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  1. Three weeks, three diddly-pooty weeks of football. This week, it's an OL that cannot stop its RB from getting hit five yards in the backfield. I propose Thursday Night Football is a diddly-poostorm. Change my mind.
  2. Boricko and Drew weren't impressed with Miami's ineptitude! Hey, Miami may be the only team in NFL history that had both an undefeated and winless season!
  3. In it 'til Miami wins it!
  4. The Week 3 no-diddly-poo pick for every single Survivor player that didn't pick them before: Dallas over Miami.
  5. Both teams looked terrible. Maybe a product of Thursday night (Packers-Bears, too) with sloppy conditions, but neither looked like they’ll be around for January ball.
  6. 27 second-half points. For perspective, only 11 total NFL teams (including the Saints) scored more than that total in a full game in Week 1.
  7. Anyone out there selling a ticket or know how to grab one for this weekend? I want to be in that number!
  8. Shamu with my favorite survival of the week!
  9. Michael Thomas with the quiet 10 catches for 123 yards. No game balls for that except from me? That's what you call taking a star for granted!
  10. Man, surprised Crawley even made the 53.
  11. With Jameis "Crab Legs" Winston's second pick-six, it looks like the NFC South went 0-3 on the day. Saints in sole possession of first place.
  12. We both . . . (ahem) survived.
  13. If the Seahawks lose this week, I am convinced I am Survivor cursed. How the hell do I get my Week One pick wrong every _@*()@$&()@$* year?!?
  14. Hey man, a few of us are in chat if ya wanna join. 

  15. In the works for weeks, methinks