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  1. Drew is easily in the top 3 NFL QBs of all time, and had he had beaten Brady in the last SB, he would be easily Co- No. 1. However, Mahomes is deservingly the MVP, even if Drew would have been a deserving MVP as well. And according to all accounts (since I dont know the dude personally) he is an MVP human and individual, which is respect far more than any Lombardi or NFL record.
  2. Thx for everything MI22! However, I think your SB chances would ahve been higher in NOLA than in Baltimore, MA.
  3. Human trafficking is the result of prohibited prostitution. So I cant see the logic here. The government is fighting a monster it created.
  4. First of all, that guy is 78 years old. No matter how much money he posseses, his is age is representing a steep obstacle for a non professional woman, to share his pillow. So what is he supposed to do??? Suppress his basic natural urge???? Katholic chrch has shown, how fine that works.... Secondly, prohibition of prostitution is bullsh1t, it's the oldest business on the planet, and (if performed legally) has no downside whatsoever. Leave the guy alone FFS.
  5. Search warrant for pot?? USA trurning into North Korea slowly???
  6. I will never get over this. Karma is a b1tch.
  7. halftime how was bäääh, terrible. Rams were worse, though.
  8. I dont give a rat's a$$ about this year's SB. I just can't get over this. Sorry.
  9. Thx Mr. Williams and good luck.
  10. The league doesn't care, and they are not looking to get out of this one. The Saints organisation and fan base even get mocked by Whitworth on the Rich Eisen show, where this tardo claims, that the Saints make excuses...And what pisses me off the most. That foul on TLL was the 3rd or 4th PI non call on Nr. 23 of the Rams. Obviously sold game.
  11. The officiating was completely agenda driven. The Rams, possibly the NFL's most unpopular team in their own city, has to be pushed. Everybody loves winners, SB winners especially. It's all about markets and money, this has nothing to do with sports or competition anymore. This has become Hollywood, and that's where they want the Lombardy to go. Pats have no chance.
  12. Sold game, simple as that.
  13. Make any point you want, this was a sold game from the start. The not-called PI on Tommy Lee Lewis was the 4th or 5th, that wasnt called, and if they call that one, game is over. Truck the NFL, I'm done with them, no gamepass for me this year. LA had to go to the SB, to promote the team in their own city, thats just trucking retarded.
  14. When SB contenders are decided by the officiating crew. Especially since Nr. 23 of the Rams was running wild all night without a single trucking call on him.
  15. Actually, this might turn out to be a terrible read. If the Rams go to the SB, they can play with a QB on a rookie contract, as long as McVay is there. They can find a good puppet for him in any draft. This would be a huge advantage. Thean again, after we will have won later today, the Mcarionette experiment might be declared failed, and then the Rams will really have some tough desicions to make.