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  1. didn't they add 2 more players on game day, 2 more players over all and more players to the practice squad? maybe they give a little poo .... IMO the mindset that the owners don't care about players is tiresome. Sure there are still some old school owners, but many do care and many realize their product depends on star players.
  2. I think Brees understands the Cap situation as well as anyone. I'm sure They've all had plenty of conversations and Loomis will have a plan to push the piper back one more year and still upgrade the WR corp. I think the real interesting contract will be Hill's. I think they will give him some long-term security and and also get him at a big discount compared to an established franchise QB. Hopefully that difference will be enough to offset Brees' huge cap hit once he retires. This could work out where the Saints can reload vs rebuild and have a pretty seamless transition between starting QB's. (seamless financially, not talent)
  3. It's not about his attitude, it's about his drive. He just completed his 3rd year in the league. He's done everything the team has asked of him and more because he's an old school team football player. But he wants to be a starting QB and believes in himself. From what Coaches and Players say, he's been on a pretty good growth curve and seems to be on the path of what you would expect from a talented player that had some injuries in college. BTW .. he hasn't demanded anything, he just believes in himself and wants a chance to prove he can do it. Saints are likely putting a first round tender on an undrafted player ... that speaks for itself. Unlike any of us, they see him in practice and in the film room every day. To me, that's exactly the 'attitude' you want out of any QB.
  4. I want a QB that's confident not one that says "I'll just see what comes to me". Come on man. He's always said he wants to be a starting QB, that's a life goal, he should chase it with all his might. I like what he said. He also said he rather be here with Brees in the right situation. Brees also said that he's all in on training him next year and if that meant Hill gets 20-30 snaps a game that would be great. You think Brees is saying that if he doesn't think Hill was good enough? Maybe he has 13 passes because Coach didn't want him showing off his arm. The avg NFL fan didn't even learn his name until last year. They know nothing about him being groomed over the last couple of years. They (and we) know very little about his practice throws or his film study. Either the Saints Coaching staff, along with Brees and some ex coaches, are playing the biggest con game to inflate Hill's abilities to trick someone into giving up a 1st round pick, that they could then some how parlay into drafting the QB they really want. (that would be a huge con game) Or ... Yeah, the Saints also think he could grow into a franchise QB.
  5. I will always hate the 49'ers. I Honey Badger to get a ring, so go Chiefs ... I feel like it could be a really good game, and without the Saints in it, that's all I really hope for (oh and the 9'ers losing. I always hope for them to lose and in the most heartbreaking fashion)
  6. ESPN article had this to say about Brees. If this is indeed the case, then I would hope Brees comes back for one more year. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28600624/overheard-super-bowl-week-buzz-saints-qbs-cam-more "... Sometime in February is when we will get clarity on Brees, but after talking with several people about this, the two most plausible outcomes are this: Retirement. Yes, the rumblings are fairly strong. Signing a one-year deal with the Saints while helping friend Taysom Hill become the guy in 2021. The second option is significant, because sources stress that Brees and Hill are indeed close but that Hill -- a versatile weapon and a restricted free agent -- might not be ready to handle the full responsibilities of NFL quarterbacking just yet. One more crack at a championship while continuing to develop Hill would satisfy the locker room and an aging but talented defense that is poised for another run at San Francisco. One expected outcome if Brees returns is that Hill would get a first-round tender -- a way for the Saints to dissuade teams from submitting an offer sheet -- and Teddy Bridgewater would become a potential starter elsewhere. We're told that retirement is a definite option for Brees, that it isn't an empty threat to try to leverage the Saints into a contract. But we're also told, in no uncertain terms, that if Bress does play again, it would only be for New Orleans."
  7. You're right Faceman, I didn't mean to come across as blaming the O-line. I agree we missed Ingram. I just meant to say in general, for a QB with an avg arm, we'll need an above avg O-line, really strong running game and great Def.
  8. Payton Manning won a SB and couldn't throw the ball 20 yds downfield. Brees can still win a SB, but his days of passing the ball 40+ yds down field are getting rare. To win, IMO he needs a very strong Def and and a stronger Running Game. (ie better Oline) Are there enough FA's out there willing to play for a reduced rate, enough cap space, enough valuable draft picks, etc .... Can Payton find lightening in a bottle? Sure he can ... the only question is will he. In my book, Brees has earned the right to do whatever he wants and give him the right team and I think he wins. I think he wins if he's the Balt or SF QB.
  9. Other teams deal with it and I have faith that Coach O will handle this too. Yes Brady brought in new plays, but it was Coach O that was seeking a Spread Off w/ RPO. Steve Ensminger studying, learned, slept at the office most of the year to master this offense. He called the plays and he is the Offensive Coord. No knock against Brady, but because of what he brought to LSU, it will be easier to keep it going. Aranda is a top DC and he will be harder to replace, but LSU is a very attractive job. They pay great, they recruit top talent and play against the best. Coach O has proved he has a vision and knows how to get it. He has a wealth of experience and a wealth of NFL/College coaching connections. He has also proved that if he makes a mistake, he'll fix it asap. QB is a different story. They don't make a lot of Burrow's. But I believe we're in a really good position. Brennan has the talent and the tools, plus he's been an active part of the team this year. Behind him is talent and two highly ranked freshman coming in. And if they don't feel Brennan is ready, I have no doubt they would hit the transfers. Another 15-0 is not likely, but I feel good about the future!
  10. Players & Coaches take it one game at a time. Fans .. well it's in our to look ahead and get excited. Besides our division games, we have 49'ers and the Colts coming in. (don't sleep on the Colts) 49'ers have Packers, Ravens and Seahawks twice. GB can win out and end up with 2 loses I think the Saints have a path to #1 seed, but can also be #3 seed. Not going to be easy
  11. IMO, he sounded like an idiot when he said it wasn't the lack of game reps. But then went on to say they just weren't in sync? (game reps help you get in sync!) Wasn't he just a 1 year starter in college and now 3rd year? So he's like a SR in College and compares himself to a seasoned Vet that can get ready without game reps? Nope ... he got what he planned for
  12. I stand with Brees. Don't back down Brees!
  13. The timing was bad. I can understand the fans being upset in that moment. (before they had a chance to process it) Funny thing is that if he had just gone on IR, stayed on IR all season (taking more money/resources from the team), then retired after the season. The fans would have had a completely different reaction.
  14. I think Teddy is still an unknown, at least to us. We don't get to see him practice every day and when we do see him it's with back-ups. I'm glad he's on the team, but IF Brees retires and IF there was a chance to get Luck. I wouldn't think twice about getting Luck over Bridgewater. (but to be clear, I think it's a dream ) As for Bridgewater longterm - I have trust in Payton, but I doubt he's the true long-term answer. I just think he's the best option we can have if Brees goes down during our SB window.
  15. 13 - 3 and win the Super Bowl I think this team is very talented, very deep and very hungry. They've been close, heart broken; but also humbled. I feel Brees' leadership makes the difference. The schedule is very hard in the beginning, but since this team is deep and experienced it should start fast. I do believe Brees' needs to be on a 'pitch count', so his arm doesn't wear out. A fast start, best record will allow Brees' to sit the last week and then have the first round bye. It'll be great refresher for SB push. On a Hail Mary/Wing and a Prayer ... I think Brees' wins it all and retires. Luck decides he really misses Football and just needed a year off to heal. But Indy has moved on and he wants a fresh start. Saints trade for his rights and Luck gets a fresh start ... Go Saints!