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  1. AD buying a house there isn't that big a deal to me. It seems like for a lot of players, it's the place to hang in the offseason. More of their peers are there, etc. AD can only stay with the Pelicans for so long, if management doesn't surround him with a team that can win, then he will move to a traditional power for his next contract. Kind of like KD to Boston after giving the Bucks 8 great years. He could only go so far there, he needed a traditional power team to win a much deserved championship. AD will probably follow the same path. He signed a max contract through 2021, but the NBA seems to be able to trade players pretty easy. I would love to see NOLA give it another try next year see if they can continue to build around AD. Maybe build a power team that will keep him here
  2. I think it's just more competition and training camp depth. I think it leads to quality competition for the 5th and 6th spots
  3. While I think TO misses out on a once in a life time moment, I'm glad he's standing up and making his point. I think there are way to many POS voters that are an embarrassment and should not be on voting on HOF. (that goes for baseball too) TO is a first ballot HOFer, can't even argue against that. The one reporter/voter that said ".. if I had know he wouldn't show up, I wouldn't have voted for him..." Right there proves it's a tainted process. This should have caused an uproar and that voter should have been fired. He just admitted that screw merits, it's about popularity. selfishly, I hope TO keeps this up until the last minute, then shows up and gets his well deserved moment.
  4. Well Barrett is a winner and a leader and has done it at the highest level in college. I don't know if he has the talent to make the team, but I believe he's exactly the type of player you want in Mini Camps, OTA's and training camp. I think he'll be good for team as a whole and he'll push the back-up QB's
  5. Screw the talking heads. A few years ago, I was all for trading away Brees (so he could go win) and rebuild because I didn't think the GM/Coach could rebuild with the amount of dead money they kept pushing forward. But some how they've done it. So lots of props to them. (finally great drafting) When Brees retires, either we will have a couple of really bad years or the GM/Coach will have pulled off a 'reload/no rebuild' miracle. I don't really care, we can deal with that later. I'm a believer in what the Staff has done and doing. I hope they keep going all in on Brees for the the next couple of years. Win now, screw the costs. HOF QB's don't come around often, I would love to see Brees win another! And if this pick turns out to be Def ROY ... then when we win the SB, Loomis should just look into the camera an drop the mic
  6. I really thought this was a good signing and had high hopes for a great QB-TE connection. I think the Team made a good move, just didn't work out. I like the fact they gave him going away money and hopefully used human compassion and not just business decision. ( I think it helps land FA's in the future for our GM / Coach to do the right thing)
  7. Looks like there could be a lot more to this story. Time to hold our judgement and let the front office handle this. Let's not tarnish a rep before it's time ...
  8. 1 - every player in the last year of their contract wants a new contract. 2 - every player wants a raise. This will be his 3rd contract as a RB, that's his last chance to make a big payday. he's not asking for anything that every other RB has asked for. We don't know as much as the coaches, so I'll just wait and see what happens. If he stays on the team, I'll assume it was an honest mistake and him, team, coaches are still on the same page. If he's traded soon, I'll assume it was something much more. He might not have lived up to his hype the first few years, but overall he's been a really good RB for the Saints. All accounts, a good teammate and he can play all 3 downs. He will not easily be replaced.
  9. Who the heck is running the Front Office. I have no idea what masked man has started calling the shots, but something has changed. We trade away players we don't need for future picks. (instead of giving away future picks) Now we're bringing in a very respected coach to address a weakness. The Def is the strongest part of the team. Did we do one of those flip upside down things or got sent to backwards universe? I don't know ... but I like it!
  10. Winston came on the field of play when he wasn't allowed. Isn't that an automatic game suspension?
  11. Depending on the price, I would love Fitz. I think he is a great professional and still has gas in the tank. We have a young team, but we have some talent. I think the WR's AND the young CB's would grow a lot from having a A+ HOF'er on the team. Great teams promote greatness, great players promote greatness. HOF'ers tend to rub off, the right way, on other players. When I look at the great Pitt/Dallas teams, I doubt all those players are in the HOF if they were on separate teams. But I think the sure fire HOF'er can elevate a really good player to greatness.
  12. Well then Graham is going against a lesser CB and Snead/Gin are going against back-ups. You're right about Fleener and he would probably line-up in the traditional TE spot, while Jimmy would be split out as a WR. Now you're running trips with someone that I think is still a better WR than Coleman. And you still have a TE & RB that can release. I think JG breaks down as a blocking TE, but as a WR split out he still has good value. (size makes him a hard match-up) Myself, I wouldn't want to trade a draft pick for him. But if they brought him in for a workout and Brees told me that he still has it and he would make the Off better. It would be hard for me to ignore Brees. Most of us agree that give Brees a top 15 Def and he can make a deep playoff run. Well maybe the Saints have a top 15 Def. If they really do, then I'm ok giving Brees another weapon. (just make sure it's truly a weapon)
  13. I don't want to give up anything for JG, but I will say this about NE/Seattle being able to match up and shut him down. (at that time) to shut JG down, they had to a) use their #1 CB and said CB had to be physical. IF we had him on the team, I would be happy for a Def to put their #1 CB on JG. I just think the Brees would feast on a #2 cb guarding Thomas. Add in Sneed, Gin and Kamara out of the backfield and once again Saints Off has more weapons than the Def can cover. I also think that Fleener being the 2nd TE on the field adds dual TE threat. But ... that was JG a couple of injuries ago. Can he still line up on the outside and be a weapon? Does he have enough left for 1/2 year rental? I don't even know if we have a 7th round draft pick to trade?? I read the Thomas was held of out practice today, knee?? Is Snead healthy yet? If we have injury concerns, then I may be more interested
  14. I'm so amazed at Joe Thomas, 10,000+ snaps. IMO, it's one of the truly amazing stats in sports. This is a big nasty, down and dirty position.
  15. I think most people agree Brees is a first ballot HOF'er, but when it comes to MVP voting I think he's the most underrated QB of all time. Without Brees, the Saints would equal the Browns. Yet he doesn't have an MVP trophy ....