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  1. Well, they product will suffer from a shift to 17 games. The owners dont give a diddly-poo about the players. They are cattle, thats it.
  2. I think his attitude is mislead. He got famous due to his roll with the Saints. If he had tried to become an ordinary starter at QB in this league, he wouldnt have half the attention he gets now.
  3. Brees can play another 3-4 years on a high level? That wishful thinking. Age is catching up rapidly, I believe him, if he says he feels good enough to play another 3-4 years, but I think, if he can have 1 more seaon (full 16 games) on a high level, thta would be huge. 2 or more seasons is just science fiction.
  4. This league has no intergrity whatsoF!!ingever. This is a giant corporation and they will do anything to increase the sales. Even rigging the game.
  5. The picture is cool. Burrow, a national sports celebrity himself, stands infront of Drew like a choir boy
  6. Maybe Bridgewater is not the longterm solutiuon at QB, but neither is TH. Also, I think the role TH is playing at the moment is a difference maker. Several times this season, TH was able to rattle the team and to bring back the focus. Last time in the loss to the Vikings he did it. If we employ him at starter-QB, thsi role is gone. And I doubt, he can be a proball-class QB in this league. Another point, all of you are willing to forget (omr my memory plays games with me): SP was not able to develop a single QB, that went on to be a starte in this league! And it's not like he hasn't tried to. No Rodgers or Garopollo came from our ranks to carry another NFL-Team, so I really dont know, weher you guys take the optimism from, that we will easily find a solution, once Drew retires.
  7. First of all, I dont think the loss is on Brees. You all know, how sometimes it is hard to say, who deserves the gameball, since everybodsy contributed in a huge way, and as a result, we talk about a team-win. Well, this was an all out team-loss. What could go wrong, went wrong. Despite our terrible, terrible play, we were still 1 missed 43y FG away from victory. For me that means, that the team is intact and will be a force again, next season. Comining to Brees now: In the pre-salary-cap era, it would be a no brainer, to resign Brees, if for nothing else, but saying THANK YOU to him, for what he has done for this Club. However, I think there is a tough decision to be made here: Resign Brees, who is cleraly in decline, and let Bridgewater go? Let Brees go and sign Bridgewater? Really hard to tell. I would prefer a scenario, where Brees is resigned for a reasonable salary, and acts like a Back up QB and QB Mentor/Coach at the same time. I think he would have tremendous value, as a developer of Bridgewater. I just dont believe, he would be willing to accept this construct. I love Drew, and for me personally, he is in the top 3 QBs of all time. At the same time, we have the opportunity to sign an excellent young QB, who has proven, he can win in this league,. Not signing him would be a bad decision concerning the long term future of the club.
  8. I'm taking my former statement back. SOME dudes are so screwed!!!!
  9. I also think that he wants to continue playing. However, all of you have to take into account, that he paused 5 weeks, and that this might be the reason why he looks so fresh at the start of the playoffs, compared to last year, where is play was not top notch in December/Januar. I personally think, that Brady is done. I saw alot of plays, where Brady siomply looked old. Age is something, that catches up with you rapidly. Let's just hope,. Drew will not get caught al leastr for anoither year, even though, I see him retiring, if the Saints win the Lombardi.
  10. I dont believe any dude can be that screwed up, that he wouldnt get himself in check for 5 weeks, for the sake of a ring. But that is not the question. I cannot see the NFL relnstating him. Has he settled his jurisdictial responsibilities regarding the allegations?
  11. Brees not making it, shows you what the NFL is: It only matters what happens on the field (yeah, officials are trying to srew with that, but nothing we can do about that), everything that goes on around the game is marketing to sell the product. The only two guys from the NFL list, that I would put infront of Brees are Montana and Brady, all these other guys are simply nostalgia. Even Manning, who's 2nd SB Ring was won by his team, DESPITE the fact, he was on it, not because of he was on it.
  12. Happy Christmas!
  13. According to PFF he has an overall grade of 90.1 with a coverage grade of 90.3, maybe he has regressed from last year, but he ist still the 2nd best S in the league, trailing only Denver's Justin Simmons who sports a 90.7 overall grade and a 91,0 coverage grade, respectively. Again, with all due respect to your subjective impressions, PFF is a serious source.
  14. You're right Slidell! On the other hand, this pro bowl thing is a popularity contest, and does only reflect partly the performance of the player. To further evlaborate on the staement above: I'm fully into PFF for several years already, and I think they have the best player evaluatuion standards of any rating site. According PFF: Marcus Williams is the 2nd best S in the NFL - snubbed Ryan Ramcyzk is the 2nd best Tackle in the NFL - snubbed DeMario Davis is the 3rd best LB in the NFL - snubbed In the end, I dont care as long as we win the match in February.
  15. Wasn't there rumors, he and Apple don't get along? NO Corners by 2019 pff Dude looks adept. Hope he and Eli can figure it out. No matter how good a player is, he has to fit into the team.