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  1. I have to say that this game never had the trap feel to me, but this game coming up against the down and out SB Champs? This game has me worried about a let down. I really hope Sean puts a piece of cheese in everyone's locker today.
  2. MVP of the Superbowl is much more preferrable.
  3. It sounds fishy to me that an alarm would be going off in the visitors locker room on the morning of the game and no one could get it to shut off manually.
  4. Their defense doesn't scare me at all. We just went up against maybe the toughest front four in the NFC and won that battle. As bad as Cam was against the Steelers, I still worry about him scrambling for that short first down.
  5. I've still got 3 of them sitting around collecting dust. He should have called me instead of spending his hard earned cash! My dad still uses a flip phone, don't bother sending him a text or leaving a voice mail....he is very much OLD school.
  6. Dammit, something told me I should play Ben in FFL this week, but I stuck with Brady....Ben got 46 points in fantasy! At least I did have the foresight to play the Steeler defense, 16 points.
  7. 4) No AJ Green.
  8. Thomas, and I loved his Joe tribute, wonder what sparked it? Anzalone and PJ, Anzalone's INT and PJ's overall performance. And, of course, Luz.
  9. This by far Sabans best team but, if we had a decent offense, we could have given them a much better game. Our defense was up to the task early, but got worn out because they were on the field all the time. When you fight Bama for 9 minutes straight, get the ball back to the offense and they go 3 and out, you are going to be gassed.
  11. I still get emotional when I hear this. Don't miss the 3:15 mark.
  12. Well, I guess my query was premature. My son has pretty much decided he wants to go to Miss St and my daughter is looking at Behaven or Milsaps. While I'm glad they will be staying a little closer to where I live, not sure how I feel about MSU, ugh. My son had more than a couple offers, including LSU and Loyola, and he scored a 32 on the ACT, so he could probably take his pick of where he wants to go. I guess it could be worse, at least it's not Ole Piss. My son's eyesight problems are still being investigated. While we have ruled out LHON, there is still the problem with atrophy of the optical nerves. The geneticist is still investigating but it looks like whatever he has will at least develop slower than LHON.
  13. Is Tom good enough to warrant us trading Peat for Peterson, though? I don't want to see Peat leave, but it is a business, and he wouldn't even be my favorite player that we traded away.
  14. On the flip side, if they can just hit on a third of their draft picks next year, they get a head start in the rebuild. I heard how many picks they have next year, but can't remember. I do remember thinking to myself that they have enough ammo to move around a lot on the first day.
  15. Yes, Peterson is wanting to be traded, but I'm hearing quotes by the Cards front office that they are NOT willing to trade Peterson. Basically, they are saying that they are trying to get better, not worse.