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  1. Weird year, weird draft. I don't think any team was able to get a typical full view of all the players, so I really doubt anything coming from the talking heads. Teams don't just put out misinformation on QB's, but I just look at SF/Jones saga vs the truth and realize these talking heads know very little. I feel the Saints took their type of players and I trust their track record. With the Saints being a talented, more experienced team and drafting late; it's not like a lot of rookies will make the team. I would have been fine if they had traded every pic for 1 or 2 players. Actually, if they had traded all their draft pics for one of the top 2 CB's, I would have said 'good enough'. (just because so much unknown this year)
  2. Brees never had the biggest arm and last 3-4 years speedy WR's sometimes had to hold-up on the deep balls, but now he's starting to have problems pushing the ball on the out patterns. Payton won a SB with almost no arm, so I'm not saying the sky is falling. However, I do think Hill needs to take more game time reps and Brees needs a lot less practice reps. They need to figure out the best formula to help Brees keep his arm lively on game days. Plus, I honestly think they should give Brees 2 weeks off around week 10. This is an all in year, look outside the box.
  3. The late Monday night game lost to Dancing with the Stars. I think they said it was down 26%? I do think some of it are just people tired of hearing politics in their entertainment. I see that backlash on FB and hear it on the radio, so knew that was going to happen. I also think people have gotten away from sports and aren't just going to come back. Teams will have to earn their fans back.
  4. Some where back in this thread, I brought up the question of why is there such a rush to cancel the season instead of waiting to see how it shacks out. And what if all the players have gotten covid and recovered before the season even starts .... Coach O just said that most of the LSU players have already gotten it and recovered, didn't get a number. Texas Tech, which has been self reporting to the public I guess, has had 75 cases. Sounds like the Big 10 is wishing they had waited and looks like they might try to get back in the game. Has anyone heard any numbers from NFL teams?
  5. I'm glad you got us back on topic. You certainly bring up a good point. As a team reward, I think you're right. If the season is played in full, then I think the most discipline and mental tough team will win. (kind of makes me think Bilicheck's micro-management of every aspect and strictness might be a plus) Plus no home crowd to get you going, every game you'll have to get yourself up and stay up. But what about individual stats - I know football stats aren't as important as baseball stats, but say the sack record is set this year. People were upset because they thought Farve 'took a dive'.
  6. Maybe the Oilfield is different than other industries .. maybe not. Shell Oil tells their employees to self isolate and not put yourself at risk a week before your hitch starts. But contract employees (most oilfield workers are contract) don't have any protection. LA is right to work, all they have to do is say that 'position' isn't needed, you stay home, then it's up to your contract company. Now they only pay you when you work, so if there isn't a place to go, you don't get paid. I'm sure Shell wouldn't fire anyone with COVID on the spot, but you'll just be let go a few months down the road because they don't need you. I'm sure you're right that most States have a law to protect someone that has COVID at that moment. Most companies wouldn't fire a good employee that got COVID by 'accident', but if it comes out (posts on FB) that you put yourself (and then thereby co-workers on the platform) at risk because you're out partying, you're not going to keep your job very long. And that's no different than rules the PRO's have put in place. Players can be fined for going to places with groups of 15+, strip clubs, etc.
  7. As bad as I feel when a nurse, oilfield worker, welder, waiter, etc catches COVID and dies. This is only a sport to the fans, to those involved it's their job. It's how they put food on the table. Brees doesn't need to play and wouldn't be upset if he didn't. But to the first, 2nd, 3rd year players ... this is their life. To the player looking at one more payday before retirement, this is their job. For most people, unemployment is not an attractive option. People want and need to work. Players only get paid if they play. Sure new agreement this year is that they will get $100k if they opt out. But some couldn't pay their bills with $100k. As an oilfield worker, we're told to stay in semi isolation on our days off or risk our job. I have Navy friends that have been confined to base. Many jobs, you have to self isolate if you want to keep your job. Now I understand college kids are 'bulletproof' and some don't have the maturity to understand. But as Pro, you either want your job or not. The only difference between them and the welder at the Plant is how much they make. The welder can't go to strip clubs and large house parties on his days off, why can't the pro football player follow the same rule.
  8. Let's put aside politics for a minute and try to make this purely sports. Baseball and Basketball are back, Football training camps have started. Sports are allowing players to opt out and a handful of impact players have already opted out. College Football will probably just play Conference games, Baseball is 60 game season, Basketball shorten season, and Pro Football is yet to be determined. The ******'s on these seasons will be many. How does College Football pick the best 4 and will you view it as legit? Baseball 60 games ... no grind it out ... do you really feel the best teams will be in the playoffs? Basketball actually might not matter, the season had already started and good teams had separated themselves, plus everyone makes the playoffs. What if Football has to reduce down to a 13 game season? If the Saints win, I'm going to count it as just as important, but is it really a legit win? Will you look at the stats differently? I guess it'll all depend on the product on the field. But if Team A has all their starters and Team B is missing 5 impact players due to Covid, I'm not going to be happy with Team A's win. I think it will lessen it. And if that happens in the playoffs ... are they just trying to come up with a new way to screw the Saints. Vikes are at full schedule and Saints can't fill a full team because of Covid, Vikes win NFC Championship Game by default, then get blown out in SB. I could easily see this season being more harm than reward. I haven't watched Baseball or Basketball and I honestly don't care if all Pro Sports are cancelled this year. I would like to see college football, if it's done safely. But if all sports are cancelled this year, I'm really don't think I'll miss it.
  9. I like it. I thought this had been in the works anyway, I'm glad something positive has come out of this. I did see a report on ESPN that the NFLPA doesn't want any preseason games. I'm also very ok with that too. I rather 18 real games and no preseason games.
  10. so Faceman & Saint ATN say it's a 'mutating beast' and then fjw70 shares an article that says it isn't. Which shows that even the experts really don't know. Which is why I said "What if by the end of the summer..." Except for fans making travel arrangements, what is the rush to cancel games now? If the fall back is no fans in the stadium, then why cancel? Until real practices have to be postponed, then anything can still happen. The HoF game is a waste of game and I fill they had been looking for any excuse to get out of that game anyway. I'm on record, I hope they all get cancelled, sports need a reset. That said, I don't like the knee jerk reactions. I don't like the media over-hype and we're not one size fits all. My fiancee' is an RN (we're in NWFL), dealing with some of her COVID patients is harder, but she takes it in stride. (it was never an easy job, but most jobs aren't) the NBA playing in Disney? Baseball playing 60 games? NCAA just playing conference games? These are businesses working very hard to remain a business. This not a backyard game, these are businesses. These are jobs. This is the only way some people have to put food on the table. I don't want anyone taking our jobs away. I don't blame them for fighting to keep their jobs. (I also don't blame the ones that have made millions not wanting to play and they shouldn't)
  11. Everyone wants to talk about new cases, but no one brings up that for the very very mass majority two weeks later they're 100% fine. Report out says LSU might have about 30 players that have it. (all doing fine from what reports say) What if by the end of the summer they have 70 players that have had it and now very unlikely to get it again. (some people say catching it isn't 100% immunity, but others say it more likely than not) Now you're down to 20-30 players that haven't had it. Allow high risk players to sit out the season. What about fans that have had it? Why can't they go to the games? All the people that have had it and had little to no problems, why shouldn't they move back to normal?
  12. You can't change a valve without being face to face and plenty of huffing and puffing in this heat. Construction crews are working hand and hand. Plenty of normal people are working, in worse conditions, with way worse insurance. "..COVID is potentially career-ending.." I bet the % would be way less that 1%. I'm all for them not playing any sports this year. I think players are way over paid, I think the sport cost way to much for fans. I think a lost season might be a good way of reversing the cost to watch games, the player salaries, etc. I think many fans will leave the sport too, which would hurt/change TV contracts. And if I were a multi millionaire, I would sit out this season. But many current players and college seniors can't afford a lost season, many lives will be changed for the worse. (many many more than would be hurt by COVID)
  13. same for me. Maybe Google blocked it
  14. Oil and Gas workers go to work every day. Construction teams are working manual labor right next to other co-workers. People are in stores and going about their everyday life. Why? Because most people have to work to make money, to support their family. Most NFL players are no different, most can't afford to sit out (and not get paid) for a year. (not to mention all the supporting jobs) If the NFL season is lost, many lives will be dramatically changed for the worse. those players that rank from 35-60+ (including practice squad), many will not get their jobs back in 2021. (older players hoping for one last payday or young player just needing a chance) NFL players should be giving the same opportunity as our construction workers. They can go to work, but will not be punished if they stay home for safety. If they get sick, then the NFL should pay 100% of their medical bills (something that would not happen to a construction worker). Teams should put in plenty of safety measures and if that means more players go on IR (and get paid) and thereby allowing many new players to get a chance, so be it. Some players and coaches have already had it and fully recovered, some never had any issues with it. I look at the NFL as a business, yes it's a game, but it's a business that supports a lot of families. Plenty of people are working in far worse conditions and more risk. Football is a game, the NFL is job that many people need
  15. Right now I care very little about sports. I think many people feel the same way. I think that Basket Ball and Baseball are losing fans that will never come back. NASCAR and Gulf had decent viewership to there events, but watching at home isn't the same as spending money on them. Football is a long way off, we could be dealing with totally different events by the end of the summer. I think all sports will lose a good bit of their paying fanbase. I wonder how quickly that will be felt in new TV / stadium deals? How long before the salary caps start going back the other way and players start crying about not making enough money. (which I feel will drive the every day fan away even more)