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  2. If our first 2 games are any indication, the refs are going to need good masseuses after our games. Their shoulders are going to be overworked. I think they may have just called pass interference again.
  3. While Brees and the defense played poorly, why in the world did SP go away from the running game when it was working so well early? It is really frustrating...Cam Jordan should have dominated against the 3rd RT last night, where was he most of the night?
  4. With so many openings in the NBA, it kind of surprises me that only two of them have been filled, Nash to the Nets and Thibodeau to the Knicks. That leaves openings in OKC, Philly, Houston, New Orleans and Indiana, 5 openings. I thought Donovan did a good job with OKC, as his contract expired. Lue is reportedly wanting $7 million a year. Jason Kidd is still coaching the Lakers, and likely will be through the Finals. Available candidates: Lue, Kidd, Donovan, Atkinson (Nets former coach)..... but for some reason I think Griffin is going to look for the right guy that can develop a young team... possibly a young assistant.
  5. Yes, if you noticed the ref closest to the play didn’t throw his flag, the ref came in from the middle of the field and flew his... they even talked .... makes you think the NFL wanted to get off to a good start in that new $2 billion stadium. I also saw a lot of holding by the Raiders OL; there was a play where a Saint was pulled down from behind... it didn’t matter to that play, but was an obvious call. It’s only game 2, in a different kind of season, I’m not going to send Brees to the “glue factory “, as people are already calling for his head. I’m more worried about the defense as that was a horrible showing ... I mean we could not stop them or get off the field. I mean the Raiders scored on 7 of their last 8 possessions..fumbling on their own mess up on the only time they didn’t score ... 23-37 time or possession ain’t gonna get it.
  6. I didn't care for the last PI call on Janoris Jenkins either. I know it's a penalty,but that throw was not catchable. Imo, that's a play where the official needs to keep the flag in his pocket
  7. We probably could have survived the TE without the penalties..., the offense only had 7 possessions, and they scored on 4. The Int hurt, and the fact we did nothing with the fumble recovery was telling. The defense looked like a nightmare from the past. There were a couple of close calls, and we didn’t get any help from the refs. The penalty against Sanders for blocking a defenseless player was a joke... he barely touched the guy.
  8. I was really frustrated with a number of things in last night's game. Penalties hurt us bad. Offensive flags absolutely snuffed out at least one drive that started off productively. There were several defensive penalties on crucial 3rd down plays that extended Raiders drives. We really need to clean that up. I just don't understand what it is about our defense that allows TEs to have such success against us. Especially big, physical, aggressive TEs like Waller last night. He just had his way with our defense. Didn't matter who we put on him. That would primarily be Malcolm Jenkins' role - to shut down a pass-catching threat at TE. But he was terrible against Waller last night. But it wasn't just him. We rotated linebackers in coverage on him and he shed them easily. Hell, we even lined up Lattimore against him and he still got open and caught passes. I had visions of Vernon Davis rumbling free through our defense back in the 2011 playoffs. Dropped passes! Right up there with penalties in the ability to snuff out a promising drive. I counted at least 3. A case could be made for a couple more. I said it last week - Drew Brees is finally showing some age. That is going to dog us all season long. He's unquestionably the leader of this team and with protection can still be deadly accurate in short and intermediate passes. And he can read a defense and check out of a play at the line of scrimmage better than anyone. But without Michael Thomas, Brees can struggle. He's obviously smart enough to understand what is going on and play within his limitations. But every now and then we get a WTF throw like the interception before halftime. And while it only led to three points, I felt like it was a huge momentum swing. From that point on the Raiders played with confidence while the Saints seemed to shrink. It's impossible to ask Drew Brees to be perfect. But so far in 2020 he's looking a lot like an aging, over the hill QB. Oh well. Like Lee said - a road loss to an AFC opponent isn't the end of the world. But Payton can't overlook some of the deficiencies on display last night. Need to get them cleaned up before the Packers come to town next week.
  9. Better coach tonight: Payton or Gruden? That's rhetorical. But, to be fair, I do not rue this one. A road loss against an AFC team is an OK loss. Next week for the prime timer is important, though!
  10. We're 1-1 with what I feel are 2 poor games. Haven't been 2-0 since 2013, I think. From what I've seen from our defense, I wouldn't be shocked if the Packers score 60 next Sunday though. The pass defense has been awful.
  11. We better learn how to cover a TE or this is going to be long season/ Malcom Jenkings needs to be coaching, not on the field. He was abused tonight . Should have kept Von Bell
  12. One positive, the two players that got dinged, Peat and Easton, returned to the game. Looks like we got out without any serious injuries .. ... made the TE an All-Pro.. Its early in the season, hopefully we can cut out the penalties and mistakes.
  13. And where was this good secondary that they were talking about all night? The secondary was terrible.
  14. Jenkins has been flat out terrible tonight. The Brees interception was bad. And he's been a bit off. People have got to catch the damn ball though. Sanders dropped one. Montgomery did. I think there was a 3rd drop too. And why did we sign Sanders? He hasn't done jack. And what is up with all the penalties? 10+ and 100+ yards in both games. I think they just threw another PI flag during a timeout.
  15. Penalties on both offense and defense... letting the TE kill you, INT at the end of the half, failure to do squat with the turnover we got.. wasted timeouts, one on a useless challenge..
  16. Saints of 2009 looking terrible in this game: Brees and Malcolm Jenkins. The difference on the Saints' for lack of success.
  17. This secondary is playing like diddly-poo. Are they trying to do a Falcons impersonation?
  18. Didn't make it home until the 2 minute warning. I don't like what I see so far. We are getting no pressure on Carr
  19. Saints historically always struggle against big physical tight ends. Waller is killing us. What looked like a game they would run away with is tied at halftime.
  20. The piped in crowd is a joke.....the delay to hit the right button is about 4 seconds behind! What a joke
  21. Found it.....on WGNO
  22. I thought the game was on network TV? It isn't on using my antennae here in Mandeville. I can only watch it on the Yahoo Sports app
  23. Yesterday
  24. That was an amazing ending to the Falcons game.. the onsides kick was the key play. Unbelievable. How about KC kicker Butler nailing a 53 and two 58 yarders to win the game. One of the clutch kicking performances ever.
  25. It’ll be interesting to see how the Saints perform without Thomas. We are going to see how Brees and Payton do without MT. Some other players need to step up. Sanders, Harris, Kamara, Smith, Cook, Murray and Hill. That’s enough weapons.
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