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  1. Times have changed. In addition, the baseballs are harder, and fly further these days. As you said, the ballparks are smaller. The pitchers get thrown out for chin music, and batters own the plate (rather than the pitcher). Batters have protective armor to protect them if they get beaned. Offense sells tickets. The Babe Ruth's and Hank Aaron's only come around every so often - so they tweaked some rules to make it more attractive. Hell, they even lowered the pitching mound back in the 1960's to give batters more advantage.
  2. I was hoping he would last until the 3rd/4th, but I do not see that as a possibility now.
  3. Use lots of action words in your description. (i.e. managed, supervised, motivated, etc...) Keep the sentences short and concise.
  4. If I was a betting man, I would see Payton trading back into the mid-second round and picking Mike White from Western Kentucky. The guy was a 66% passer and a 26-8 TD-INT ratio in 2017. Looking at this guy he just seems to scream 'Payton-esqe'
  5. But they do have another pick at #4...
  6. But, Do you make that trade with a EDGE-needy team like the Saints? Both are high cost, but a QB won't play for a couple years. I would be more tempted to jump on a FA. Lots of good QBs on the market and draft (and some really good QBs at that) and few(er) DE/Rush LBs. I like both White and Lauletta, either I would not fuss about taking in the third round.
  7. so, the question is... "Does Cleveland take him (a once in a generation-type player) or trade that spot for a kings ransom? Personally, if you have a chance to get a guy like this, you do it!
  8. Guy was backup for 2 years, then 2 years as a swing tackle and the next as RT. Great career for a 7th round pick.... The guy we chose right before M. Colston. (Man did we hit gold in the 7th round that year!)
  9. I like HM, but in the middle rounds. I see a work in progress (like D. Tull was) Maybe I am blind, but in my eyes, this Dude looks like he needs a year or 2 of NFL strength and conditioning. He feasted on lower competition. I doubt he would be a DE on the next level.
  10. Nice Free agent list! I have a couple questions - shooting these out to anyone. 1. What about Bree-zez contract? I am 90% sure he will stay with the team, but would we have enough cap room to sign all those guys? 2. Do y'all think that Okafor will be ready to go by the start of the season? I like his play, but that was a serious injury that happened late in the year. I do not see him playing in '18... at least in the front-half of the season. 3. Is Vander Esch that good? I was high on him early on, but the more I see, the less I was impressed. (but what do I know) 4. Dallas Goedert is intriguing, but he is just a big receiver - he was not asked to block much. He has great hands and knows how to sit down in zone coverage. 5. Sam Hubbard I am leary of just because (in my eyes) he is a product of having good talent around him.
  11. Bonk.... That my friend would be... CHAMPIONSHIP!
  12. http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/02/11/reuben-foster-san-francisco-49ers-linebacker-arrested-on-domestic-violence-charges-reports-say.html Foster in trouble again.... Instead we got Ramczyk. I think we TOTALLY dodged that bullet and scored big with that pick.
  13. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2407084-nfl-draft-2015-compensatory-picks-team-by-team-breakdown This give an overall of comp. picks up to 2015. The Saints and Browns do not get comp. picks.