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  1. This video that got things going...
  2. https://me.me/i/katai-daves-not-here-man-change-my-mind-none-1678318d553147a6a1bf337bd1ebebac happy B-day, Dave
  3. I went on OverTheCap and I was looking at free agents that are available and came up with this: The last column is cap room after some of these extensions/cap maneuverings. 2020 $195,928,056 $201,372,565 $5,444,509 2021 $175,808,448 $201,372,565 $25,564,117 2022 $179,987,160 $201,372,565 $21,385,405 2023 $110,736,000 $201,372,565 $90,636,565 2024 $50,136,000 $201,372,565 $151,236,565 2025 $4,500,000 $201,372,565 $196,872,565 Signed players Chris Jones DT Breshad Perriman WR Joe Schobert LB Joe Thuney G PJ Williams S/CB Zach Wood LS (extend) Drew Brees QB (extend) Taysom Hill QB (tendered) Patrick Omameh OT (extend) extend/restructure Warford G (extend) Justin Hardee WR (extend) Janoris Jenkins CB (extend) D. Davis LB M. Thomas WR Josh Hill TE (extend) J. Cook TE Cameron Tom G (extend) K. Kirkwood WR (extend) JT Gray S (extend) Dwayne Washington RB (extend) Von Bell SS (extend) Trey Hendrickson DE (extend) Trade Miami for the #18 pick first round T. Armstead LT Lions for D. Slay CB A. Kamara RB Get a 7th from Pittsburg Steelers Carl Granderson NO Saints draft (Try to trade up with Miami/Cincinati/Giants/Redskins, for a top QB but unsuccessful) #18 A.J. EPENESA DE Iowa #24 J. Hurt QB OK #88 Hasise Dubois WR UVA 4th Hunter Bryant TE Wash. 5th David Woodward OLB/ILB Ut State 6th Calvin Throckmorton OT Oregon 7th Ben Ellefson TE/FB NDSU 6-3 250 Cut P.Robinson K. Alonso Mario Edwards Jr.
  4. Actually, I thought it was funny... gotta have a sense of humor, y'all
  5. I have had my share of fast cars. My record long-distance drive is Salem SD to Kansas City Mo. in 3hrs 24 minutes. 400 miles and averaged about 120mph with gas stops. A 1974 Trans Am with a 400OHC and a Muncie 4speed. That was a heckuva ride! I cannot imagine doing 300 mph. That would be suicide anywhere but a track - you come up too fast on traffic/animals/etc...
  6. Congrats Bro! Another big step in the journey of life. GL & GB
  7. Davis is a total beast. Love his play. Anzalone is no slouch. If you watch his youtube highlight reel, watch his hands. Very violent! If football does not pan out, he may be a great MMA pugilist.
  8. If you look at this case, it does not "smell right". There is either some other evidence we are not seeing or this is a travesty to this young man. "inappropriate touching" is now sexual battery and one count of unlawful contact. In his domicile. In his own bed. THAT in and of itself - is bull feces! There was a plea deal, the last minute the judge decided against it.
  9. I have mixed feelings about the 'Murph. He is right on the "edge" of getting in (my opinion). 18 years is a lot of baseball. But a .265 lifetime BA for an outfielder? He only had 4-5 years that he was really good. I think of him as Don Mattingly of the south. (Although Donnie Baseball had a .307 BA but only lasted 13 years.) Aside from that, those 2 are mirror-images.
  10. No, We spent this year's second, and pick #202 PLUS a Second Rounder for the player and pick #116 this year. So, for 3 picks (2 second rounders) we got a stud OC and we moved our sixth rounder up two rounds.
  11. Good move. Solid depth. Good signing. He took a step up last year and started to play some good coverage towards the end of the year.
  12. https://gbnreport.com/saints-2019-mock-draft/ By Pigskin Paul Guillemette | April 1, 2019 The Saints seemed to be “all in” for a Super Bowl run in 2018, and they looked like they were headed to the Big Game until an entire officiating crew missed a blatant PI call in the Red Zone to foil a Saints, come from behind, victory drive. Combine that with the Vikings miracle comeback victory over the Saints the previous year, and the team appears to be cursed by the football gods. In fact, if I owned the team, I would launch an extensive investigation into who owns the voodoo doll that is being used to curse the Saints. The team has been active in VFA signings, bringing NICK EASTON/C, JARED COOK/TE, MALCOM BROWN/DT, LATAVIUS MURRAY/RB and more, to their roster, but they have also lost MAX UNGER/OC and MARK INGRAM/RB since the end of their season. Looking up and down their depth chart, it appears that the roster right now is less talented, and thinner in depth, than last season’s crew. So other than a few Free Agent signings from AAF rosters, the Draft is likely their last big chance to add quality players for now. Their only Pick in the top 150 is Round 2, Pick 62. Their other 5 Picks all come in Rounds 5-7. Round 2, Pick 62 ERIK McCOY OG/C TEXAS A&M 6’4/310 PP#59 McCOY is a good athlete, who really blossomed under new Head Coach JIMBO FISHER’s staff in College Station. He has nice size, and can move around in pass-pro and get to the second level in the running game. His 4.89/40 at the Combine was outstanding. He looks like he can handle any interior O-line spot, and will likely enter the 2019 regular season as a versatile back-up, and the next man up as injuries occur. If VFA EASTON is fully healthy, then I could see McCOY pushing LARRY WARFORD for the RG spot. He is starter material, and it’s just a matter of time and need for him to get into the starting lineup. Round 5, Pick 168 MAXX CROSBY DE/ER EASTERN MICHIGAN 6’5/255 PP#165 CROSBY had a solid career for EMU, and really helped his Draft position with some very athletic numbers at the Combine. His 4.66/40 at 255 lbs. was very impressive, when considering his chase potential. His 6.89 3-Cone was one of only 4 DL who ran the drill, to be under 7.00 seconds. He may split playing time between a hand-down DE spot and a stand-up OB position. He is long and wiry, and the Saints strength and conditioning staff will be working long and hard to help him add muscle to his frame. He, like McCOY, could earn some serious playing time as a Rookie. His upside does not equal MARCUS DAVENPORT, but he could see more playing time, sooner than DAVENPORT did last season. Round 6, Pick 177 KAHALE WARRING TE SAN DIEGO STATE 6’5/252 PP#NR WARRING was a surprise early entry for the Draft. He had a very limited football career for the Aztecs. As a typical west coast boy, his athletic career heading for college was centered around volleyball. However, his frame has filled out and he’s gaining weight in all the right places. His 9 3/4″ hands, combined with his height, portend well for his development. He and JARED COOK should really help upgrade the TE targets for Mr. BREES. Blocking will be his biggest challenge. I am sensing that WARRING is gaining popularity amongst personnel people, and may end up being ranked just outside of Round 3, by the end of April thus nixing any likelihood of him falling to the Saints here. Round 6, Pick 202 ANDREW WINGARD SS WYOMING 6’0/209 PP#195 His coverage skills grade out as average, but his tackling radar is elite. He will be a big help for the Saints in support of the run defense. His 4.56/40 time at the Combine was a nice surprise to some scouts. His hands are under 9″ spread, which would partially explain why he’s not an INT machine. His 36.5 Vertical at the Combine put him above the average for the S group. I watched him practice and play at the Shrine venue, and he has a bloodhound’s nose for the ball. He is very active and very productive. I expect him to be an immediate ace for the Special Teams units. Round 7, Pick 231 TRAVIS HOMER RB MIAMI (F) 5’10/201 PP#229 His 4.48/40 at the Combine was the 5th fastest in the RB group. He almost had an 11′ Broad Jump at 130″. His 10″ hand size bodes well for his receiving potential as well. He Is a jump-cut, elusive guy who has good balance, field vision, and surprising power through tacklers. In essence, he’s a tough, hard nosed, shorter guy who should make a nice change of pace RB 3 for the Saints. I’d like to see what he has to offer as a Kick Returner as well. He may be moving up Draft Boards and never make it this far back. Round 7, Pick 244 BEN BURR-KIRVEN LB WASHINGTON 6’0/230 PP#241 He was one of the most productive, big play, LB’s in the nation last season. He has been a tackling machine for the Huskies, and went wild in 2018 with 176 tackles in 14 games. His height is not ideal, but he has a tight body and incredible instincts to the ball. He holds up against the run primarily because he shows great hand use and strength, to fend off blockers. It should also be noted that he did well in coverage, with 8 passes defensed, and also caused 4 FF’s in 2018. He did well at the Combine also, especially when he posted a 4.56/40. He may lead their Special Teams in tackles as well. This is a great value Pick of a very productive football player, who happens to be a bit undersized, kinda like their QB. This would be a solid Draft effort, considering the lack of top Picks. At the very least, it gives them one starter, and a lot more quality depth near the bottom of their roster. I especially like the long range potential of CROSBY, WARRING, and HOMER!
  13. Yes ATN you are correct, But watch that game. The Rams were playing a dirty all game and not getting called on it. Everything from punching in the scrum to the blatant fouls you saw in the secondary. Not watching this sh*t anymore is MY CHOICE. I don't want to put up with the crap. If you make a game all subjective and they refuse to call the game even -then it becomes entertainment. The sport simply withers. I will have more fun next year hunting and hiking more. Frag the NFL.