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  1. But can they smell what the Rock is cooking?!
  2. I will miss College Football more than the NFL. The dominoes are falling, Big Ten with Pac 12 possibly following suit, have nixed the fall schedule. ACC, SEC, and Big 12 may follow. With the "new" info about possible heart disease aftereffects, I really don't blame them if they all attempt to wait until next year.
  3. About Covid...I thought that back in March or April, scientists said that the virus could not stand really warm temperatures. This has been an exceptionally hot summer, yet no abating of the spread. Is it just because we refuse to wear masks and stay at home or did they miss the mark? I haven't heard any of them comment about this in the news.
  4. You would think someone with Trump's business acumen would know how to pick good advisors. Good advisors don't let their bosses make the kind of errors he has, especially the social media stuff. He just hasn't acted like your typical President. Even Dubya had the lovable loser vibe going for him.
  5. You know, a person could probably get rich right now bringing back an old favorite of mine......Drive In Theaters. People want to get out, but they want to feel safe. A Drive In would present minimal contact, and masks would be required at the refreshment stand.
  6. I have a question about the ongoing attempt by everyone to right racial wrongs.....with the Redskins being renamed soon, what of other teams such as the Chiefs and Seminoles? I know the names themselves aren't offensive as the Redskins, but what about the images?
  7. Hoping for a fast recovery. Looks like the entire state will be masking now. Good thing we don't have a Disney World here!
  8. Hope everyone had a fun day with the family!
  9. This years Championship will obviously have a large asterisk next to it....prepare for a Pel victory.
  10. I love it just the way it is! You guys are awesome!
  11. Tried to open the "a lost season" thread and it errors out. the only one that does that.
  12. I want football as much as the next guy, my only problem with this is what happens in week 3 when someone on the team tests positive? Then the whole team is suspect. They sit out for two weeks and don't play? what about the other team that they just finished playing against? Are they suspect? The officials? I just don't see a practical way for this to happen.
  13. I'm glad that so many are using their "muscle" to speak out and give support to change. I'm not happy about them condemning someone for NOT speaking out and then remaining totally silent themselves about the violence and destruction that many are committing in the name of "protest". We all know that people use these events as an excuse to do what they do, and I think that some of this could be stopped if they would, in the same breath as "we need change", say something to the effect of "we don't need violence and destruction against innocents to get our message across". Just my two cents.
  14. I'm all for peaceful protest for change, but the looting and vandalism isn't the answer. This video spells it out pretty well....
  15. "Let me give you a little narrative," Sanders said. "Drew Brees drops back, he looks to the right, he has Alvin Kamara. He looks to the left, he has Emmanuel Sanders. He looks to the right, he has Michael Thomas. Oh, he looks down the middle, there's Jared Cook. Oh my god, who's gonna score? You look to the right and to the sideline, Sean Payton is calling the plays. "..... "He looks down at his cellphone, answers a text....Yes, sweetheart, I'll stop off and get milk on my way home. Movie tonite? (Smilie face, heart)" Throws deep pass to Sanders, TOUCHDOWN!