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  2. I think a pectoral injury is a tough one to recover from for an OL that has to use his arms and upper body extensively. He is out again for the Monday night game. However the fact he started to practice and is not playing Monday makes me think he has had a setback. I starting to think we would be fortunate to get him back for the playoffs.
  3. Interesting how the Browns have improved after firing their head coach and having Greg Williams as interim head coach. It seemed surreal to watch him as head coach tonight for the Browns, reflecting back to bounty-gate and the Saints. His ill timed time-out almost cost his team the game. But they pulled it out with his patented blitzes to end the game. Does he have a chance to be the permanent head coach? I mean he has won 4 games for the Browns!
  4. Saints have improved drastically through the draft. The Saints have also improved substantially by ridding themselves of “dead cap money” which eliminated their depth over the 7-9 years. Our depth has translated into winning teams these past two years. The Saints had almost a third of their salary cap on injured reserve last year, and still should have made the NFC Championship game. Again this year the Saints have had to overcome injuries on the OL, WR, TE, and slot corner. You can only overcome this with depth. Our D has contiually improved with only the addition of Apple after the start of the season, which means the same players have improved. A sign of good coaching.
  5. Talking heads and his expertise is that talks the loudest ...
  6. If Cobbs is taking a roster spot they must plan on using him. I think our best hope for improvement at the WR position would be getting Ted Ginn back. He takes some pressure off of Thomas and stretches the field. The rookie Smith looks like he hit a wall ... disappeared with two big drops in the last 2 games.
  7. Will not ship until Dec. 28th. Surprising that there are over half of 2018 limited editions left, but get it for yourself or other fans,
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  9. We need to cherish him while he's with us on this ride cause before you know it,this ride will be over.
  10. The sole purpose of these asshats is to get people to watch their childish moronic antics and talk about them...when the "personalities" of a sports show become the story (instead of what they are supposed to be covering) and people talk about them, they couldn't be happier...
  11. Yep, and I don’t find them very entertaining.
  12. Very good article with good insight on just how good this defense actually is and how they are improving.
  13. The defense has stepped up big, no question. But we need Armstead back healthy and our oline at full strength to be contenders IMO....
  14. The most dysfunctional front office in NFL history. They had a real personel guy for about 2 seasons in Scot McGloughin, who started to turn things around. Far from perfect drafts and moves but far better than in the past. Because he wasn't a Dan Synder/Bruce Allen lackey they ran him out, using unfounded rumors of alcohol issues (that he had in the past), they used their errand boy Chris Cooley (former TE, now Skins radio "personality") to further this lunacy...I feel so bad for my friends that are Skins fans. Poor incompetent decisions followed by more of the same....we should be thankful for the Saints organization's stability over the SP years....
  15. Just goes to prove the shows are more about entertainment than actual in-depth analysis.
  16. I would like to agree with that, but the last two games have shown that the defense can hold their own and if the offense isn't clicking, we're toast. It is going to HAVE to be a team effort. And I don't mean the offense will have to play lights out, just not as badly as they did against the 'boys and the first half of the Bucs game. Let's say we end up playing the Chiefs in the Bowl...I know they don't have a spectacular defense, but if we only score 3 points in the first half, that is going to hurt bad.
  17. Wow! "Michael Floyd on the roster like a bum while Simmie Cobbs flourishing on the practice squad. Only 52 men on the roster? No worries, we will keep him down on the PS so any smart WR needy team can pluck him. This front office blows me"
  18. And some of their players aren't happy about it. "The perception is the Redskins mishandle a lot of front office moves. And just like any situation perception has become reality with the Redskins. Them turning around and trying to counter the Saints’ offer indicates how the Redskins understood they may have made a mistake. Only time will tell, but all signs point to this being another blunder in a growing list of decisions by a front office that is certainly not well-liked by media, fans, and possibly players."
  19. LMAO " You couldn't possibly get more wrong in a 30 second clip if you tried. " And the Chargers themselves... UPDATE: LaDainian Tomlinson, Dan Fouts and Lance Alworth are all OUT for tonight. #LACvsKC
  20. Top dude. My man. For me personally Drew is the Greatest of all time. If someone doesn't agree with that, and has another favourite, I respect that. But if someone asks you to name, in no particular order, all time top tier NFL QBs, that had huge impact on the game, and have put their mark on the League, and Drew Brees dosen't come up within, at the very very very least, the first five, I would claim you have no clue about the matter.
  21. What a class act...
  22. Last week
  23. He really thinks Pat Swilling and Rickey Jackson are going to put a lot of pressure on Jake Delhomme this weekend. Also, he is going to be looking for how well Joe Horn matches up on the outside against Josh Norman. I'll tell you, though, I really want to see how Wade Wilson handles the pressure against Kevin Greene. For reference: Stephen A. Smith's TNF Preview
  24. Saints sign wide receiver Simmie Cobbs off Washington’s practice squad Updated 11:25 AM; Posted 11:25 AM The Times-Picayune The New Orleans Saints have added another receiver to their roster, but this one doesn’t have the name recognition of their additions from last month. The Saints signed rookie Simmie Cobbs Jr. off Washington’s practice squad on Friday, according to a league source. The 6-foot-3 Cobbs went undrafted this year out of Indiana. Cobbs will presumably take the roster spot of tight end Erik Swoope, whom the Saints are reportedly cutting after claiming him off waivers on Wednesday. The Saints last month added veterans Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall, but neither of them played a game. It’s unclear whether Cobbs could contribute this year, or if this is a signing for the future. link
  25. One of the best films, ever.
  26. When your roster is loaded with talent the draft takes on a whole new meaning. You have to use the picks, they don’t roll over and you’re going to end up only keeping a couple. Nobody predicted the issues we had at CB starting the season but Apple has adjusted well and seems to be thriving. PJ Williams was my most “cursed at through the TV” player at the beginning of the year, but he’s stepped up.
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