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  1. Yes ATN you are correct, But watch that game. The Rams were playing a dirty all game and not getting called on it. Everything from punching in the scrum to the blatant fouls you saw in the secondary. Not watching this sh*t anymore is MY CHOICE. I don't want to put up with the crap. If you make a game all subjective and they refuse to call the game even -then it becomes entertainment. The sport simply withers. I will have more fun next year hunting and hiking more. Frag the NFL.
  2. Technically, it was 3 picks. (1st round in 2018, 5th round 2018 and 2019 1st round.) Not wasted. Just a high price to pay. The only way you could say it was a waste was 1 player who made the team vs. 3 who may or may not have made the team. Nothing is wasted if you use it.
  3. Happy New Year!
  4. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and follow-up with an amazing New Year.
  5. So, how is Ginn going to get downfield if the injured, battered and bruised O-line cannot give Brees the time to throw to Ginn? TG is going to be standing 50 yards away as Brees is looking at the Superdome ceiling.
  6. The biggest polluters are our governments. They want to tax/repress citizens when it is the government itself that is causing most of the pollution/greenhouse gasses in the world. The US civilian population creates less than 3% of the worlds pollution. Any change in that would have a minuscule effect. China, Russia, India have a much higher impact. Our military (any military) is a huge culprit. Look at the SuperFund sites - many of them are closed military bases, second to mining operations (mostly owned by foreign companies). oh, and cows farting. (sarcasm off) Many things can curb the greenhouse gases - most the government can do themselves. Use cleaner-burning fuels. The last decade government came down on companies making cars and trucks more efficient, so they could reverse that. Another thing they (government) can do is promote re-forestation and design cities to have more "green zones" (i.e. parks and natural areas). Legalize hemp to take a % of tree products. Remove crop subsidies. Make the EPA stop selling pollution credits. Etc... etc...
  7. Updating this post... As of today, we have the toughest schedule of the remaining top 3 NFC teams, while playing two division leaders. The Rams having the easiest schedule, with the Bears being the only division leader they have to play. The Bears get to play two two-win teams, lucky them! Saints total: 29-25-1 @Dallas 6-5 @Tampa 4-7 @Carolina 6-5 Pittsburgh 7-3-1 Carolina 6-5 Rams total: 21-34 @Lions 4-7 @Bears 8-3 Eagles 5-6 @Cardinals 2-9 @49ers 2-9 Bears total: 25-28-2 @Giants 3-8 Rams 10-1 Packers 4-6-1 @49ers 2-9 @Vikings 6-4-1
  8. If she had balls, wouldn't she be a boy? ...or it this another, "I identify as...." thread? LOLZ
  9. I hope this give T-rex a chance to make a splash. I was liking the way he was coming along last year.