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  2. No doubt the Saints can restructure their way under the cap...the big question is at QB and extending Lattimore, Ramzcyk, and either keeping or upgrading Marcus W, Hendrickson, Ja noris J and Kwon Alexander.. all these player were key to the Saints success .. also Rankins and Malcolm Brown will have to he signed or replaced .. Is there anyone the Saints can or will go after in free agency ... they will have to get under the cap by March 17th... Seems like TE will be one position of need ..and probably the big hole to fill if they can keep their current roster intact .. top FA TE is Hunter Henry but don’t see spending big money on that position..
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  6. The Saints are having to make some very tough decisions to get under the cap, and hopefully stay a contender in 2021. Loomis has worked wonders before; I have faith that he will do the same this year. So far, they have cut Cook, Hill, and Easton... no big surprises there, but the cold NFL business tells you that both Hill and Easton had concussion issues. Releasing Morstead was a tough move, a fan favorite and outstanding person. The writing was on the wall when the Saints kept rookie punter Blake Gillikin on the roster last year. I think this move was a done deal going into 2021. Looks like the restructuring is moving forward with Jordan and Davis's contracts. This is just the beginning as I expect all the top money earners will have to restructure. There might also be some more releases or even a trade in the works. Kwon Alexander, T Hill, Armstead, both Jenkins, Thomas etc all will be looking at restructuring, and I think they will probably sign and extend both Lattimore and Ramcyzyk. It will be tough for them to keep Willams and Hendrickson. Who would have thought Hendrickson would outplay Davenport? They have a long way to go with getting under the cap. The Big Question of course is who will be our QB in 2021. It appears the Saints are going to resign Winston and let him compete with Hill, providing Brees actually retires. I don't see the Saints getting Wilson or Watson, unless Loomis pulls a rabbit out of his hat. He would have to trade draft choices and at least one or two key players. I think Michael Thomas is in Payton's doghouse, but don't see Seattle needing him with the receivers they have, maybe the Texans. I don't see the Saints moving Lattimore or Ramczyk ,when they can resign them and save a lot of cap space; I think that would be cheaper than trying to replace them and both are proven NFL stars. Free agency is around the corner, and that will give us an idea of what is going to happen. I am not sure Brees is ready to retire. I think he is assessing his physical condition before he makes a final decision. He has played injured the past two years, and I think that if he feels he can be 100% physically, he might want to give it another go. Whether that is good for the Saints or not, is another question. The story was the Saints might have gotten Tom Brady had Brees retired last year. Hindsight is 20-20, but would the Saints have been better off with Brady. Who knows, with a healthy Michael Thomas and Brees, things might have been different. Two plays cost the Saints a better chance at the Super Bowl. Bree's getting sacked and fracturing his ribs, (I don't think he was ever the same) and Cook's fumble against Tampa Bay in the playoffs. Its interesting how a season can come down to a couple of plays. Going to be an interesting offseason.
  7. Apparently Payton has a Lutz feeling about Blake Gillikin, a rookie out of Penn State, who he kept on the roster last year. Blake Gillikin PUNTER #4 Experience: R Height: 6-2 Age: 23 Weight: 196 lbs College: Penn State Biography Agreed to terms, 4/27/20. Gillikin is tied for No. 2 on Penn State's career punting average charts (43.03 avg.). He landed 53 career punts downed inside the opponent's ten-yard line (seven in 2016, 18 in 2017, 12 in 2018, 15 in 2019) and is the only player in program history with seven punts of 65 or more yards. In 2019, the special teams captain and Smyrna, Ga. native averaged 42.2 yards per punt as he was selected All-Big Ten honorable mention by the conference coaches and media and a CoSIDA Academic All-American first team for the second consecutive year.
  8. That he is not, I totally get Houston moving on. I think the Cardinals are more competitive than the Texans, but the other teams like Buffalo and GB would have the smarter choice if he wanted to chase a ring.
  9. Yeah - the goodbyes seem to make this a clear cut - not just a salary cap move with the hope of bringing him back on a team friendly deal. I've said it many times before - there's still a little boy inside me that fell in love with the NFL in the early 1970s...and that part of me absolutely hates the business side of football.
  10. Tom, on top of your statement I would like to add: He's not the player he used to be...
  11. What’s interesting is that I thought the Saints coverage teams were the best that I ever recall. The net average was 41.7. Not his best year but still pretty good. If it was money, apparently the Saints didn’t even want to negotiate. So obviously Payton feels they have someone better, and cheaper. They won’t find a better person.
  12. At least he said NOLA will always be home regardless of where he plays next, he's building a house here, his kids were born here, and he loves this town... What a class act, even after getting cut... always has been...
  13. Watts went for the money with the Cardinals. $30+ million over 2 years, $23 million guaranteed.. I’d be surprised if he gets his ring there.
  14. Watching this interview, the part I think is sad is they released him without discussing any options. I know Payton kept a young punter around this past year, so I guess they already made the decision to move on. Morstead,by his own admission, didn’t have a good year. Possibly they are giving him a chance to enter free agency early. I get the same feeling with this move as when when released Morten Andersen. Sad day
  15. I agree. I didn't expect much out of the team this year. Redick has regressed. I think father time has caught up with him. Ball, Bledsoe, and Hart can be good at times, and WTF at others. Zion and BI turn it over too much. I think Zion will improve though. He's very young. Only 1 college season and he missed part of that, and less than a full season in the NBA with very little practice time due to the current restrictions. And we have exciting young players in Lewis, Walker, and Hayes too.
  16. Sad day, but inevitable. Without Drew no players left from the Super Bowl team.
  17. Maybe Father Time finally caught up with him, but to me, he's a legend for the Black and Gold forever, highlighted by kicking Ambush to perfection... (Jared Cook and Josh Hill were cut as well)...
  18. Yep. They have been frustrating as hell to watch. Can play with the best in the NBA and look terrible against the cellar dwellers two days later. And it's been that way all season long. A nice little win streak followed by an epic losing streak. And I don't know who you change out to fix it. You supposedly have that steady veteran presence in Redick and Adams. You have the superstar young talent in Ingram and Zion. And you have solid contributors in Ball and Hart. Promising young talent in Hayes, Alexander-Walker and Lewis. I do believe that they desperately need a consistent "3 and D" wing....a young guy that is money from the perimeter and also can lock a shooter down on defense. They don't have that player in the building. It's not Ball. It's not Bledsoe. It's not Hart. So is there a trade out there where we can send Bledsoe and some picks away and get that guy in return? I just don't know. But event then - one guy won't solve the inconsistency problem this team has. Every man on the roster seems like they are on a roller coaster from game to game. Maybe Zion is the only one playing at a consistent level. But even he shows some weaknesses on defense late in the game and also at the free throw line. I'm not sure what I thought their record should be...I didn't expect this year to be the year they make a big run. So, it's not necessarily the record as the way they are doing it - looking like a contender one night and a high lottery pick team the next. Just frustrating. And I'm starting to worry that we are about to squander the third generational talent this franchise has landed (CP3 and Zion). How many more chances does a team get?
  19. The only things this team is consistent about is poor defense and being frustrating as hell. They beat the Jazz one night, then lose to the Bulls. Who knows which team will show up.
  20. Eisen and Florio discuss both Brees and Wilson....
  21. Wilson is one of the few players I would be willing to give up a fortune to acquire. QBs like Wilson are few and far between : a great player and person. He is a Drew Brees type individual.. a championship caliber QB who is exciting to watch and keeps you in any game , and a great role model. I’d be willing to give up a lot, maybe MT or Lattimore (if he is asking for too much) , definitely Peat, two no 1s. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m not even sure Brees will retire.
  22. I feel this is exactly what happens. I feel Winston is resigned, Payton allows Winston and Taysom to battle for the job. I believe Payton and the team expect Winston to win the job, and Taysom to stay the gadget player he is, and he will leave next offseason for a chance to start elsewhere. Payton will need to keep Jameis on a tight leash. Jimbo Fisher did that at FSU, and that is why he was so successful there. Not to mention Holmgren did that with Favre too he would reign him in when it needed to happen. I see a very similar style of play between the two with Favre having the better arm. Not saying he will ever be Favre, but I don't think any of us would complain if he is our QB and turns into that.
  23. Well, considering I believe J. Winston is the answer, I hope we do not pull the trigger and give up the farm for Russell Wilson.
  24. Well JJ Watt just signed with the Cardinals. His biggest complaint is being hit too often, and one of the division rivals just added a huge defensive line piece. The funny thing to me is the teams who have invested heavily recently in their O lines are on this list with the exception of the Bears. They have the weakest O-line of the group. Rumor is the Cowboys backed out of the discussion. Honestly, I think it is down to us and the Raiders IF it happens. I still feel there is an above-average chance he stays in Seattle.
  25. From what I understand, his contract contains a no-trade-clause. If that is correct, Seahawks cant just command any price. Given that, one 1st rounder (this year ür next) + Lattimore should do it. I would also hate to lose Lattimore, on the other hand, his contract counts 10mil. towards the cap this season. So, if that was the deal: One 1st rounder + Lattimore, I would say: go for it.
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  27. Yeah, I hear you, my concern is replacing Lattimore would be really difficult. Losing just two first-round picks would not be a deal-breaker for me though. We invested that into Davenport, and with little production, it hasn't hurt the team.
  28. Take it for what it's worth, but my friend who joined my lil bro from my fraternity and me for dinner (since he owns the restaurant lol, great place uptown NOLA called Union Ramen, but I digress), has been doing on-field stuff with the Saints for years, like helping get people situated for where they need to be i.e. getting bands lined up before half time, etc. Anyway, he told us that his friend in the organization mentioned that if the team would look to go after Russ, it would probably take our 1sts this yr and next with T. Hill and likely Latt as well. Like I said, it's what he told me, so who knows what the team would be willing to do, but hey, we know that SP is open to shedding draft pics like a sheep on trim day if presented with shiny objects that fit his fancy, and Russ is basically Brees 2.0 with more mobility lol.
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