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  1. It looks like they traded away all of their Day 3 picks.
  2. I consider him a good value pick there. I don't mind the trade up to get him. He seems to be a true MLB, so let's see how the depth chart looks.
  3. And they did.
  4. Deshaun Watson just had his Heisman moment!
  5. The ALL-LSU Name Team in this game: Broadcaster: Booger Buffalo: Tre'Davious Houston: Barkevious
  6. Well, despite Allen, the Bills were able to tie it. I'm surprised.
  7. Make that three straight!!!!
  8. Allen doesn't belong yet. Two straight brain farts cost his team a chance to win.
  9. I may consider a Bengals' 9 Burreaux if LSU finishes it up on Jan 9. I Do plan to be in NOLA for the championship night, ticket or not!
  10. GD Niners
  11. That "call" last year shows more weight suddenly this year. *&#!)(*!#^!)#*$^!*)#&(#!^(*#
  12. All I can say is, “Whew!” Saints just didn’t look like they wanted to win.
  13. That dude probably should never be allowed to play again. That was potentially murderous.
  14. Shows what I know. Numbers lie.
  15. via Imgflip Meme Generator