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  1. Geez, that's a tiny head on a huge body!
  2. Watching his highlights, you can see there is no hesitation, when he hits the line he is at a full steam and seems to have a good eye. That being said, why has he not stuck with any team yet? Both the Raiders and Vikes let him go. Maybe they just didn't know how to use him or didn't have the pieces around him for great success. Having AK and MT along with Drew may be what shakes he career loose. Let's hope so because he has some fairly large shoes to fill.
  3. If you think this hurts, wait until Drew leaves. Sucks the big one, but he has to go where the money is and try to improve that offense. It's a challenge that pays.
  4. Next up, RB Clark Fumbilitis.
  5. He will surely be missed. God Bless you and your family.
  6. What a year to not have a pick in rd 1. The defensive players coming out this year at DB, DL, LB is outrageous. TE may be the BPA when it comes around to us.
  7. All we need is a fair shake for supremacy, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in black and gold.
  8. I bet he would go to Dallas if the opportunity arises. Everyone is enamored by playing on "America's Team", for some damn reason. I also don't think we would entertain the thought, too much baggage.
  9. There is only so far having a fall guy will carry you before it's right off the ledge. Yes, they can point to Goodell as the bad guy, but everyone knows who hired him, who is keeping him employed, and when it begins to affect the bottom line, the owners will have to act. Once your bad guy becomes a bad, guy, then it's time to part ways.
  10. Plus, I'm kinda hoping Dez will be back next year.
  11. Well, that settles that, guess I'm a Memphis Express fan!
  12. And who proofreads these "official" letters going to a state governor! Read that last line and tell me you would have let that letter leave your office. I think that he didn't read this at all, some lackey wrote it from an outline and sent it out with a rubber stamp signature. He really is a douche. An investigation by an outside agency is a must. There is just no way that was an accident. Too many things point to a conspiracy.
  13. It can be my substitute since I can't get myself interested in anything NFL atm.
  14. And Atlanta's uniforms look a lot like the Rams....double whammy!