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  1. I understand, not to read too much into pre season games, but this Humphrey dude looked really great!
  2. Thumps up, and may the force be with you two.
  3. You are right, but he will be a HoFer w/o a SB ring.
  4. No worries regarding the FailLady-Bitss, but the Panthies have upgraded their D-line significantly.
  5. We want to see some pictures from this meeting posted in the zone!!
  6. Well deserved!
  7. Reggie deserves it. He may not have lived up to his ppotential, but his name is tied to the SB winning team, no matter what.
  8. Isn't that dude a one-in-a-generation player?
  9. Devine Ozigbo 2018 Highlights
  10. LOL
  11. Woman and child beater. What a man!!!
  12. This is not correct. We swaped this year's 2nd rounders and we give up next year's 2nd rounder. So we gave away one 2nd rounder, not two. If this player stays healthy, Saints will have the anker of their OL for years to come.
  13. Mr. McCoy looks like the real deal. this one directly to the Centers[{"num"%3A4739%2C"gen"%3A0}%2C{"name"%3A"FitR"}%2C-6%2C-48%2C1507%2C1049]
  14. Drew is easily in the top 3 NFL QBs of all time, and had he had beaten Brady in the last SB, he would be easily Co- No. 1. However, Mahomes is deservingly the MVP, even if Drew would have been a deserving MVP as well. And according to all accounts (since I dont know the dude personally) he is an MVP human and individual, which is respect far more than any Lombardi or NFL record.
  15. Thx for everything MI22! However, I think your SB chances would ahve been higher in NOLA than in Baltimore, MA.