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  1. There was that too. The dunk was nice, but he should have tried to run the corner and burn a few more seconds and let them foul.
  2. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I had watched it live since it was shown on ESPNU until that event finished. Just annoyed me, and I wanted to vent about something about the weekend I've had. Late night work calls on Friday night and Saturday night SUCK!!! Ha
  3. Pelicans lost by 2 in overtime. They were down 1 with a shot to win it, but Alexander Walker was fouled and the refs called a travel for some unknown reason.
  4. Are you F!!ing kidding me? I set my DVR to record this game. Just now decided to start it. And they are showing some F!!ing video game instead? Seriously? A F!!ing video game? What the F!!ing F!! ESPN? This is F!!ing bull diddly-poo. I just found it is on ESPNU, and it is half time.
  5. Love it! Screw the Lakers and AD!
  6. Just heard it was a 7.1. Damn.
  7. This is a trip. Game is on hold due to an earthquake. The scoreboard and speakers are still swaying. Sounds like it impacted Dodger Stadium too, so this must have been a sizable one. I think the announcers are a little freaked out. I'm sure I would be too. I've never experienced an earthquake. And I hope I never do
  8. I was thinking the same thing. The announcers more or less said that too. But he has made some nice plays. I loved it when he ripped the rebound away from that one guy and then dunked it. His shot looks a bit awkward.
  9. I'll admit that I know absolutely nothing about the picks other than Zion, but I love the enthusiasm I'm seeing from the board. It looks like we're going to have a young team for a few years, which is exciting. Just look at the excitement we've gotten from the young Saints players in recent years. Hopefully the Pelicans can have similar success with the young players.
  10. I'm not excited about this at all. I'll be the first to admit that Ball is the only player I've heard of of the 3, so my knowledge is very limited here. But I see it as great, we get 3 guys from the Lakers who couldn't even get to the playoffs with LeBron, including Ball's pain in the ass father, and some draft picks which are always a crap shoot. So now we'll have 3 new guys who probably won't help us get the playoffs, a loud mouth jackass distraction, and no AD. Yippee. Pelicans - Please prove me wrong.
  11. Good game tonight. So happy to see the Warriors lose, although I hate seeing another injury.
  12. I was about to post about this too. I just finished watching it a few minutes. 13-0, and it could have been worse. The US was denied 2 first half penalties. I don't understand what the point of replay is if they can't get that call right. But I guess it didn't matter. And there was an offside goal legitimately denied too. 10 second half goals. That is insane. That's a record that may never be broken unless they expand the tournament to 32 teams someday.
  13. I need to digest it more before commenting. I'm sad that it's over because I have enjoyed this series. For me, it's the best series since Lost. It will likely be a while until we have another series this good.
  14. I wonder if the opening sequence for tonight's finale will show Kings Landing in ruins? That would be a nice touch.
  15. Decision time. Watch the NBA playoffs until 8? Or watch Kings Landing burn again? HBO is about to air last week's episode again. That's an easy. Time to watch it burn!