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  1. Last year, Sean could have challenged that call. But, because none of the calls last year were that blatant, no one won their challenges, so the league essentially said....."See there?! We don't need this challenge opportunity, let's just let it drop already!"
  2. I know there is a smart ass reply in there somewhere, I'm just so Falconed out that I can't think of one.....I'll be back
  3. Ok, Sea/Ari game, at the end of regulation Collinsworth says that Wilson has had an amazing game and Murray is hanging in there....Murray has more completions, more yards, same TDs (with a rushing TD), no ints (Wilson has 1), and a better QB rating! WTF?! LMAO!
  4. Ok, the Falcons have now lost by.....not scoring enough, not keeping the other team from scoring enough, and by scoring too much....that is just too awesome.
  5. AND he was an undrafted free agent....
  6. "Don't ever tell me the odds!"
  7. Teddy is the ONLY opposing QB that I like. Wish we could have kept him. Gameballs....Drew, Davenport, and of course the invisibility award goes to Morestead!
  8. And another epic Falcon Fail, I love it.
  9. I am so tired of getting screwed by the refs....
  10. I'm just hoping I get to watch it on TV.
  11. I want to see some defense! That is, if we get to see a game at all.
  12. Tough, tough, tough decisions....Every player on the team had at least one WTF moment, some were bad enough to lead to TDs. On offense I went with Sanders and Cook, sorry AK, but you weren't yourself tonite. Defense was harder but Lattimore showed up when it mattered and had it not been for his strength, Demarrio would have shoved that WR right over the damn 1st down line! Our defense scares me a hell of a lot more than they scare opposing QBs, that's for sure. Special Teams was easy, Callaway was electric and the rest of them were determined to take every yard away from him...PENALTIES!!!!....damn, this team can rack them up. Lutz was a no brainer as he is money, much more so than "Money Badger", LMAO!!
  13. I thought they just gave Matty Ice a long term expensive contract? And yes, we need them to draft somewhere around 20-25.
  14. I hope Cincy does something about their OLine before it's too late for Joe, if he ends up being a success there he could win anywhere! I don't like the 'boys one bit, but I hated to see that happen to Dak. If Dalton plays lights out this year, you can say goodbye to Dak, he'll go elsewhere. I can't watch the Saints game tonite but I'll try to keep tabs on it, in my mind, this is a must win..
  15. Let's not let this thread get so far down the page again! I almost wish that ND would make it this year, just so that Clemson/Alabama can hand them their arse.