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  1. Welp....
  2. I wanted the Rams to win so that we could have a chance at beating them at home, but it just as nice to see them in tears after getting their asses handed to them.
  3. Wow, Buffalo missed one wide right.....figure the odds....Edit: and I think Baltimore is aiming at the uprights! lol
  4. I just hope his antics don't end up biting us in the ass.
  5. I can't find any news on Trey, anyone know if he's on track to be able to play? We really need him against TB12.
  6. Most people are calling for his departure. On another note, it always makes me nervous when the Falcants shop for a new HC. You never know when they'll stumble on a good one, after all, even a blind squirrel.....well, you know.
  7. I so hope the Rams beat GB, not because I'm scared of GB but because I want us to play them in the NFCCG.
  8. Kamara and Harris on O, if I had to pick just one on defense it would be Lattimore, but the whole defense deserves one, ST ball goes to Harris, his second one of the game, only because Lutz is going thru some things........
  9. This may be premature but, why aren't the refs trying to screw us over?!
  10. Is Jimmy Graham really their best candidate for that award?
  11. I think Aaron Donald is hurt. He came out of the game, not sure what the news is though.
  12. So, assuming we win today and the Rams have to go to GB...what do you think of their chances? They are down to Goff now, with no reliable back up and he is still injured. I'm thinking we are on a collision course with GB in GB.
  13. So, if Washington wins, we get Rams and GB gets Wash? Edit: If/when we win tomorrow, that is.
  14. I don't like the Rams either, but I think I would rather play them than face Russell Wilson. Besides, we have a score to settle.
  15. Same.