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  1. This probably should have been added to the make fun of the fail birds thread. Love it!
  2. This sucks. I was thinking about going to Memphis next weekend to see the Pelicans Grizzlies game. That's obviously not going to happen now. Hope Gobert heals quickly and hopefully hasn't passed it on to anyone else. Last I heard, the OKC and Utah players and coaches have been quarantined to the locker rooms in OKC. Not sure for how long. It's going to be weird watching the upcoming NCAA tournament with no fans. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to postpone or cancel it too.
  3. One of my friends at work is a Lakers fan. Anytime he watches a Pelicans game, he tells me it is the same thing he saw last year from the former Lakers. They seem to always go cold in the 4th quarter. And I can't say he's wrong. Ingram disappears in the 4th. Ball starts shooting when he should stick to passing and driving.
  4. Great second half. Tied 77 all after 3 quarters. Final score was something like 113-102. Played some defense in the second half and some of the shooters started making shots. Zion finished with 28, Jrue with 23 and Melli with 20.
  5. The Pelicans look like crap so far tonight. Down 56-46 to Golden State at halftime. GS only has 9 players. Zion has missed 5 free throws already. 1-6 from the line. 14 points so far. But the defense and shooting has been crap. 56 points...what more can I say about the defense? Everybody else is just firing up 3 point bricks or turning it over. It's ridiculous. What I'm seeing so far tonight is why I think Gentry needs to go. I just looked at the standings. We would be tied for the 8 seed in the east. That's sad.
  6. I feel the same way. I can't root for TB because of the division. I can't root for Dallas because, well, Dallas, even though they are closest to me. I can't root for LA because of LA. I can't root for NY because it is natural for me to root against NY teams in all sports. I've been rooting for St Louis since Jackson Hayes' dad is the coach, but that's just a default. And Houston because why not. In the end, I don't really care. WHen I'm watching, I'm just hoping for quality play.
  7. Something stinks in here. Oh, it's just the Farty Whiners. Way to go CHIEFS! Thank you Kansas City!
  8. This team shows a lot of potential, but damn those turnovers. Losing by 8 despite that many turnovers and missed free throws makes that obvious. Very frustrating. Hopefully this team can pull their collective heads out of their asses soon.
  9. Well earned!
  10. Zion is off to a good start for his career. But there is a lot of room for improvement. The most obvious one is free throws. I think he was 3-8 last night. 1-6 at one point. He had far too many turnovers as well. But all in all, really good. I think he's going to be a lot of fun to watch. Some of those rebounds last night were impressive.
  11. And how they are reporting that his 13 year old daughter was on the flight too. Damn. This sucks.
  12. I got an ESPN alert a little while ago that Kobe Bryant is 1 of 5 who died in a helicopter crash this morning in California. That's just awful. They are talking about it during the pro bowl. They interviewed Brees and he talked about it for a bit, but I missed most of what he said. In fact, the only reason I'm watching the pro bowl was because I heard about this crash.
  13. A quick 17 points by Zion in the 4th quarter, and Gentry takes him out. Lose by 4. Brilliant coaching. Take out the hot shooter. Zion didn't do much in his 4 minutes of action in the first 3 quarters, but wow what a 4th quarter by Zion. 22 points in under 20 minutes of playing time. I know you want to ease him into the action, but damn. Coach. I want to take back anything nice I said about Gentry in that other thread. Yes, I'm frustrated. But these 3 rookies look to be exciting players going forward.
  14. Oh yeah. I'm watching. Still waiting for that first bucket. Zion is huge! 285 pounds. Damn. I've been thinking he is built like Charles Barkley in his playing days.