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  1. That's so sad it hurts......when I smile.
  2. Heard a suggestion on the radio yesterday....there are 17 ref "teams", have a sky judge for each team that is basically in charge, he can correct calls as needed so that there doesn't have to be meetings or going under the hood as often, no more "all stars" in playoffs, each team graded during the season and the best ones go to post season.
  3. Oh, say it ain't so!
  4. Well, I didn't survive and to top it off, I wasn't paying attention and played the Rams Defense tonite against the Hawks.....and my QB is Russell!! DOH!
  5. I listened to most of this one in the car and as much as I would hate losing Deuce as an announcer, his talent is being wasted. He should be our RB coach.
  6. Yeh, but if you're trying to tank, you don't want anyone with a little bit of talent upsetting the apple cart.
  7. Dak hadn't even hit the ground on that hail mary and was already calling for a penalty. amazing...
  8. Well, the Refs put up a good game, but we powered through it. They are now 1 - 3 against us this year.
  9. I thought you were talking about Lonzo and his dad's company there for a sec.
  10. I'm hungry again!
  11. How bad is it when you celebrate not getting screwed over and just get the call correct?
  12. I'm not complaining but, what is Seattles issue with clock/game management? Not using their timeouts at the end of the half kept them from adding points to the board...not going for the 2 pt conversion at the end of the game made it near impossible to tie, much less win. It would have taken a miracle greater than the one against Minn. I thought Carroll was smarter than that!?
  13. 300 MPH? meh...try 6,599 MPH!!