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  1. This ofc now has to be changed to: "...and Taysom wins out?"
  2. √Čtienne , no matter what happens from now on, please edit the thread title to "Taysom Hill is also a quarterback".
  3. Hm, anyone else thought of the possibility Drew being in the QBs ear during the match?
  4. Im not so optimistic as you are, Tom. What makes me a little cautious is the last match, where TH was in on 3rd an 4 in the 2nd half, when he starred down his potential receiver on the left side of the line, while completely overseeing an opening like a barn door basically justb infront of him, which he could have easily used to scramble for a 1st down. When I saw that, I was thinking that game awareness is not even close to that of Drew. Now, someone could reasonably argue, that JW also hasnt stood out as a genius, student of the game so far in his career. But I have a good feeling about that dude. So, we should wait and see, just as Tom proposed. Anyhow, If I had to start a franchise, and I had to pick either TH or JW as my QB, I would go with JW.
  5. Last night, they show a chart, comparing Drew's numbers vs. Jameis' numbers in the first 4 years of their respective careers. It was funny, because they were so similar. All I can say: If all the praise from Drew and Payton, about Jameis' smartness and work ethic, is not just motivational speech, we will be fine. Question is: what do we do, if Drew needs until the playoffs to get back, while Jameis wins out. In regards of Hill: He will have to become a real No 2 now, since we need a back up QB.
  6. Wow, Breesus is dead, long live Beeskules!! What a dude, untruckingbelievable. If anyone can comeback, it is him. As far as the riminder of the season is concerned: if Payton's talk about Winston being a smart kid is not just motivational speak, we will make the playoffs. If Brees can come back for week 17, we will be fine.
  7. Great Fan video with lots of Mic'ed content from the pummeling Drew on the Rich Eisen Show. 11/11/2020 Cam on the Rich Eisen Show 11/09/2020
  8. Another great analysis. Its a Bucs fan, but great expertise
  9. This just crossed my mind: TH is not a quarterback, but a jokerback or maybe substitutionalback, You can insert him efficiently in any of the following roles: QB, RB, TE, WR, ST. He can block, catch, throw, tackle. That being said, Sean Payton and that dude have coined a new position, basically.
  10. I'm such a spoiled individual. If the Saints do the Aints, or get robbed, I dont wanna hear about football until the next match. When we dominate like Sunday night, I watch every snippet I can get my eyes on. So lets start linking cool snippets in here.
  11. No team in the NFL can beat us (except of ourselves, ofc) when our O-Line and D-Line impose their respective will on the opponent's units. After this game, Bruce Arians wouldn't get a job as premise sweeper in a SP led corporation. Most important now: don't emulate the Buccs, who obviously drank too much of their own coolaid. Stay focussed now. Try to get healthy and on to the next match. Forza Saints! PS: In defense of J. Cook: Anybody could have lost the ball in that particular situation.
  12. Sailor, dont read too much into it. Looks like the bookies expect the feelgood strry of Brady rockin', while Belichik's suckin' onto the field, comes sunday. The battle will be as usual won in the trenches. If our O-Line can dominate the Bucs front 7, there is no way we are losing this contest. If not, we will be in trouble, still with a chance to win, though.
  13. Ya, but what happened last night has nothing to do with what has been done to us. Anyway, from what I understood: If the ball hits the defender, before the defender hits the receiver, there can be no PI by definition. They claim it happende here. I cannot tell. If indeed it is so, I appologize to the refs.
  14. Mark my words: The refs will do anything in their power, to secure the Bucs a SB slot, this season.