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  1. Top dude. My man. For me personally Drew is the Greatest of all time. If someone doesn't agree with that, and has another favourite, I respect that. But if someone asks you to name, in no particular order, all time top tier NFL QBs, that had huge impact on the game, and have put their mark on the League, and Drew Brees dosen't come up within, at the very very very least, the first five, I would claim you have no clue about the matter.
  2. One of the best films, ever.
  3. Ok, if this is their stand, then a new era has broken. The era of: F**k *ff, it's ok what I'm doing, I know guys, that have done faaaaaar worse. Omg.
  4. You are a young, strong, beautiful, athletic male. You are rich, too. Sometimes on Sunday you become a semi god. People want to make selfies with you. Some young b1t**es even want to polish your pole. And when something gets out of hand on such an occasion (oh wonder), you kick an underaged woman?! I mean, you living the dream and then you do that? CET alreadey kicking in? This is so unbelievable. As for the Chiefs: from what I understood, they said, they were lied to by Mr. Hunt. For me that sounded like: If he had told us, we would have worked it out. This guy must not play in NFL evermore. Pathetic.
  5. Redskins all in on JR Galette 2.0.
  6. Another example, how superior hardware got mixed up with subpar software.
  7. Phil, why exactly you wanted to move on from him? He was great last year as well, before he went to IR. His development is not a surprise at all, imho.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to the American crew on this board. Normally, I would watch the game, but since I'm fresh out of the hospital after a Septum surgery, I will go to sleep, amd watch it tomorrow morning. Failfotzen have to go down. Dont google Failfotzen, btw. I heard there is very graphic content coming up, that is not for everybody's stomach.
  9. I think Kamara will never do this, because he is able to do simple arithmetic! As Dru already pointed out: From a finacial stand point, that was a very bad decision. And since he got into all of this because of the money, this is completely loco.
  10. The match today had shown that this team is fine as it is.
  11. Average females and males are on one level physically until 12 years of age, more or less. After that. Its getting really hard. A girl playing Football in HS with boys is just trucking crazy. I'm just thinking about soccer. Several years ago, the German women's team had an preparation match for a Worldcup and played vs. under 17 German boys national team. German Soccer Women are world class. Boys beat 'em 6:0. And now imagine football. Chapeau to the girl, she has balls
  12. This! In my opinion, Cam is what we call a Schönwetterspieler in Germany. He plays well, until adversity comes. However, their overall output as a team is very good, buit not good enough to get us from the top spot. Btw., same applies to Failfotzen the past 4 weeks.