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  1. work habits and leadership have room to grow. Imho, if you cometo the pros to cover a pivotal position in the team, work habits and leadership should be fully grown, already.
  2. What a life!!! THat guy has seen it all. From poverty to being one of Louisiana's godfathers!! RIP Mr. B!
  3. Suh is still a force on the field, but I truely question his ability to submit to a common team goal or phillosophy. I view him as a 1 man corporation that has his own agenda, which he will alwayshold higher than his team's agenda. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is the impression I have from this guy. So I say: STAY AWAY!!!
  4. Slidell, very good comment. However, I dont see us getting Mayfield except we are willing to surrender next year's round 1 pick and I'm strongly againt this. We need to get the next studd in the 1st round of this years draft. if there is a promissing prospect at QB to be had in round 3, go for it, but dont tarde up in the first round!!!!!
  5. Trading up several future 1st round picks to pick a QB would mean to destroy everything the team has built the past 2 years in regards of draft-day-smartness. Selling the farm for any player is a bad idea. Just look at our SAINTS: We had Drew Brees, arguably one of the all time greats at the position for 12 years now. Our yield was: 6 PO apearances, and 6 PO-Misses. So with one of the all time greatest we had 50% PO appearences. I understand, that other factors (Strength of Schedule; strength of division, etc.) are important, but then again, dont sell the farm FOR NOBODY!!!!
  6. Nice opening post. Just a short question: Joburg like Johannesburg? In regards of the mock draft, I have no input. I have no chance to watch college football, so it's hard to tell who is hot and who is not. But if our draft falls anywhere near the last year's...we will be fine. Okafor has to come back, if he's fully healthy again. Coleman had boneheaded plays, but he also had some very nice ones, I would try to keep him for the right price. Willie Snead is a different story. It was fully visible on the pitch last season, that the whole off season trouble had impacted him extremely! I think he needs a change of scenery to get back into shape.
  7. So before I get sucked into speculations and mocking drafts, I want to illustrate first, how I see Brews future: I see him playing another 2 years max. His deep ball has suffered significantly. Overall he looks less fit. Old seems getting to him. Anyway, we have to sign him first. I think, if we had finished 7-9 again, and hadn't had the draft we had, he may even not have wanted to sign. But in the situation we are, with this extremely young and talented team, he can compete another 2 years on top notch level. Also, if we win the next SB, he will retire for sure. So, we might actually be in a hury to find someone. Who to pick, I have no idea. But if we can get a QB in the 3-5th round, and our executives are convinced about him, then go and get a good guy. Our No7 is an ST-Ace, so he has a roster spot, anyway.I saw Kyle Laulettato going to the Saints in the 3rd round, in one of the mock drafts, but I really don't have an idea who he is.
  8. F. Reich will be a bad ass HC in this league for a long time. Colts can only thank J. McDaniels for bailing.
  9. To be honest: I couldn't care less, I'm still heartbroken and I'll need time to heal until FA starts.
  10. Yeah, those PI calls, where BOTH TIMES the WR grabs the shoulder pads of Crawley FIRST. WHAHAHAHHAHAH I COULD STILL GO WACK!!!!!!
  11. This is the Zeitgeist of Western societies: A lot of people with a complete lack of empathy. Man, when that last play happened early Monday morning (it was around 2:00 AM in my place) I got mad for a second, then I dropped into agony, I havent read any article or watched any clip about the NFL since then, and I havent even really roamed this board until this morning. This is how SICK I am about this loss. BUT I pretty soon realized, no matter how SICK I feel aboot it, for #43 it must be worse by the factor 1,000,000 AT LEAST. As I wrote in another thread: A rookie mistake cost us the game, BUT WITHOUT the rookies' class effort, we wouldnt have even been in the playoffs AT ALL.
  12. My guess: Everybody here on this board, who is a true Saints supporter, should think that. In the end, aren't we true supporters?!! In the end, all this here is chatter, or as we say In Germany (related to Soccer, though) "DIE WAHRHEIT LIEGT AUF DEM PLATZ!", translated: The truth lies on the field. So, we will find out Sunday night. GL to you and your Vikes, but I hope we will advance.
  13. What counts is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!!
  14. This is football. It is not the NBA where you have to win 5 games. In the NFL playoffs, everybody can win a single game, no matter is it No. 1 or No. 6 seed. Did we play a little sloppy the past few games? Yes, but at the same time, we do not know, hoew the Vikes will respond to the situation, what will it do with them, that they have the chance to play the SB in their own building. I would gues, that this will more hinder thean help them!