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  1. Who's locker room does the NFC Champs use? Please let it be the home team!
  2. Everyone has dissected almost every "big" play in the game but no one has even mentioned us owning the 3rd qtr like we did. How can you not mention an 11 minute drive that ends in a touchdown?!
  3. I just hope neither of them get under Thomas' skin and provoke him to do something stupid.
  4. Talking heads....Vegas has us at 3 pt favorites. I would rather go into the game as underdogs.
  5. The best part about that drive? The guys overcame adversity in penalties instead of reaping benefits of calls against the defense.
  6. The pick by Lattimore would not have shifted the momentum had it not been for Taysom's 4th down fake punt run. This is the second time he has lit a fire under their azzes.
  7. Easily, Thomas, Lattimore and the not nominated Taysom Hill on Special Teams! I think Taysom may be a better motivator than Sean!
  8. Destiny, thy name is NOT Nick!
  9. I would have put Jason David in that category, with Byrd a close second. I like our secondary as it is now, and I'm glad we have so many young players that are really shining.
  10. What a blueprint Clemson has given everyone. That was totally dominant.
  11. " gave them among the worst food for the highest prices in all of the NFL" least he didn't bring in a fast food chain that closes on Sundays! I'm looking at you, failbirds.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one that saw it that way. They should take 7 off of UCF's score because that pick 6 should have been pass interference, pretty blatant too, and I've never before seen a QB get his helmet spun around by a hit and not get the call. I have never seen a game that looked so obviously one sided in the officiating. But the guys didn't give up, I respect that. They fought till the end.
  13. This game is shaping up to be a Week 4 PreSeason game.
  14. Wonder who will be there at #32? Oh wait, didn't we trade that pick away? Hmm....