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  5. 12 - 4 Hoist the Lombardi With our weapons the mantra should be REDEMPTION!!!!!
  6. 11-5. Super Bowl champions. Deep and talented team that will not have their season ended short of a Lombardi the way it has the past two seasons.
  7. 12-4 Make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.
  8. If we can stay healthy 12-4 and contending.....
  9. My picks were exactly like Richard's. 13-3 Super Bowl Champs! I really think our boys will not be denied this season. They, even the rooks and new hires, will play with a chip on their shoulder. This is different than coming off of a loss due to a miracle play. We got robbed and they know it. But, they also know that it wouldn't have mattered had they played a better endgame. Both barrels smoking this season.
  10. It appear that I'm the 1st to jump in so here goes- 13-3 In the Playoffs Super Bowl Champions In this team's history it has never been this deep on both sides of the ball and after last year's "No Call" debacle, I anticipate that this team is going to be angry and nasty. It wasn't a spectacular draft, it addressed needs without reaching too far. McCoy will be a solid anchor for the Offensive line for at least 10 years and the other picks were gravy with value.
  11. It's Officially Preseason Saints football so that means it's officially that time of year again, once again! It's The Official Put Up or Shut Up Thread: 2019 Edition! This is an annual WhoDatZone tradition where YOU get to make your prediction for all to see for the ages. This is YOUR chance to make your prediction on how YOU predict the 2019 Saints Regular Season finishing. This polls will be open until the start of the first Saints game of the Regular Season and then it will lock automatically and won't be unlocked until after the Season is completed. This thread will be locked to the top of the forum for the duration of the 2019 Season. We do this so we can see who made the best prediction overall. This is just for fun, there are no prizes except for all the bragging rights. Your job, if you choose to accept it is to First, cast your votes in the polls here. Secondly, go into the comments section and type your selection down and tell us why you chose what you chose. Third, write below and tell us if you see the Saints reaching the Playoffs or not. Fourth, if you envision the Saints making the Playoffs, tell us also how far we will go into the Postseason. It should look something like this Example (not my official vote): I'm going to vote 8-8! I can see us going 8-8 because of injuries and Carolina coming on strong. I can see us finishing second overall in the division. I don't see us making the playoffs. Good Luck All! 2019, Who Dat!
  12. On the surface this makes good point in leaving the starting QB out there when the game is in hand....but....then I think there are only 16 games (and if a team is good enough a few more)....great players always want to play....that said I'm not opposed to Bridgewater taking over late in games that are in hand, in fact, I hope it happens frequently this year....
  13. I remember reading an article as a kid back in the 70s. It predicted that we would see "relief" quarterbacks in the future, similar to relief pitchers in baseball. I always wondered why such a thing didn't ever really happen.
  14. I guess players are looking at padding stats for records and incentives, but I really don’t understand why QBs have to play the entire game when the game in in hand. Seems like you could rest older players like Brees and Brady.
  15. Overall, I think the Saints looked pretty goood. Murray and Rodgers played well. Saints DBs misplayed a couple of TD passes, and Arnold had another big drop, or Saints would have one. Both Saints QBs looked good.
  16. Brian Baldinger was a guest on WWL. yesterday. He said the same thing.
  17. Perhaps this isn't an apt analogy but I'm going with it for now-QB's, like pitchers, are effective if they keep their pitch count low so they maintain their control and nuance. When you pass too much over a period of time, your arm gets tired and it's tougher to summon up the slider, as it were, when you need it. Early in the season, Brees arm was fresh, but towards the latter part of the season, his repertoire began to get limited due to a tired arm. There's no doubt he's in better shape than Brady, but they need to work his pitch count better to keep him fresh for the back end of the season.
  18. I am so excited for honestly probably the first time ever for this basketball season I have not followed basketball or show interest in since MJ came out of retirement. I have had some major changes in my life the last 6 months and will have a bunch of alone downtime and I believe this is one way I can invest said time that will be enjoyable.
  19. Agreed 100%. If one has watched closely, you can see the decline in arm strength in both Brees and Brady. Both attack underneath with intelligence and accuracy now. Ted Ginn has outran several deep passes the last two seasons. The first pass in the Eagles playoff game was underthrown and picked off. 5 years ago, Brees hits Ginn in stride and it's an easy Td.
  20. Wow, quite an analysis......but I think it’s futile. ..I think Brees like every human being, will have diminished skills as he ages. I think he compensates with experience and intelligence .. and I think Payton makes a game plan that fits Bree’s skill set. The running game and check downs to Kamara play a big role, and I think the upgrade at TE will help. Having a good defense (playing from a lead or at least not from behind) plays a huge part in Brees’s success... as we had a horrible defense for several years. Special teams and field position is important. And what normally decides games is simply making plays, missed blocks, dropped passes, dropped ints, missed penalty calls, or allowing a long TD pass on the last play of the game ..., change a couple of plays and the Saints are in 2 Super Bowls, and all this talk about Bree’s demise goes away. Its not all about Brees, nor is it about how far he can throw the ball. He still has a live and accurate arm, and when he doesn’t he will retire.
  21. Ok Rishard. GTFO.
  22. Well at this age the decline is coming. Whether it is this year or not is anyone’s guess. There is a reason the Saints wanted to keep Bridgewater. Hopefully Brees can have a really strong season and end it with a SB win. Then he can decide at that time if he wants to leave on his own terms.
  24. Wow. Wish him well. Was hoping he'd pan out. But probably for the best to move on from him.
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