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  1. It looks like Suh is taking his place:
  2. Along the same thinking, but a bit different: the Bucs picked up one of the best LSU players ever. Ugh. And the Saints drafted an Our Lady player. Double ugh.
  3. I have a sinking feeling that Greedy Williams will be their 2nd round pick, too. Hopefully, the Seahawks snag him first. I am not a fan of the Seahawks, but I'd rather LSU players not play for NFCS rivals. Miss you forever, Deion Jones!
  4. Why not? It may not have a lot of activity, but it can garner some interest.
  5. About watching, you can watch live games at Also, based on the NFL Network showing games, I think there is every intention for this league to be the new minor league of the NFL.
  6. For LSU fans, the Memphis Express is the team to root for: QB Zach Mettenberger RB Terrence Magee OT Toby Weathersby DE Sam Montgomery DT Greg Gilmore LB Anthony Johnson P Brad Wing K Josh Jasper
  7. It would be awesome if the Nielsen Rating in NOLA was higher on this league's opening than it was for the Super Bowl!
  9. Is anyone going to watch? I'll probably check it out, even though I am still extremely bitter about "the call."
  10. Shiitake mushrooms....
  11. Any of you guys tailgating tomorrow? I’ll be there with CPeddy!!! Can’t wait!!!
  12. Saints vs NFCE next week
  13. Never go to the Hill House!!!