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  1. Etienne, we need you on this borad. Besides that, once we legalize weed in the EU, I want to manage your operations here !!!
  2. thats my QB. priceless T.O.
  3. After being season ticket holder for 30 years this honor is well deserved.
  4. I think 26 is not good enough. 15 would have been realistic.
  5. Well, I couldnt actually discover a story, but the film was very entertaining and I had a lot of fun.
  6. Saint's name and logo rule!
  7. I think, at least those guys in football, that earn the big bucks (>1 Mio. p.a.) should not be cheap, but spend considerable amount of that money on a very good physician to care about them, if not exclusively, then at least a guys/girl with limited patience base. And its not only about PED, this whole sport calls for extra care for the player's body.
  8. Ryan Yurachek Draft Profile So he is basically a FB/TE Hyprid. I wonder if he isnt too short to play TE at 6-1
  9. Just in case anybody wonders about the all time rookie sack leeaders (since sacks are recorded).
  10. Guys, relax. It's just the TV "EXPERTS". We couldn't care less. From what I see, this Saints-Draft bashing by these clueless folks will serve as a BIG TIME MOTIVATION for all our squad in general, and for Davenport and Leonard in particular. Like Dru said: Let's kick some ass this oncoming season.
  11. Well, checking back, there is no word about this. In my opinion, if someone treats a specific group of women badly, he is able to treat every woman badly.
  12. This 100% fits in with something I read on another website: SP is stating there, that he watched alot of tape of OT Leonard, and recognized, how tremendously fast, he was learning his new position, after being converted from DL to OL. SP said, that it was evident EVERY game, that he had improved from last week. In the end, what do "experts" on TV know after all? It's all fake news anyway, according to the best known Orange-Head on the planet.
  13. I believe most of you have the wrong perspective about our 1st round pick. I think, the FO picked him NOT because he maybe the "missing piece" to get to the SB this season, but because they are 100% convinced they get an excellent player. I believe, that if you talk to our FO, they will tell you they are sure that this trade wasnt a reach, but a bargain. Ofc, as many here have stated, time will tell, but I'm pretty confident, that we will have a lot of fun with this dude.
  14. I wouldnt mind if we move up the board again, if there is a player our FO is convinced. If you have integrated so many rookie contracts into your roster and starting line ups. Its time to go for quality, not quantity.
  15. I think the DB is not handling all the links fromthat thread correctly