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  1. I guess he just couldn't handle another 30 MINUTES of football.
  2. Doesn't matter, look what Ryan Fitzpatrick did to us. If that is how we handle back-up QBs, I just hope Ryan and Newton stay healthy.
  3. The Browns didn't get a Loss last week, but they didn't get a win either. If we aren't on top of our game, they will this weekend. If we play like we did against TB last week, we lose. If we play like we did last year, we win. It's all up to the players now.
  4. I'll play if you need another, if no room left, no worries.
  5. I'll start this off by saying I'm retired Navy, not that it means my voice is worth more than others, but because I've been exposed to the ceremony associated with the anthem on numerous ocassions. My take is that kneeling isn't offensive to me. If you don't want to stand, fine by me. What I don't like is when someone disrespects the other persons right to show their own version of respect. If a group of people that you are a part of is praying and you don't want to pray, fine, but don't pick your nose, talk to your buddy, etc. while they are doing it. If you don't want to stand for the flag, fine, just don't disrespect me while I'm standing for the flag. Remember, we all have the RIGHT to do lots of things, but it doesn't always mean it's RIGHT to do it.
  6. I don't like him as a man, but as a runner, watching those highlights, you see a lot of AK41 there. Very elusive, even when you think you have him in your grasp, he slips out of it. We would be lucky indeed if AK has this type of career.
  7. That first week line up is a bear! I don't recall a Week 1 where almost every game was a toss up.
  8. I swear there was helium in those balls!! lol
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't Miami turn Drew away? I thought their doctors said his injury was too significant to make a full recovery or something along those lines? At any rate, Payton is an excellent judge of QB talent and would have pulled very hard for Drew. He knew who he wanted and I think Mr B would have made sure we got him. Kap is just too much of a liability, I think. Kind of like Dez, wanted more money than most teams thought he was worth.
  10. I'm in. Maybe I'll survive past Week 2 this year!
  11. 11-5, make it to the NFCC, that is where the Force fails me. Always in motion is the future.
  12. I think I joined up here around '02 or '03, give or take. My life has gone through the gamut of life's situations, disappointments, and emotions. But this place has always been a constant. I can always come here and read words of wisdom, especially from you, ATN. I would hate to know that we would lose another voice of reason and knowledge.
  13. Oh, I so hope that he has an ace up his sleeve. I love it when big corporations are taken down. And I really hope that Goodell is implicated.
  14. I don't know, it feels like Chris is doing the HOF version of "protect the shield". And it sounds like Joe Namath defended T.O. at the Super Secret Ray Nitsche (?) Luncheon. Like I said in the first comment, not a T.O. fan, but there is something broken in the selection process.
  15. I never hated T.O., I thought he was ridiculous and a prima donna, but I never hated him. I like this story though about the hypocrisy that is the NFL.