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  2. The Lakers GM Rob Pelinka screwed himself as well as being outsmarted by David Griffin in terms of AD's trade 15 % trade kicker which if Griffin decides to process the trade on July 6th, the Lakers would have to pay the kicker. Word was the Lakers would try to get AD to waive the kicker & lose the $4 million the kicker would bring him but he & Rich Paul have decided against that. The cap hit would prevent the Lakers from being able to sign a max free agent. Well, then the talk became would Pelinka be able to convince Griffin to delay the trade to the 30th, which would allow the Lakers to sign that max free agent but in that case, the Pelicans would take the $4 million dollar cap hit. Griffin said no way. So now the Lakers are trying to find a 3rd team to use in the trade as a salary dump. Good luck with that. There aren't going to be many teams especially non contenders & small markets lining up to help the Lakers. To hell with the Lakers & their delusional fanbase. And now the desperation by the Lakers & GM Rob Pelinka. This a good article with a complete breakdown of what the Lakers are up against in terms of the salary cap & trying to add another max player via free agency. Anthony Davis Trade May Prevent Lakers From Going Star Hunting In Free Agency Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) and New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis (23) after an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Sunday, March 31, 2019. The Lakers won 130-102. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman) ASSOCIATED PRESS At some point this summer, Anthony Davis will become a Los Angeles Laker. The timing of that deal will determine whether the Lakers can assemble a Big Three in the coming weeks. On Saturday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Lakers have agreed to send Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, the No. 4 pick in this year's draft and two future first-round picks to the New Orleans Pelicans to Davis. Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times later reported the full details of the picks heading to New Orleans: At the earliest, the Davis trade cannot go through until the July Moratorium lifts on July 6. But unless the Lakers can convince the Pelicans to delay finalizing it until later in the summer, they won't have enough salary-cap space to sign a third max star in free agency. Before the Davis trade becomes official, the Lakers are projected to have $32.5 million in cap room. Once it's finalized, they'll have either roughly $27.7 million or $23.7 million, depending on whether Davis decides to waive his 15 percent trade kicker. Even if the Lakers salary-dumped everyone on their roster other than LeBron James, they'd have $78.5 million in salary on their books once the Davis deal goes through. That would leave them $2.2 million short of the cap space they'd need to offer a max contract to someone with 7-9 years of NBA experience (starting at $32.7 million). As such, it's in the Lakers' best interest to delay finalizing the Davis trade until July 30. They'll need as much salary-cap space as possible to round out their roster around Davis and James, regardless of whether they spend it on a star free agent or distribute it between a handful of rotation players. If the Lakers spend their cap space before finalizing the Davis trade, they would be operating as an over-the-cap team. As a result, they'd to send the Pelicans at least $21.6 million in salary if Davis waives his trade kicker or $24.8 million if he doesn't. That's where the timing issue comes into play. The No. 4 pick will count as $0 for salary-matching purposes until the Lakers sign whoever they select to his rookie-scale contract. At that point, they're prohibited from trading that player for 30 days. Since Ball ($8.7 million), Ingram ($7.2 million) and Hart ($1.9 million) combine to make only $17.9 million, they alone won't be enough to match salaries for Davis. The Lakers would need to sign the No. 4 pick and use its $7.1 million cap hold to make the trade cap-legal. If the Pelicans don't agree to the delay, the Lakers will have to operate as an under-the-cap team to absorb Davis into their cap space. They wouldn’t have to match salaries for him in that scenario, but they'd fall far short of the room they'd need to give a max contract to someone with more than six years of NBA experience. On Sunday, Wojnarowski reported the "expectation is" that the Davis trade will become finalized on July 6, although there's a "chance that could be amended to July 30." Ganguliadded that "although the Pelicans are open to working with the Lakers and delaying the trade, it’s unlikely that will happen, according to multiple people familiar with their thinking." While the Lakers unquestionably would prefer having $32.5 million of cap space rather than than $27.7 million or $23.7 million, the timing of the Davis trade might end up saving them from themselves. Dropping all of their cap room on a third max star likely would leave them with a dangerously thin roster, as Forbes' Gabe Zaldivar noted. The Lakers hypothetically could sign a max free agent such as Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler if they convince the Pelicans to wait on finalizing the Davis trade. They'd also have the room mid-level exception ($4.8 million) to round out their top-heavy roster, but they'd otherwise be limited to veteran-minimum contracts. At the moment, the Lakers are projected to have only five players under contract: James, Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Moe Wagner and Isaac Bonga. Unless they're able to attract a swath of quality ring-chasers this summer, one ill-timed injury could send their season into a tailspin, much as James' groin strain did to their 2018-19 campaign. Rather than chase Walker, Irving or Butler, the Lakers may be better off keeping Reggie Bullock's cheap $4.8 million cap hold on their books, spending their remaining cap space and then re-upping Bullock using his Bird rights. Adding wings such as Bojan Bogdanovic, Danny Green or JJ Redick could go a long way toward giving them the depth they'll need to survive an 82-game season and a deep playoff run. If the Davis trade does go through right when the July Moratorium lifts, it will effectively cost the Lakers $8.9 million in cap space if he refuses to waive his trade kicker. That could hamper the Lakers' ability to build around him and James moving forward. However, the Pelicans likely won't agree to push back the Davis trade without exacting additional concessions from the Lakers. While acquiring Davis is an undeniable coup for the Lakers, the devil may be in the details here.
  3. Being that Garland is so raw & inexperienced, you would have to keep Ball to start as your 1 while bringing Garland off the bench. I'm not sure Garland is ready to run an NBA offense just yet.
  4. The best outcome possible would be Ja and Zion. But outside of that, Garland and trade Ball? The Suns showed interest before the AD trade was announced and there's still value at #6. Prolly not, I think Gentry is excited to get the defense from Lonzo. Must see Thursday night tv. Being involved in the trades and confident in the front office is so.... unusual? Refreshing? Exciting.
  5. Griffin isn't throwing a bunch of players together like Dell did in the past. You can tell he is trying to fit players who compliment each other together on & off the court. That has been the recipe for winning teams as of late in the NBA & we are headed in the right direction now.
  6. Drew Brees’ dead money cap hit, whenever it happens, will be worth every penny given what Drew Brees has done for this franchise. And honestly Loomis seems to work miracles with the cap, so I think we will be good.
  7. Looks they want to hold to Beal so that trade option looks to be off the board. Woj from ESPN is saying Beal is eligible for a 3 yr $111 million dollar extension next month & the Wiz are willing to pay that extension.
  8. The upfront cap number yes, but signing bonuses are spread out for the length of the contract. So at some point you have to pay the piper. There will be a time to pay for what they have done in Brees contract. As of right now if Brees does not resign there will be 20+ million in dead cap space next year if he doesn't resign or retires. So that is my concern. You can only kick the can down the road for so long. If we have 20 million alotted for Brees, and the same for Thomas, and 15+ for Jordan all due next year no money to find a QB or resign Teddy, etc.
  9. Can't the team bypass some of the cap by paying most of the $ as signing bonuses?
  10. 100% agree. He and Davis are consistent playmakers at the LB position. Haven’t had that since Vilma and Fujita. Now that I think of it, Klein seems like a slightly faster version of Shanle.
  11. Great, they can get it out of the way. I am a little concerned about the cap with Jordan, Brees, MT, etc. But in Loomis I trust.
  12. Yep. And you are right about our needs. We need a true 5 and probably two legit threats from the 3 pt. line. Maybe we can address some of that in free agency. But those needs are why I’m not getting too comfortable with any of the assets from the AD trade. Because they are just that to Griff - assets. If he can flip any of those players or picks to improve the roster he will. For the first time since this franchise moved to NOLA, I have confidence in the front office.
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  14. We wouldn't be a legit title contender until the FO found a way to add some perimeter shooting & a big for rebounding & rim protection but in the meantime, this team would be extremely fun to watch.
  15. Loomis and Co. seem content to make MT the highest paid WR in the game and are looking to get it done before TC...
  16. I'd love Ja Morant. What a draft haul we would have if we can get the top two prospects in the draft.
  17. I agree but once Dural tore his hamstring, he just wasn't the same apparently. My guess is he lost a lot of his straight line speed which was probably his biggest asset.
  18. The draft was exciting enough just winning the lottery & being able to pick Zion #1 but it's turning into even more drama now with the #4 pick. If the Pels somehow end up with both Zion & Ja, I won't know what to do with myself.
  19. Report: RJ Barrett a 'Candidate' for Grizzlies No. 2 Pick Despite Ja Morant Buzz Any Memphis Grizzlies fans who had Ja Morant jerseys printed after the NBA draft lottery may need to make some adjustments to their apparel. Per Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo, sources around the league say Grizzlies decision-makers haven't "come to a firm decision" with the No. 2 pick and that RJ Barrett remains a "candidate" for them. As soon as the Grizzlies were awarded the second pick in the draft lottery, conventional wisdom pointed to them taking Morant on June 20.'s Jonathan Givony reported last month that Memphis' front office and ownership seemed to "have locked in" on the Murray State point guard and were telling other teams of their plan during the draft combine in Chicago. The Grizzlies' reported interest in Barrett comes after's Adrian Wojnarowski noted at the beginning of the month that Morant had to undergo minor arthroscopic knee surgery that is expected to keep him sidelined for three to four weeks. Marc Berman of the New York Post reported Barrett has already worked out for the New York Knicks, who own the No. 3 pick. Barrett didn't shy away from explaining he hopes to play for New York after finishing his workout with the team: B/R's Jonathan Wasserman still has Morant going to Memphis in his most recent mock draft, followed by Barrett at third overall to the Knicks. Morant would seem like the most logical fit for the Grizzlies, especially if they end up dealing Mike Conley, 31, this summer. He can be an offensive facilitator in the backcourt with Jaren Jackson Jr. able to handle multiple roles heading into his second season.
  20. What if Ja Morant to the Grizzlies isn't written in stone & they take RJ Barrett at #2 instead? What if the Knicks are higher on Jarrett Culver & Darius Garland than they are on Morant? Sound too good to be true? Maybe not. NBA Draft rumors: Knicks seriously considering taking Darius Garland over RJ Barrett Former Duke forward RJ Barrett wants to play for the Knicks, but New York may not want him. The Knicks are bringing in Darius Garland for a last-minute workout, according to ESPN, and New York is seriously considering taking the guard at No. 3. This workout is so late in the process, Garland will miss the NBA Draft media session at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday the day before the event.
  21. Correction, they really never had a clue on what direction they want to go....carry on....
  22. Out of all the rumors out there, I hate this one the most. This trade would only help the Pels fill role & bench positions. I understand the need to do so because the Warriors lack of a bench & the strength of the Raptors bench showed everyone just how important this factor is but I feel like the Pels should maintain their focus on getting a game changing player with the #4 pick via trade or using the pick itself.
  23. NY Post ran an article with information saying Griffin is aiming for the #2 spot from a trade with Memphis but not to pick Ja Morant but RJ Barrett. I would be livid if the Pels passed on Morant for Barrett. Pairing Zion & Morant should be a no brainer. Morant is the most gifted passer in this class. The thought of both Zion & Morant in transition should frighten NBA teams across the league. A potential pairing would also be lethal in half court especially once Morant develops an even better jump shot in pick & roll situations. In comparison with Ball, Morant is already a better shooter. Both are great passers. Ball currently has the advantage as a defender but Morant seems to be the better rebounder of the two which is huge when you think about Russell Westbrook's game & how his rebounding skills ignite the Thunders fast break. Pelicans’ new draft plan could allow Ja Morant to fall to Knicks Ja Morant The Pelicans could still have a hand in the Knicks’ future. Following the Anthony Davis trade with the Lakers, New Orleans holds the fourth pick in Thursday’s draft and is exploring all sorts of options. According to an NBA source, New Orleans has explored moving back to gain more assets and also had internal talks about moving up to the second pick to take Memphis’ selection and draft RJ Barrett to team with his Duke compadre Zion Williamson. Barrett and Williamson are best friends. That trade-up maneuver, however unlikely, would allow Murray State’s Ja Morant to fall to the Knicks at No. 3. The Knicks had Morant higher on their board than Barrett at the Chicago combine, but that also was before Morant recently underwent knee surgery. According to an NBA executive who has spoken to the Knicks, president Steve Mills is locked in at keeping the third pick and delighted to take either Morant or Barrett, the 6-foot-7 Duke lefty swingman. While the Knicks were open to moving back after the lottery for a whopping offer, they are now comfortable staying put. Barrett had a solid workout with the Knicks on June 10 and hit it off with coach David Fizdale in their latest meetings. The Knicks are impressed he wants to be in New York — as he has refused to work out for the Grizzlies. “The Knicks have a good problem to have — Pick 3 in a three-man draft,” the NBA executive said. “They just have to wait and see.” The Pelicans are still bathing in the glow of fleecing the Lakers out of six young assets — including three first-round picks — in exchange for Davis. The Post reported Monday the Knicks never made a formal offer to New Orleans in the latest round of talks when GM David Griffin put Davis back on the block two weeks ago. The Knicks viewed the number of assets needed to be competitive as too severe for a player who is a free agent in 2020. Although Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, had said the Knicks were a place he’d re-sign long-term, the Knicks knew there were no guarantees. In fact, recent history shows the potential fickleness as Kyrie Irving reportedly is intent on leaving Boston nine months after guaranteeing he’d re-sign. Knicks shooting guard Damyean Dotson, who had major shoulder surgery last month, made an appearance on MSG 150 Monday night and acknowledged the Knicks are still going to be young next season. Even if they sign Kevin Durant, he is out for next season and there’s no clear indication of another max star coming. Dotson ended the season as starting shooting guard, though he could be supplanted if they draft Barrett with the third pick. “Most importantly, it’s a young team this year — Kev [Kevin Knox], Allonzo [Trier], Mitchell [Robinson],’’ Dotson said, according to excerpts supplied by MSG Network. “Everybody will just get better this summer and work hard and focus on the small things that we need to do to get better, our defensive strategies, having better focus on defense. A lot of our games came down to defensive mistakes. It’s just getting better with our chemistry, coming together, getting smarter, IQ getting better, and guys keep learning. “And for me, most importantly just get healthy of course. Also, I want to be a better defender, less defensive mistakes and just continue to get stronger, and my shot more consistent. There’s a lot I could go on but the most important one is getting healthy.”
  24. Indiana also appears to be in the mix for wanting to trade for the #4 pick. Lots of talk about the Pacers packaging Myles Turner to the Pels for that pick.
  25. I touched on the Bradley Beal possibility in the AD trade thread but there is so much smoke floating around right now, I felt a separate thread was necessary just to put all the talk into one place. I will start off again with Bradley Beal. It appears the Pelicans are very interested in Beal but with the Wizards GM position currently up in limbo, a deal for Beal is complicated since that organization doesn't really have a clue pertaining to what direction they want to go in the near future. 'Sincere interest': Latest on Pelicans exploring trade for Wizards All-Star Bradley Beal While the Washington Wizards struggled defensively last season, the organization is holding firm when it comes to rebuffing offers for Bradley Beal. The New Orleans Pelicans showed sincere interest in the two-time All-Star before Saturday’s blockbuster that sent Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. That curiosity remains and the two sides broadly discussed a trade scenario involving Beal, multiple sources told NBC Sports Washington. The Pelicans are open to dealing the newly acquired fourth overall selection in Thursday’s NBA Draft according to numerous reports. New Orleans also landed three young players from Los Angeles -- Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart -- plus additional future picks and pick swaps. Whatever the initial parameters, the conversation never veered close to actual negotiations, according to a source. The basis for trading Beal centers on maximizing his asset value with two years and $56 million remaining on his original five-year contract signed in 2016. Washington likely struggles next season with fellow guard John Wall out and an evolving roster that currently has only five players with guaranteed contracts. This one rejection does not mean Washington has completely shut the door on future talks with teams. However, the sense from league sources is the team plans on keeping Beal despite ample interest from contenders. Beal, who turns 26 this month, just completed a near All-NBA season in which he and MVP candidate James Harden were the only players to average 25 points, five rebounds, five assists and 1.5 steals per game. The ascending talent is the lone healthy starter on the roster with Wall sidelined until 2020 with a torn Achilles.
  26. I don't put none of this on LaFleur. This was going on way before him,poor guy just walked into it. Just think all this should stay in house.
  27. I'm just old school about this stuff. To me he gave to much info on what's going on. I'd prefer him not talking about it or a no comment and behind the scenes try to get through to Rodgers that what he is doing is destructive. I don't think he bashed Rodgers at all but to me,while explaining the situation, he just gave out to much info,that's all.
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