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  1. For some reason I was thinking the Battlehawks was a Seattle team, if they are St Louis, then I may have found my team.
  2. Happy Birthday!!
  3. There is a lot to like about it, but I'm finding it hard to pick a favorite. And without a favorite, it's hard to get really interested in it.
  4. That pic is funny because the mascot photo-bombed them, lol.
  5. He's in a turtle suit? That is used on individuals who threaten suicide. Or is this a photoshop special?
  6. So, he's pouting...
  7. I'm hoping the refs win.
  8. I fully believe that Drew will continue to play until Brady retires first. He is too much of a competitor.
  9. I'll bet he said, "it was a turrible, turrible call"
  10. Apparently the Astros are big, fat, cheaters! Electronically stealing signs from other teams.....are they taking tips from the Patriots staff?!
  11. When we finally get all the coaching pieces together, we lose them. Next year is going to be a disappointing "post - MNC" year.
  12. Does not bode well for the Saints or the Tigers. LSU offense just took a major hit. I was really hoping he would stay in BR for a couple years at least.
  13. New Orleans loses on an obvious no-call.....where have I seen that before......We must be the red headed step children of the professional sports world.
  14. So....he was told not to bring an entourage in order to keep the media coverage to a minimum....he then brings an entourage, including 3 cameramen, then posted everything on social media.....and then accused the Saints of using him as a publicity stunt......this guy has serious mental issues.
  15. I'm very surprised that there has been no uproar about that missed call in the endzone against the Whiners. That was just as blatant as the Rams/Saints debacle and possibly even more impactful in the win by the Whiners.