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  1. Saints did once in 2010. They played Dallas.
  2. Yeah! Some of the critics said Peat didn't have a nasty streak on the football field. I beg to differ. Beast is right.
  3. Streif in the 7th wasn't bad either. Not quite as good as Colston but still pretty good.
  4. While I agree with Hicks, he was being played out of position by being put on the end; he's much better in the middle, nobody's got clean hands including Hicks. I remember that. The Saints were trying anything. If he did not like being put on the end he should have gone to Payton. Instead he went to the media. That's something that should have been taken care of in the locker room, not aired in public. Yeah Payton probably did let his ego get the better of him but Hicks didn't make matters any better. He is every bit as responsible for what happened as Payton and that is the point. In that situation he didn't do things the right way
  5. Sean Payton needs to send John Lynch a fruit basket for jumping in front of that bullet.
  6. If they were so concerned about his knee, why tender him at all? Why didn't they just let him walk? No they lowballed him on the tender thinking they could sneak him thru free agency and got burned.
  7. Yet they sign Allen Robinson was it? Give him 25 million guaranteed and he just came off a torn ACL.
  8. I wonder what took them so long.
  9. I remember the last season the Saints had him. Atlanta had no answer for him, in either game. Welcome back Mr Watson.
  10. Good! Now the Saints can go get Benny Logan. He's just as good of a run stuffer, younger and won't cost as much.
  11. Maybe then they'll sign Bennie Logan. He'd be cheaper, he's younger(only 27 I believe) and just as good of a run stuffer.