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  1. I don't think Payton will leave. I think they have loyalty to Gale and I really feel he's more say here than he would ever have anywhere else. I think loyalty wins out. I also believe they have a plan for the future. Now that plan my be to trade all assets for picks, 'tank' and start fresh with the first pick in the draft ... and 2021 isn't that the clemson QB???? Brees has made his home here and he still has quality years left. I used to doubt them, but after the last few years, they've more than earned my trust. I'm betting there is still a rabbit or two in that old hat.
  2. I don't get it? It seemed like AJ McCarron was a great back-up in Cinci? He got hurt and probably didn't get a fair shake at the starter position, but I think he's proven to be a solid back-up. Way better than Cook
  3. If the team gets in RB trouble, I trust Brees throwing 50 passes, because 25 of them will be run/passes. Little outs or dinks that are really just a long pitch out. For one game, I trust in Brees
  4. I was listening to a former GM on the radio talking about these late cuts and getting guys to go to the practice squad. He was saying that sometimes they will work a deal with a player to pay him his full salary (just like if he was on the 53) and explain to him they need his spot on the 53 for a different position. Everyone gets paid the same and usually it's best interest of the team. These type of moves usually are very safe, because it would take another team paying way more than the normal rate to steal him away. I think the Saints front office are making moves because of injury, but keeping these players close and I bet paid.
  5. Different sport, but everyone thought Paul George was a 1 year rental on OKC and off to the Lakers. But he signed longterm with OKC this year. We probably have zero chance to sign Bridgewater as a FA next year, but now that he's here for a year .... who knows how life shakes out. He might find out that this Offense is a perfect fit for him. The Saints my Franchise Tag him, FO proved their not afraid to use the FT. And who knows, SP may end up not liking TB's skill set. I'm just excited because the FO is all in on the SB.
  6. will be said about every QB that comes after Brees ... HOF'ers don't come around often
  7. I'm saying 13-3 and SB Champs. But wouldn't be surprised at 14-2
  8. Bridgewater is so much better than what we have now, it's not even close. But from what I read earlier ... this really is a no risk. If we sign Teddy to a long term contract, we have the future after Brees. If we don't and he leaves via FA, we will get a 3rd round Comp pick. Unless something major happens, we're picking at the end of the round anyway. Worse case we slide from 30 to 36. But we also gained a 6th round pick. Seems like the FO nailed this one. More importantly though, I think this is a SB type team. YEsterday, if Brees got hurt, our season was over. Today, if Brees gets hurt, we still have a chance. (I would say equal to the chance that Philly had last year .. Bridgewater is a good starter) To me, that's being a responsible FO.
  9. I think this is a big time win now move, that will also pave the way for the future. I think Bridgewater is an above avg starter and maybe better in this Offense. I also think we have a SB contender type team without a plan if Brees got hurt. Now we have a great option that can win, if Brees has to miss some games. Great move! I would say that at least management has their sites squarely on a deep playoff run
  10. I think there are better options like Bridgewater or Tyrod. I think both would do well in this offense and easy have a few years left in them. I think they're both starters, just because of youth movement will be left without a home.
  11. I like him. I think he has progressed, but I also think he's just good for the team. Special teams, scout teams, etc .. seems like a hard working guy that will do whatever it takes. Plus he does have skills, still a work in progress, but he has skills
  12. AD buying a house there isn't that big a deal to me. It seems like for a lot of players, it's the place to hang in the offseason. More of their peers are there, etc. AD can only stay with the Pelicans for so long, if management doesn't surround him with a team that can win, then he will move to a traditional power for his next contract. Kind of like KD to Boston after giving the Bucks 8 great years. He could only go so far there, he needed a traditional power team to win a much deserved championship. AD will probably follow the same path. He signed a max contract through 2021, but the NBA seems to be able to trade players pretty easy. I would love to see NOLA give it another try next year see if they can continue to build around AD. Maybe build a power team that will keep him here
  13. I think it's just more competition and training camp depth. I think it leads to quality competition for the 5th and 6th spots
  14. While I think TO misses out on a once in a life time moment, I'm glad he's standing up and making his point. I think there are way to many POS voters that are an embarrassment and should not be on voting on HOF. (that goes for baseball too) TO is a first ballot HOFer, can't even argue against that. The one reporter/voter that said ".. if I had know he wouldn't show up, I wouldn't have voted for him..." Right there proves it's a tainted process. This should have caused an uproar and that voter should have been fired. He just admitted that screw merits, it's about popularity. selfishly, I hope TO keeps this up until the last minute, then shows up and gets his well deserved moment.
  15. Well Barrett is a winner and a leader and has done it at the highest level in college. I don't know if he has the talent to make the team, but I believe he's exactly the type of player you want in Mini Camps, OTA's and training camp. I think he'll be good for team as a whole and he'll push the back-up QB's