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  1. ohhhhoooohhhhooo. Good the Failfotzen won.
  2. Failfotzen may still lose to buccs.
  3. so sweet
  5. M J-D's PS record. And this dude doesn't give Drew credit. This planet has completely went gaga. I like facts. When the stage was the biggest, Drew beat Peyton. So by what means PM is greater than Drew???? Ridiculous discussion.
  6. From this weeks PowerRankings: .... "Total Access: Endgame" debated the Saints franchise quarterback's place among the NFL's all-time elite. The knock against Brees is that he has won "only" one Super Bowl, whereas guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, among others, have earned multiple Lombardi trophies. Well, that's dandy (and overly simplistic), but if you are going to consider a quarterback's ceiling -- i.e., how many championships he's won -- shouldn't you also take into account his floor? When have you ever seen Brees play poorly, or be the reason the Saints lost? Now, have you ever seen Manning or Joe Flacco stink up the joint? That's why I can't stand the wins metric for ranking quarterbacks. If the peanut gallery wants Flacco in its top tier of all time, so be it. Must be nice to walk out on the field and know your defense will hold the opponent under 20 points. How often has Brees' defenses in New Orleans provided that kind of support? Brees > Roethlisberger > Griese > Eli > Flacco > all but a select few passers to ever play the position. Period.
  7. I think, it would really help, if we knew the opponent's defensive ranking of every match they played in their respective careers. Also, what about GOAT? I think GOAT is a misleading term, since every generation had it'S game and players. And Drew surely is a player who has significantly shaped the game and the league in his time. That's what counts
  8. I watched it live and then had planned to get to work, I ended up in bed OFF Brees obviously Ingram what a comeback! Smith stepped up when he had to. MT owning Norman's head. OL dominant. DEF Hardee stepped up when he had to. Davenport impressive movement skills. Jordan being Jordan Rankins put much pressure on that pocket. Robertson just energized the house with his hits. SPT Hill master of disaster
  9. Dont get it. Clearly spiked on 4th & 1. Why is there no turnover on downs?
  10. Imho, if he doesnt understand the opportunity, he has here infront of him, than he is not smart enough to be our next franchise-QB.
  11. AK51 | O-Line | Davis | Jordan | Lutz
  12. My favourite handmade sign in the stands: LIGHT, KAMARA, ACTION!!!
  14. Watching last nights highlights before going to sleep, I noticed that wicked horse collar that Poole commited on TH, a foul like this should be reason for immediate suspention. OK, I give it to Poole, that he almost immediately released it. But dude, if TH isn't as smart as he is and tries to run through this, someone is getting hurt, and it ain fjokin Poole. There should be red cards for fouls, where obviously the health of an oppponent is put into jeopardy willingly.
  15. Off AK41, Drew Def Cam, Davenport SPT Okafor This game went to the wire. If our D doesn't get their pyyyyp together, this will be an ugly season. Drew best QB ever.