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  1. I didn't realize all 3 were against Carolina. But I knew that 2 were meaningless week 17 games when we didn't try. I don't remember the score of that one game, but it was something like 16-13 in Carolina's 15-1 year where sCam made a business decision. At least I think it was that season.
  2. Let's keep in mind that the Seahawks barely beat the crappy Bengals at home in week 1, and they didn't exactly destroy the Steelers without Ben. So they may not be as good as everybody thinks. Payton is 0-3 as a head coach without a hall of fame QB. Time for him to prove he is a great coach worth that extension and get his first win without Brees.
  3. Tonight's game was unwatchable. I watched bits and pieces of it and was not entertained at any point.
  4. Week 2 summary: Saints lose Brees, Saints get screwed, Saints lose game. Rams, Cowboys, Whiners, Bears, and Falcons win. That's a juicy diddly-poo sandwich with a few sides of diddly-poo and a glass of diddly-poo to wash it down.
  5. I hate to keep whining about the refs, but it's becoming clearer and clearer. We probably would have lost the game after losing Brees anyway. I felt the game was over at that point. The refs did not need to help them further. The players need to speak up more about the poor officiating. Cam Jordan said his piece. Somebody needs to rip into the refs after the helmet toss. Obviously, the players need to play better. Too many penalties. I don't agree with all of them, but some were the right calls. Offensive line was terrible today. I think we had a stretch where we were called for block in back, hold, blindside block, and hold on consecutive plays. Don't agree with all of them, but we can't challenge the refs eyesight. Jared Cook was even worse - 3 drops, I think, with one for an interception. I think Gayle should ask for her money back there. Bridgewater was not very good. He didn't turn the ball over, but that was a bit lucky. And his decision making process was too slow - like we said i week 17 last year and in preseason. And we had way too many drops...it wasn't just Cook. Defensively, great first half other than the 57 yard pass to Cooks. But we held them to 6 in the first half, and outscored the Rams in the first half if not for the refs screwing us. I think the defense just got tired in the 2nd half. They were on the field a lot. And I hate the Falcons.
  6. How far did Kyle Turley throw that Jets helmet all those years ago? I think we got 3 personal fouls and an ejection on that play, so I guess it went 60+?
  7. Well stated! I feel that losing Brees realistically ended the game. But that botched call killed any chance we may have had. 7 points and 90 yards in field position. You could say 10 points because Sean Payton got stupid and went for it on 4th down on the ensuing drive because that was another 3. And of course, it totally changed momentum.
  8. I hope that's not true too. I'm afraid he will be out for a while.
  9. Game ball goes to the refs. They earned that game ball. When does the investigation into the refs for illegal gambling on football begin?
  10. Who's watching who today? I'm watching the red zone channel until our game. Packers and Giants have both scored already.
  11. Maybe the second biggest. The biggest robbery ever happened last January.
  12. It still bugs me that a so-so QB like sCam Newton has an MVP award and Brees still does not have one. It makes no sense. He had a good year that season where he made the business decision. But if anybody on that Panthers team deserved the MVP that year, it was Kuechly (or however you spell it) or somebody else on that defense. I do love that sCam has now lost his last 8 starts. That puts a big diddly-poo eating grin on my face for some reason.
  13. I know. The quarterback play in particular was simply terrible in this game. The Panthers should have won this game. That was a terrible play call by Norv Turner on the Panthers' last play. He should have gone QB sneak. Newton is almost guaranteed to get the 1/2 yard there. So I support his decision to do that gimmick play.
  14. Thursday night football, and Tampa goes to Carolina and gets the win. Carolina is 0-2 at home to start the season, and in sole possession of last place in the NFC South. Awesome! May the Falcons join them on Sunday.
  15. That's too funny