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  3. I agree with everything you posted Brod...I think PK's actions (and make no mistake they are always self-serving, I still think he is a major a-hole) are strong evidence that Goodell has started to fall out of favor with some of the more powerful owners...because that is who PK serves...Goodell could shoot someone in public but if the owners still supported him PK would still lick his boots...OK PK rant over....
  4. That is insane. I think Babe Ruth's record is safe though
  5. It's going to be interesting to see how Mike Trout is handled. Trout's numbers are ridiculous & put Harper's to shame. You certainly don't need advanced metrics to understand how good Trout's career has been thus far. His career line of .307/.416/.571 with 234 HR and 188 steals in 1,053 games speaks loudly enough. But no metric highlights the absurdity of Trout's accomplishments better than Wins Above Replacement, which seeks to pack both the offensive and defensive value of a player into one number. Trout's elite hitting prowess and dynamic defense in center field has produced WAR at a pace that we've essentially never seen before. Trout currently sits at 63.4 career WAR. That is good for 6th among all active position players, which is completely insane. He sits comfortably ahead of multi-time All-Stars like Joe Mauer, Andrew McCutchen and Yadier Molina -- players with several more big league seasons under their belt. Trout will soon pass Ichiro, who has 59.4 WAR and is a surefire lock for Cooperstown. He has played in 1,598 fewer games than Ichiro, and when Ichiro made his Major League debut in April 2001, Trout was finishing up 5th grade. Again: Trout is about to catch him.
  6. I'm following a collusion topic on a FB group I belong too. teams are now using analytics and advanced metrics. Players want long term fully guaranteed deals,but the numbers say they are bad business decisions. He's a career .279 hitter and his War stat is 1.9
  7. He's a good player, but he's not $300 million good. What an arrogant RogerGoodell.
  8. I missed this. What an idiot!
  9. because he's stupid and greedy. He turned down a 10 year 300 million fully guaranteed extension to stay with the Nationals
  10. The last 2 SB's have suffered declining ratings. You can bet the owners have taken notice
  11. There is only so far having a fall guy will carry you before it's right off the ledge. Yes, they can point to Goodell as the bad guy, but everyone knows who hired him, who is keeping him employed, and when it begins to affect the bottom line, the owners will have to act. Once your bad guy becomes a bad, guy, then it's time to part ways.
  12. Man, Brown is putting all the Steelers business in the streets. I want no part of that circus.
  13. I would rather Cole Beasley or Humphries instead. They're team players that we could actually have a shot at getting.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hey I watched the WFL USFL NFL Europe XFL(one game) so yeah I watch it... It's football
  16. I went with Memphis because of all the LSU players.
  17. basically if we sign a FA for more money than bridgewater makes via FA, we get no compensatory picks
  18. I really hate to see a fellow diehard fan walk away especially a season ticket holder but I understand where you are coming from. Hopefully the changes we are about to witness are enough to win you back over down the road.
  19. AD now crawfishing & saying he is open to be traded to any team. Damage control at its finest. I said the Pels were winning the battle & the war. That is exactly what is happening. Pelicans have taken firm control of leverage in the AD trade sweepstakes this summer. The Knicks potential offer will be intriguing especially if their lottery pick turns out to be either #1 or #2. If you follow basketball, you've seen the monster that Zion Williamson is but if you have not viewed much of Ja Morant please do. That kid is electric & I'm very excited about possibly having the opportunity to draft either Williamson or Morant. With that said, I really want the young alpha male I've already seen step up in big moments. Let me just add Ja Morant highlights for those who may not seen this kid yet.
  20. I truly believe that those guys & gal are putting the wheels in motion to elect a new commissioner once Goodell's contract is up or to open up an opportunity to fire him if he makes another serious blunder.
  21. Ferry will do for the time being but he has "baggage" which will keep him from getting the job full time. As a franchise that is trying to do a complete imagine transformation, you cannot hire/promote Ferry as your full time GM. Reason being, Mrs. Benson is out to change the perception of the Pelicans franchise. Remember when the Saints were viewed not be a place to sign by free agents? That's how the Pelicans are viewed amongst NBA players. It has nothing to do with the city of New Orleans itself but the perception of how the organization operated. This is why Mrs. B is dead set on a total restructure of basketball operations as well as why she is looking to bring in individuals who are viewed as being the best in business. She wants the Pelicans front office to be viewed by players & other franchises in the same light as the Saints in the NFL. That leak to media where it was stated that ownership places the Saints above the Pelicans in terms of focus & funding, really lit a fire under her. She is truly focused on completely changing the overall image of the New Orleans Pelicans.
  22. Like them or not, Jones and Kraft have a lot of influence. Benson did too when he was alive. Jones and Kraft were once strong supporters of Goodell,but those relationships got strained after deflate gate and the Ezekiel Elliot suspension. You can bet the farm, benson didn't like the way he handled bountygate either.
  23. I do agree that some owners may be even half do not like him, but I don't know if they have enough of them or the right ones against him yet. JMO. I think you will need two-third to three-quarters of the owners ready to move on from him for it to happen. Especially with his current contract. Problem is none of us know what is needed to remove him from the position. I think you are at least another year or two, Better yet another team or two being screwed away from him being removed.
  24. I would like that, but that would mean theoretically we would not be able to add any key pieces in free agency. That is not our MO. I have too heard a 4th rounder, but no one knows for sure how they pass them out.
  25. I wouldn't want Silver either. He has a mess on his hands in the NBA concerning max contracts & small market teams. Those max deals were put in place to help small market teams keep super star players but it's doing just the opposite. Players are leaving 10s of millions of dollars on the table in hopes of bolting for larger markets. This has to stop & Silver must correct it with the next CBA. MLB has a current issue as well. You have teams not willing to sign top free agents because organizations don't want to dish out the long term deals anymore. How in the hell is a player the caliber of Bryce Harper still a free agent with spring training now beginning? Back to the Adam Silver article though. There is a reason I posted it. I feel there are a group of owners who had this information leaked. It's because behind the scenes there are a group of owners who have become frustrated & embarrassed by Goodell's handling of situations. This was done to let Goodell know that several owners aren't happy & that he can be replaced. We all know our ownership doesn't approve of him. Robert Kraft & Jerry Jones have voiced displeasure with Goodell. I very well understand that Goodell's job is to do the bidding of the owners but at the same time, he is given leeway to make some decisions concerning the league on his own & I believe that's where this disdain for him amongst some owners has risen from. I posted an article by Peter King in the Story has legs thread where King talks about Goodell refusing to take advice from his own PR team & how that frustrates the people around him. Here's the quote. I think we should start at silence … silence from the NFL, and from commissioner Roger Goodell, and (mostly) from vice president for officiating Al Riveron. It is disconcerting that Goodell, who entered the league as a PR intern three-and-a-half decades ago, has been so weak-kneed in hiding from the onslaught of this controversy. It started with an obvious pass interference infraction that went uncalled in the Superdome eight days ago, advanced to the chambers of the U.S. Senate on Friday, and will dog Goodell till he acknowledges the momentous error, presumably at his state-of-the-league press conference Wednesday. Goodell has a new high-powered PR team around him, but he’s never been one to take much advice in how to respond to public crises. That frustrated some of his now departed PR appointees, who found that he listened to their advice but usually did what he wanted regardless. But what seems so tone-deaf and arrogant about ignoring the no-call in New Orleans is … well, let me enumerate: King maybe the most connected & informed writer out there when it comes to inner workings of the league office especially when it comes to Roger Goodell so what he says has meaning. For him to refer to Goodell as deaf tone & arrogant should be eye opening to everyone. This is/was Goodell's go to media puppet. Probably not anymore since Goodell is a petty, insecure snob. King spend the entire 2 weeks leading up to Super Bowl bashing Roger in every article & interview he did. Now you have this Adam Silver article that gets put out 2 weeks after the Super Bowl for a reason. This was a strategic shot at Goodell by a group of owners. People with money, power & influence use the media put out information they want public to know. This was a chess move.
  26. He had said in an interview that he had contemplated coming back, but that once the Saints moved on from the previous staff he would not. I'm sorry but if you have a chance to add a premier young ST's coach you take it especially when your best coach may not be back. I feel the NFL will get away from Kickoffs in a year or two and the big thing will then be FG's, and the punting game. I like the hire thought by many to be one of the best ST's coordinators in football. You grab him while you can. We need to improve the return game.
  27. Jim/Brod What's your views on interem GM Danny Ferry?
  28. I wouldn't want Silver. LeBron James is the defacto commissioner
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