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  3. A no-brainer given the way the season turned out. But it wasn't such an obvious move just a few months ago. But glad they did it. Given the sweep and with hopefully a competitive series against GSW coming up, they probably ought to take the next step and extend him. Pelicans to bring back coach Alvin Gentry for 2018-19 season after big year Alvin Gentry earned his way to at least one more season on the New Orleans Pelicans’ bench. The franchise has informed the Pelicans’ third-year coach his option for the 2018-19 season will be picked up, ending any possibilities his contract could expire at the end of this season. ESPN first reported the news on Monday afternoon and league sources confirmed the report to The Advocate. ESPN also reported that Gentry was informed of the move prior to the Pelicans sweeping its first-round playoff series over the Portland Trail Blazers. Up until the final few weeks of the season, Gentry’s job appeared to be in jeopardy, with the Pelicans potentially missing the playoffs for a third consecutive season under his watch. However, New Orleans rallied, despite losing All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins in late January to a torn Achilles tendon. Not only did the Pelicans make the playoffs, but they recorded the third-best record in franchise history at 48-34. Gentry’s ability to regroup the team’s psyche and re-engineer their strategy made him an under the radar Coach of the Year candidate. “I think we’ve had to change the way we do some things because DeMarcus was such a big part of who we are, but I think the coaches deserve a lot of credit for putting us in the best position to adjust going forward,” Jrue Holiday said in March. “It’s never easy to change a lot of stuff in the middle of the season, but we’ve done a good job with it.” The Pelicans finished the regular season tied for the fourth-best record in the Western Conference but were pushed to the No. 6 seed by a series of tiebreakers. However, New Orleans responded by becoming the only team to sweep its first-round series and are awaiting the winner of the series between Golden State and San Antonio (Warriors hold a 3-1 lead). Gentry is best known around the league for his affable personality and desire to push the tempo on both ends of the floor. He served as an assistant in Phoenix under current Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni and believes in getting out in fast breaks to create advantages. New Orleans led the NBA in pace this season, averaging 102.7 possessions per game, helping spur its second half renaissance. “This is the way I’ve wanted to play for the last three years,” Gentry said following the Pelicans win in Game 3. “We have to continue to run and continue to attack.”
  4. I remember it differently but don't have any solid evidence. But I thought that it was fairly common knowledge (at least it was spread/alleged by the local sports folks) that Haslett wanted Deuce playing at way to know for sure....
  5. Finally read this. Thanks for posting.
  6. I don't believe Haslett asked Deuce to gain weight. Deuce never worked hard in the offseason. He often showed up at camp overweight. I believe it was Rap who posted a pic of Deuce the first day of TC in 2004. He looked like a slob with a beer gut. It definitely wasn't a chiseled 240.
  7. Love this! I can see Payton's wheels turning...probably wrote up a play or two on his napkin at the game. LOL Payton, who took in the Pelicans' series-clinching win over Portland from courtside seats in the Smoothie King Center on Saturday, was asked on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday if he'd like to see what Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis could do on the football field. "Man, I'd sure like to try," Payton told Patrick. "I think Alvin (Gentry) might have a little bit of a beef if I walked anywhere near (Davis)."
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  9. I can't remeber the article, but Spurier went so far as to say he knew he wasn't an NFL coach. He took the job for the money he was quoted as saying how could I turn down the money? At the time Dan Snyder made him the highest paid coach in the country whterh college or the pros. It set up his family for life. It was something like 5 million a year when the next highest coach awas around 2 million. Very similar to the Gruden situation. How do you turn down a $100 million follar deal?
  10. Duece and Ingram may have similar numbers, but are nowhere near the same player. I like what Ingram brings to this team, but as hvaing been said already he is only part of the great machine thsi offense is. Duece was the Saints, no and ifs, or buts about it. We only went as far as he carried us. He supplanted Ricky Williams who quit honestly was just coming into his own when we traded him. We actually got great value for Ricky and Reggie wehn we traded both of them. Not to mention Chris Ivory man Loomis killing it. Back on point I love Ingram and I think he is a much different back who is a phenomenal leader. I know without him Kamara doesn't develop to he was last year. So I think they are both great players who fit perfectly when they were here. Yes Duece would be awesome in his prime with Drew, but Ingram has not disappointed the last couple of years.
  11. I hope he kills it every week except when we play him. I want him to get a giant goose egg against us, or maybe tweak a hammy the week of and sit out. Just so we don't have to crush him on that crossing pattern.
  12. Jalapeno's are the secret to a great crab,shrimp, or crawfish boil. heat and flavor in one shot. Trust me on this . I've seen this simple ingredient win several blue ribbons
  13. I hope he does well in Baltimore. Good luck to him, because with Flacco he's going to need all the luck he can get.
  14. I love Pels twitter...
  15. I wish him well. Years ago I had a dui and i know first hand how it can affect you mentally. You feel like everything around you is just spiraling out of control. You feel like everyone is looking at you in disgust. The worst part is the shame you feel for letting your family and friends down and knowing that it was all brought on by nobody but your self. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him last season. To let someone like Drew down. I been through the hell that comes from getting a dui,i dont wish that on anybody but you have to learn from it and move on with your life. Snead needs to do the samething and learn from this. He's been given a second chance with a new team he needs to take the bull by the horns and roll with it.
  16. Saints officially didn’t blink, he’s a Raven now.
  17. Man Deuce in this offense we would be a dynasty. I do see a little of Deuce in Kamara but I don't know if he could be the main back taking all the snaps like Deuce did. I don't know if he would hold up but people had the same question about Deuce before he took over when we shipped Williams to Miami.
  18. Sam Mills,when he came to us it wasn't straight out of college he came from the USFL. His skills were already honed by the time we got him. PT on the other hand went undrafted and we picked him up and the rest as they say is history. As for the league I know earlier I said Rod Smith but you also can't leave out James Harrison. A lot of people didn't like his attitude but that cat worked his butt to the bone and then some to get where he is today.
  19. Yeah ya right. I always believed that Warner would've had a longer career if it wouldn't been for Marta and yes Warner should be a 2 time Superbowl champion.
  20. For the Saints I agree on PT. For the NFL, I would go with Kurt Warner.
  21. Mike Martz was the same way. Like Spurrier his playcalling lacked a "hot route". That's a quick dump off to keep the Qb from getting hammered. Spurriers and Martz's system needed 10+ yards to develop. That's why Kurt Warner suffered a lot of comcussions in his career. If Martz hands the ball off to Marshall Faulk 25+ times,they beat the Patriots by 2 Td's or more in Brady's first SB.
  22. Forgot about Dave Wilson. Man that brings me back. Wow! Looking back,we drafted horribly back then. Yes we would hit on a guy here and there but man not like now,we hit on damn near the whole draft class. Look at how we rebuilt our team in the last few years and how many we hit on. Especially since Ireland came on board.
  23. Austin Carr has intrigued me since coming here. I'd like to see what he's got this year.
  24. In Spurriers mind he actually thought his offense would work. He had to have people filling his mind full of that nonsense as well. He also drafted guys who played for him and brought in guys in free agency that all played for him in Florida. But man,that experiment burnt up in flames real quick. He wasn't prepared at all to be an NFL coach. All of those Florida players didn't have long careers at all. That cat was so full of himself man and still is.
  25. My worst would be a tie between Switzer and the ole ball coach Steve Spurrier. Spurrier truly believed his offense (sending out 4-5 receivers almost every play) would work in the NFL. He almost got 3 qb's killed in his 1 year with the Skins. He was an absolute disaster as an NFL coach, had zero work ethic (he spent most of his time playing golf). Thank god for Jerry Jones and his planet sized ego, had Jimmy Johnson remained the coach of the Cowboys they would have been a dynasty....
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