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  2. Chiefs all the way.
  3. I've enjoyed the current streak even though I haven't seen much of it. I am excited about tomorrow's game. DVR is already set to record it. And while this streak is nice, I'm not convinced he's the right coach long term either. I'm happy to see the team playing well.
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  5. This dude really needs some psych help ASAP...
  6. I'm 100% behind the Chiefs. Mahomes is the truth, I like Reid, but I honestly want Honey Badger to get his ring the most... It should be a great game IMO...
  7. The final selections have been chosen and in over a week we get the final game of the season. We all wish we were in that number and for many reasons we're not. The 2 teams are very good and I honestly would like to see the Chiefs win. Mahomes is the real deal and we can all see why Payton wanted him, Reid wanted him more. Patrick replacing Brees would have been our Young to Montana continuity, it would have been amazing to watch instead we get to watch him play. I'm kinda glad we're not facing him and that team, they are very good across the board and I'd be very nervous facing him in the Superbowl and I would not feel good about winning. I'd believe we'd do well but the kid just seems to have 'it' and 'it' is ungaugable with a talent who can run, think, perform the QB tasks with all the right touches must less his escapism. He's going to be a nightmare for the 9ers. SF will hold their own but Patrick has his entire team believing, he's faced deficits that would have crushed teams and stormed back time and time again. IMO, it's KC's year and I can't crown em yet, but it's going to be an entertaining game regardless, there is no way I could ever pull for the 9ers and I live in the bay and married into a 49er family across the Bay just on the other side of the Golden Gate. I went to a Barcelona game at their new stadium. It's one of the dumbest stadiums I've ever been to. Well, overpriced crappy food and overpriced drinks to then go sit directly in the sun for houuuuuuuurs. No shade, no cover, just a terrible design, and no parking, literal dusty shell lots that become sand storms upon exit. Just brilliant. Tinfoil hat fun-time discussion with a few Bay Area locals that brought this up to me, I didn't play in it but thought it an interesting listening to : The NFL also has it's a finger in this IMO, they know the Raidahs are now history in Oakland and the 49ers were dangling with no one going to the games. Then coincidentally this year bam, they're relevant and the locals break out their red jerseys again and voila the Bay suddenly cares that their local team is viable again and pays for tickets to the games after being a laughing stock for years with lots of empty seats. A new stadium, other divisional team gone, NFL interest dropping and voila 49ers in the super bowl! We know L.A. is going the way of the flop and the NFL has to do some lifting in a market to make it viable. Some of the locals are skeptical?!? Some are, I personally see a very good 9er team that went toe to toe with us and eeked out a W and a high scoring affair. Interesting thought and concept but too tin foil hatty for my liking but thought would pass along since there is little to no discussions going on and some of you might find it entertaining. I feel bad for my Raider fans, they are in major mourning and there is no coming back now. Family generations are not pleased with the LV locale and some of them will forever bleed their silver and black but others are moving on and not to the 9ers or any team for that matter. It's painful to see as it hits close to home for the many years of Saints uncertainty that we witnessed for way too long. It is what it is. Geaux Chiefs!
  8. No team wants the pels come playoff time. This youth is going to run teams out of the gym
  9. I was right there with you, calling for Gentry's head. And in the back of my mind I'm concerned that he's still not the right coach for us long term. But there's no arguing with the current streak. He's got them playing solid basketball. And Zion will be back tomorrow night!
  10. Maybe it's a good thing they didn't take my advice about firing Gentry during that long losing streak. 11-5 since that losing streak is pretty good.
  11. Last week
  12. Vinkovich was the ref and didn't make the no call. The real blames lies on the side judge. He over ruled the back judge who was about to throw a flag
  13. I still don't think the NFL is involved in rigging games because the little bit they would gain would be too small in comparison to what they have to lose. However, I have no doubt there was an integrity issue with the two refs looking at that play. My "conspiracy theory" is the league was worried how much they would have to lose if they found out there was an issue with the refs so they made a conscientious decision to make it seem like a human mistake and let it get swept under. Doing something like this just reiterates to everyone that they "believe" it was a human mistake which they hope makes people forget about it sooner. Biggest disgrace of the NFL since burying Ray Lewis' involvement in a murder.
  14. Other teams deal with it and I have faith that Coach O will handle this too. Yes Brady brought in new plays, but it was Coach O that was seeking a Spread Off w/ RPO. Steve Ensminger studying, learned, slept at the office most of the year to master this offense. He called the plays and he is the Offensive Coord. No knock against Brady, but because of what he brought to LSU, it will be easier to keep it going. Aranda is a top DC and he will be harder to replace, but LSU is a very attractive job. They pay great, they recruit top talent and play against the best. Coach O has proved he has a vision and knows how to get it. He has a wealth of experience and a wealth of NFL/College coaching connections. He has also proved that if he makes a mistake, he'll fix it asap. QB is a different story. They don't make a lot of Burrow's. But I believe we're in a really good position. Brennan has the talent and the tools, plus he's been an active part of the team this year. Behind him is talent and two highly ranked freshman coming in. And if they don't feel Brennan is ready, I have no doubt they would hit the transfers. Another 15-0 is not likely, but I feel good about the future!
  15. I fully believe that Drew will continue to play until Brady retires first. He is too much of a competitor.
  16. Brees can play another 3-4 years on a high level? That wishful thinking. Age is catching up rapidly, I believe him, if he says he feels good enough to play another 3-4 years, but I think, if he can have 1 more seaon (full 16 games) on a high level, thta would be huge. 2 or more seasons is just science fiction.
  17. Was the ref named Bill Vinovich?
  18. I'll bet he said, "it was a turrible, turrible call"
  19. SB 44 was the most watched SB at the time despite New orleans and Indianapolis being two of the NFL's smallest markets. I have my problems with the NFL,but unlike the NBA,and MLB, they don't need major markets to garner ratings
  20. Altuve in a video in the article is telling his teammates not to take his jersey off and his holding it tight. Mike Clevinger has strong words for Houston Astros players as Internet loses its mind over latest cheating allegations Updated Jan 16, 2020;Posted Jan 16, 2020
  21. From what I heard they videoed the competition from cameras out in the center field the signals of the catcher, and had the video being shown on tv the dugout could see. It was reported that the team was coughing or hitting trash cans so the batter would know the pitch. Lastest yesterday is that the players wore devices on their body and would get a vibration from the device on when to swing and supposedly there is photographic evidence of said device on a player after a home run. Personally I think the Title should be removed and all players involved who had devices should be banned. At this point, it is getting worse almost daily.
  22. Dang dude that is a tear-jerker, and I didn't know of her or anyone at LSU. I am even more glad they won it all now.
  23. I am curious to see how the offense does with so many players leaving, the play-caller should till be the same. As I understand it Joe did not call the plays.
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