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  2. My wife is from Taiwan. Their population is 24 million. Texas and California are the only states with a greater population. Nationwide,they have only had 7 deaths due to this virus. Why did they do so well and why is it out of control here? There are a few reasons. They had the SARS scare back in 03 and put in place programs to deal with pandemics. When they shut down, they truly shutdown. Unlike the USA, fast food and retail workers are not considered essential. The only essential employees there are police,medical personnel,and military. Citizens didn't starve either. Police and military were used to deliver food to those who were ordered to stay home. They shutdown air travel to mainland China in November when the reports first started coming out of Wuhan. We didn't do the same until 6 weeks later. There is also a nationwide mandatory mask law. If you get caught in public without one, you face a heavy fine and possible jail time for a 2nd offense. Science says masks work. You can find a few rogues that will tell you otherwise,but they are wrong. I was listening to a Tulane epidemiologist on the radio Monday. He said if two people are wearing a mask,and one of them is infected, The chance of the uninfected person catching the virus is nearly 0%. Please wear a mask!!. It's not that hard.
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  4. Thanks, ATN and I agree, I feel there is a lot of blame to go around for this situation not coming under control and being held in check.
  5. Glad to hear Faceman, sending my best to your family. Glad to here you're negative Bonkers. Sorry to hear about the person you know Bonkers. Sadly due to ineptitude, we're all going to know someone directly infected now and even worse, sadly.
  6. I know a few people who have tested positive. One was a very healthy middle-aged man. He even played LB at LSU and he is now hospitalized with it. I have always known what it could do, but did not know anyone directly infected until the last few weeks.
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  8. Update on son in law. Feeling better, but still has no sense of taste or smell. This virus ain't joking around.
  9. Thanks, I came back negative as I expected, but it was a relief.
  10. Apparently I lose my seats this year, from what I've read as the Saints organization still hasn't contacted me yet. I had to reach out to them and they told to me await a call. As I still wait I see others like Chuck got a signed jersey for the fiasco of his seats getting bumped as well. The seats along the teams are safe but the endzone ones are gone forever as they are turning those into box seats forever. I'm thankful not to lose my seats forever but unsure we'll be in those seats this year as is.
  11. If you can make sense of it you'll be right up there for the nomination of a Nobel Prize for Humanity, outright. It's mind-numbingly dumbfounding on levels incomprehensible to fathom.
  12. Hoping the best for you man.
  13. a Merry 4th to you All!
  14. This should have been in the works for a few years but I didn't anticipate them adding the 2 games to the schedule tho. The players are torn on this and not having 100% buy-in is going to be interesting/challenging. The need for preseason is to get lines and players gelled up with your solid players and separate the wheat from the chaff. Honestly, preseason games have been a joke to the fan for years, however to the players it's their lifeblood and for a very select few give them their time to shine in the semi limelight so other teams might be tempted due to an injury or them not pleased with what they have inhouse or solidify their ranks here for the year. Preseason has become a showcase for upcoming talent that can't yet start with the 1st team, yet flash their potential as well as their skillsets. Losing those 2 games will cost quite a few of their chances outright and they will be left wondering for life like all but with a COVID twist to this one. We don't even know what camp will even look like at this point but losing 2 preseason games won't hurt the fan as much as the players. We know what we're getting as fans and it's a tease for the most part of what we hope to see but instead, we get 2 teams playing vanilla ball. We also are aware that we're seeing less and less of the entire starting lineup year after year as Brees ages out. Our team has proven you don't need a full 4 games to get your starting team ready either, just look at the production numbers. We know that nearly half of the team will be gone by the time preseason is over, this year is going to be painfully interesting to watch from that perspective.
  15. I like it. I thought this had been in the works anyway, I'm glad something positive has come out of this. I did see a report on ESPN that the NFLPA doesn't want any preseason games. I'm also very ok with that too. I rather 18 real games and no preseason games.
  16. Hope everyone had a fun day with the family!
  17. Conservatives are really hard to understand: It's your constitutional right to infect, and this way harm, other people by not wearing a mask. But there is no constitutional right for you to poison yourself (with Heroin for example). Can anybody make sense of this??
  18. I had to get tested on Tuesday. My office partner tested positive, but I have no symptoms. She had none prior to testing positive either. I am hoping to get negative or I won't be able to see my daughter. I m supposed to hear back no later than Friday.
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  20. Update- My son in law is feeling much better. He is expected to recover fully. He told me the first three days were rough. His quote was I felt like Bruce Lee worked me over with a pair of nunchucks. My old ass wants no part of that. Please everyone who reads this, please wear a mask in public. Your constitutional rights are not violated in a pandemic if your local or state government mandates their use. If we had been doing it since the first case was reported here,we'd be talking about training camp now instead of some states debating going back to phase 1
  21. This years Championship will obviously have a large asterisk next to it....prepare for a Pel victory.
  22. Kinda nutty and no one saw this coming.
  23. makes that 18 game transition easier, eh?
  24. My deepest condolences mon fere. If you need to talk, I'm here for you. All input is appreciated on this thread. Not gonna do anything radical, just some refresh and maybe a few toys.
  25. They have the path to the playoffs laid out for them when the NBA resumes in the Orlando bubble later this month. But the Pels have to take care of business.
  26. The initial impacts of the pandemic on the NFL...
  27. Honestly, the only thing I would change is the color scheme to a black and gold one, other than that, I'm good with how things are. Thank you David E and ATN for keeping things running! Sorry for the late reply, I lost a close personal friend this past Friday, and I've been having a hard time with it... Hope everyone is well...
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