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  1. Played in? Maybe not, but he'll never win another with the Patriots. Whether or not he sabotaged the SB on purpose, Belicheat is undermining the Patriots behind the scenes. I think they have the benefit of a weak division, but their dynasty days are over. Tom isn't going to play very much longer and Kraft has given away their future at QB. Belicheat is pimping his coordinators to other teams. It's only a matter of time.
  2. Even though I hated the ownership then and now, he was a great player.
  3. It's going to take some getting used to seeing someone else as Han. And was it just me, or did Chewie look a little smaller than normal?
  4. Ok, call me flabbergasted!
  5. Best - of the bandwagon fans.....Cowboys Worst - have to go with the Browns or the old Patriots.
  6. I agree, and yet without the threat of the 3 L's, the common man would be run over time and again.
  7. Ok, we need a "spoiler" thread so we can discuss this movie....I have questions and thoughts that only another Star Wars geek can appreciate.
  8. Reserved my tickets last week for a Saturday afternoon showing.
  9. You can trace both back to one specific thing....NASCAR began to decline right after Dale Earnhardt was killed on the track.....NFL began it's decline as soon as Goodhell stepped into the picture.....I miss Dale.
  10. Do they expect a RB to hit the line upright? What happens on the 3 yard line when he is trying to burst through the line? I'm not liking the way this is all.
  11. Go-to-hell better keep his grubby hands off Mrs B! This is great news, though. Wonder who our QB will be when we host our own Superbowl?
  12. According to NFL Radio, looks like SB 57 will go to Arizona and 58 to us.
  13. Happy Birthday, Archie!
  14. That is the most horrendous way to make your start in the pros. Truly an embarrassment.