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  1. Yet again our stud offensive line got whipped in the playoffs. No run game. Always behind the sticks. No deep threat offensively and arguably the best defensive mind in football outside of Belichick in Zimmer gives us fits.. mental errors, turnovers, missed field goal, e.t.c. And Drew still had us with a chance to win when we didn't deserve it. I felt in the first half we missed Mark Ingram's energy. I know Alvin has all year.
  2. Only guy I can think of is perhaps Terry Allen and maybe Frank Gore? Gore's happened in college at the U, though, I think Terry tore 3 total in the league before he eventually signed here.
  3. Given the team put themselves in an early hole with Drew's underthrow, the massive penalties throughout, and the defense not locking in early as we've seen regularly in the past there was every excuse to let last season's doubts in Minnesota linger and the Eagles are blessed mantra to fester. The Saints instead manned up and fought through every adversity. We lost our middle presence on D, got zero calls from the refs especially against Drew, and had to play near perfect in critical spots where we made conversion downs monumentally long distance by our own miscues. And the Saints did it. From the fake punt to the overturned touchdown pass to the interceptions at dire moments where the fate of the game hung in the balance.. We are a juggernaut when we jump on teams early and they feel pressure to try and match scores with us at home. That has not happened in a while, and yet here we stand advancing. Next week we make Goff beat us. I don't believe he can. Drew must be sharper to start, and the line must play their best game mistake free of the year and we can taunt Bomani Jones partying all the way to the ATL. Hell of a win when we did not have our fast ball or our slider working for us.
  4. Respect those guys. They're always providing ammunition for mockery. (How'd you embed the tweet?:))
  5. I completely disagree with Jack Lambert. He said it might be a good idea to put dresses on them.
  6. Gotta love that home bar. That's legit.
  7. Williams and Crawley are the equivalent of a tag team jobber squad back in the old days of WWF. They're like the Georgia State Troopers against the Steiner Brothers or Hart Foundation or Demolition or the Road Warriors or the Rockers or..
  8. Drew, Mike, Alvin, and the O line. Defense Cam and I said Okafor as he blocked the punt. Morestead flipped the field at such a crucial time near the end. Hill brings juice to this team.
  9. After Drew spin cycled the defense for the score I tweeted out this: "Drew Brees just told Taysom Hill to get off his lawn, ;)" I'll take the win, but man you should never lose on the road scoring 37 in regulation without a turnover and blocking a punt you recover. Our defense is so bad in the back end they almost accomplished that.
  10. Lattimore needs to develop technique. Guys will have studied him all offseason and he didn't play much at tOSU so he needs live reps and to really sharpen his game overall. There will be growing pains with that, and let's also realize he's facing the best guy every week. The problem to me is that Crawley is playing like a shell of himself from a year ago. You had both playing at a higher level. Lattimore's natural ability combined with better development and application of technique will ultimately pay significant dividends. I think we all agree there. He just needs repetition so there's no thinking and just simple muscle memory. Time is the enemy there. Crawley though has to pick up his game and play better. He knows every game he's going to be the guy teams pick on between the two. The best news of the game was hearing Zach Strief say Terron told him that Davenport plays very heavy. That means he's going to be able to anchor down and really play stout against the run once again in time and that's great news. This defense really grew in confidence after a big week three performance against a divisional foe that looked fantastic and to be a sure loss for the Saints one year ago. Let's hope the same happens this year against Atlanta. The script seems similar.
  11. 2-point conversion stats don't count. Which makes no sense as that's a direct scoring play and a sack or turnover directly removes points from the board and a successful run or catch actually equates to points on the board. Those stats would seem to be some of the most important one would think. They could simply make a new category of stats including overtime. There's also the notion of shortening OT to say 8 minutes and then if it's still tied going to a "shootout" style format akin to hockey and soccer with the variances obviously befitting the sport. Each team gets 2 point conversion tries until one team fails? You could go to college rules and make field goals worth 1 point and a touchdown worth 2 points and treat it like 2 point conversion stats and allow those to count as well for uniformity? Haven't given it much thought. I'm sure together we could come up with something that would work.
  12. I do not see people quitting football over this. Habits (especially ones that prompt people to join message boards based on that habit or discuss it regularly on social media as we do with the Saints here) are difficult to break, and the NFL has benefited tremendously from Sundays becoming the holy day of football worship in the Fall for families which essentially is indoctrinating a built-in viewership base in the youth watching. However, the animosity the parents show with the product over the current state of the game a.k.a. "football has become a mockery of what I once loved, they don't hit anyone anymore!" will also bleed over. Kids are increasingly interested in E-sports such as League of Legends (anyone else play?) or CounterStrike as alternatives. That leads to a multi-layered attrition that will ultimately cull the fanbase over time as each generation is either reinforcing the habit of football being something worthy of devotion or negatively reinforcing how the game has changed and is as lesser sport than the one you so wistfully miss and once fervently loved. The results I don't think will be immediate, but the trends are being fabricated as we speak even if we do not know which direction the current is flowing. That touches not at all on concussions and the very real safety concerns. Boxing and baseball via corruption and being a slave to tradition did not evolve with the times and no longer hold sway as they once did. Football could be next.
  13. Got no problem with him going out at halftime, feeling he can't compete then talking to the coaches. If he's a danger to himself/others the coach then sits him. Retiring though is quitting on his teammates when they needed him. That's my problem. Dude didn't tell any of his teammates, didn't support them in the second half. Kevin Love caught heat for going home with an illness before the game ended for the Cavs because he didn't stay to support the team and he was legitimately sick. It's all about trust and sacrifice, and he showed everyone he warrants neither. There's a right and wrong way to do things. You feel how you feel. That's okay. It's how you then handle how you feel and act that lends itself to criticism. We've seen a bunch of vets not have it anymore before we switched up our personnel department.. Olin Kreutz comes to mind. Then you had guys near the end like Champ Bailey or James Laurinaitis, etc.. Heck, all the way back to 2006 and Anthony Simmons retired right before the season began. None of that happened mid-game. If you are done then you are done, but that doesn't literally mean walking out the door the very next moment. Players are paid with game checks despite having a yearly salary. I have not seen it clearly defined if he will be paid in full or merely half that week's game check. The Bills are going to go after his signing bonus I suspect and I know a lot of his bonuses were voided by his action.
  14. Zane Gonzalez went full JR Smith for us.
  15. Back in the day that was called quitting. Now it's called collecting that week's check for half the work er retirement.