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  1. I'm sorry I love Ingram but the suspension stuff was on him. He should not have been sitting around waiting on an agent to contact the league office. He should have done it himself. You don't leave something as important as that to someone else. I also suspect his agent didn't contact him about this Saints mess. If he didn't then Mark should have contacted him or better yet contacted the Saints directly. You don't leave your future or your money in someone else's hand. I'm sorry but this isn't on the Saints. They did what they had to do when Ingram's agent decided to play chicken with Loomis. Every agent in the business knows or should know you don't sit across the table from Loomis and wait for him to blink. It ain't gonna happen.
  2. You guys are taking this a lot better than I am. It really sucks to lose him..
  3. I guess yall didn't hear:
  4. Maybe but it would have been a lot better than signing Coleman. Kenny did great for Tennessee.
  5. And I still say they should have re-signed Kenny Vaccaro.
  6. Integrity? Are you kidding? Commish and integrity do not belong in the same sentence. If that spineless twit had any integrity he wouldn't have suspended Payton for a whole season for something they lied about. It wouldn't have taken him so long to say something after that travesty in the NFCCG happened. He has no integrity and neither does the NFL.
  7. Ya I know, I heard about that but the Saints put a stop to that.
  8. First Nolan and now Glenn, the Bengals are determined to get one of our guys.
  9. According to Suh, they shut Edelman down. He had 10 catches for 141yds, but they shut him down.
  10. I knew that hand-holding McVay was doing with Goff would come back to bite them, eventually. I was just so happy to see it happen in the Super Bowl. He had better let Goff learn to read defenses on his own or it's going to cripple him.
  11. They played well because of Westoff and I'm not sure Westoff is coming back..
  12. Goodell is a waste of skin. He doesn't understand a damn thing.
  13. "the league also argues that Goodell does not have authority to order that all or part of the game be replayed" This is such crap. If that were true they would have said it days ago.