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  2. that's not so much a shock, it's kind of a given, go out on top. I for one have expected him to go out this way. Time is not on our side anymore, hence why we've been building depth and youth in anticipation of him going forever. If we don't, he'll be back, if we win it all, that window of finding his replacement is closed. We missed the opportunity to groom an heir officially if we win it all this year. It is what it is.
  3. and the slippery slopers slipping again:
  4. I'll save you the time of the click and the watch of the video which looks like it was taken in an airport while he is walking with his kid. He is asked if he thinks this is Brees last year. RB says "if he wins the Super Bowl yes." I honestly don't know. The roster is stcked with not many free agents next year if we do win Drew could make another run and go out with 3 rings which would be more than Manning and Elway. Just a thought. We have a bunch of rookie contracts this year and next. Two years from now the roster may have a lot of turnover. But this year and next we are ok with contracts. Time will tell and a Lomabradi or two would be nice.
  5. I like the dialogue as well. It is weird to me how it seemed almost over night the media started to lean one way or another and forcing scare tactics. Is it me or did it happen around the time Obama got into office? I am not sure who actually started it, but I do remeber Fox News being so right winged that they were attacking other new stations. It is sad. When I was a kid you could wathc channels like Headline News and just get the news, no opionions just the facts they could corroborate. It is sad how much it has changed some times.
  6. Using the term final analysis was misplaced, it seemed IMO you were wrapping up your thought there, apologies. I agree that this is an interesting situation from all vantage points. I'm all for dialogue. I don't listen to traditional news per se anymore either although I will go thru the 3 letter news folk every once in a while, I prefer to read about issues from different vantage points so I gauge what the big ones are contemplating and I have my left, right, and center online media to gauge perceptive thoughts promulgated from all sides if possible, then I make my own call.
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  8. I agree Dru, that didn't make any sense unless they were doing it on principal. I think they still had the GM that York choose over Harbaugh, and that he wanted to prove a point. Remeber he was shown to be an arrogant ass who got himslef fired after the team fell apart. That team was a dumpster fire the minute Harbaugh left. And Honestly I would have left too if I was Harbaugh. Quite honestly they still need to turn the corner. We will see if Shanhan and his QB can do so.
  9. Very good read thanks for the share. I like when you can see this kind of interaction you would see on the Gruden QB camps. Not very often if at all you will see any active player do this as scheme can be given away by doing so, but I enjoyed the read thoroughly. Would love to see more of this. Brees did one I think for ESPN this offseason too. He was vague, but gave some insights away. For instance he even knew a play that had been called twic ein his Saints career by name, and when it scored a TD. It was a run play. He mentioned how each year a play with the same name is run different ways. Like in 06 it was run this way. In 08 we ran it this way, and 2011 we ran it the same way we did in 06. I think that is really cool and unique when you have a QB, Head Coahc, and OC together for so long as we have been fortunate to see.
  10. Really enjoyed that. What I have always found lacking in media and even game calling is any detail whatsoever in actually playing the game. I think the average viewer can handle some detail on play calling, assignments, how one persons play affects the other 10 on the field. More actual terminology used by players snd coaches....short if giving anything away. I like how Romo blurts out the play when he sees it just before snap. We need more of that.
  11. Well, you kind of re-affirmed my point in the first paragraph. It seems you care about the content. Who cares what someone is saying? If it is slander or defamation, he can be sued - that is his business. Yet, if he did not have a following, people would not listen. However, because he says some distasteful things, you are validating a partial gag. The reality is, who cares about hurting someone's feelings. This is a little bigger than that. It sets a dangerous precedent. I do believe that this is a discrimination case - yet not one based on classifications as the courts outlined (suspect and semi-suspect classifications). I also hear what you say about the corporate policies. However, comparing employees to a customer using a service is different kind of contract (as stated by the SCOTUS). Also, Free Speech has (historically) been painted with a wide brush. Btw... I was not doing a 'final analysis'. I was asking a question, and making clarifying statements. I am really on the fence on this, but it is not passing the 'sniff test'. (If it smells like a skunk, it may be a skunk) This is also far from 'cut and dry', as I probably would not have even created this topic if I thought so. Just trying to have some dialectic. I know you listen to the media much more than I do - as do most people. However, I quit being programmed in 2007. I see InfoWars as the same thing as CNN, NBC, FOX etc... they all suck. (Infowars may be a little more entertaining)
  12. This is one of the best SI articles I've ever read (most of the MMQB stuff is garbage). Not just because it is one of our own but because it is candidly honest and I learned alot from it....
  13. You are absolutely right. The group ID is 1327 ! I am so sorry but now I cannot change it anymore...:-(
  14. Just goes to show you how much confidence matters. I give credit to the Saints for swallowing their mistake and luring him back on a nice, fat contract. But I give even more credit to Robinson because the way he was shown the door here was not good for him personally and he had every reason to want to play for anyone but us.
  15. Ok, so Elway didn't tell the whole truth, but it is still true that Kaep turned down the opportunity to join the Broncos at a reduced rate. Do I blame Kaep for turning down that opportunity? No. There's no way he could have known for certain he would not get another chance. He had $11.9 guaranteed and stuck with that. What I don't understand, and I'm not going to spend the time to dig, is why the 49ers didn't just offload him? Sure they'd have to pay $4.9 for a player they just traded away, but i the absence of doing that they had to pay $11.9. What am I missing here? They offload the guy to Denver, get some sort of compensation (maybe a conditional 7th round pick or something worthless) and save themselves $7 million for a player they were going to cut anyway.
  16. John Elway Didn't Quite Tell the Entire Truth About Colin Kaepernick Contract Offer Matt Stranzl16 AUG 2018 31 k Love It Cool Haha Boo! Not so fast, John Elway. You can't attempt to set NFL Twitter on fire and get away with it unscathed. It turns out the Denver Broncos general manager left out some crucial contextual details when saying the team offered Colin Kaepernick a deal only to be rejected. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Ah, context. It matters. A lot. Especially when you make a claim that would literally delegitimatize the foundation of a social movement that's transcended football and ingrained itself in the national consciousness. I guess Elway thought the fact Kaepernick was under contract with the 49ers at the time and would've had to take a significant pay cut to join the Broncos was just a minor detail. Sure, Elway, the difference between a guaranteed $11.9 million and $7 million is something we can look passed. And please, don't even start with comments saying Kaepernick is selfish for not taking this pay cut and he should've sacrificed that money and none of this would've ever happened. No matter how tempting you may find that poor excuse, it's factually incorrect and illogical. Twitter Ads info and privacy The public perception of Elway couldn't have transitioned more quickly from a brave trailblazer to a deceitful liar. That's exactly the kind of reputation you don't want as a general manager. The NFL literally cannot get out of its own way. Maybe one of its several teams with depressing quarterback depth charts will finally come to their senses and offer a contract to a guy who led his team within 3 points of winning a Super Bowl. He'd probably accept.
  17. it was a bit of both we had to make a solid pitch that was starting money and then he traveled to Miami and made his decision. ----- Then Dolphins head coach Nick Saban has said the Miami doctors felt Brees' shoulder injury was too severe, and he would never be able to throw the ball as well as Culpepper would. The Dolphins sent a second round draft pick to the Vikings for Culpepper, who, a year later, would be released by the Dolphins. Asked what he remembered from the pursuit of Brees back in 2006, Saints Head Coach Sean Payton explained:
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't Miami turn Drew away? I thought their doctors said his injury was too significant to make a full recovery or something along those lines? At any rate, Payton is an excellent judge of QB talent and would have pulled very hard for Drew. He knew who he wanted and I think Mr B would have made sure we got him. Kap is just too much of a liability, I think. Kind of like Dez, wanted more money than most teams thought he was worth.
  19. I'm in. Maybe I'll survive past Week 2 this year!
  20. Cool read... Cam Jordan and I are watching the film on his dominant performance in New Orleans’s Wild Card win over Carolina. The best part about watching film: It brings out a player’s honesty.
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  22. The media has spun kneeling as disrespectful but taking a knee has always been viewed as just taking a knee. Coach calls you all in, what do you all do, you respectfully take a knee. I don't get it, personally. I stated previously that sitting on the bench was IMO disrespectful. I saw it as a compromise to the entirety of the protest that was to take the knee. The knee evolved quickly from just taking a knee to a symbolism against an felt societal injustice that was being ignored by the general media. So what started out as one person kneeling spread to others doing so, thus lending credence and credibility of the action of what it symbolized. American citizens, unarmed, outrightly executed without a trial, predominantly and exponentially people of color. The media somehow decided to pay attention when NFL players started doing this. Somewhere along the way, it went from a protest of injustice and execution to now a disrespect of the flag by kneeling. How in the hell did that happen? Who chose to spin it that way? That is what we should be asking, instead, we just accept it as the president says. The same president who was told he would never have an NFL franchise by the previous commissioner, who went off and funded an alternative league that flopped out of spite. Now he's using his influence the opposite way the players intended their protest to be. Now the media has taken ahold of this narrative and thus confusing and conflating the issue. So for the Saints players and others to sit to me is coward, they're not man enough to kneel then rethink what you're really protesting. To sit and cop out on the real protest lends itself more to the presidents narrative more than the who narrative that was kneeling in the first place. So IMO, sitting is just lazy, I'm not sure I want to fully commit to this protest but I'll half-ass compromise it by taking a seat. Has either kneeling or sitting taken away from the game, no. I watch people sit in the stands, chew gum, drink beer, don't remove their hats, talking to each other from lines in concessions to walking to their seats during the anthem. Most do take off their hats and stand, I don't see the media or fellow fans complaining about their fellow citizens not standing and to be quiet and respectful to the flag as they are supposed to. I don't care, they can sit, fart, do whatever, I myself, stand, hat off, hand over heart. That's me, I'm gonna do it by example but I'm not going to force everyone in the Dome to do the same and to expect the players to have that same expectation when the 80k fans around them won't, seems kinda hypocritical to me. As stated, it's a football game, not the Olympics, or a gov't game, so why have a national anthem play then?
  23. I am excited to see if he and Scott can get some good returns in the next couple of weeks. I thought they both did good in week 1.
  24. The post I was referencing was talking about trimming his guaranteed moeny. Now it did not mention if they were touching his salary or just his guranteed money. I would not see that as a huge deal brekaer for me perosnally. He was gambling though that his services would be wanted elsewhere, and they were not. The funny thig is Marshawn Lynch has a job and has not stood for the anthem for how long before Kap started sitting? I'm not saying I know why he isn't signed. Honestly I don't know, but my guess is because peope feel like Tebow that he is not worth the media attention for the player. Same thing with any player like TO they are kept until the ramifications of having said player out weigh what they feel his production is. At least that is my thoughts. If he was Carson Wentz, Brady, Brees, Luck, or a better player than I think he is I would believe he would be signed. JMO.
  25. You have a great point Drew. No one saw it as isrespectful when Tebow would do it. Honestly he didn't do it during the anthem, but no one saw it that way than.
  26. Related question, but not completely on topic, since when is kneeling for something disrespectful? When it came to sitting on the bench, that I thought was disrespectful, kneeling or putting a fist in the air is not. Some people kneel when they pray, does that mean they are being disrespectful?
  27. The Saints paid Brees starter money for an injury he was unsure to come back from to make him their starting QB in '06, if we had low balled him or league minimum at the time he would have gone directly into Miami's arms and we are just all jolted by that thought. As stated it's not good for Kaep's case, again depending on the terms of the deal. This contradicts that he was unable to secure a job in the league, he wasn't able to secure a job for the money he wanted, there is a difference. He wasn't that good a QB consistently, I said that then, I say it now.
  28. I thought Brandon Tate had a few good returns in the first preseason game?
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