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  2. Brace yourselves for these tweets. The Nuggets considered trading for AD but weren’t willing to part with Murray. Ok. Then you really weren’t in the running now were you? I guess it’s safe now for teams to claim they tried to get AD. Makes it sound good for the fans I guess.
  3. I'm just glad its finally done. See ya, won't be missed in this town after the way you and your aagent engineered this mess. We got players and enough picks to make this team relevant for a good while. Most agree that this is only "phase one" of the wheeling and dealing. The 1st Time AD plays in New Orleans, I hope no fans boo. Instead, I'd love to see the entire arena stand up when his name is announced and turn their backs to the court in silence. The sports world would not know how to handle a kind sized F-U from New Orleans fans. (If everyone could force out a fart at that moment, it would be even more glorious.)
  4. Yep. Although, they might be a better team now that Magic Johnson resigned from their front office?
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  6. I think he’s excited to get away from the dumpster fire that the Lakers have been.
  7. Josh Hart with the right attitude.
  8. If I'm the Wizards, I'm looking for more than that for Beal. Unless we take on Wall's contract, too. I think they traded for Lonzo to keep him and let him handle the ball. We're looking more at Markinnen for the #4 pick, or something like that. But if Griff can turn this deal into Beal, Ingram, Hart and a couple first rounders... Damn.
  9. Brod and I were chatting on FB last night. We don't believe Ball will be here very long. Rumor has it Ball and the #4 to the Wizards for Beal. Unlike Ball, Beal can actually shoot
  10. I can warm up to the idea of a Ball-Holiday backcourt. That would be one of the best defensive tandems in the NBA. But how long before LaVar Ball becomes a distraction by criticizing how the Pels are using his son? Or does this trade render him irrelevant?
  11. I look at it this way. Griffin made the best move for the future since Ainge took Tatum off the board. The Lakers are still a lottery team more than a contender even with AD,and we control their picks for the next 5-7 years. .
  12. I actually like Lonzo with Jrue. That's a defensive backcourt that can create turnovers and explosive plays for Zion. But if the big grab is Ingram and the first round picks, I'd rather have Kuzma than Lonzo at the back end of the swap. Ingram is a 21 year old with blood clots, but some real promise. The #4 this year is exactly where the elite talent falls off. Those future first rounders sound great but will end up being mildly protected and probably in the 20s. That's like 3rd or 4th round picks in the NFL. The potential for the Pels moving forward is great. The future is bright. But the NBA is a superstar league and I'm afraid we turned a top 5 league talent into a handful of guys that elevate the roster talent level, but no single stud. Maybe getting Zion means that was the best move for Griff and co. Hope the guys aren't done wheeling and dealing, but I don't know who we're targeting with the assets we now have. Beal ($$$)? Boogie return tour? Kind of a sad day. I think we did ok turning the AD saga into a positive moving forward. But we had him for six years and were never able to get out stuff together and truly contend. I wish AD luck. Just not the Lakers.
  13. If we keep Ball it has to be with stipulations. Ball can not let his father be a distraction. If he can separate himself from his dad he can be a better player,how much better depends on him. He has the potential to be a great one but it's up to him. This trade could be what Ball needs to to finally break away from his dad. But it will be interesting to see if we keep him or include him in a trade. Personally I think we include him in a trade.
  14. We came out alright - true. It turned out to be posturing, but I guess I believed the leak that Griff’s pricetag for AD was a current all-star, a young player with all-star potential and two first round picks. We got all but that current all-star. And some would say that future all-star too although I think Ingram and Ball both have potential. Also heard that Griff is not done yet.
  15. We aren't done yet. We just raped the Lakers without lube. They don't have a first round pick for the next 5-7 years and we control everyone of them. The have AD,an aging Lebron,no depth and no first round picks until Lebron is 41 years old. We came out alright
  16. I'm not excited about this at all. I'll be the first to admit that Ball is the only player I've heard of of the 3, so my knowledge is very limited here. But I see it as great, we get 3 guys from the Lakers who couldn't even get to the playoffs with LeBron, including Ball's pain in the ass father, and some draft picks which are always a crap shoot. So now we'll have 3 new guys who probably won't help us get the playoffs, a loud mouth jackass distraction, and no AD. Yippee. Pelicans - Please prove me wrong.
  17. Underwhelmed. Not happy we ended up dealing with Lakers, but I understand it. I DON'T understand not getting Kuzma and also ending up having to take Lonzo. Just feels like all the wrong pieces. I was really warming to the idea of RJ Barrett and reports out of Boston said Tatum was off limits. So Culver or a trade (unlikely, per current reporting). Either way, I'm glad this is finally coming to some resolution.
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  19. We didn’t get Kuzma. Otherwise I’m ok. But I hope we package those future picks and Ball to trade for a young all star.
  20. I'm happy for Toronto, especially being a fan of a franchise that took decades to reach the mountaintop. I saw a hilarious vid of a drunk Raptors fan in Toronto who pulled up a plant from somewhere and was interviewed about it and he asked the reporter if he'd seen Kawhi Leonard around b/c he had a plant to give him. Gave me a good chuckle.
  21. great read thanks for the share. Realistically I don't blame Dundon I blame initial financial supporter. I am surprised it got as far as it did on smoke and mirrors. Hope the XFL uses a lot of the same ideas and principle since it seems more financially sound.
  22. I think Dural is done. He was a UDFA who could not stay healthy. I honestly doubt he catches on with another team at this point.
  23. The only concern I have right now is how much does Thomas want, and if we resign him to that what does that mean for the QB position next year? Realistically we are primed to compete next year with or without Drew, but if he wants to come back can we really say yes? Paying that much to a WR as well as few others, and the numbers keep climbing. We have 1-2 years tops before our cheap players eat up a bunch of our cap space.
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