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  1. Maybe not but I wouldn't overlook them. They gave Seattle all they could handle. I say run thru everybody.
  2. Don't sleep on the Falcons either.
  3. That may be but Mark Ingram gashed them for what 112 yards? The Ravens aren't the first team to gash them on the ground either. When you can stop the run, you can stop any running back, even if he is the QB. Tyler Murray is the same kind of QB and he only got 13 yard when he played the Saints.
  4. They're just like the Packers, can't stop the run.
  5. They ran the ball down the Packers throat and the Packers can't stop the run. Also Bosa and Ingram beat Rodgers up.
  6. Sants say it a hypertextension of the knee. .
  7. The Saints keep doing with Patrick Robinson what they were doing before, playing him on the outside. He is a slot corner. He is not good on the outside, never had been. They need to play him for what they re-signed him for. Play him in the slot. That is where he excells.
  8. Mora was a defense oriented coach. He made the same mistake a lot of defensive oriented coaches make. He forgot about the offense. His defenses were always stacked but his offenses were pitiful. He played not to lose instead of playing to win. He always relied on his defense to do what the offense couldn't do. When his defense failed he had no offense to take up the slack. It usually happened in the playoffs, where you need to have a competent offense. He never did. Whenever you play not to lose, you usually end up losing.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with that but at any rate I think MT is worth every cent.
  10. With his knee issue , he would have missed multiple days too.
  11. By the end of the season, it gonna look like a bargain.
  12. Yeah, but at least the Saints got something for Ivory and they didn't sink a whole lot of money into him.
  13. And that safety from Alabama. What was his name, Sunseri? He was another.
  14. I've seen Anzalone's highlights but have you seen Davis'. He is a total STUD!
  15. They said they don't really want money. They said money wouldn't hurt the NFL because they have so much. They said all they want is information: What did the NFL do about it, did they disipline the refs. That's a question I'd like the answer to myself. I try not to think about it because everytime I do, it makes my blood boil. I don't think I'll ever get over that one.