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  3. As for preparation, I think Taysom prepares very well, and think about it, instead of having to go to the WR, S/T, RB, AND the QB meetings, he just has to worry about one of them now. Timing and reading the defense are his issues right now, and he is smart. I have no worries that he will develop especially with Sean and Drew as mentors.
  4. You guys took the words right out of my mouth....Happy Thanksgiving, Whodats!
  5. I meant to include Tags for forcing Benson's hand after Katrina.
  6. I would like to echo the thank you for WhoDatZone. My one and only place to discuss the Saints.
  7. It is an interesting thought, and you really never know with Payton. If you think about throwing caution to the wind, then he would start Winston this week. That would really give the Falcons something to think about. But I really think the Saints are committed to Taysom Hill right now, and they are seriously considering him to be the QB of the future, so this 3-4 game span will serve dual purposes. Changing QBs for a professional team is not really what you want. You want continuity and to see improvement. Hill should get better the more experience he gets at the position. There is just so much to being a successful QB, preparation both physically and mentally, timing, getting a feel for other players..... I think Hill will start, even if he has a setback, until Brees returns.
  8. Agree with your SaintsGiving Thankfulness.. also, I would add the Bensons, who saved the franchise in 1986, bringing in Finks and Mora, and then Loomis and Payton, and changing the culture and stability of the franchise. Thankful for a team leader, and great talent and role model like Drew Brees who has been our QB for 15 exciting years. May he get well quickly for himself and his family, and only then, for his team. Also, thanks for the WhoDatZone, the creators and administrators like Saint ATN, a place where we have made great friends, and been able to express our football joys and frustrations over the years. In years like this, we have a lot of people to be thankful for, medical professionals, front line workers, our family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  9. I am thankful for Sean Payton Thankful for the Dolphins medical team Thankful for 09 Thankful for Loomis doing his thing Thankful for good drafting Thankful for having a qb like Brees (especially having grown up watching the likes of fourcade, tolliver, walsh, etc) Thankful for this whodatzone fam! Enjoy turkey day y'all and WHO DAT!!
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  11. Had a crazy thought . I wonder if SP is starting Hill for this game and the next game with the intention of having Winston play the next week against Atlanta. Would definitely be an advantage to our offense of game planning if they prepare for the wrong quarterback especially having played the team two weeks before. I don't know if that will happen but just an interesting thought
  12. This acquisition is turning out to be one of the best in season moves the Saints have ever made. Alexander is playing with almost the same speed and intensity as Davis. I think he is also very good in coverage and has allowed the secondary to focus elsewhere. I think that It’s no coincidence that CJG’s activity and performance has picked up the past 2 weeks.
  13. It is the correct result, although I do think the Rams are the better team. But they still have the Cards twice, along with the 49ers and Seahawks. Bucs have the Chiefs next week, but after that have only the Vikings the Falcons twice, and Lions . If the Chiefs beat the Bucs, the Saints would be 4 games up with 6 to go.
  14. Happy to see the Brady's lose. Hate to see the Lambs win though. The TB loss is more important for the Saints though, so we got the right result.
  15. This ofc now has to be changed to: "...and Taysom wins out?"
  16. **NEWSFLASH** ESPN is reporting that Cam Jordan has just sacked Matt Ryan again in his own living room. I went with Taysom, Morestead, and the entire defense because someone at each level made plays. The line, the LBer's, the DB's. Everyone had their finger in the pie.
  17. Yeah, Jackrabbit was an absolute monster... Same for TRex...
  18. Game balls to Hill, Murray, Thomas and the OL. The entire defense deserves, but Davis, Jordan and his DL mates, and J. Jenkins. Also K Alexander is a player; what a trade line pick up. He and Davis pair well together! Hill will only get better!
  19. Our questions were thankfully answered in a positive way. Taysom and Payton proved the doubters wrong! Hill should only get better with more experience. Awesome performance for first start.
  20. I don't just like this, I love it!
  21. The announcers said something about a foot injury for Kamara. That may be why AK didn't get all that much action.
  22. Big props to Taysom. It wasn't always pretty and he has plenty to improve on, but this had to be a tough, crazy week for him. You can count me as one of the skeptics. I do kinda wonder where AK and the option game was, but I'm guessing the coaches didn't like it in practice. Also a vote for Latavius. I was miffed by Ingram's agent's contract fumble, but it's starting to look like we may have the better back. This team will go as far as this defense takes us. Third down pressure was immense. Voted for Jackrabbit, not sure which comes first: good WR coverage or QB altering pressure? Morestead. Sorry I ever doubted you. One other random thought from this game: is the 3rd down screen game getting a little predictable? Good win. Excited to see what another week of preparation does for Taysom.
  23. Big time! But the chiefs game will be a real test.
  24. This is not related to our game, but here is a sad thought. All 4 teams in the NFC East are going into Thanksgiving with 3 wins. The Redskins vs. Cowboys winner will have a 2 game winning streak and the NFC East lead when they enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. How sad.
  25. Yes! Go Colts! Can I give a game ball to the Colts defense?
  26. I wasn't worried about Hill. He has the best QB coach in the NFL. I was more worried about the defense. I am so happy they showed up.
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