Topic: UFC Fight Night tonight in New Orleans

Anyone else go?

What an amazing night at the Smoothie King Center.

It was an early birthday gift from my best friend and his wife, and it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life. Such an incredible night with such absolutely treasures of people.

Anyone else a UFC/MMA fan?

This card was CRAZY good with finishes everywhere.

LSU's Shawn Jordan was on the card as were many other locals.

It's gonna replay on Fox Sports 1, I highly recommend checking it out even if you aren't a fan.. this fight card will make you one!

Re: UFC Fight Night tonight in New Orleans

I had tickets to the Budweiser suite but couldn't make it, putting up my storm ravaged fence. So I gave them to my son and his friend. Next time it comes around and I get suite tickets or just tickets, I'll keep you in mind now that I know you like the UFC. My son said it was a wild night of fights.

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