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  1. Rams say the Superdome noise is overrated. They are going to be in for one hell of a surprise.
  2. I'm sure the Saints worked him out before they signed him. From what I remember of him he was pretty good.
  3. Saints owned the last 3 qtrs, especially the Saints defense.
  4. Sean McVay said they think they can better handle the noise. He has no idea what he's walking into.
  5. Fine by me. I love when they underestimate the Saints. They can just fly right under the radar.
  6. They don't wanna play the Eagles again either because the Eagles are part of the reason the Saints are the number 1 seed.
  7. My gameball goes to the entire defense. They lost their star DT and they could have folded but instead they came through in a big way. Shut the Eagles down in the 2nd half. They get the gameball from me for the entire team. Best defense I've seen since the Dome Patrol only a little more well rounded. Everybody stops the run and a pretty good secondary. Well done guys.
  8. The obstacle was the Saints defense.
  9. Of course not. You know better than that.
  10. Ya know the Eagle have this posted on twitter. Mostly the hit on Reggie Bush.
  11. I don't think letting Jenkins leave was a mistake. He was awful. He couldn't tackle, took many bad angles and his hands were made of stone. The only reason he got better was because the Saints let him go.
  12. Oh, please, please, please, let it last.
  13. You know I don't see why anyone would dismiss any team in the playoffs. They're in the playoffs for a reason, just like the Saints are. I doesn't matter to me who the Saints play. It's going to be tough. I don't dismiss any team. It doesn't matter if the Saints beat them in the regular season or not. I am also not afraid of any team. When the Saints bring their A game they can beat anyone, anytime. No one in these playoffs in the NFC has had a tougher schedule than the Saints. That means they are battle tested. Here's to the Saints bringing their A game and kicking butt in the Superdome.
  14. I just love his nasty streak.