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  2. If I recall, HBO wanted a 10 episode season but D&D nixed that and it obviously showed down to the small details of the coffee cup on the table and water bottle next to someone's leg in the finale. I'll bet that D&D let it happen the way it did so they could turn their attention to getting Disney's keys to the castle, namely being in charge of the next Star Wars trilogy. I'm pretty meh about the ending and season overall. The battle at Winterfell and the episode before where everyone was hanging out were my favorite parts, especially anything Tormund-related. I wish that somehow Arya would have been more involved in the end using her face swapping abilities, I feel like she became an afterthought after taking out the NK and went to KL for basically nothing since she didn't get to confront Cersei. I did like Cleganbowl and the redemption of the Hound coming full circle. If Bran can see everything and future events, it feels like he orchestrated the whole thing by telling Jon who he really was which led to everyone else finding out and contributing in part to Dany going full Mad Queen and destroying KL, so Bran not trying to prevent all that death and destruction makes him partially responsible for it, especially when he was like 'why do you think I came here' when offered the throne. The cinematography and use of CGI was spectacular overall though and hands down Peter Dinklage was the best actor overall IMO...
  3. Well,you can definitely say that we not leaving no stone unturned.
  4. I honestly felt it was a rushed season and ending. It wasn't horrible, but not how I would have done it.
  5. If it's a motivational issue with Suh,then I seriously doubt the Bucs will get anything out of him. He was with the Rams 1 season and he was very inconsistant during the regular season,he did come on in the post season but it wasnt enough for tne Rams to take a chance on bring him back. McCoy was cut because he voiced his displeasure of the new defensive scheme and was labeled a trouble maker by Ariens. McCoy fits our scheme very well and would have a definite impact,I hope we are able to get him. I know he's not what he once was but he still has some potential left and like I said before,he has one hell of an axe to grind. Let him come here and grind the living crap out of it.
  6. Idk I still think he is formidable. I do agree that he is not who he was, but I also think he has not been motivated and I think money is all he will ever be after from this point on. But that' the great thing about opinions everyone has them. Just agree to disagree. I have no way to prove my thoughts honestly. But I think if truly motivated he could be a good player still. I still prefer McCoy though.
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  8. I think so. The ending has been discussed at large enough that even people who never watched an episode probably know how it ended.
  9. I disagree, Suh is a shadow of what he used to be and is merely trying to get paid at this point...I think the Rams letting him walk is certainly indicative of that....
  10. Are we good to talk about details now, including spoilers?
  11. Quite possibly!
  12. Am I the only person on earth who has never watched a single episode of GOT or seinfeld?
  13. He's visiting the Browns tomorrow, they've got the money and building hype to get him, but I'm still hoping he considers us for a chance at a ring...
  14. They made several moves over the last week on bottom of the roster guys. I have read several articles where it is being said this is the deepest team the Saints may have ever fielded. I love the fact that they keep tweaking it before TC even starts. Saints working out running backs Posted by Darin Gantt on May 23, 2019, 3:25 PM EDT Getty Images The Saints continue to beat the bushes looking for veteran depth at certain positions. Via Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints worked out three Thursday while they were going through OTAs. The backs they kicked the tires were Fozzy Whittaker, Robert Kelley, and Buck Allen. Whittaker is coming off a torn ACL last year, but was a useful backup for the Panthers. Kelley was also shelved early last season, after two games for Washington. Allen played 14 games for the Ravens last year, rushing 41 times for 110 yards (2.7 per carry).
  15. I honestly believe that $8 million is being saved for extensions that are in the works. Like MT, and Cam. Not that we couldn't find a way to get more if we needed to. You know how Mickey works.
  16. It depends on what kind of money he is looking for. If he is looking for around $9 - 10 million, then the Saints could swing that. And he'd have the best shot out of other options, at getting to a Superbowl. Also, I've read where the Patriots don't have much salary cap room.
  17. I have to be honest with you Face, I thought the same thing about acquiring the second pick in the trade for Davis. Why not, if the Lakers really want him to make them jump through hoops. We already have the number 1 pick locked up. So why not shoot for the number 2 pick, and if that doesn't work find the next best deal. I think at this point getting two rookies would be far better than trading for a vet. But another honest tidbit I know very little about basketball or the market for players. I will say this I intend to learn a lot this upcoming season. I have wanted to learn about basketball and soccer, so this year it will be one of my missions.
  18. If he is going for the money we cannot win that battle. If he is looking for a ring we are one of a few that would entice him. Being he grew up a Bucs fan that could hurt us. It would be like one of us choosing the Falcons over any other team. If the Patriots pursue him we may not be able to beat them out for his services. If he wants to stick it to Tamps we are his best option. All depends on what his motivation is.
  19. Could the Pels wind up with Williamson and Ja Morant?
  20. Drew certainly is lobbying for him, good stuff...
  21. McCoy would be a good fit here. Better than Suh - fit wise. Oneyamata may miss a few games due to possible suspension, and Rankins is out for at least half the season. I'm all for signing McCoy at this point. Let's add more talent to the Dline.
  22. I agree he is depth I don't see this stopping us from pursuing McCoy of we really want him. Just not 100% sure we are pursuing him. I think we should though.
  23. I disagree, Suh is not the "Beast" he was when drafted, but he is not a situational player in my opinion. There is a reason that the Rams paid him so much, and that Tampa was willing to move on from McCoy even though they had no answer on the roster or any other proven pass rusher with JPP gonna miss time. Suh is still a good player. I do think McCoy fits our needs better but Suh is no slouch.
  24. I think this is a depth move to be able to spread reps out through camp, as for keeping him-nah.
  25. I hope they still make a play for McCoy, I see this as a depth signing? Horton, a 29-yr. old defensive end, first entered the league as an undrafted free agent from U.S.C. with the Panthers in 2013. He had 2 sacks in ten games with Carolina that season, and would see action in 77 games with 35 starts over six years with the team. The 6'5, 265-lb. Horton has 15.5 sacks, 23 quarterback hits, 7 forced fumbles, and 95 tackles during his six year NFL career. He joins a Saints team with two former Carolina teammates on the roster, wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr.and linebacker A.J. Klein.
  26. Snyder has just decimated that franchise. It doesn't matter if they overhaul the front office or new coach or GM. Bottom line Snyder has to go in order for the Skines to turn things around. You can clean house all you want but the problem will still be there. Yeah it's his team and he has the right to run it as he sees fit but at some point enough is enough. I'm so glad we don't have that problem.
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