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  1. People wonder why he slipped to the 3rd round but he slipped because no one knew who he was. He didn't play much at Tennesee. And thank the Lord for that!!!!
  2. Yeah, right! Like I really care what they wear. As long as they(the Saints) win the game I don't care if they wear bermuda shorts.
  3. His suspension was upheld by the arbitrator. His days might get reduced but he is going to have to serve the suspension.
  4. He could have taken Sudafed. That's harmeless and it's on the banned substance list. Can you believe it, Sudafed.
  5. The NFL is no stranger to lookin' foolish. It certainly would not be the first time.
  6. In a statement, Ingram's agent said his client had a "proper use exemption" for the substance which Ingram tested positive. "At the end of the 2017 season, as a result of a NFL mandated random drug test, Mark tested positive for a substance that was not a performance enhancing substance, nor an illegal substance, but a substance in fact permissible with the proper use exemption with the NFL," Ingram's agent said. A decision from an arbitrator is due by May 16. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune
  7. I guess he wasn't paying attention to Snead. Dumb, dumb. dumb!!!
  8. Draft experts, what do they know? Some of those so-called draft experts said Kamara had no vision. Boy did they get that one wrong. And I'm supposed to listen to them about the Saints 2018 draft; like hell.
  9. The Raven gave up 3 picks, 2 2s and a 4 to go get Lamar Jackson, I believe it was 2 2s. I haven't once heard anyone say they gave up too much to get him. What was that 2011, the Falcon gave up 5 picks and I believe one was a one from the next season, and another from the next season and 3 from that season to go get Julio Jones. I don't recall anyone saying they gave up too much. Daveport is a premium pass rusher. To get something one must give something. The only way to get a premium pass rusher is the either have high draft placement or move up. The Saints did the latter. They new what the team needed and they went and got him. I don't have a problem with it.
  10. And some people think the Saints got away from the draft philosophy(in this draft) that has served them so well the last few years. Hardly.
  11. Marshon Lattimore 82 Michael Thomas 81
  12. I feel the same way about this draft as I did about last years draft. I'll take the wait and see approach. I didn't have a problem with it when the Saints moved up to get Kamara and I don't have a problem with moving up to take Davenport. Sometime to get what you want you have to take a chance. More often than not the Saints' chances payoff. I much prefer where they picked this year than the last 3 years. It means the team is doing well. The reason they got all those great players the last 3 drafts was because they were picking so high meaning they were losing a lot of games. The team is stacked. All they needed was another pass rusher in the same mold as Cam Jordan and they got him. They needed another WR and they got him. Michael Thomas was the only real threat at WR last season. Explains why the team did so poorly on 3rd down. Thank God for the other backs they had catching passes. I have zero problem with anyone else they drafted. It'll all work out.
  13. I'm really glad he lasted this long.
  14. I'd be satisfied if he played WR like he's 6'6" instead of 5'6". It would be nice if he blocked out a few defenders. And for God's sake stop holding the ball like it's a loaf of bread. If he could do everything else like he blocks, that would be nice.
  15. I hope he does well in Baltimore. Good luck to him, because with Flacco he's going to need all the luck he can get.