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  1. Did any of y'all pick up anything from mini-camp? I just watched some video, and here is my input. (please disagree with me - I am not a scout or anything) JT Barrett looked pretty sharp. (great name for a guy who has a "rifle" for an arm. Get it - Barrett rifles?) Deon Yelder appeared to catch everything in sight. Austin Wolf looked pretty good. (another great name, may be my 'Camp Beast'. Andy Tanner anyone? LOL!) Marcus Davenport dominated (as he should) Henry Mondeaux looked good on a play or 2 Colton Jumper got in on a few plays. He looked good what little I saw. Wozniak was playing LT, not his position (TE) - He appeared o.k. just needs to get his timing/feet under him and not get so high. (which might be hard at 6'9") I wanted to see more Oline/Dline play but the video I saw seemed to focus on the position players.
  2. Bummer, I was pullin' fer da' guy!
  3. I was just playing around to see who we may have picked if we did not make the big trade in the first. I made the assumption that the staff liked Mason Cole, and made a late 3rd trade for him. You could make an argument about taking Sam Hubbard at #77, but he is just a slightly less-athletic version of Trey Hendrickson. Although, that being said, Taven Bryan is a lighter, stronger, faster version of Sheldon Rankins, (by just a little). 27. Taven Bryan DT/DE Florida 91. Tre'Quan Smith WR Central Florida XX. trade 4th and 6th for Mason Cole C/OG Michigan 127. (part of trade for Mason Cole) 147. Davontae Harris CB/S Illinois State 164. Greg Senat OT Wagner 189. (part of trade for Mason Cole) 201. Boston Scott RB LA Tech 245. Godwin Igwebuike FS Northwestern
  4. Well, I cannot believe that the staff did not take my evaluations into consideration! I for one am shocked and appalled! #sarcasm-off
  5. I like the pick. There were just a lot of guys I was high on that were still on the board. i.e. Ronnie Harrison Harrison Phillips Ian Thomas Brian Allen Tre Flowers Marcus Allen Micah Kiser Folorunso Fatukasi
  6. I guess this is an O.K. draft. I really wanted to see a nose tackle drafted and maybe a LB or LB/S - tweener type. (think Warner, Griffin from UCF). The Saints kinda danced around the TE position, picking a slot receiver in the 3rd. Special Teams and physical traits seemed to be what was drafted after the 3rd round. I give it a solid C+, but the price was kind of high. Last year we had a wealth of picks in the top 100, and utilized them well. If Hendrickson can solidify his game, and if Anzalone can stay healthy, that will really help our defense. We will let them settle all of this in camp.
  7. I know this is near blasphemy.... but hear me out. Mark Ingram is about to eclipse the production of Deuce McAllister. Does he become as loved as Deuce? I feel like MI is very maligned by fans, but look at the stats. Mark - 7 years - 5362 yards - 1183 attempts for a 4.5yd average, and add on 1428 yards receiving in 207 catches for 6.9 yard average. Deuce - 8 years - 6098 yards - 1429 attempts for a 4.3yd ave and add on 1720 receiving yards in 234 catches for a 7.4 yard average.
  8. Love some Sam Mills in the middle of the lineup, but technically, he came here as a Free Agent from the USFL. So, I would say Pierre Thomas. 8 of his 10 years are with the Saints, and he only had 64 yards wearing another uniform. He had 833 attempts for 3800 yards and a 4.6 average and only 4 lost fumbles. Add in ~2700 yards receiving with an 8 yard average. That is pretty good for a RB. He always played his best when the team needed it the most. TOTAL 833 3,809 4.6 48 28 336 2,692 8.0 57 12 6 4 Pretty good stats in a pass-happy team that employed running-back by committee approach.
  9. Actually Cooks is allot different than Devery. We still need to see how Bandin matures, but Devery became a complete receiver toward the end of his career. Here is Cooks stats, (he has 27 TD's sofar) 2017 New England Patriots 16 15 65 1,082 2016 New Orleans Saints 16 12 78 1,173 2015 New Orleans Saints 16 12 84 1,138 2014 New Orleans Saints 10 7 53 550 Now look at Devery's career: They were totally different receivers (btw... 20 TDs) 2012 New Orleans Saints 15 9 22 316 14.4 41 1 1 13 13.0 13 0 1 0 2011 New Orleans Saints 16 13 32 503 15.7 79T 2 1 9 9.0 9 0 1 0 2010 New Orleans Saints 16 11 34 464 13.6 57 1 3 8 2.7 9 0 -- -- 2009 New Orleans Saints 16 11 51 804 15.8 75T 2 4 13 3.3 13 0 -- -- 2008 New Orleans Saints 16 13 32 793 24.8 84T 3 4 33 8.3 30 0 1 0 2007 New Orleans Saints 16 9 20 409 20.5 54 3 2 20 10.0 15 0 -- -- 2006 New Orleans Saints 13 7 32 745 23.3 76T 5 2 14 7.0 11T 1 -- -- 2005 New Orleans Saints 15 3 22 343 15.6 66 3 1 9 9.0 9 0 -- -- 2004 New Orleans Saints 1 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  10. Here is one guy I really like to anchor our D-line... FOLEY FATUKASI http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/foley-fatukasi?id=2559979 https://www.theuconnblog.com/2018/3/5/17081614/foley-folorunso-fatukasi-nfl-combine-experts-reactions-mock-draft-2018-uconn-football-randy-edsall
  11. What about Justin Lawler from SMU? http://www.draftcountdown.com/player/justin-lawler/ http://pigskinprospects.com/players/justin-lawler/
  12. Is he corrupt enough for politics?
  13. Rob, You read my mind. I like (maybe even luv) the idea of bringing Hankins in. The dude is one of the best run-stuffing DT's in the league. I think our D-line would be close to elite if we got him to work his way in. Imagine our jumbo line. Hendrickson/Oakafor/????<->Rankins<->Hankins<->Onyemata<->Cam. I think opposing QB's and RB's would really have their work cut out for them. I think Davidson would elevate his game as well, since he is the only true NT we have on the roster, and he could get spelled more often.
  14. Home plate was definitely Mr. Gibson's property! .... and he did not want any kids walking across his lawn.
  15. Times have changed. In addition, the baseballs are harder, and fly further these days. As you said, the ballparks are smaller. The pitchers get thrown out for chin music, and batters own the plate (rather than the pitcher). Batters have protective armor to protect them if they get beaned. Offense sells tickets. The Babe Ruth's and Hank Aaron's only come around every so often - so they tweaked some rules to make it more attractive. Hell, they even lowered the pitching mound back in the 1960's to give batters more advantage.