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  3. Agreed Dru, I did mean he had the capability to be an every down back. But really in SP's offense there is no such thing as an every down back, it has almost always been 2 or even 3 guys rotating...Bonck, no one is going to confuse PT with Deuce, he simply was in the same class athletically as Deuce but he got more out of less than any RB i've ever seen....
  4. Very good post Dru. That article was spot on but the same can be said for the rest of the team cause is all ways in the conversation.
  5. Hell yeah face! Nicks,Evens and Stinch had awesome downfield blocking skill and PT Cruiser was so patient at setting up his blocks. At the time,in my book,he was the best at running the screen.
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  7. Thought some of you guys would want to check this out. Since I had a Top 10 worst Free Agent Signings in Saints History, it's only fair to have a Top 10 Best Signings --- I'm down to #8 Right now -- Jerry Fontenot. If you want to check out all the Worst Free Agent Signings, Here it IS. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  9. He could be an every down back, but he could not carry the full load a whole season which is why he was never an every down back in my eyes. That is why I called him a role player. Shoot even in 9 Mike Bell was the pounder to keep him fresh. It wasn't a knock on Pierre just that he couldn't be a Duece in his prime.
  10. He had some really good pieces. He definitley had a way of making you feel like you were there, and explaining culture and food like you were the one eating it.
  11. Yeah, I think it depends on how one defines it. There's no doubt PT was capable of playing every down. He did not have to be taken off the field for any deficiency where another player would be better at (think a run stuffing LB that has to come out on third downs because he can't cover). In that sense PT was most certainly an every down back. But, I don't think PT would have had the durability nor would he had been as effective if he was getting 270ish touches per season. Nonetheless he was an outstanding player. One thing not yet mentioned in this thread yet was his ability on Special Teams. He often lined up as the up-back on kickoff returns and actually returned a lot of kicks for us his first two seasons. As his role on offense became larger, he still would serve as our Kickoff Returner in a pinch. Losing him so early in that 2011 Divisional Playoff game against the 49ers played a pivotal role in us losing that game and, ultimately, what would be have been our shot at a 2nd Lombardi Trophy. When it comes to Lance, a lot of fans don't realize that he actually came to us in '05 during the Katrina season. He survived the gutting of the coaching staff and what would end up being about a 45% player turnover prior to the '06 season beginning. Silky smooth, sticky hands, great compliment to some of the other WRs he played with. Lance was a oft injured player, but an outstanding Saint. I'm slightly miffed either guy gets in before Colston, but that could have to do with a number of different formalities or reasons. Glad PT and Lance are getting to go in together. (Edit: Just saw, you have to be three years removed from the Saints. So Colston won't be eligible until another year goes by.) Moore endured some of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath by working with the practice squad when the team based its operations in San Antonio and split home games between the Alamo Dome and Tiger Stadium. He survived the roster shakeup that came after the team hired Payton in January 2006. And when Thomas packed all his belongings in 2007 and drove down from his hometown of Chicago with no plans of going back -- "That's how I knew I was going to make it," he said -- they had lockers next to each other. "It's really cool to go in with somebody that isn't just a former teammate," Moore said in referencing Thomas as his best friend on the team. "Pierre is my brother. Pierre is my family. We talk regularly. So it's a pretty cool thing."
  12. You got that right. If Nicks would have been able to stay healthy, he could have been one of the all time greats. He was the best G in the NFL before his misfortunes...
  13. We also had an athletic O-line . Nicks,Evans,and Stinchcomb could get down the field and throw key blocks. The Cam is not steady,but pay attention to Evans and Nicks. Both throw key blocks on this TD pass.
  14. Lance Moore was clutch as well coming out of the slot. He's another one that came out of nowhere. From undrafted to making a key 2 point conversion in the super bowl. He just seemed to have been born with stickem on his hands. He just caught everything.
  15. Both of these guys are beasts at their positions and both should make the pro bowl if they stay healthy. Peat has a chance to become one if not the best guard in the league. He's really come into his own now that he's settled in at left guard he's pretty much owned the position. The only thing keeping Armstead from being the best left tackle in the game is his health.
  16. Having Armstead and Peat on the field and healthy is the absolute key to our running game success....
  17. I disagree, he was an every down back, his only issue was injuries...
  18. Yeah, this one hit hard... I watched a few of his episodes over the past weekend... A rare storytelling talent w/ the ability to cross all cultures across the globe and unite us thru food while digging deeper under the surface to where the 'meat' of each story lay... And b/c he visited Colombia...
  19. He was so dangerous running the screen. And a damn good blocker as well,thats something that nobody talks about. He was an all around great player. Congratulations PT Cruiser.
  20. Especially when time out was called to ice him. I looked at my brother in law and told him that Hartley was gonna miss. Then he kicked the living crap out of the ball and I be damned if it didn't go straight down the middle of the uprights. At the time my sister and brother in law lived in thibodaux off of tiger drive,when that kick went through the whole neighborhood went nuts. I didn't sleep a wink that night. I was to jacked up. We were outside screaming with everybody then a cop rolled up and asked what's going on when I told him he didn't believe me. He called his dispatcher when she answered all he could hear was laughing crying and shouting. He hung up and told me that hell just froze over. I shook his hand and said damn right WHODAT!
  21. Phil I agree 100%, even though Tracy made the pick I wasn't sold we would get the ball first or if we didn't that we could not stop their offense. Not to mention when he lined up I wasn't sure he was gonna make. When the kick went through the uprights was one of the best moments of my life, hands down top 5 moments in my life.
  22. I loved having him and was sad to see him go. I do not think he could have been an every down back, but he was a great I mean great role player for us. I am happy he is getting the recognition he deserves.
  23. I remember a rather lively debate after PT's first game as a starter. I believe it was the last game of the 2007 season against the Bears, neither team was playing for anything...but PT had over 100 yards receiving and rushing. I knew then he would be a great back for us for years to come barring injury. But he had a lot of doubters, even after that historic game. I think many folks were not high on him due to his pedestrian 40 time and average size. What you cannot measure is heart which he had a ton of....and what I saw was a RB who ran at a very low pad level with incredible balance and agility and great field vision. In the end, man, were those doubters WRONG.... Love PT....
  24. In case you're wondering, here's a link to those who have already been inducted. I had no idea it was so many. This is not to be confused with the Saints Ring of Honor which only has 4, Archie, Willie Roaf, Rickey Jackson, and Morten Andersen.
  25. Almost everyone I know points to Tracy Porter's interception or the onside kick in the Super Bowl as the greatest plays in franchise history. Me? I think the greatest play in Saints History is Hartley's kick to win the NFC Championship because it marks a new era in Saint's football. Just the idea of the New Orleans Saints making it to the Super Bowl at one time was almost laughable. Before then that kick would have been nullified by a penalty or some other incomprehensible happenstance to keep us out of the Big Game. You old school guys know what I'm talking about. Even at our best, the stars were always lined up to deny us that big win when we needed it.
  26. sweet sweet misery. Brett Favre giveth and taketh away. Green Bay fans saw it happen many times too
  27. I think outside of losing Kelmente they did as good a job as they could. Kelemente left to start, it was even reported we were going to match the Texans. We signed Bushrod who can play either guard or tackle postion and brought back Lerebus who can play guard or center. Not to mention the younger depth, draft picks, and free agents on the roster. Yes we lost Kelemente, but we added good dpeth across the board. There may be a small drop off, but I feel they added more depth at the 3rd and 4th stringers on O line.
  28. We still need depth on the OL... wish we still had Kelemente...
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