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  1. Players & Coaches take it one game at a time. Fans .. well it's in our to look ahead and get excited. Besides our division games, we have 49'ers and the Colts coming in. (don't sleep on the Colts) 49'ers have Packers, Ravens and Seahawks twice. GB can win out and end up with 2 loses I think the Saints have a path to #1 seed, but can also be #3 seed. Not going to be easy
  2. IMO, he sounded like an idiot when he said it wasn't the lack of game reps. But then went on to say they just weren't in sync? (game reps help you get in sync!) Wasn't he just a 1 year starter in college and now 3rd year? So he's like a SR in College and compares himself to a seasoned Vet that can get ready without game reps? Nope ... he got what he planned for
  3. I stand with Brees. Don't back down Brees!
  4. The timing was bad. I can understand the fans being upset in that moment. (before they had a chance to process it) Funny thing is that if he had just gone on IR, stayed on IR all season (taking more money/resources from the team), then retired after the season. The fans would have had a completely different reaction.
  5. I think Teddy is still an unknown, at least to us. We don't get to see him practice every day and when we do see him it's with back-ups. I'm glad he's on the team, but IF Brees retires and IF there was a chance to get Luck. I wouldn't think twice about getting Luck over Bridgewater. (but to be clear, I think it's a dream ) As for Bridgewater longterm - I have trust in Payton, but I doubt he's the true long-term answer. I just think he's the best option we can have if Brees goes down during our SB window.
  6. 13 - 3 and win the Super Bowl I think this team is very talented, very deep and very hungry. They've been close, heart broken; but also humbled. I feel Brees' leadership makes the difference. The schedule is very hard in the beginning, but since this team is deep and experienced it should start fast. I do believe Brees' needs to be on a 'pitch count', so his arm doesn't wear out. A fast start, best record will allow Brees' to sit the last week and then have the first round bye. It'll be great refresher for SB push. On a Hail Mary/Wing and a Prayer ... I think Brees' wins it all and retires. Luck decides he really misses Football and just needed a year off to heal. But Indy has moved on and he wants a fresh start. Saints trade for his rights and Luck gets a fresh start ... Go Saints!
  7. I think it was smart football on many levels. MT earned it and he's the type of player I want the team to pay. I think it sends a strong message to other players on the team, the Saints have never been afraid to spend money. In 2 years his contract probably want be in the top 5 or even top 8. I think we'll look back and be happy we signed him before the other top WR's started signing. Brees does make ever WR better, but even Brees does better when he has a go to guy he can trust. I also think MT will help any QB be better. I think he has HOF drive and skill, you don't let those type of players get away
  8. Not flashy, but I think it's a really smart pick. Hayes is projected to be a solid starter, really good rim protector, rebounder, def. I think this type of player (at least his projection) is a great building block for this young team. I think he'll fit in well. I would still love to see some more Vet leadership, but the team is shaping up nicely
  9. I don't think Payton will leave. I think they have loyalty to Gale and I really feel he's more say here than he would ever have anywhere else. I think loyalty wins out. I also believe they have a plan for the future. Now that plan my be to trade all assets for picks, 'tank' and start fresh with the first pick in the draft ... and 2021 isn't that the clemson QB???? Brees has made his home here and he still has quality years left. I used to doubt them, but after the last few years, they've more than earned my trust. I'm betting there is still a rabbit or two in that old hat.
  10. I don't get it? It seemed like AJ McCarron was a great back-up in Cinci? He got hurt and probably didn't get a fair shake at the starter position, but I think he's proven to be a solid back-up. Way better than Cook
  11. If the team gets in RB trouble, I trust Brees throwing 50 passes, because 25 of them will be run/passes. Little outs or dinks that are really just a long pitch out. For one game, I trust in Brees
  12. I was listening to a former GM on the radio talking about these late cuts and getting guys to go to the practice squad. He was saying that sometimes they will work a deal with a player to pay him his full salary (just like if he was on the 53) and explain to him they need his spot on the 53 for a different position. Everyone gets paid the same and usually it's best interest of the team. These type of moves usually are very safe, because it would take another team paying way more than the normal rate to steal him away. I think the Saints front office are making moves because of injury, but keeping these players close and I bet paid.
  13. Different sport, but everyone thought Paul George was a 1 year rental on OKC and off to the Lakers. But he signed longterm with OKC this year. We probably have zero chance to sign Bridgewater as a FA next year, but now that he's here for a year .... who knows how life shakes out. He might find out that this Offense is a perfect fit for him. The Saints my Franchise Tag him, FO proved their not afraid to use the FT. And who knows, SP may end up not liking TB's skill set. I'm just excited because the FO is all in on the SB.
  14. will be said about every QB that comes after Brees ... HOF'ers don't come around often
  15. I'm saying 13-3 and SB Champs. But wouldn't be surprised at 14-2