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  1. I need to digest it more before commenting. I'm sad that it's over because I have enjoyed this series. For me, it's the best series since Lost. It will likely be a while until we have another series this good.
  2. I wonder if the opening sequence for tonight's finale will show Kings Landing in ruins? That would be a nice touch.
  3. Decision time. Watch the NBA playoffs until 8? Or watch Kings Landing burn again? HBO is about to air last week's episode again. That's an easy. Time to watch it burn!
  4. This guy's reactions are funny. I have not stumbled on to him before. This is the first time I've heard this song before too. I had to look up the lyrics. 42 39 56?!? Oh my God that is fat. 19 stone. That is 266 pounds. Disgusting. But the video is cool.
  5. I was shocked when this alert came through on my phone earlier! I wonder if adding Zion is enough to get AD to stay?
  6. I had that thought too. But he had no idea he was a Targaryen then. I don't know if that matters. It's Game of Thrones so who the hell knows. Jon and Grey Worm would be a good fight.
  7. SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop now if you don't want to see anything. My favorite death had to be when Qyburn (Cersei's hand) said something like "Your queen gave you an order" and the Mountain grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall like a rag doll. I laughed my ass off at that one. Dany was much smarter this time with the dragon. She didn't fly directly at the scorpions for starters. That was bad ass how she and Drogon wiped out Euron's fleet and then mowed down all the sentries on the towers. It was cool how the Lannister army put down their swords when they were facing John and Grey Worm and the rest of the army after Dany and Drogon landed on the wall. And then the bell rang, and Dany went full Mad Queen. And after that, Grey Worm went Mad Unsullied. I can't help but wonder if all that death could have been prevented if John and put out for his aunt. Ha. I liked the final scene with the Hound and Arya when he told her to go, to not be like him. The fight between the Hound and the Mountain was great. Everything the Hound did seemed to have no effect. Stabbed him in the gut. Stabbed him in the shoulder. Stabbed him in the eye as the Mountain was crushing his skull like the Prince of Dorne (I forget his name right now) at Tyrion's trial by combat. And then when the Hound ran him through the wall to fall into the fire. But did the Mountain die? We didn't see a body. One could use logic and assume he's dead after a fall like that, but this is Game of Thrones, and the Mountain is like the undead or something after whatever Qyburn did to bring him back. I enjoyed the fight between Euron and Jamie. That was brutal. They tore each other up. And then Jamie and Cersei were in the dungeons when that section collapsed. Are they dead or did they possibly get out? Again, we saw no bodies. Here are the deaths, or least suspected deaths. 1. Varys - Roasted eunuch. Very dead. 2. Euron Greyjoy - Dead. Jamie's sword through the gut. 3. Qyburn - Cersei's hand. Very dead. I really enjoyed when the Mountain bashed his head against the wall. 4. The Hound - likely dead after the long fall from the tower into the fire. But no corpse seen. 5. The Mountain - likely dead after the long fail from the tower into the fire. But no corpse seen. 6. Jamie Lannister - likely dead after the tower collapsed on him and Cersei. But no corpse seen. 7. Cersei Lannister - likely dead after the tower collapsed on her and Jamie. But no corpse seen. 8. And a whole bunch of barbecued residents of Kings Landing, the Iron Fleet, and the Lannister army. So just one episode left. What happens next week? I see no way where both Dany and John survive. Part of me thinks Dany has Drogon use dracaris on John, but it doesn't work since John is a Targaryen and can't be burned? Or perhaps Drogon refuses since John is a Targaryen and eats Dany? I don't think that is likely. I think Dany trying to cook John is more likely. Do both John and Dany die? If so, who kills them. There was the prophecy where Cersei dies by her brother. Does that mean her brother kills her, or does she die by (or beside) her brother? I still think Arya has a role to play. I think she ends up going to Storms End and marries Gendry. She might have another kill in her too. That's enough nerding out for now.
  8. Wow! Holy F!!ing diddly-poo! I'm still processing tonight's episode. Dayum!
  9. The Tottenham vs Ajax game was really good too. Personally, I think both semi-finals need a rubber match now. Both semi-finals are tied at 1 game each. I don't really understand the whole home and away leg thing in soccer. In my mind, if both teams win one, the series is tied and a rubber match is needed. At least the final is a best of 1. Interesting that both the Champions League and Europa League finals will be all England. I guess the big TV contracts are paying off for the English teams.
  10. What a game! I was rooting for Liverpool, but I had no expectations with 2 of the big 3 out.
  11. I did not notice the starbucks cup. This was not one of the better episodes. That said, I loved the after party scenes. Tormund is hilarious. One of my favorite characters. Unfortunately, this episode has too many things that did not make sense. Why did Dany fly straight at the ships? Did she not see all the ships? They shot the dragon in the front. Could she not see the cross bows on the front of the ships? She should have circled behind the ships and roasted them. The ships couldn't have turned around that fast. Or perhaps she could come at the ships from directly above and roasted them? And how is it that the first 3 shots from the ships were accurate killing the one dragon, but then they started shooting like storm troopers after that? How is it that Missandre (whatever her name is) was the only one captured by Euron Greyjoy and the Lannisters when everybody abandoned ship? When they had their chat at the gates of Kings Landing, why didn't Cersei order her army to aim all of the cross bows at the dragon and take it out? Drogon was on the ground and in range, I believe? Or perhaps, why didn't she order her army to aim the cross bows at Dany and and Tyrion and Grey Worm and the others and wipe out the entire contingent there? Strategically, nobody was very smart. After seeing Dany's rashness in this episode, I expect she will go down in a blaze of glory. It makes me think John will end up as king, but....this is Game of Thrones. We don't have happy endings.....except maybe at Little Finger's establishments. Part of me thinks John will die because all the good guys die. I guess we'll learn a lot next week. I'm hoping we get a fight between the Hound and the Mountain. Arya still has another name to cross off her list. What will Bronn do? He's another of my favorite characters.
  12. The Saints vs Vikings NFC Championship Game is on NFL Network at 3pm today, and the greatest Super Bowl ever follows it at 6pm. Spoiler alert. The good guys win! WHO DAT!
  13. When I saw 4OT this morning, I just went damn. Wish I had watched it. That had to be epic.
  14. I peed before leaving the house and again at the theater before the movie. I cannot believe how many people got cokes for this 3 hour movie. I would have been dying. My experience would have been better if some assholes didn't bring their crying baby. Leave the baby with a fricking babysitter or don't go to a movie! And at least have the courtesy to take the baby out if it starts crying! The other 200+ people didn't pay to hear your baby cry for 1/2 the fricking movie! Don't be a Goodell!
  15. No kidding! That was crazy. I saw Avengers Endgame at 3:00. Came home, ate. Watched last week's GOT and then tonight's Battle of WInterfell. What a day!