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  1. The players will get an extra paycheck out of it. I think they should add an 18th game, another bye week, and increase the roster size along with adjusting the PS. More money all around, the players get an added rest period, and more players available to relieve the starters.
  2. It must suck to be a Falcons fan....
  3. Well, hopefully he's better than the last CB we got from the Colts.....
  4. This is exactly the scenario I had in mind for our QB situation....concerning Russell Wilson.... Sean Payton was paying as close attention to the fissures between the QB and his longtime team as anyone in the NFL from what I gather. He was also dealing with the worst cap situation in the NFL, which required shedding several veterans, on top of transitioning away from retiring future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. The Saints' ability to get as creative as necessary was severely hamstrung. But with Wilson, 33, vowing to play until he is 45, and possessing the singular mental approach of Tom Brady in order to do so, and with him being a big fan of Payton's offense and play calling, that mutual admiration will not die anytime soon. And, I'd point out that Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill each only signed through this season. Barring New Orleans falling in love with a QB in the top of the draft and having him fall in their laps, I'd put them atop this list again for 2022.
  5. Without witnesses or physical proof of some kind, I still don't see how they can prove anything. But, even if he loses, there will still be doubt. This isn't like Darren Sharper, where there was no doubt and lots of proof. I still feel something is going on that we don't know about yet.
  6. So, we lose next year's 6th round pick. I wouldn't have hated to lose this year's pick instead.
  7. There are now 7...count 'em...7 lawsuits brought against him. All worded the same, by masseuses. How do you prove one way or the other when it's he said/she said? I still think something is going on that isn't entirely above board.
  8. Well, that's a bummer. I didn't know NFL Ticket didn't show Thurs games. For what's it worth, I like Amazon Prime, but then, I don't have satellite. But there are a lot of good shows that I never saw on Satellite that I have access to on Amazon.
  9. Something smells fishy in Houston.
  10. I let go of my satellite before the season last year and had to rely on OTA broadcasts. I have Amazon Prime along with CBS All Access, so I'll probably miss some MNF games that are only on ESPN. I don't think this should effect your NFL Ticket Access though, you should get everything you've normally gotten.
  11. The way I understand is that yes, it's spread across 4 years, which makes it a cheap cap hit this year. But, when they void those three years, it all comes due immediately, which means the 2022 cap hit will be all of the remainder. But, I guess then they kick the can further down the road, then again, etc. I assume until the cap catches up? I don't know, it just doesn't sound good for the future. There is a good article explaining it here.....
  12. I worry about those voidable years on Taysom's contract. They could come due right when we would potentially be going after Russell Wilson. It may force our hand in resigning Winston to a long term whether he pans out or not. Although, I know that Sean doesn't hold onto QBs if he thinks they aren't serviceable.
  13. I had expected a multi year deal for Winston, to spread the cap hit out, but now that I think about it....maybe they want to evaluate him next year as a full time starter, and if he doesn't work out, they can negotiate for Wilson next off season...sound sensible?
  14. I like it. I really think he will shine in Sean's system.
  15. If he was going anywhere, I'm glad it's the Bengals.