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  1. Shiitake mushrooms....
  2. Any of you guys tailgating tomorrow? I’ll be there with CPeddy!!! Can’t wait!!!
  3. Saints vs NFCE next week
  4. 6/9 The offense is irrelevant lately. This D will be the Lombardi factor
  5. Collapsing...
  6. He really thinks Pat Swilling and Rickey Jackson are going to put a lot of pressure on Jake Delhomme this weekend. Also, he is going to be looking for how well Joe Horn matches up on the outside against Josh Norman. I'll tell you, though, I really want to see how Wade Wilson handles the pressure against Kevin Greene. For reference: Stephen A. Smith's TNF Preview
  7. I know the Saints' D has not been as outstanding as teams like the Ravens, Bears, and Cowboys. However, none of those teams have the offense that the Saints do. At the level the Saints' D is playing, this team is even better than the 2009 version. Consider: The Saints have now held FIVE straight opponents to under 20 points and 8 of its 13 opponents. The Cowboys have only held 6 opponents under 20. The Ravens have held 7. The Bears have held 7. This Saints' D has been playing near the top of the NFL for 5 straight games. In games where the offense shows up, like against Philadelphia, it is hard for any team to beat the Saints. Hopefully, the Saints are over their little 6-quarter offensive lag and turn it on the last 6 games. Who dat!
  8. Saints' magic number is 1!
  9. Don't know the store, but Google Fu allowed me this: Santa New Orleans Saints Toilet. There's also another with random teams (Jets, Ravens, Broncos), which makes no sense at all.
  10. I was a big fan of that pick (over people like Eli Apple!!! ), and I'm happy to see him finally coming around to being the stud I thought he could be. He was damn fun to watch in college, and now I'm starting to see that in the NFL. I love when he's one-on-one with the center because I know he's about to eat second lunch.
  11. This is crazy to say after what we saw of the Saints' early in the season, but the Saints' D is light years ahead of these two teams. The Saints' D can get a stop now and again. Neither of these defensive groups can, notwithstanding the 7 turnovers and 3 defensive TDs.
  12. P.S. - You're welcome. Can't have Survivor Mode end like that!
  13. Yes! Thank you, Cam, for your beautifully inaccurate arm!