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  1. Gillislee is not the guy either. Even with Scott the Saints would have been woeful on 1st down. Scott could have failed on 3rd and long just as well as Gillislee and he would have been a lot cheaper. Saints didn't need Giilislee to come in and fail. Scott could have done that just as easily and maybe Saints wouldn't have lost Stupor. I still think Scott is better. And I agree with Bonkers.
  2. Sorry but I think the Saints should have kept Scott and let Gillislee stay where he was. I'm not talking about the fumble either. I just think Scott was better.
  3. The team is so stacked I'm not surprised so many rookies got cut. A lot of them will probably end up on the practice squad, if they clear waivers
  4. I'm sorry. I thought I did answer the question. when I said if that was the reason I didn't want him(because of all of the irritation it might cause) I would just say that. I'd say I don't want anyone that creates waves, eventhough there are a lot of players in the NFL that create waves. It's baloney, but whatever. The reason they don't want him is the same reason nobody wants Eric Reid, because he took a knee. But I guess they are the only ones in the NFL that did that.
  5. It is excuses when it isn't the real reason. I they don't wanna deal with the headache then maybe that's what they should say. But hey what do I know? God forbid they should be honest.
  6. Well at least you said it. That's more than what the rest have been doing.
  7. I guess when you're looking for an excuse, any excuse will do. !st it was because he's not a very good QB, when he's better than 80% of the QBs out there. Then it was because he wore some shirt in Florida, then it's because his GF posted some nonsense on social media, as if that has anything to do with Kap. And then it's Elways with the excuse he wouldn't sign in Denver,(and I believe the NFL put him up to it) because he wouldn't take a paycut. And that happened before the protest. Gee, I wonder what new excuse they're going to come up with next week which, I have no doubt about.
  8. If he doesn't want to get hit then he needs to stay in the pocket and get rid of the football quicker. If he isn't gonna do that then he shouldn't whine about getting hit.
  9. People wonder why he slipped to the 3rd round but he slipped because no one knew who he was. He didn't play much at Tennesee. And thank the Lord for that!!!!
  10. Yeah, right! Like I really care what they wear. As long as they(the Saints) win the game I don't care if they wear bermuda shorts.
  11. His suspension was upheld by the arbitrator. His days might get reduced but he is going to have to serve the suspension.
  12. He could have taken Sudafed. That's harmeless and it's on the banned substance list. Can you believe it, Sudafed.
  13. The NFL is no stranger to lookin' foolish. It certainly would not be the first time.
  14. In a statement, Ingram's agent said his client had a "proper use exemption" for the substance which Ingram tested positive. "At the end of the 2017 season, as a result of a NFL mandated random drug test, Mark tested positive for a substance that was not a performance enhancing substance, nor an illegal substance, but a substance in fact permissible with the proper use exemption with the NFL," Ingram's agent said. A decision from an arbitrator is due by May 16. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune
  15. I guess he wasn't paying attention to Snead. Dumb, dumb. dumb!!!