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  1. It could be worse. Thank God it's only 3-4 games. At least he'll be back by the time they play Carolina(I hope).
  2. I don't care much for Jeff Duncan but he wrote a good article about the Saints' NASTY oline.
  3. He might be talented but he needs to grow the hell up. Its was Thursday and he's still crying about what Payton said? Payton didn't even mention his name. He's gonna do the same thing to the Rams that Reid thought he would do to the Chiefs. He is gonna be their downfall.
  4. And now we know why KC got rid of him.
  5. I can live with it as long as he behaves himself.
  6. Offensive game ball to the Oline. Nastiest Oline in the NFL. Defensive game ball to PJ Williams. That is one tough kid. ST gameball to Lutz. He is money.
  7. Underhill said it too, I just can't post it.
  8. Baddest unis in the NFL.
  9. I'm going for 15-1, I might not get but that's what I'm going for. Aim for the stars.