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  1. Deshaun Watson just had his Heisman moment!
  2. The ALL-LSU Name Team in this game: Broadcaster: Booger Buffalo: Tre'Davious Houston: Barkevious
  3. Well, despite Allen, the Bills were able to tie it. I'm surprised.
  4. Make that three straight!!!!
  5. Allen doesn't belong yet. Two straight brain farts cost his team a chance to win.
  6. I may consider a Bengals' 9 Burreaux if LSU finishes it up on Jan 9. I Do plan to be in NOLA for the championship night, ticket or not!
  7. GD Niners
  8. That "call" last year shows more weight suddenly this year. *&#!)(*!#^!)#*$^!*)#&(#!^(*#
  9. All I can say is, “Whew!” Saints just didn’t look like they wanted to win.
  10. That dude probably should never be allowed to play again. That was potentially murderous.
  11. Shows what I know. Numbers lie.
  12. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  13. Any bets on how many times that dude had offers because they assumed he WAS Brees?
  14. This is a pure fan service post, so take this as I am not playing in the next game. Therefore, as a fan, I am looking ahead. Side note: Though I usually am the pessimist when it comes to the Saints' season, I am the lone 15-1 voter in the "Put Up or Shut Up Thread." I chose that based on several factors: solid center replacement (assumed through draft--held up so far), expected improvement in receiving corp (assumed a Traquan surge--wrong so far), expected major upgrade at TE (still to be determined), expected emergence of Davenport (beyond my expectations since he is emerging as a pass rusher but maybe one of the best run defending DEs ever), expected improvement at LB (good so far), and expected continuing improvement of the defensive backfield overall (so good so far). There were other factors I never thought about, too, like a legitimate return (yet first year fumble) threat in Harris and of course a ball preserver in Teddy B. Now that Drew is healthy and I assume the rest of the team is getting healthy in the right situation at the right time, here are several things to consider: 1. The next four games after the bye are all divisional games. Should the Saints win all of them, they will have virtually clinched the division in the 12th game. I am assuming Carolina is good enough to go 2-2 in its next four games: wins at home against the Falcons and Redskins and losses on the road against the Packers and Saints. That would make it 11-1 Saints and 6-5 Panthers. Basically, division clinched though not "official" at that time. 2. Despite the final scores, the Saints were really way ahead of all but the Texans, Cowboys, and Jaguars. In other words, the Saints are truly dominating in wins, but they let up a few times, too. The Bears game was flabbergasting because that should have been a 30-point win, but the Saints were content. Anyway, with Drew, I just feel like games like Arizona will become commonplace. Teams may hang early because Payton insists on the script, but the Saints will eventually outlast teams. Opponents can't run, so they can't win the time of possession, which leads to... 3. The Saints' D is actually set up to win better than the current undefeated 49ers and Patriots. The Saints do not give up running yards. The 9ers and Pats depend on mediocre QBs to kill their teams. Stopping the run saves clock and rests the D, which enhances the team. The Saints would have done the same in the Super Bowl last season; the Pats would not have had a chance to dominate in the way they did vs the Rams. Well, the way I assume they did: I still have not watched a second of that game. 4. The Saints have both the Niners and Packers in their way. Therefore, they need to win and win and win and win. Like 2009, they don't have the luxury to rest in Week 17. If they do go 4-0 in the division circuit, the Niners and Packers are probably going to win most if not all of their games, too. Must win means more likely to win. Weeks 14-17 will matter, too. 5. I don't know why exactly, but I feel like the Saints' locker room culture is beyond even the Pats'. I feel that the Saints have established the best culture of pick-me-up teamwork in the league. It seems to be a team that picks each other up rather than tearing each other down. Short term failures within a game are insignificant. That defense has an impressively short memory. 6. After Drew went down, the fact the Saints went undefeated has done nothing but accelerated the team's confidence. They thought they were the best team in the league two years ago. They were pretty sure they were the best team in the NFL last year. They KNOW they are the best this year. Ain't gonna be no bulldiddly-poo keeping them out this season.