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  1. "Let me give you a little narrative," Sanders said. "Drew Brees drops back, he looks to the right, he has Alvin Kamara. He looks to the left, he has Emmanuel Sanders. He looks to the right, he has Michael Thomas. Oh, he looks down the middle, there's Jared Cook. Oh my god, who's gonna score? You look to the right and to the sideline, Sean Payton is calling the plays. "..... "He looks down at his cellphone, answers a text....Yes, sweetheart, I'll stop off and get milk on my way home. Movie tonite? (Smilie face, heart)" Throws deep pass to Sanders, TOUCHDOWN!
  2. Look familiar?
  3. "...penetrating the sports world...." LMAO!
  4. I guess drafting Ruiz makes even more sense now, this was probably planned before the draft.
  5. I see the Bengals have released Dalton, guess he would have been too expensive? He may have been a better choice, but I don't know the financial situation.
  6. So, who will be our Pierre Thomas this year? It would have to be someone that gets a chance to start...maybe the RB? What about the LBer out of Michigan State?
  7. There are still a good number of def players left, we may trade up into the 2nd and grab one. I wouldn't mind Delpit, but there is a good DT out of FL still out there, can't remember his name, I'll have to look it up after while. But, we can still get quality depth.
  8. I can't believe no WR's in the top ten
  9. I think it was JR Reed I heard Gil Brandt or Pat Kirwan talking about just yesterday, wouldn't mind seeing him either if Brandt likes him.
  10. I'm not worried at all about a TB in TB matchup. Tampa ain't the Pats and Arians ain't Belichek.
  11. I honestly don't think he will drop past the Dolphins, but if he did, I wouldn't mind taking him.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts. I, for one, can't wait for..."Remember when..?"
  13. I hope he is doing well out there, it's a pretty rough place to make your way.
  14. You all look so young!! lol I wonder what happened to Ed?
  15. I had forgotten that we blocked a Morten Anderson FG attempt as well. It was really nice to sit and watch that game again.