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  1. Sunday night was supposed to be a classic between these two legendary quarterbacks. Instead, it was the most aggressive ass-kicking of the NFL season—and of Brady’s 20-year career. Before Sunday night, Brady had never trailed at any point of any game by more than 31 points. But in this contest, Brady threw three interceptions as the Buccaneers fell into a 38-0 hole. It was historic for enough reasons that I’m gonna stop trying to make them into a paragraph and just do bullet points. It was: The worst loss of Brady’s career (35 points—before that, he had never lost by more than 31) The biggest loss of the NFL season (35 points—before that it was the Browns’ 32-point loss to the Ravens in Week 1) The fewest rushing attempts by any team in NFL history (five, since the Buccaneers were trying to catch up by throwing all night) The third-worst QB rating of Brady’s career The first game in which Brady threw multiple interceptions with no touchdowns since 2009 The most receivers from one team ever to catch passes in one game (12 different Saints, becoming just the third team to do so in the last 30 years) The second-saddest shutout-breaking field goal in NFL history (the Buccaneers kicked a field goal down 38-0; two teams have kicked field goals down 41-0) Not to mention, Brees took over first place on the all-time passing touchdowns leaderboard and now leads 564-561.
  2. Fair enough! Give balls to the other 45!
  3. Damn, in this game, who DIDN'T deserve a game ball?
  4. Steak, beer, and pulling for . . . Our Lady tonight? So tired of Clemson vs Bama championship games.
  5. So much for that return of Michael Thomas. Now, his return is in question.
  6. Now a hamstring injury . . . ()@!#*&*)!&#*(#&*(!#&@_()!
  7. I can only hope the return of Michael Thomas is going to make a huge difference in how the Saints approach the game on Sunday. For one, they need to pound the rock over and over. When they have been using the run, I find it has helped open up some runs. The Chargers seemed to open up a lot on the longer passes because Kamara and Murray were breaking off some decent early-down runs. Now with MT back in the lineup, teams have to worry about him more. Anyway, it is nice when the Saints start fast, but I want to see 60 minutes of intensity like the good old days when teams knew they needed to score 30+ to have a chance to win.
  8. Three-thousand fans will be in the Dome to watch the Saints this weekend. Are any of you going to be in that number?
  9. The Saints are 3-2, but they have a habit of constantly coming out slow. For the second straight week, the Saints came back after trailing by 14+, but that is not going to happen against good teams (e.g, what happened vs Green Bay). The Saints have trailed by at least seven in the 1st quarter in all three victories. Interestingly, they led early in both losses. Still, slow starts seem to be the norm these days. Why has it become a staple of the Saints' team to fall behind early and then have to play in comeback mode? I feel like the first 5 games are the microcosm of the past three "potential championship" seasons. The Saints lack a 60-minute edge. Thank goodness for that Lattimore tackle tonight. Otherwise, the comeback seemed like it was going to be for naught.
  10. And the Falcons are cleaning house.
  11. Michael Thomas suspended for the game. WTF? Also, Dak Prescott looks like he just broke his leg.
  12. Saints have been looking better since the beginning, but let's hope they keep up the intensity on offense. Kamara and Murray have been dominant, which is helping Brees a lot.
  13. Well, diddly-poo.
  14. I am not old enough to have ever seen him play, but when I was younger, I read a lot of baseball books. Football may be my favorite sport to watch, but baseball is poetry. I read every book I could get my hands on from the 1960s era of baseball. Gibson was my favorite of that era against a lot of legends: Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Don Drysdale, Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Pete Rose, Roger Maris of 1961, Joe Torre. Gibson was the type of pitcher that got into the head of a hitter probably more than any other in baseball history. And when he didn't get into the batter's head, he threw near it, which then got into the batter's head. David Halberstam's October 1964, the seven-game thriller of a World Series between the Cardinals and Yankees is my favorite baseball book about that era. Just Game Seven alone, where Gibson threw a complete-game to outduel Met Stottlemyre and the Yanks for the series win, was one of my favorite dramas of baseball and all of sports.
  15. Better coach tonight: Payton or Gruden? That's rhetorical. But, to be fair, I do not rue this one. A road loss against an AFC team is an OK loss. Next week for the prime timer is important, though!