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  2. I'll be rooting for this guy.
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  4. Lol...
  5. Pretty cool... A welding class in Kentucky built a replica of the Iron Throne from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Anthony Williams, an instructor at the Knight School of Welding, said it took 110 man hours and over two months to create. Williams had to reach a deadline. His student, Michael Hayes, requested the piece for his wedding last fall.
  6. Just looked it up, we play 4 division games in a row too finishing up on Thanksgiving day against the Falcons.
  7. Not to mention they play all division games in the month of November. I don't care how bad teams are division games are never easy and to play a whole month of them sucks for them. Couldn't happen to a better fan base.
  9. Whelp that officially ends that.
  10. Josh Norman and Demario Davis visited different parts of the Valley, offering aid to immigrants. They said it was an emotional experience.
  11. Another interesting Bran theory... may be sperler heavy to some...
  12. Last week
  13. No kidding, Saints twitter is usually savage AF...
  14. Yes, very well played Falcons. TIme for the Saints to troll them back.
  15. I just hope all 6 Rams fans show up for the game in Week 2, but I know it's a lot to ask.
  16. Well played Falcons...but we'll see who actually wins the NFC South Throne.
  17. I guess November is truly "Hate the Falcons" month. Then again, what month isn't?
  18. Yeah, only real cold weather game is Tennessee in December. But those first 4 are brutal. Payton better figure out how to start fast this year. Maybe play more starters in the preseason. IDK.
  19. I have seen that Theory about Bran and my sister a couple of months ago came up with a theory that Karl Drogo could be one of the Ice Kings main men who ride on the horses. I still believe it could be the mad king who is the Ice King. He did ride a Dragon, and a Targaryen are the only ones who can touch them supposedly.
  20. There's a theory also going around that Bran is the Night King. This article has 9 theories as to why, there are ads on the site though...
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