Topic: Ran across this little piece of N.O. nostalgia and thought I share it

Listen to Mr. Sydney Besthoff talk about how K&B's colors became purple and a bit of other tidbits of into about his stores that first appeared in 1905, but like so many other N.O. staples, ain't dere no mo. … eflects-kb

And from what I can tell Rite-Aid ran it into the ground. Places where K&B had strong stores are now sitting empty all across the N.O. metro area.
What a shame.

I remember around 1987 or 88' they had a sale on K&B brand beer. They had PALLETS of it all over the place stacked about 8' high. All it said on the purple can in white letters was "BEER."
Get this..99 cents for a SIX PACK of beer. The thing was, from what I remember, it didn't taste all that bad at all.
My friend Don and I grabbed two shopping carts and had them over-flowing with six packs.
We must have bought the equivalent of about 12 cases of beer for less than about $50!!!!!!!!!!

My neighborhood friends and I drank on that beer for about three nights straight. Then went back and got some more. :lol;

God do I miss K&B!

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