the face calls in one game before. Losing Lattimore hurt, but it didn't kill us. Overall, the defense was not terrible. The bigger problem was the offense didn't sustain any drives. We only ran the ball 11 times. 11! We need to be more balanced than that. It's not like we were down 3 touchdowns. We were down 7 at halftime. Time of possession was backwards today. We had 2 good returns by Harris that we got 0 points out of because of penalties and drops. Brees wasn't brilliant today either, but he sure as hell wasn't bad. Very frustrating day. At least the Panthers lost though. I wish the Packers could have lost too, but we have to win the division before we can worry about home field.
  7. I'll give them credit. As far as mocking a rival goes, that was great. But I still hate the Falcons.
  8. I didn't see the game since I'm out of market, but it sounds like the defense continues to be suck. Comments I saw on Facebook indicate too many turnovers and missed free throws or absolutely terrible defense. I see a whole lot of "Fire Gentry Now" comments.
  9. I know. I can't even watch mnf anymore unless it is the Saints are a good matchup. Tonight's game - um, no. This Joe Testicle guy and Booger are bad. And I thought they were bad last year with Witten.
  10. I didn't realize Booger is a comedian too. He just said the Cowboys have a Super Bowl caliber roster.
  11. Wow! The Ravens kicked the Patriots ass tonight. 37-20. You don't see that happen often. If they meet in the playoffs, I'd put my money on the Patriots. I wonder who the last team was to beat the Patriots twice in one season.
  12. Bad day for the NFC North. 0-4 today. The bottom 2 teams in both the AFC East and North are a combined 2-14 this season. The state of Ohio is 2-14. The Patriots play their first game of the season tonight after 8 consecutive bye weeks.
  13. The Chargers did us a huge favor today. I did not expect the Chargers to beat the Packers.
  14. Results so far.... Texans crush the Jaguars. Dolphins get their first win of the season against the Jets. I'm jealous of the Patriots - 2 games against each of these crappy teams every year. It's just not right. Both offenses gave up a safety in this one. Panties beat the Titans. I was hoping the Titans would give us a hand. Bills beat the Redskins. 3 games in a row for Washington without a touchdown. They should be renamed the Deadskins. Chiefs beat the Vikings with a field goal as time expired. Nice to get the Vikings another loss. Eagles beat the Bears. The Bears had a whopping 9 yards of offense in the first half. And I thought the Saints kicked their ass. Steelers beat the Colts as the Colts shank a field goal as time expired. Hoping for a Chargers win against the Packers in the late game. A Bucs win over Seattle wouldn't hurt my feelings either. It really sucks not having a Saints game this weekend.