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  3. Yeah, I've seen enough of him. I don't think it is a talent issue, he can play, I think it is more like a mental/confidence issue. He plays great for stretches then falls apart....
  4. This is the second time I have seen this this offseason. Curious to see if it continues to happen. I still don't want him back. To me, he is a little faster version of Ken Crawely. Eli Apple not signing with Raiders after all Posted by Michael David Smith on April 2, 2020, 7:11 PM EDT More than two weeks after reports surfaced that free agent cornerback Eli Apple was signing with the Raiders, it turns out that no deal was reached. Apple and the Raiders were unable to finalize the agreement, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. It’s unclear what the issue was that prevented a deal from getting done. This year deals are taking longer to get finalized because the COVID-19 shutdown has made physical exams and face-to-face meetings more difficult. The Giants selected Apple with the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. He was traded to the Saints during the 2018 season. He started the first 15 games but missed the season finale and the playoffs with an ankle injury last year. Apple was No. 62 on PFT’s Top 100 Free Agent list. Share this:
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  6. Glad it wasn't a major investment. He did play a few different positions last year when needed including safety nothing wrong with him as a backup. I feel we could do far worse as a 6th DB. Saints bring back cornerback P.J. Williams Posted by Darin Gantt on April 2, 2020, 1:42 PM EDT The Saints brought back some more secondary depth Thursday. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Saints have agreed to a new one-year deal with cornerback P.J. Williams. He’ll make a guaranteed $2 million. He was on the receiving end of a non-pass interference in the playoffs, as Kyle Rudolph him away before catching a touchdown. Williams, their third-round pick in 2015, has started 23 games for them the last four years. He missed his rookie year with a torn hamstring. The Saints made a big play to bring safety Malcolm Jenkins back, and Williams is a versatile defensive back who can also play inside, adding depth to a solid group.
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  9. The GOAT and former WWL-TV anchor Hoda... who's cutting onions?
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  11. That's my quarterback!!! He's a real Mensch.
  12. That is awesome!
  13. Good on Drew...
  14. I think if there is any thought in their minds that Hill could replace Brees once he retires then you absolutely have to have him as the backup this year.
  15. I went and looked it up. Otc has a great breakdown how it works. Looks like we are in line for 3 picks (I forgot about aj klein before)
  16. We lost bell, apple, Bridgewater And only signed emmanuel Sanders (jenkins doesn't count since he was cut) That should get us at least a comp pick
  17. Hill is number 2 per a couple of articles I have seen but will have the same role. The article below quotes Payton that he will still be a flex player/QB and be the number 2 on the depth chart. Taysom Hill will have same role as No. 2 QB Posted by Charean Williams on March 25, 2020, 7:41 PM EDT Taysom Hill played 241 offensive snaps last season, most of them at positions other than quarterback in the Saints offense. He will continue in that role this season, Sean Payton said Wednesday, but Hill will add another duty. Hill also will serve as the Saints’ backup quarterback behind Drew Brees. “Taysom has earned this opportunity to be our [No.] 2,” Payton said on WWL Radio, via Jeff Duncan of, “but he also has earned the opportunity to play and help us win football game as a one. What I mean by that, whether you call him a receiver, a tight end, a specialist [or] also a quarterback, he’s going to play. He’s too good a football player. He’s one of our better football players.” When Brees missed five games last season, it was Teddy Bridgewater, not Hill, who started at quarterback. Bridgewater, though, has departed for Carolina with his signing becoming official Wednesday. Payton said the Saints still need to sign another quarterback who will be active on game day. That will provide the Saints with insurance in case both Brees and Hill are injured in the same game. The Saints had all three quarterbacks active for most of last season aside from when Brees was out of the lineup with his injury. “You need a third quarterback dressed on the sidelines,” Payton said. “Because on any given play, Taysom could come over to the sideline and his right thumb or finger could be pointing east and west, and if that happens, you don’t have a backup quarterback. But I would say coming into the season, he’s going to be our second-string quarterback and obviously going to play a number of snaps, not only at quarterback but a number of positions.”
  18. 3 yr deal, do we get a comp pick?
  19. Looks like the pre-draft run on QB's is about over and I think Hill is safe. Doesn't look like we'll get a 1st rounder for him, but if someone misses out in the draft who knows. But let's assume we have him at the $5 million a year salary. (I think that's what the tender equaled) The last few years we've had Bridgewater, so we enjoyed having a Vet back-up while mentoring Hill. So who plays that role this year? Do we roll with Hill as our #2 back-up or call in a Vet? Let's just assume they bring in a Vet .. who do you want and why? Dalton, Cam, Winston or throw out another name .... While I think Dalton is the safe bet and could guide this team into the playoff's. I just don't think we go far in the playoffs. I would go with Winston. He's has more talent and I think more upside. What if his injuries and his vision, both of which were corrected, where big parts of his problem. What if he only threw 18 INT's, instead of 30. If Brees gets hurt, we're most likely done for the year anyway, I rather go big or go home. (I'm also ok with saying that about Hill too, if called on he either goes off or we start a rebuilding/reload year) I think I would rather that then a 9 - 7 year with an exit in the wildcard round.
  20. I doubt he ends up being anything more than a camp body but would rather they give someone like him a chance than a washed up veteran. Every blue moon you can find a player that is NFL worthy by doing that. He did spend sometime on the Cardinals roster in 2018 and played two games appearing on special teams only and spent the rest of the time on their practice squad. Maybe he is a late bloomer but I won't increase my hope for him because of his XFL success.
  21. When healthy Peat is one of the top 5 G in this league. If he has to switch to T, he is still a decent player at that position. With that said 33 $Mio. guarranted for 5 years is not too shabby. If he stays healthy he is a great fit to our o-line. Now Larry Warford needs to reconstructure his contract like Janoris Jenkins did today and we should be in fairly conditions...;-)
  22. Like this one? Lol...
  23. This probably should have been added to the make fun of the fail birds thread. Love it!
  24. This is typical Saints move. They always try to fill their needs in FA, so that they are free to draft best available player. I think it's a good move. I wouldn't mind the Saints trading back to the 2nd round this year if they can get an additional 1st rounder next year. (maybe a QB, that the Saints don't like will slide) Saints have 1 or 2 years with Brees and then it's time to pay the piper. They will either have to have a fire sale and rebuild or be able to put a lot of 'cheaper' draft talent on the field. Saints have proven they can draft now, so I would not be upset with the "build up draft capital for 2021/2022 so it's not a rebuild, but just a reload" strategy.
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