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  1. I figured that they would get roasted for those "new" uniforms. When I saw them my reaction was "what a waste of time and money". Nothing special about their new uniforms outside of the black version. I guess they don't mind getting mistaken for the Eagles.
  2. For the lack of a better term...….We raped NY by getting Apple for a 4th and a 6th and they let us. Apple was a significant improvement over the toast that was in his place and I think the 1-2 extra seconds of coverage enabled our pressure to get to the QB. I expect our secondary to be a strength going into this season because Apple will have a full training camp to be familiar with the system and we get Robinson back from injury.
  3. Hello Whodatzone. Some of you may remember me. I used to be Saintamaniac here some time ago. Unfortunately some things happened and it was just best that I stepped away. I've come back from time to time just to drop in and see how some old internet friends were doing. I only remember a few people....Faceman, Herb, Saint ATN, Nolapse…..all the others have moved on. Well enough time has passed and I hope to be a regular visitor. So much has changed. I really missed not being able to celebrate our superbowl with the people I started with back in 2000. I remember all the Aaron Brooks debates. Wow, that seems like ages ago. If I'm not mistaken, Bangcartoon was pretty big here back then as well. Anyway, I'm a diehard Saints fan. I only have one NFL team....the Saints. I don't root for any other pro team. I hate Notre Dame with a passion....and I'm catholic. I was never a Ditka fan. I wasn't quite sold on Sean Payton. I ended up naming my little girl I guess he grew on me. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm back and I hope to stick around for a while.
  4. I wonder how high OLOPS will be ranked to start the season in September. They lost a lot along their O-line. if they are top 10, I'll puke.
  5. Big Mouth and F is for Frank both have me laughing out loud. They are animated comedies but they are both just incredibly funny.
  6. I use DUO. I find it works much better than Hangouts. Wife and kids all have iPhones. I used to have a Galaxy Note 4 but it finally died. I use a Huawei Mate 10 Pro now and I absolutely love it.
  7. Thanks. Yes, it has been a while. I'm doing great. I mentioned to Faceman that I was glad to see the place was still kicking. Deep wounds man, deep wounds. Can't tell you how hard it's been to resist the urge to post in the OLOPS thread.
  8. Nice. Almost sounds like Brees.
  9. I hate Notre Dame so much that they made me love Alabama for one night. This must be what being a $2 whore feels like.