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  2. I love his breakdowns.
  3. I'm not saying we have to add anyone, but I believe Dez is still rehabbing, and it has been mentioned October is when he expects to be ready to sign. That is my reason for thinking he has not been signed or brought in for a workout yet.
  4. I must admit that as I watched the Falcons play the Rams, I was wondering how they both could lose. With Cam Newton not playing, the Rams have moved up on my most despise list.
  5. Dez is a nice thought, but you have to think there is a reason no other team has picked him up. Green is probably the only worthwhile receiver left, and I’m sure he’ll come at a high price.
  6. I just finished the game. They started out great. I think they were up 11 early. Too many bad shots. Young team. Hopefully they will learn.
  7. This about sums it up.
  8. Pels let it slip away in OT.
  9. Headed to OT!
  10. Game is the first one of TNT’s opening night doubleheader. Pels are holding their own without Zion.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Emmanuel Saunders to the 49ers.
  13. Yeah, but we already don't have a second next year. So you have to ask who could we trade for maybe Emmanuel Sanders for a 3rd? If that is a no go, and Eli Apple is fine I say we sign Dez, because outside of WR2 who could be traded for that would make an impact. Realistically once we come out of the bye I think we will see a much healthier team. Payton made it sound like we were going to bring Kirkwood off of IR in the second half of the season. Brees, Kamara, Smith, Kirkwood, PJ Williams, P-Rob, Apple (depending on injury). I feel we will be ok without going after anyone. I truly think this is the deepest team in the NFL. The Patriots needed to add a WR, because they have no TE weapon and no depth at WR.
  14. Pats Trade a no 2 for Falcons’ Sanu. so really good teams always are looking to improve...
  15. I think Kushner reported yesterday that it was the same knee that he injured last year at Duke in the the shoe blowout game. Not sure if that is the same knee from summer league.
  16. Final Trailer out for Rise of Skywalker... love the shot w/ all of the ships...
  17. There it is! One of the main reasons I made the post.
  18. I really get the feeling we entertain the idea of Dez Bryant again. Especially once the bye comes around. We do need a number two and being down our original number 3 and number 4 WR's in Smith and Kirkwood for all but 2 games has hurt us.
  19. This team needs a #2 behind MT badly, especially since we're in desperate 'win now' mode... Loomis could make something happen if need be... Kiko Alonso had a pretty terrible rep before getting here and he's been a great teammate since getting here... Green I think would buy into this locker room in a heartbeat, especially coming to a contender... just my 2 pesos...
  20. Man, this sucks... I wonder if it's the same knee he hurt in summer league...
  21. Ginn May be hot and cold, but he is vital to the success of our offense.
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