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  1. Seattle did their best Falcons impersonation tonight.
  2. ATL is short for another toppled lead.
  3. I read the replies on that thread. One was "ATL is short for another tough loss". I laughed, but whoever wrote that is wrong. Nothing tough about it. Let me fix it. ATL is short for another tremendous loss. OR ATL is short for another touchdown late.
  4. Too bad he got hurt late though. I like seeing a good receiver wearing 12 with MC initials. I swear we've seen that before.
  5. 15th straight October win! 5th longest streak in NFL history. Damn the schedule makers for scheduling our bye week in October. Haha. It's another Goodell conspiracy.
  6. Wow! Finally got a sack! And that 65 yard field goal attempt was close. I think it was inches short. Maybe a foot.
  7. Me too. That offensive pass interference call is bull diddly-poo. And then that personal foul on 22 on the Panthers' drive was weak. He was in the process of tackling him already. Let's not forget the 2 missed facemask calls against the Panthers on Kamara earlier too.
  8. I'm in. Nice opening drive.
  9. I don't really have an opinion on the hire. From what I able to read on ESPN while at the gym, it looks like he has a reputation for good defensive teams. So that sounds good since defense has not made an appearance in Pelicans games in a while. A friend who is a Bulls fan is not impressed with the hire. He's a much bigger NBA fan than I am though. I haven't watched much NBA since the 90s other than the Pelicans during the last 2 years. I hope this is a good hire. I was tired of Gentry's score 120 and allow 130.
  10. Too many cute plays with Taysom that aren't working. 3 first half plays that went for nothing. To be fair to Taysom, he did score the game tying TD late in the 4th though. But some of the Taysom plays impact the offensive rhythm. I feel like there has been some poor playcalling this year by Payton, especially in the first half. Obviously, Brees is old and doesn't have the arm he once did. You watch games with the young QBs and the balls are flying deep. Mahomes and Jackson to name 2. The pass rush was invisible early, then they started pounding Herbert. One 3 and out had good plays by Hendrickson, Rankins, and Davenport. Where is Cam Jordan? MIA.
  11. We need the Fail Birds to beat TB and Carolina, and any other NFC contenders they play to help us out. I think 7-9 would be just about perfect. With 2 of the 9 against us, of course. Not a great draft position, but no postseason chance.
  12. Why are wide receivers just dumbasses? Forget sports. You can't go punching people in society. Payton and the rest of the staff need to bring MT in and get his head on straight. I guess he is too easy to rile up. Don't need this to happen again in practice, or even worse in a game. Crap like this pisses me off.
  13. Do we know who MT punched?
  14. How about Alex Smith playing for the first time in 2 seasons? That's a good story.
  15. It looked like Dak's foot was just hanging. I think he broke his ankle. Whatever the exact injury is, it's bad. It's probably best to give MT another week off since we have the bye next week and he has a high ankle sprain to give an extra week to heal. Although a suspension by the team is very concerning. Altercation with a teammate? I don't like the sound of that. In good news, the Dolphins are kicking the Whiners' ass!!!