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  1. The stage, the drama, the intensity.... I have now come to believe the NFC Championship was the better game, though the Super Bowl was obviously the better result.
  2. I need to pay attention to Saints news more. I had no idea Barrett had signed with the Saints.
  3. Week 2 scares me!!! Seriously. The Saints often get off to a slow start AND the Browns will probably be starting their rookie QB for that game. Yikes!
  4. So when is the WDZ game?!? I'm back in the States after more than a decade away. You know I want to catch at least one game with you folks!
  5. From an ESPN article New Orleans Saints LB Sam Mills The USFL flamed out, but it was one of the best things to ever happen to the Saints, giving them coach Jim Mora and players such as Mills, Vaughan Johnson, Bobby Hebert and Mel Gray. Mills, an undersized 5-foot-9 inside linebacker who had been undrafted out of Montclair State in 1981, was cut by both the Browns and Toronto Argonauts before starring in the USFL and becoming the heart and soul of New Orleans' famed Dome Patrol defense. He later became such an important part of the fledgling Panthers franchise that they erected a statue of him outside their stadium. Mills went to five Pro Bowls in his 12-year NFL career, including four with the Saints. -- Mike Triplett What do you think about Triplett's choice? My first thought was Pierre Thomas, but I can't disagree with Mills.
  6. Unfortunately, Facebook is not flexible to your personal needs. I have worked a lot on tweaking the algorithms, but it is just a lesson in frustration. Here is my suggestion because I have had the problem of group posts flooding my newsfeed, also, and I have only been able to slightly downgrade the flood. If you still want to read the group postings but don't want them on your timeline, do this: 1. Go to each group and bookmark it. I use Chrome, so I just drag the page I want onto the taskbar. 2. Unfollow each group. Don't leave the group, but choose unfollow. 3. Make it a habit to click on the group bookmarks to read the group postings without ever having them flood your newsfeed. Hope this helps. There may be some other solutions, but it seems for Facebook that the "All or Nothing Approach" is their way.
  7. On the replay, you can see he was trying to avoid interfering, but did he forget he was the last man? Sit back and make the F!!ing tackle.
  8. Thought the D had turned the corner. And then biggest defensive F!! up in franchise history.
  9. Congratulations to you, my man!
  10. ESPN Article Link What if it was one of those statistical anomalies and it starts to balance itself out in the playoffs? That would be sweet! We can hope!
  12. Something about Eli Apple concerned me. I remember thinking when he got drafted that he seemed to have the attitude of "Now I made it." Instead of being hungry to be great, he seemed to be content with getting drafted, sort of like Jamarcus Russell. So glad he's not one of those OSU Buckeyes DBs the Saints love to draft! Two picks later, the Saints picked a MAN.
  13. Even though the Saints are down in third-down conversions, they have been highly successful in fourth-down conversions (85.7%) for the best percentage and tied for third in overall conversions. That gives the Saints an extra factor, I think, in that opposing defenses cannot rest on having made a third-down stop. When the Saints choose to go for it, they make it a higher percentage of the time. Fourth Down Conversion Rates - Sorted Still, being 22nd in the league in 3rd-down conversions is really low for the Saints' offense we have known over the years.
  14. The Jags should be pissed, too. They were in a position to have a chance at a first-round bye if the Steelers won the game. They still have that chance, but they don't control their own destiny now. The refs do...