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  2. Key is 6'6" and 265 pounds: Freeney was like 6'1" and 266 pounds, so he was more "compact" than Key is. Freeney's combine stats before he put on his "NFL weight": Player Info First Name: Dwight Last Name: Freeney Nickname: Position: DE College: Syracuse Draft Class: 2002 Draft Age: 22.2 Player Dimensions Height: 72.90 inches Weight: 266 pounds BMI: 36.04 Arm Length: 32.13 inches Hand Size: 10.00 inches Front Shoulder: (N/A) inches Back Shoulder: (N/A) inches
  3. Of the last 5 WRs who were franchise tagged, 4 of them were traded. Fins are going to deal him, but I doubt they sniff a first. Someone is going to pay Jarvis big time, and that will temper the compensation the Dolphins will receive. Also, compensatory picks are out.. You guys know what we got already, but here's the link.
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  5. Statistically Speaking: Saints defense took giant leap forward, but still room for improvement BY JOEL A. ERICKSON | JERICKSON@THEADVOCATE.COM FEB 23, 2018 Facebook Twitter Email New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (94) celebrates a sack of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) in the second half of an NFL Wild Card Playoff game in New Orleans, La. Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018. Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON Facebook Twitter Email Print Sav Joel Erickson The New Orleans Saints defense is finally out of the cellar. Sparked by a young, big-play secondary and led by Dennis Allen's aggressive, attacking scheme, the Saints made big strides against the pass, making life so difficult on opposing passers that New Orleans ranked seventh in the NFL in passer rating allowed, the team's highest finish in that important statistic since the 2009 Super Bowl run. And led by Cameron Jordan's All-Pro season, the Saints put quarterbacks on their backs over and over again. There are places the Saints can improve, though. For example, New Orleans took a step back against the run, dropping from 15th in the league in yards per carry allowed all the way to 28th. New Orleans also struggled to get off the field on third down, finishing 27th in the NFL, a statistic that's awfully tough to square with their otherwise stellar performance against the pass. SCORING 2013: 4th, 19.0 points per game 2014: 28th, 26.5 ppg 2015: 32nd, 29.8 ppg 2016: 31st, 28.4 ppg 2017: 10th, 20.4 ppg TOTAL YARDS 2013: 4th, 305.7 yards per game 2014: 31st, 384.0 ypg 2015: 31st, 413.4 ypg 2016: 27th, 375.4 ypg 2017: 17th, 336.4 ypg YARDS PER PLAY 2013: 10th, 5.19 yards per play 2014: 31st, 6.01 ypp 2015: 32nd, 6.64 ypp 2016: 30th, 5.96 ypp 2017: 22nd, 5.37 ypp RUSHING YARDS 2013: 19th, 111.6 yards per game 2014: 29th, 132.8 ypg 2015: 31st, 129.4 ypg 2016: 14th, 101.6 ypg 2017: 16th, 111.7 ypg YARDS PER CARRY 2013: 28th, 4.61 yards per carry 2014: 31st, 4.81 ypc 2015: 32nd, 4.92 ypc 2016: 15th, 4.11 ypc 2017: 28th, 4.4 ypc RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS 2013: t-11th, 11 2014: t-28th, 17 2015: t-20th, 12 2016: t-28th, 19 2017: t-13th, 11 PASSING YARDS 2013: 2nd, 194.1 yards per game 2014: 25th, 251.2 ypg 2015: 31st, 284.0 ypg 2016: 32nd, 273.8 ypg 2017: 15th, 224.8 ypg COMPLETION PERCENTAGE 2013: t-15th, 60.0 percent 2014: 15th, 62.5 percent 2015: 31st, 68.4 percent 2016: t-26th, 64.9 percent 2017: 9th, 59.4 percent YARDS PER ATTEMPT 2013: 9th, 6.12 yards per attempt 2014: 27th, 7.36 ypa 2015: 32nd, 8.35 ypa 2016: 30th, 7.53 ypa 2017: 18th, 7.0 ypa PASSING TOUCHDOWNS 2013: 6th, 20 2014: t-17th, 26 2015: 32nd, 45 (NFL record) 2016: t-20th, 27 2017: t-12th, 22 INTERCEPTIONS 2013: 22nd, 2.37 percent of attempts, 12 overall 2014: 23rd, 2.20 percent of attempts, 12 overall 2015: 27th, 1.65 percent of attempts, 9 overall 2016: 27th, 1.55 percent of attempts, 9 overall 2017: 3rd, 3.61 percent of attempts, 20 overall QUARTERBACK RATING 2013: 14th, 83.6 rating 2014: 24th, 92.9 rating 2015: 32nd, 116.2 rating (NFL record) 2016: 29th, 98.1 rating 2017: 7th, 79.0 rating SACKS 2013: 4th, 9.66 percent of attempts, 49 overall 2014: 23rd, 6.23 percent of attempts, 34 overall 2015: 27th, 5.70 percent of attempts, 31 overall 2016: 27th, 5.15 percent of attempts, 30 overall 2017: 8th, 7.58 percent of attempts, 42 overall FIRST DOWNS 2013: 1st, 17.1 first downs per game 2014: 28th, 21.6 first downs per game 2015: 32nd, 23.8 first downs per game 2016: t-27th, 22.1 first downs per game 2017: 15th, 19.3 first downs per game THIRD-DOWN CONVERSIONS 2013: 9th, 34.67 percent 2014: 31st, 46.05 percent 2015: 22nd, 40.34 percent 2016: 28th, 43.30 percent 2017: 27th, 41.04 percent RED-ZONE PERCENTAGE 2013: 18th, 56.52 percent 2014: 30th, 62.75 percent 2015: 32nd, 67.69 percent 2016: 23rd, 57.14 percent 2017: 14th, 52.08 percent TURNOVERS FORCED 2013: 29th, 19 (12 interceptions, 7 fumbles recovered) 2014: 28th, 17 (12 interceptions, 5 fumbles recovered) 2015: t-18th, 22 (9 interceptions, 13 fumbles recovered) 2016: t-17th, 21 (9 interceptions, 12 fumbles recovered) 2017: t-9th, 25 (20 interceptions, 5 fumbles recovered)
  6. Just watched USC game. He got killed on double teams in the run game. If he does not beat you at the snap he will not win in run game. Saying that he has great hands when rushing the passer, and never quits. He made several plays in the run and pass off quickness and his hands. Also he QB Spied Sam Darnold a couple fo times in the second half of that game. Not great at it, but still quicker in space than I would have thought he was. He does lay a wallop when he hits you. There is no hey I am gonna wrestle you down. He lays the wood on RB and QB alike. He only played second half against Michigan State, and saw a lot of running plays as they had a 21-3 lead to start the second half. He got mauled again as State usually has bigger lineman and run a more pro style offense. Made a couple of nice plays. Again though he won't play DT in the NFL, just gets man handled when they get to him much like a C/G combo block would maul any NFL LB. Curious to see how he runs, and how he performs at the combine. He had 21 1/2 career sacks at Washington State. I want to see his bend and spin move at the combine.
  7. Ok hadn't heard of this guy, and he played DT. But that first step is gonna make this dude a day 1 or day two pick to play on the edge. Wow! Going back to watch game tapes. He is small at 6'2 around 250 to play DT in the NFL, but man if he has any bend with that first step he could make any tackle look silly.
  8. Nick Underhill's take... Saints blueprint: From Brees to Breaux, these offseason moves can improve team BY NICK UNDERHILL | NUNDERHILL@THEADVOCATE.COM FEB 23, 2018 NFC head coach Sean Payton is seen during Pro Bowl NFL football practice, Friday, Jan. 26, 2018, in Kissimmee, Fla. (AP Photo/Aaron M. Sprecher) Aaron M. Sprecher The internal gaze is now shifting outward. The last month has been a period of self-evaluation, spent figuring out what pieces fit, which ones do not and what is missing. Now, with the scouting combine on the horizon, the Saints and the rest of league will start putting together a plan on how to address needs. New Orleans doesn't have a lot of work to do. After finishing 11-5 and making the playoffs, the team has a good, young core that should continue to get better and keep the organization competitive. Outside of retaining quarterback Drew Brees, who could become a free agent on March 14, there isn't anything the team has to do. There are, however, a lot of areas where the Saints could stand to get better. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the things we would do if we were in control of the organization Find someone who can cover tight ends New Orleans is going to have to figure out how to defend against tight ends next season if Vaccaro hits the road. The defense was surprisingly capable in this regard last season, ranking first in the NFL with 577 yards receiving allowed to tight ends last season. Vaccaro, who typically matches up with the league's better offerings at the position, was a catalyst to success. If he departs, there isn't another obvious option to fulfill the role. This hasn't been something Vonn Bell has often been asked to do, and there isn't a clear answer at linebacker, though it's possible Alex Anzalone could be an option. New Orleans could sign another player who could handle it or become more scheme dependent on how it pairs up against tight ends. Another possibility, and it might admittedly be a stretch, is to have Delvin Breaux match up with players like Greg Olsen or Zach Ertz, assuming the cornerback sticks around Add an offensive weapon The Saints believed their offense was potent enough last offseason that they traded away wide receiver Brandin Cooks with the belief he could be replaced by the cheaper Ted Ginn Jr. and the attrition would be minimal. In some respects, they were correct. Ginn did well enough as a Cooks replacement, and the offense remained explosive with the help of running backs Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. But it wasn't as explosive as it could have been due to the ineffective season Willie Snead endured. The third-down offense was as bad as it has ever been under Sean Payton, and it was clear something was missing. That piece could be a tight end. It could be another wide receiver. What was clear is the offense needs another playmaker who can work over the middle and run intermediate routes. The answer could be Snead or maybe even Austin Carr. However, it might not hurt to bring in an external option either through the draft or via trade. It might be out of reach now that he was given the franchise tag, and it takes two parties to consummate a deal, but we've been led to believe Miami wide receiver Jarvis Landry would have liked to return home if he reached free agency. Re-sign Drew Brees This one almost feels like a formality at this point. All signs point to the team getting a deal done, and the ball should get rolling next week at the combine. Hopefully, New Orleans finds a way to make that happen without adding too much to the $18 million in dead money that is set to hit the books now. Even better if it finds a way to eat some of that cost now. Tender Snead and Breaux Two years ago, it looked like Snead and Breaux were going to be pillars of this organization for the foreseeable future. The picture has changed drastically. Snead couldn't get involved in the offense last season, and Breaux missed another season due to injuries. Both players could reach free agency if they are not tendered by the Saints. And while neither played a large part in getting New Orleans back to the playoffs last season, they possess too much talent just to give them away. The Saints should offer tenders to both players and figure out if they can return to form before pulling the plug. It wouldn't cost much, and the upside outweighs the risk of burning a few dollars. Add a slot cornerback The other byproduct of potentially losing Vaccaro is that the team will need to figure out how to defend in the slot. P.J. Williams did a good enough job at the position, but there's a reason Vaccaro played ahead of him in that role last season. As a whole, the Saints surrendered 94 catches on 134 targets for 1,283 yards to slot receivers. The secondary was good last season, perhaps even the strength of the defense, but this is one area where it could continue to seek improvement. Clear out some cap space The Saints are still waiting to find out what will happen with Fairley. That move could give the team a little bit of wiggle room with how it wants to approach the offseason. There are some other cost-cutting moves, including the contract of Coby Fleener. A large portion of his salary became guaranteed last month, but that might not put him in the clear. It's hard to imagine the Saints are comfortable having him count $8 million against the salary cap given his production the last two seasons. Thomas Morstead is entering the final year of his contract, and if he remains part of the team's long-term plans, it would make sense to sign him to an extension to lower his cap hit of $4.85 million. His cap figure is currently the highest in the NFL for 2018 by more than $1 million. If offensive tackle Zach Strief retires it would clear another $2.75 million from the books. However, the Saints would likely welcome him back at his figure of $3.875 million. Other areas to address - Pass rusher will remain on this list until someone who can complement Cam Jordan is found. Alex Okafor looked like an answer, but he suffered a torn Achilles and is now a free agent. This one should be higher on the list, but it's a known need that doesn't require much explanation. - New Orleans could continue to look for playmakers at linebacker. The group was better last season, but there's room for improvement. - Tyeler Davison has done well at nose tackle, but the run defense was quietly an issue last season, and some competition would be welcome at that spot. - Finding a more consistent punt returner wouldn't hurt. - The Saints could use some help on the offensive line if Senio Kelemete signs elsewhere and Strief retires. Even if only one those things happen, depth still might be an issue. - New Orleans could use some more depth at safety if it plans to run three-safety sets next season.
  9. Nothing serious expected to be fully recovered in 4-6 weeks. Wonder if he hurt during the season or after? Cameron Jordan has foot surgery Posted by Darin Gantt on February 23, 2018, 3:04 PM EST Getty Images Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan was healthy enough to play in the Pro Bowl, and to ride on a Mardi Gras float during Mardi Gras, but now he’s taking a load off. According to Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Jordan recently underwent what was termed minor surgery on his left foot. He’s reportedly in a walking boot and using a scooter, but is expected to recover in four to six weeks. That’s plenty of time to be ready for all the Saints offseason program, so it shouldn’t have any lasting effects (as long as it was a successful surgery, which they all are). Jordan didn’t have any foot problems during the season, and had his best season (13.0 sacks), as the Saints defense improved enough to help them to a playoff run. Share this:
  10. Also whodainjoburg, welcome and great first post!
  11. Ok I have waited to add my beliefs on the off season -Kenny Vacarro: I truly believe he walks. Yes he was a good player, but he will more than likely command more money than he is worth to us on the open market. He was great in run support, but the money we would invest in him would be better spent on a LB. When it comes to his replacement I think if we use the money we would have spent on hum in a LB there is no need to go after another safety. The only reason we ran 3 safety sets was due to lack of LB coverage, and lack of CB depth. -Alex Okafor: I agree we resign Okafor, worse case scenario he is a backup plan who has to start the season on the PUP list. Not a bad idea to bring back a guy who was having a career year. Stating that I do believe we address rusher in free agency again with a mid tier guy. Okafor was constantly injured, and cannot be the only answer. -George Johnson, Micheal Mauti, Gerald Hodges, and Josh Leribues: I like the idea of bringing all 4 back. Not sure Mauti, Hidges, or George Johsnon make the final 53 but never hurts to have competition in camp. I think Leribus will be our 6th lineman. I do not think we will be able to afford to keep Kelmente, but I also think we had some guys like Tom Cameron, and John Fullington may end up replacing Kelemente. The saints went out of their way to sign them to the active roster during the season because other teams tried poach them off the PS. I think Snead, Coleman, Breaux, and Parry all receive the lowest tender offer sheets. I also believe we look to trade Snead this off season. I could see a team like Chicago who is starving for WR and familiar with him (Ryan Pace) making a call to see if he is available. JMO. I think all will stay as no one is out to pry any of them away. Not to mention if they tried like Chicago did a couple of years ago with Josh hill we would just match the offer sheet. I think Zach Line, Kuhn, and another FB area ll signed and battle for one maybe 2 positions going into the season. Bennie Logan: I like him a lot, but he would not produce the numbers we were hoping from Fairley. If the team signs him planning to use him as a run stuffer I am all for bringing him in. Connor Barwin: I liked him a couple fo years ago, but with being 32 this year he is on the back end of his career. He could be a situational rusher, but he is a true 3-4 OLB. He is a lot like Kikaha he wins on effort could see him as a productive situational rusher. Aaron Lynch: I have seen articles linking him to us and I believe the concern was his weight went throught the roof last off season. I would be concerend about adding a guy who had to play his way back into shape in a contract year. Screams to much of a Charles Grant type. Luke Jockel: He washed out at Jacksonville for a reason, and the only team that pursued him was Seattle who had a horrible line if they let him leave everyone else should see that as a sign. Moncrief: I like the idea of him, and expect us to bring in a couple of veteran receivers and let them all battle it out from Snead, TLL, Austin Carr, Coleman, etc. The only 2 guys set in stone in my book are Ginn and MT. Dolphins (MT): I am not opposed to us bringing in a replacement for Bush, but Chris Banjo has played lights out on ST's the last two years I am for him coming back too. WE do need a depth player who plays safety not just ST players. I would not mind adding players we at least entertain as follows: TE: Julius Thomas, Gary Barnidge, Trey Burton,Austin Seferian Jenkins, Richard Rogers, WR: Sammy Watkins (extreme talent), Jordan Matthews, Cody Latimer, Brice Butler, Moncrief, Taylor Gabriel Eric Decker. The only one that may cost too much would be Watkins. The rest should be chepaer players who would make a good slot receiver or number two. Now these are all younger guys, and I was really high on Matthews coming out of Vandy, and would like to see him work with Brees. DE: Tank Carridene, Marcus Smith, maybe someone else I am overlooking. Carridene was a physical freak at FSU who was asked to play 3-4 DE which I think he was playing out of position. He tore his knee and had to basically red shirt his rookie year than they changed the defense on him. If he comes cheap he could be a steal. DT: Logan, Star Lotuleli, and maybe someone else I'm overlooking. Both are more run stuffer than pass rushers on the inside. LB: Zack Brown ($$$$), Preston Brown, Anthony Hitchens, Marquis Flowers, Nigel Bradham (if he hits free agency) CB: Aaron Colvin ($$$), Seth Joyner-both nickel players, Davon House, Morris Claiborne, Baushad Breeland, Kyle Fuller, Vontae Davis, Malcolm Butler Now obviously we would not sign all, but those are guys I would target. No guarantee the Saints will, or they player would even come in for a visit before signing elsewhere, or be out of our price range. Right now I don't want to touch the draft. Too many things to unfold in free agency, not to mention seeing which QB's land where, and which other free agents decide to sign where impact drafting. I expect the Saints to go BPA as they should, but I don't expect every team to do that namely Cleveland, Cincinnati, NYG, and more.
  12. Got an alert haven't seen elsewhere yet. Will add link when I see one. Good player with a bad head, glad we didn't jump on that. EDIT:
  13. 1. im a 150% positive this will happen, im not even considering it not happening, another thing to consider besides the money is his family is settled here, i cant really see him uprooting his family for a year or two just so he can make 5 million more. He doesnt really need the money. hes also 40 years old its so easy to uproot yourself at that age.. 2. Even if hes not ready to go right away hes worth keeping around on ir to return. He was a really important piece of the d 3. Mike Detellier was the first i saw mention him for the saints a few months ago. And hes been picking up major steam in scouting circles. The expectation is for him to tear up combine and hes viewed as a true 3 down backer. hes also drawing comparisons to Brian Urlacher... 4. agree, although hes probably a better blocker than Jimmy G ever was 5. Not so sure. hes elite in run support, and has some pass rushing skills. Reminds of a watered down version of Cam
  14. Love the Moncreif free agency pick. I think there's enough veteran WR talent out there to avoid burning a no. 1 on Kirk or other R1 graded WRs. So we should be able to absorb loss of Snead and/or Coleman with a FA and maybe a late flyer in the draft. I'd love us to lock up Vaccaro because it will be expensive (in salary or draft pick terms) to replace him. But I understand you just can't keep everyone. I would not be surprised to see him thrive elsewhere, like Jenkins, which would be a big shame. Our run D relied on him to paper over the cracks. Love the idea of upgrading at TE, maybe even a vet and a high draft pick. Imagine the offensive possibilities. Won't go much further at this point. Good post, and interesting to discuss the offseason in general, not solely FA or draft.
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  16. It's always nice to have international fans chime in. We enjoy posters from all around the world and it's nice to add another knowledged one to our Who Dat base.
  17. WR tag numbers from last year which this year should go up as almost all years do was 15.682 million dollars. He will be paid 16 million per the tag this year. Brees, Graham, and many other said there is no way I take less than what the tag amount is this year. Now teams find a way to trick the system with signing bonuses, etc. But I expect him if he signs a long term deal to average around 16 mill a year. Now it may be something bogus like a 5 year 80 million dollar deal with 35 mill over the last two years that are only guaranteed for injury with a 15 million dollar signing bonus. I wouldn't agree to less if I was him, and I don't think his agent would advise otherwise. Unless he wants to stay in Miami, or wants to go to a competitive team. Both things none of us know.
  18. Sorry, this isn't true. The ceiling is set by the tag number. There's no way the negotiation gets Landry 16 million per year and better. The Dolphins already have him, guaranteed, nothing he can do about it, for 16 million. A long term deal will be for less per year. The franchise tag is a one year stop gap that gives the player no long term security, but does give him a one time fat payout. The agent looks at the current players at the position that are in the same production / skill level category. They look at what the most recent contract was for, dollars per year and guaranteed dollars. Then they look at how much the salary cap has increased since that recent contract and try to negotiate for a bit higher dollar per year and a bit high guaranteed money because the salary cap has risen since that last contract.
  19. TE Julius Thomas is going to be cut by the Dolphins. At one point he was a premier TE in this league granted it was a short time. He is only 29, is he worth a flier to see if he can fill the void left by Graham and Watson?
  20. That is a very good point. Even Dion Jordan was light, and didn't produce. Bruce Irvin, and Von Miller are the only litter players I saw make it work, and they both play LB and DE. They were both just under 250, and played in 4-3 defenses coming out.
  21. I agree Dru a true number 2 WR is a necessity moving forward. Even if they are a 2 (A) to Ginn we need someone to have about 40+ receptions not named Ginn, Kamara, or Ingram.
  22. I don't see Landry going to Cleveland. I truly think he wants to be a on a good team. If he wants out of Miami (which I am not sold he does) why would he go to a lesser team. I mean Miami is going to have to start around 16 mill a year in salary due to the tag they placed on him. I know from Brees previous deals, and Graham when he was tagged. The agent always starts the yearly average based on the tag number. BTW Gordon is a exclusive rights free agent which means he has to sign for league minimum if Cleveland offers it to him. I'm not sold Jackson or Dorsey want him honestly. The tender will tell us. I could see Gordon in Dallas knowing Jerry and his ego. They are looking for some one to compliment Dez.
  23. Really, I don't see that at all. Freeney was 270lbs a prototypical sized DE...Key will struggle to maintain his speed and quickness at 250. To me there is really no comparison. I thought the same thing about Bark Mingo...I don't see Key making much of an impact in the NFL but I've been wrong before....
  24. Nice Free agent list! I have a couple questions - shooting these out to anyone. 1. What about Bree-zez contract? I am 90% sure he will stay with the team, but would we have enough cap room to sign all those guys? 2. Do y'all think that Okafor will be ready to go by the start of the season? I like his play, but that was a serious injury that happened late in the year. I do not see him playing in '18... at least in the front-half of the season. 3. Is Vander Esch that good? I was high on him early on, but the more I see, the less I was impressed. (but what do I know) 4. Dallas Goedert is intriguing, but he is just a big receiver - he was not asked to block much. He has great hands and knows how to sit down in zone coverage. 5. Sam Hubbard I am leary of just because (in my eyes) he is a product of having good talent around him.
  25. That is complete BS. The IOC needs to take a hard line stance on the "switching countries" thing. If you do not have citizenship, you cannot compete for a country. Period. International soccer does this the right way. If a person has dual citizenship (say America and Germany), they can play for either team. But, as soon as that person makes any international appearance for one, they are the LOCKED to that country and cannot in the future decide to go play for the other.
  26. Eric Reid? Eric Reid is a free safety and I admit a good one but the Saints already have one of them. Remember Marcus Williams, he's a good one too.
  27. Theyre two draftable players who i think will give great value at their draft position. They're both invited to the combine, so that says something also. Parry Nickerson was mentioned as a good fit for the saints by Mike Detellier, so thats a pretty good source. And Ade Aruna has prototypical size which is a trait Payton is very into.
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