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  1. Nice pick play there Minnesota. Also, shitty spot on 3rd down, home dude did not get the first down.
  2. I could see the Saints going down 10-0 or 14-0, but I can also see the Saints winning 24-21, because this team never quits. A lot of times when teams go up big early they start to coast, and the momentum shifts. Then it goes to who wants it most. While we may not win, I know Brees never quits. I'll put my money on Drew Brees every time.
  3. Richard, Definitely overdue for a catchup call. I'll give you a holler soon.
  4. Thanks, and again, my apologies. Just glad to get this back up and running!
  5. Holy crap. Jacksonville has opened up a can of whoop ass and is dumping the whole thing out on Pittsburgh.
  6. Thanks for posting that video. That was some good information, but it basically underscored that simple fact that the best way to best an aggressive overpursuing defense is to make their momentum work against them. It won't be trick plays that beat the Vikings as much as it will be a steady diet of showing a flow one way, and then countering that with misdirection. In this case the best offense for the Saints is a best defense. The Saints defense didn't have that swagger they have now. In my opinion, the onus for winning this game is generating turnovers on defense and limiting Minnesota's offensive opportunities. True, you can say that about any game, but I believe the Saints are in much better shape defensively to execute then they were game one. This is a much different and improved defense, and Saints team, then week one, and a team I think that found their identity and are up to the challenge.
  7. Good things are in store with that kind of drafting for sure. That is great info there - thanks for posting that.
  8. Definitely a loss in the running game. Coleman has been a beast blocker this year. He's also made a few clutch catches, but at the same time, he's made some really careless mistakes with protecting the football. He's been a key element in the big downfield runs this season. Not a make or break thing for the Saints to deal with, but it doesn't help make us better today.
  9. I was really disappointed when we didn't get him, but at this point, I can't be anything but grateful for what we did land in the draft.
  10. Really sorry for the downtime everybody. I needed to move the site to a new server, and had to run down several different things before I could get this working properly again. My apologies for the trouble.
  11. Testing one two three
  12. David, good morning.

    i need some information about setting up my profile and avatar.

    i was a member several years ago, but lost connection when some changes were made to the site.

    So how do I access my account. My username does not appear in the

    upper right hand corner and it doesn't allow me to open my account in the menu on the top right.

    ican post though.


    1. rlsaint


      David, never mind. It was operator error, which is common for me.

      thanks anyway.

  13. You long term members may remember Ed as a long time member of this forum. He's had a series of unfortunate events in the last year and is currently in Las Vegas, NV. He needs some help until he is able to land a job, so anything you can send to himI know he would appreciate. He would not ask me to post this unless he really needed it. Those of you who know Ed well will know this is true. He is asking if anyone can send him something to help him bridge the gap he will pay it back when he gets on his feet. He does not have a computer, only his phone, but I do have his contact info if you'd like to reach out to him directly. He has asked that anything you can send to him via my PayPal account (which I will wire to him) would be greatly appreciated. Please PM or email me ( davideleuterius@gmail.com ) if you would like to send some help. Thanks folks.
  14. There are some truly great people I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with in person from meeting on this site. Allan know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Absolutely. I think I have problems at times and then I read these kinds of things, and I know that there are real battles people are fighting daily. Thoughts and prayers for your father, WhodatinHtown.
  15. Found this floating around on FB.