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  1. This team has been pathetic this year. Even before the AD trade demand.
  2. I was surprised when I got the alert from ESPN earlier today. Does anyone know what this does for the salary cap? I'm not sure who is now the #1 at center.
  3. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Translation: Big market team gets F!!ed? Gotta change the rules. Saints get F!!ed? It's ok. F!! 'em.
  5. As a lefty myself, it's always good to see someone playing lefty. What little I tried to play once was playing right handed, and it was awkward.
  6. He's a good player, but he's not $300 million good. What an arrogant RogerGoodell.
  7. I haven't voted yet, but I'll probably go with Memphis due to proximity.
  8. True. They don't want us to witness Goodouche directing the replay official to rule against the Saints or rule in favor of the big market team.
  9. I watched the Orlando vs. Atlanta game. It was interesting. Far more entertaining than the so called super bowl was. I like the idea of a replay official. I don't think I'll get into it like I do the NFL, but it was decent football.
  10. I didn't realize this was starting today. I might check it out. Or I might keep watching reruns of The Sopranos that I recorded a few weeks ago.
  11. I've been calling the not so super bowl the Illegitimate Bowl.
  12. Bourbon Street Bull diddly-poo
  13. I went to a super bowl party, but I played games on my phone for at least half of the game. I just wasn't very interested.
  14. NFL Network is confused. They are airing Super Bowl Classics, and playing last night's game. Only a Patriot fan would call that a classic.
  15. The half time show was terrible. Of course, I hate maroon 5, so I was already biased. Maroon 5 simply sucks, and I have no idea who the other people were. And as bad as it was, the Rams were even worse. Serves them right. By the way, how do you create a poll? I'm sure I have just missed the option.