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  1. Packers up 14 with less than 4 minutes to go. So much for hosting the NFC Championship. We need to get the brooms back out and sweep the Bucs aside tomorrow, and then get ready for a cold weather game.
  2. Oh my goodness. The start of this Cleveland Pittsburgh game is crazy. Bad snap on first play of game for a touchdown for Cleveland. Now interception, punt, and interception, and the Browns are up 28-0 at Pittsburgh. And it's still first quarter! The Browns look like any major college program playing a cupcake.
  3. GB gets the lowest seed remaining. That will be the Rams (6) (or the Bears (7) - let's hope not). The Saints will play the winner of Redskins vs. Tampon Bay if the Saints win.
  4. I wouldn't mind getting some revenge on the Rams in 2 weeks.
  5. The Saints (assuming no disaster tomorrow) will play the winner of Redskins vs. Bradys if the Rams hold on. So in that case, I want the Redskins to win. It's tough to beat a team 3 times in one season.
  6. I hate the Rams.
  7. I agree with you.
  8. I have a friend who is a life long Lakers fan. When he watched Pelicans games last year, he said the ex-Lakers were making the same mistakes they were making when they were Lakers. For what's that worth. Ingram has certainly not been clutch late in games in what I've seen. And Lonzo is a very frustrating player. He can be a great passer. Then make decisions that make you yell at the TV. But it's not just team. This team as a whole turns the ball over too much.
  9. They are still very frustrating to watch. Giving up way too many 3s. But they appear to be approving. The 2 losses have been ugly though. Miami and San Antonio crushed the Pelicans in both losses. The Pelicans didn't belong on the same court those nights.
  10. Me too
  11. I thought they lost it too. I'm shocked Dallas didn't get the call.
  12. Lots of important games today. 7 different win and in games. Mike Evans just broke 1000 yards receiving, making him the first receiver with 1000 yards in his first 7 seasons. The announcer said no player deserves it more. I am dumbfounded by that comment. I've always thought Evans is a piece of garbage. That cheap shot on Lattimore a couple years ago makes me think that. Next play, Evans hurts his leg, and I think Brady hit his hand on a helmet. Brady still in. Evans is out, at least for now.
  13. No doubt about that. Clearly an improved team. I really like Adams. Is this team a playoff team? I don't know. Way too early to tell. Right now, I would like to see some improvement from the bench. The bench is not scoring. JJ Redick has been awful so far but I'm sure he'll find his rhythm sooner or later. I'm happy to see Alexander Walker and Hayes getting more playing time so far this season.
  14. Pelicans sweep the season series over the Raptors. The Pels came out aggressive and got a nice win tonight. The team needs to improve from the free throw line. I think Toronto was something like 26-27, while the Pels were 27-40, or something like that. Way too many misses.
  15. Well F!!. And I have no doubt that Goodouche will make sure we play on Saturday.