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  2. And I still say they should have re-signed Kenny Vaccaro.
  3. I think they like the idea of bringing him back as he was a veteran voice in the defensive backs meetings. We are young everywhere in the secondary outside of him and P-Rob. Everyone was on their rookie deals except those two.
  4. Dude, the oldest one can also play lefty... wow
  5. Football aside,I hope he has gotten over his drug abuse. If not we'll his life will be a struggle.
  6. I don't why we would even entertain the thought of bringing him back.
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  8. He was pretty underwhelming as far as I can recall, I say pass on bringing him back...
  9. Weather the owners like him or not they view him as a necessary evil. The all mighty dollar rules all. As long as the league is raking in the dough,they may express certain feelings about him good or bad,but they will not cast a vote to replace him.
  10. But what I don't like is that we are leaving the door open to a possible return. We need to move on from him.
  11. I would like for us to bring Bridgewater back. I don't know about Keenum. He didn't have the supporting cast in Denver that he had in Minnesota. That's not to say he would be a good fit here but I wanna see what we got in Teddy.
  12. Hey look we agree he has limitations but he's a playmaker.
  13. Man that would be awesome! Move Apple to nickel dude pick your poison. But there's no way we can afford him. I have seen Loomis pull a rabbit out of his hat a few times but I would go after Collins or Su or Sue,hell whatever his name is. We need depth on d-line and I'd like to see us bring in a linebacker. Also bring in a cb or two. Prob is getting long in the tooth and Crawly well we all know why he needs to go. The Coleman experiment will finally end. Now we can ether go after Collins or bring in a lower tier safety and roll with Bell,which wouldnt be a bad idea. I think we could nab Su for cheaper than people think. He would give us the pressure we need up the middle. The when Rankins get back,him and Su next to one another,that right there could bring us a championship.
  14. He is far more athletic than Teo. I would prefer Robertson in coverage before Teo. The downside to Robertson is he is bit small for an LB and can get washed out in run support. But hey agree to disagree.
  15. My first choice is to get Teddy back, but if that does not happen I would like the idea of Keenum to be the next backup. I know there was an interview were Keenum said he and Brees talk frequently. Could be a good fit. Just a thought. Case Keenum was shocked by trade for Joe Flacco Posted by Mike Florio on February 21, 2019, 11:01 AM EST Getty Images Many people were surprised by Denver’s decision to trade for quarterback Joe Flacco. None were more surprised than quarterback Case Keenum. Via the Denver Post, Keenum explained on The Sports Spectrum podcast that he was shocked by the news. “[G.M. John] Elway called me that morning and we had a great conversation, which he didn’t have to do — I appreciated that,” Keenum said on the podcast, with his wife next to him. “It was definitely a shock. It was a surprise for us. . . . For us, we’re definitely disappointed. It’s not something we wanted to happen. I know everybody is doing their job and John feels like it was a chance to help the Broncos out.” It means that Keenum will be out of Denver, but it’s still not clear where he’s going to go. “It’s really open-ended right now,” Keenum said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen. This is still very fresh. A lot of these emotions we’re talking about are still going on and still happening. Who knows what’s going to be in store? I don’t, for sure.” However it plays out, Keenum will make at least $7 million this year. Which means that, if Keenum is released, a new team could sign Keenum for at or near the six-figure league minimum, putting the Broncos on the hook for the rest. That dynamic makes a trade even less likely, unless the trade includes the Broncos eating the amount that the new team would save by signing Keenum for the minimum. It’s still not clear who will want Keenum. He has shown flashed of high-level ability in stints with the Texans, Rams, and Vikings, taking the 2017 Minnesota team to the final four. However it plays out, it’s a stunning decline for Keenum, who signed a two-year, $36 million deal with the Broncos last year as a free agent.
  16. I like Robertson too but I wouldn't put him in coverage to much. But he's a playmaker I would like to see him start. If that happens we would need to find replacement for him on ST or he will wear down towards the end of the season. Unless we find someone like him in free agency that can cover.
  17. I will tell you this I would trade for Rhodes in a heartbeat. Honestly, dude has been awesome since he can into the league and was great at FSU as well. Just not sure we have the capital to make it happen in players and or draft picks. Could you imagine? With him and Lattimore, we would have the best CB tandem in the league hands down. Just don't think it will happen he took up too much cap space and don't have enough of what the Vikings would want.
  18. Looks like Xaxier Rhodes could be on the trade market this offseason too. Vikings’ cap crunch could claim some recognizable names With a quarterback who signed a fully-guaranteed $84 million deal and plenty of other key players who are significantly well compensated, the Vikings may have some tough roster decisions to make, soon. Appearing on Wednesday’s PFT Live, Vikings radio voice Paul Allen speculated on some of the established players who could become former Vikings. Paul Allen mentioned players like defensive end Everson Griffen, linebacker Anthony Barr (who is due to become a free agent), and cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Yes, cornerback Xavier Rhodes. One of three first-round picks in 2013, Rhodes is due to receive a salary of $10,400, per-game roster bonuses of $437,500, and a workout bonus of $100,000. It adds up to a cap number of $13.3 million. Trading him would trigger dead cap space of $7.2 million, a net cap savings of $6.1 million and a cash savings of nearly $11 million. Rhodes could be deemed expendable given the presence of Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, Mike Hughes, and Holton Hill. All are much cheaper, and if Rhodes could be flipped for draft picks who could address areas of need (like offensive line), it could make sense to consider the move — if the Vikings can find a trade partner. Meanwhile, Paul Allen’s speculation got the attention of Rhodes. And it’s definitely news to him.
  19. I think Allen could get creative especially in obvious passing situations & possibly have Collins, Bell & Williams on the field all at the same time because of Collins versatility.
  20. At this point, if we bring him in do we sit Bell who is cheaper? I mean at this point it is smarter to keep Bell and let Collins go elsewhere. I thought Bell played much better as the year went on. As a non-LSU fan to me, it makes more sense to let him leave than spend our little cap space on replacing an up and coming player. JMO.
  21. Dude was a beast at FSU and played very well his rookie year in Buffalo. Saying all fo that major concerns about addiction, and he gained a lot of weight supposedly going into his 2nd year up there. I am curious how he pans out, and wouldn't mind pursuing if we lose Mark Ingram but it would have to be a heavy incentive contract. NFL reinstates Karlos Williams Posted by Michael David Smith on February 21, 2019, 9:59 AM EST Getty Images Former Bills running back Karlos Williams, who hasn’t played since his rookie year in 2015, has taken a big step toward getting back on the field. Williams has been conditionally reinstated by the NFL after serving a lengthy substance abuse suspension, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Typically a conditional reinstatement means a player will be able to sign with a team and play during the upcoming season as long as he meets certain conditions regarding substance abuse treatment. The 25-year-old Williams showed a lot of promise as a rookie, carrying the ball 93 times for 517 yards and seven touchdowns and adding 11 catches for 96 yards and two more touchdowns. But the Bills cut him during training camp the next year after he showed up out of shape, and although he briefly signed with the Steelers, he never got on the field for them amid repeated substance abuse problems. Given his success as a rookie, it won’t be surprising if some team decides to give him another chance. And if his addiction problems are behind him, it won’t be surprising if he becomes a contributor again.
  22. I don't think we do and for a couple of reasons. 1. He will want to start. 2. He will want starter money. 3. He cannot cover in man. 4. Craig Robertson is very close physically in run defense but plays ST's. Of any LB we are about to lose to free agency I would rather Robertson as he can play all 3 spots. Teo cannot play the Will position. So to me, you go after the ST's captain who can play any of the three positions in a pinch. With Teo, he wasn't even the top backup because he wasn't dressed for the half the games and was a healthy scratch. So to me, if he could not make the game day roster that should tell you about our interest in bringing him back. Not to mention he would probably prefer to start somewhere else. JMO.
  23. Do you guys think we bring T'eo back? If not who would be a suitable replacement? Bear in mind he's played his best ball since he's been here.
  24. You think we would talk to Apple first before going after Collins? Both have said they buried the hatchet but did they? I wouldn't mind seeing him in black and gold so long as they won't be at one another's throats. We don't need that kind of crap. But if they can co-exist together hell bring Collins in. Just wish we didn't have to go through the Coleman experiment. That was a waste of time and money.
  25. All we need is a fair shake for supremacy, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in black and gold.
  26. Almost time for Loomis to start Loomising.
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